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  1. - The basic concept is an online site to easily customize and print a holiday card as a physical token of a donation to a charity which is less lackluster and underwhelming than the typical donation receipt.
  2. - It would:
  3.   - Walk the user through the process of donating, with links to Givewell and potentially charities beyond their recommendations, but would not be restricted to them.
  4.   - Generate a greeting card or similar printable "token", preloaded with:
  5.     - a brief, positive explanation of the EA concept (likely not explicitly using the term Effective Altruism) and description of what the charity provides
  6.     - perhaps a explanation of the impact for the donation amount using calculations from Givewell, etc
  7.     - a field for personal message
  8.     - the option to override any of the text
  9.     - options for the card's front image/message (collection of CC images, and/or allow image uploads)
  10.   - Allow the card to be sent via email, printed at home, or hopefully work with a third party service for professional printing and mailing either to the recipient or the giver to sign and present in person or re-mail.
  11.   - The site would then email reminders the user on subsequent occasions, a call to consider increasing their donation amount, updated charity recommendations, and perhaps links to pledges and EA related sites.
  12. - The main goals are to:
  13.   - Help normalize the concept of donation as gift and make it less unappealing for the giver
  14.   - Provide a tangible token for the gift donation for those charities that don't already
  15.   - Make effective charities the default consideration
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