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  1. Part 3 of ISD Event (Repairing Hanger)
  3. Participants:Darth Anokou (Erhen Sirnah), Cadie (Cadiena Nitely)
  4. Keia Loudon (Keia Loudon OOC only)
  5. ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████
  6. Log:
  7. [18:40] Darth Anokou narrows his eyes softly as he steps into the atrium. He looks around for a moment and licks his lips as he crosses his arms and turns his gaze over to Talon, how promptly disappeared before he moved his fingers through his hair slowly. He sighed for a moment and looked over to Cadie. "You. I have an assignment, and I need some people." His voice was not cruel, but it was a stern tone. He crossed his arms in front of him and stared down at her, awaiting the answer.
  9. [18:44] Cadie  (cadiena.nitely) had came into the temple, her cloak wrapped tight around her body , looking up when she was addressed she nodsd at the armored figure "Yes, My Lord?" she had no clue what he might want but she wasn't going to say no that was for sure, she needed to make connections where she could "What can I do for you?" giving everyone else a nod
  11. [18:44] Reaper Enters the Sith Temple and looks around seeing who are there, before turning to walk toward the hallway, needing to get out of his suit for a few minutes to breath, but without being seen... hearing someone go You. made him stop and look before realizing it wasn't him the person was talking to but a girl he had seen on the mission and around the temple a few times but never really met other then hearing her name but he couldn't remember it...
  13. [18:47] Darth Anokou tilts his head to the side as he looked her over for a moment. "Repairs are being down on the ship that was recovered last night. I need another pair of hands to help supervise the mechanics." He kept his gaze on her cloaked head as he spoke with a generally dismissive tone as if this was truly beneath him. He uncrossed his arms and furrows his brow. "However we will have to be wearing helmets as the life support isn't on yet."
  15. [18:49] Lana Tolbanov (nikko.zelin) stepped out of the lift from the roof, eyes scanning the lobby of the enclave in silence, lingering with uncertainty as to who a lot of these people were, or even moreso, if any of them were students in need of any lessons. Her eyes would shift towards Reaper, watching him slip off from the crowd, an eyebrow lofting at him as her feet began carrying her towards the training room, having not yet met him. Her feet would approach near him, eying him as he went still for some moments, before slipping into the training room ahead of him, making a mental note that they needed a couch or something in here.
  17. [18:52] Cadie  (cadiena.nitely) looked down at what she had on, mechanic work.. okayyy and a helmet to  boot  "yes my lord, watch the repair of the ship" nodding at him "down below?" she didnt even know there was a down below .. her eyes glances quickly to Reaper then back to Anokou "i'm ready" she assumed the faster she got there the faster it would get done
  19. [18:52] Reaper seeing a woman get off the lift and enter the hallway he was heading toward made him stop in his tracks as he realized it wasn't safe to do what he was hoping if someone was nearby that could Walk in on him so he stood there, thinking of what to do now....
  21. [18:59] Darth Anokou waves his hand for the woman to follow him. Anokou easily walked the halls to the lift before keying in the code to the hangar bay. He held the door open for Cadie, the Sith sighed softly as he waited until she arrived in the lift. Once on the floor, he approved a shuttle and made his way into it. He sat in the pilots chair and began to start the shuttle up.
  23. [19:02] Cadie  (cadiena.nitely) followed along behind the armored  Darth, their size difference evident in his long strides she fought to keep up with "thank you" she would reply politely even as she heard his sigh, obviously from her short legs "lets go" she would say to let him know she was strapped in and ready "this should not be to hard" hoping the repair bots knew what they were doing, she didnt know a wrench from a plier
  25. [19:05] Darth Anokou tilted his head to the side at her words and nods. "This should be fairly easy, we are just overseeing a mechanic, making sure they don't take tools, do the work required. He then keyed in the coordinates and the shuttle took off for Sarapin. It didn't take to long before they arrived, and Anokou stayed silent most of that time. He of course pilots the Shuttle into the Hangar Bay and then moves to the back of the shuttle. He reached down and grasped the rebreather helmets and tossed her one. He put one over his own head and locked it in place. He turned to look at her. "Make sure the helmet has sealed correctly."
