Vivace Rival Event

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  1. Offscreen: The rival defeats the Dronia City Gym and Andante Bay Gyms and travels to Vivace to visit the player.
  3. The Rival is in the audience of the Vivace City Gym and watches the player take on the gym. After you beat Shadini and finish with the gym they run into you outside the gym. They'll say that they've been on a good luck streak, beating Gym Leaders and such, and that they saw you take on Shadini, saying that you should come with them to celebrate at the Brass Palace after you've healed up.
  5. Once you meet your Rival at the Casino, you talk with them about how they've been feeling strong and less vulnerable lately. They feel ready to take on Ricardo and to take their first starter pokemon back. Ricardo shows up, attempting to escape from robbing the casino. Ricardo and your Rival exchange brief words before your Rival chases him further into the Casino, determined to get their first starter back.
  7. You follow, and once you find them you come across their battle ending. Your rival is defeated but Ricardo realizes he's not going to get away without beating you too, and you two battle. When you win, Ricardo drops the loot for an easier getaway and escapes out a window. Casino staff come in, grateful that you've stopped Ricardo and thank you for your actions specifically. The Rival is distraught at the scene of events and how their progress has meant nothing with the loss to Ricardo. They decide that they will take some time off from being a trainer to visit their family in Dacapo and figure out what they'll do next. They give the player the HM Surf, saying they were originally going to do so. They mention that Surf opens up many options for adventure and the existence of the Coal Mine and Waterfall Cave's post-surf areas. They leave, which concludes the event.
  9. The player then travels to Andante via train or walking and surfs down Route 13 and 14 to Staccato Cliffs. Optionally, they can travel back through the region to access post-surf content from Route 12 to Dacapo, including the two dungeons. They can also find the rival in Dacapo for optional text.
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