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Pirates IRC MAR'19 Changelog

mruno Mar 30th, 2019 38 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC - http://tiny.cc/PiratesIRC
  2. Mar 2019 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. During Captain Rob event, players cannot be granted a parlay after they stole the Captaincy
  6. During Tuesday's daily event, after a player have stolen the Captaincy, they will be brigged unless someone else steals it
  7. Added !P Ping
  8. Players with the 'no highlight' option enabled (!P OPTIONS NOHIGHLIGHT) will now have ascii characters in their name to not trigger their client "pinging them" when their nick is mentioned by the bot
  9. Skill books can now be auctioned
  10. Players can now put up items for auction. !P AH POST - Currently only ornamental items can be auctioned
  11. Increased ship repair action's RNG during a port raid
  12. Decreased cities cannons by 20%
  13. Added !P Onboard
  14. Added !P Vampires
  15. Renamed player ranks - https://mruno.org/Pirates/help.html#ranks
  16. Captains can now view details on what is affecting their favor with !P Captain Favor
  17. Rewrote Captain favor formula so bad/good events will have more effect
  18. Ships with less than 50% HP will not have an option to raid a port
  19. Added tips when losing a port raid when ship has not enough cannons and shot
  20. Add shipwright task
  21. Standardized !P trigger in all messages. Can be set ship specific, but all are set to "P Action" vice "!P Action"
  22. Increased patch and shore odds by 200% when in a port raid
  23. !Pirate commands can be entered with !P or P
  24. Added ability for vampires to feed on pirates from other ships: !P Bite <pirate> <ship>
  25. Increased damage for swordsmanship skill vs epic monsters http://tiny.cc/PirateSkills
  26. Increased accuracy when battling epic monsters when pirate firing has marksmanship level 4+
  27. Corrected odds of hitting epic monsters (was 91% chance of hit before)
  28. Added !P CREW BRIG
  29. Added recommended number of pirates when Capn decides to raid. Raids (interactive or RNG types) the crew decides to do are now based on how many pirates are awake
  30. Decreased port hitpoints by 20%
  31. Added different ammo types n' modifiers when battling monsters. See effects @ http://tiny.cc/Pirates-Ship
  32. !P OPTIONS AUTOSELL auto selling now works at pirate havens
  33. Added cyclone and tempest weather events
  34. New ship on XeroMem network
  35. Cleaned up !P TODAY
  36. NOW ACTIVE - Daily events that are from 3-5pm are being tested see http://tiny.cc/PirateDaily
  37. Increased doubloons reward when raiding a port by 400% (interactive only)
  38. Max stamina for Sunday Funday now be 10
  39. Added additional info you can learn about other ships at taverns
  40. Added shipwrights to ports !P Shipwright
  41. Added shipwright to list of establishments you can invest in at a port
  42. Decreased initial investments
  43. Treasure maps rewarded after a port raid are now based on RNG. Better odds the larger the port: stronghold > city > town
  44. During a raid, cannons can be lost, players stunned, and sails destroyed
  45. Added stamina cost on successful port raid actions
  46. Bot ships will no longer have an inordinate amount of doubloons
  47. During a port raid, if the port has <10 soldiers or no cannons left, the raid will end
  48. Level 3+ in marksmanship increases accuracy of cannons
  49. Added !P SHIP Ordnance
  50. Buffed cannon damage vs ports
  51. Documented port raids and shipwrights on http://tiny.cc/PiratesIRC
  52. Added additional treasure map locations
  53. Added ship damage to the following events: epic monsters, mimic attacks, fire, storms, pirate hunter attacks, sabotage
  54. Increased ports' accuracy during a raid
  55. Ships that are anchored or moored will regenerate HP to 11%, enabling the ship seaworthy enough to sail
  56. Added ability to try new (interactive) raid system or use the old one (based solely on RNG). !P Raid <new or old> when prompted
  59. Fixes:
  60. Goods and ornamentals disappearing when !P USE <ID> AYE
  61. Damage vs monsters when using special ammo
  62. Grab daily event having more than one event occur at the same time
  63. !P Help not showing all of the commands
  64. New ships not auto sailing after >4 hours since last sail
  65. Ability to buy poison, herb, and coins below level requirement
  66. Bot ships sailing time being 0
  67. Ships not sailing to a new port after a failed raid when ship has <10% HP
  68. Which cannon do ye want to fire? !Pirates Raid Fire <>
  69. Cannon ammo only showing round available
  70. Global treasures will no longer be announced once a ship has completed the max # of treasure allowed in a day
  71. Vampire msg being repeated during friday vampire event
  72. !P Market Sell <item name>
  73. Grab event cooldown
  74. In certain situations, unable to use a brothel or tavern to restore stamina
  75. Cooldown during network duels
  76. Global treasures not spawning
  77. Grab events occurring within minutes of one another
  78. Ships missing in !P Ships List
  79. Player kept treasure maps marked as 'deciphered' but not showing a hint
  80. Additional gender pronoun fixes
  81. Docking at port when in the middle of an interactive raid
  82. New port raids not working for cities
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