  27. [19:10] Cadie  (cadiena.nitely) sat staring out the window, they were both quiet for the most part "we shall snuff any out who try to steal from us!" she had assumed they were droids, did droids steal she had to wonder , as they landed and he went to the back grabbing her a re-breather mask she pulls it over her head making sure to tuck it under her hair and the seal is tight around her face "good to go My Lord" she says and it comes out all mechanical like
  29. [19:16] Darth Anokou touches the pad to open the doors, and with a hiss they open easily. The area was a flood of red lights, signaling that the emergency power was on. He sighed softly as he turned his gaze around the hangar seeing the scratches in the ship from the animal that had been here. "Seems like I missed the fun." He smirks as he finally sees the mechanic approach, who appeared to be a Zabrak, and right beside him a astromech. "Good..." He looked over at Cadie. "See? Easy.." The Sith waved his hand to the mechanic, who approached. "Repair the bay shields, and then the hangar blast doors. I want this area ready for oxygen when the life support system is on." He turned to the astromech. "Get help with splicing if needed." The two then quickly turned on their way to get it done. He then turned to Cadie. "I remember seeing you my first day on Corellia."
  31. [19:22] Cadie  (cadiena.nitely) stepped  down the ramp quickly shielding her eyes for a bit till they grew use to the bright red lights "it's a mess" looking around the area had at least been cleaned of the bodies where they had killed the mutant creatures just recently "i'll watch them" s he was glad he knew what to tell them to do, she had been raised on a farm and knew animals.. machanic stuff .. not so much but she would fake it till she makes it "oh yes, it was my first day also i believe.. or maybe 2nd" he had been on a tour with some slave girl carrying treats
  33. [19:25] Darth Anokou nods softly. "Ahhh, that explains a lot.." He then turned to look at the two over at the station making repairs. He then tilted his head to the side and narrowed his eyes at them. "I remember my beginnings quiet well.. There was nothing quiet like the rush of learning something new. Enjoy it while you can."
  35. [19:28] Cadie  (cadiena.nitely) leaned against one of the crates, her eyes still on the machanics she would watch them work as they repaired the ship starting at one end and moving around as needed "they are quit proficient " they seemed to be making good time "i grew up on a farm on Naboo , my Mother and Father are dead now" drawing her cloak a little closer "they made me hide.. who I am" she figured he would know what she meant "i have learned things already i never knew possible"
  37. [19:31] Darth Anokou perks a brow as she speaks. "That can be quiet difficult to deal with." He kept his gaze on the pair that were going about repairing the ship, especially if they stopped to grab something they needed. "My family left me for dead."
  39. [19:36] Cadie  (cadiena.nitely) smirked a bit beneath her breathing mask "guess we are opposite, i left them for dead" watching as one repair guy held a hanger door while another welded it in place "did you see the monster?" she thought she had seen him but the army was so big she was not sure "was my first fight, i think i did alright" if he looked he would surely see the twinkle in her eyes "ohhh" she screamed out as one of the workers dropped one of the heavy metal pieces with a clank "be more careful" she whizzed out of her breather
  41. [19:39] Darth Anokou shook his head. "My attention was quickly required elsewhere, so I was redirected before most of the battles took place." He turned his gaze to see the metal that would be used to repair the huge gashes in the bay. He looked over and saw the shields beginning to flicker to life as the two finished the repairs he had asked. "I returned to my family, and slaughtered them. It was a part of my Sith trials, I took over the company, and the family estate." He reached out with the Force, picking up one of the workers that had dropped the metal plate. "I don't tolerate clumsy." He then tossed the man with the Force, right out the hangar doors, and into open space. Those hazel eyes locked on the figure as it disappears into space.
  43. [19:43] Cadie  (cadiena.nitely) nods "it was glorious" you could almost smell the stench of their mutant blood in the air . . following his gaze she saw them work on the shields now for the ship "almost done "  at his words she wanted to cackle "i already did that" she would not elaborate "so i guess i'm a step ahead" glad they were about done when he did away with the one clumsy worker
  45. [19:47] Darth Anokou smirks lightly as the tilted his head to the side as the droid and the mechanic quickly started to work on the gashes which would not take very long at all seeing as it was mainly just replacing metal. "Yes, just getting the metals replaced and then we can leave." He turned his gaze back to her and looked her over. "I wish I could have stayed. I have been looking forward to battle for awhile now." He sighed softly as he licked his lips. "I am definitely going to pop a bottle of wine when we return."
