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Nov 30th, 2016
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  1. Hi,
  3. thank you for your hard work on getting boot environments to work in FreeBSD and also for integrating them into TrueOS.
  5. I installed FreeBSD 11.0 BETA onto my laptop but somehow got my system into an unbootable state. This was after I already moved all my data back onto the disk and went to travel for 2 weeks. But with my USB stick having the recent TrueOS I installed TrueOS into a new boot environment and got all my data back and could rescue my main system.
  6. Thank you for that :D
  8. But it got me thinking - Illumos has long support for boot environments and Linux now having pretty okay support - would it be possible to put Illumos and Linux into different boot environments and boot whatever OS I currently need?
  9. As my data would be in a different ZFS partition it would be a much better dual boot system than using different gpt/bios partitions and much less wasteful.
  11. regards,
  13. Gibheer
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