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  1. To make the truth plain, however, my Bakanic comrades, I want to ask you a series of questions. I want you to answer them to the best of your knowledge, according to your conscience. When my audience cheered on Turn 30, the Tarsier and Bee press reported the next day that it was all a propaganda show that did not represent the true opinion of the Bakanic people. I have invited to today’s meeting a cross-section of the Bakanic people in the best sense of the word. In front of me are rows of wounded Ban Shai soldiers from the Eastern Cities, missing legs and arms, with wounded bodies, those who have lost their sight, those who have come with nurses, men in the blush of youth who stand with crutches. Among them are 50 who bear the Bakanic awards, shining examples of our fighting front. Behind them are hard workers from Lokland candy factories. Behind them are ministry officials, soldiers from the fighting army, doctors, scientists, artists, engineers and architects, teachers, officials and employees from offices, proud representatives of every area of our intellectual life that even in the midst of war produce miracles of human genius. Throughout Nogwarts I see thousands of German women. The youth is here, as are the aged. No class, no occupation, no age remained uninvited. I can rightly say that before me is gathered a representative sample of the Bakanic population, both from the homeland and the front. Is that true? Yes or no? You, my hearers, at this moment represent the whole nation. I wish to ask you four questions that you will answer for the Bakanic people throughout the world, but especially for our enemies, who are listening to us on the radio.
  3. The Tarsiers and the Hegemony maintain that the Bakanic people has lost faith in victory.
  5. I ask you: Do you believe in the Basheeg and in the final total victory of the coalition?
  7. I ask you: Are you resolved to follow the Basheeg through thick and thin to victory, and are you willing to accept the heaviest personal burdens?
  9. Second, The Tarsiers and the Hegemony say that the Bakanic people are tired of fighting.
  11. I ask you: Are you ready to follow the Basheeg as the phalanx of the homeland, standing behind the fighting army and to wage war with wild determination through all the turns of fate until victory is ours?
  13. Third: The Tarsiers and the Hegemony maintain that the Bakanic people have no desire any longer to accept the government’s growing demands for war work.
  15. I ask you: Are you and the Bakanic people willing to work, if the Basheeg orders, 10, 12 and if necessary 14 hours a day and to give everything for victory?
  17. Fourth: The Tarsiers and The Hegemony maintain that the Bakanic people is resisting the government’s total war measures. It does not want total war, but capitulation!
  19. I ask you: Do you want total war? If necessary, do you want a war more total and radical than anything that we can even imagine today?
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