  47. [19:50] Cadie  (cadiena.nitely): knew how he must feel, the fight was exhilarating "i am sure there will be plenty more" she assured him "i am to make my light saber tonight, I just attuned my crystal" she had meditated quit awhile over it "wine, how nice.. celebrating something My Lord?"
  49. [19:53] Darth Anokou tilts his head to the side. "Congratulations.. the making of ones lightsaber is quiet the personal endeavor. Personally, I've been through 3... before I got my current one.." He pats the side of his thigh as he turns his gaze back to the droid and mechanic who were quickly replacing bits of metal on the sides and floor. "My first one is currently in Jedi custody.. which order and where I have no idea."
  51. [19:56] Cadie  (cadiena.nitely) laughs softly "3 huh, not even gonna ask about how the jedi got your sword" she knew hers would be like her own little lighted baby "each was better then the last? or all the same" wondering if they got better as you learned or became more powerful "maybe you will be able to get it back one day" she was thinking maybe she would have her own engraved
  53. [19:59] Darth Anokou shrugs and nods. "I improved my saber as I grew, maybe my blade fit my fighting style. I first used a synthesized crystal. But after it was taken by the Jedi, I took one of theirs.. made the crystal bleed.. and I've kept the crystal all this time. But it depends on your set up. I run four crystals in mine, allows me to phase shift the blades." He smirked softly. "Maybe I will.. I doubt it though.. as some Jedi has most likely hidden it where I would never find it."
  55. [20:06] Cadie  (cadiena.nitely) pushed herself off the crate walking around inspecting the work of the repair guys "nice work" if she didnt know better she bet tit was near as good as before the creature "4.. i only have the 1" she still had pretty much nothing of her own save what she brought in her duffle bag, one day she thought "i am sure you will" watching as the man put the expensive tools away she made sure they had none on them .. " spread your legs" she would move her hands over every inch of the one man paying close attention to his groin area
  57. [20:09] Erhen Sirnah chuckles softly as he watched the woman pat down the Zabrak. Anokou just waved his hand at the Droid to go about his way, as the Astromech didn't pick up any tools. He tilts his head to the side as he watches her and even eyeing her a little when she bends over and nodding silently to himself. He then waves for the mechanic and the droid to get on the other shuttle, and the two of them leave. He turns his gaze back to Cadie. "Time to go." He waves his hand at her and returns to the shuttle, once inside he waits for her before closing the door and undoing his helmet and putting it back into place.
  59. [20:09] Darth Anokou chuckles softly as he watched the woman pat down the Zabrak. Anokou just waved his hand at the Droid to go about his way, as the Astromech didn't pick up any tools. He tilts his head to the side as he watches her and even eyeing her a little when she bends over and nodding silently to himself. He then waves for the mechanic and the droid to get on the other shuttle, and the two of them leave. He turns his gaze back to Cadie. "Time to go." He waves his hand at her and returns to the shuttle, once inside he waits for her before closing the door and undoing his helmet and putting it back into place.
  61. [20:15] Cadie  (cadiena.nitely) had finished patting the Zabrak, he was twice her size and had big horns on his head "he's clean" once they got onto the shuttle she took her re-breather off putting it beside Anokou's "i'm ready" again she was all buckled in , pulling her cape close against the chill she got comfortable for the ride, glad she didnt have to drive
  63. [20:17] Darth Anokou smirks and nods as he easily types in the coordinates and the shuttle backs out of the hangar and shoots off into the darkness of space, bypassing the worker who he had thrown out and disappearing amongst the stars from the ships view. Soon they landed back at Corellia, at the hangar. He turned his gaze to Cadie and nodded to her. "I will be sure that your willingness to help me is passed on." He stood slowly from the chair as he keyed in the shut off sequence.
  65. [20:19] Cadie  (cadiena.nitely) stretched her limbs when they arrived "As you think best My Lord" waiting on him to turn the motor off "time for that bottle of wine!" and funny thing was.. when she says home now.. she thinks of Corellia
  67. [20:21] Darth Anokou nods softly at her. "I'll have a bottle sent to you if you wish to try it.. but first you must go make your lightsaber.." He grins at her as he steps off the shuttle after opening the door. "Get that done, if you do it quick enough, maybe I'll have some wine still and let you have some." He chuckles as he stands just outside the door.
  69. [20:22] Cadie  (cadiena.nitely) eyes open wide, she had never had wine before "yes My Lord" as she hurries off "that is very thoughtful of you"
  70. ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████
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