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  1. This ain’t no poem or anything.
  2. This is just how I feel
  3. It’s not often I do this
  4. I can’t say it
  5. I wish I would but I can’t say it
  6. I’m not ready
  7. Even now I don’t want to do this
  8. But there’s someone who’s willing to help
  9. I think they deserve to know
  11. Tonight I wanted to die
  12. Everynight I want to die
  13. I don’t know why
  14. But I just don’t feel like I deserve to live
  15. I have no place among the living
  16. There are people who are happy
  17. They deserve to be here
  18. Not me
  19. I don’t cry often
  20. But tonight I cried
  21. People may like me
  22. People may care for me
  23. But I’ve never known anyone who loves me
  24. I sound like an idiot
  25. I am an idiot
  26. I want to die
  27. I really still do
  28. I’m not strong
  29. I don’t understand why people like me
  30. I’m a  fat, ugly, dumbass
  31. I have no talent
  32. I’m not funny
  33. I am nothing
  34. I will never be anything
  35. I can’t even tell someone how I feel
  36. I shouldn’t have lived this long
  37. I write to not cry
  38. But this only makes it harder
  39. Nothing is right anymore
  40. As a kid I had dreams
  41. I thought I was going to be something
  42. I’m nothing
  43. I wanted to help people
  44. I think that is funny cause even now I can’t help myself
  45. I know people want to help
  46. I just don’t want them to judge me
  47. I don’t want them to think I need their help
  48. I don’t want their fucking pity
  49. I want to kill someone
  50. That way at least I’ll know someone hates me
  51. At least I will still know I’m human
  52. I would have affected somebody
  53. I’m probably just talking shit but
  54. Does it really matter
  55. I know I don’t matter
  56. Haha when did I ever really matter
  57. There were too many great people before me
  58. I am nothing compared to them
  59. They have a trophy case full of trophies
  60. With no room for anything new
  61. Even they know I am not going to do anything
  62. They know I’m an idiot
  63. Fucking kill me
  64. I love a girl and I can’t even say the word love
  65. I don’t think I feel right
  66. I hope she hates me
  67. I think that would be better
  68. Actually I know it would be better
  69. At least I wouldn’t have to cry then
  70. Fuck this
  71. I’m gonna die one day
  72. So I guess that’s something to look forward to
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