Fallen Brides: Sasha — first draft (complete)

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  1. Case 3: Sasha
  2. Embraced in the Bosom of Corruption
  3. By Zōhyō
  4. Translated from the Japanese by OtherSideofSky (
  6. It was a well cared for room: the floor was swept clean, the cupboards were neatly organized, and the flowers in the vases had been plucked fresh that morning. It was a simple room, but it had a calming atmosphere.
  8. And yet the old man seated on the sofa surveyed the room with a look of disappointed astonishment, as if its comforts fell short of his expectations.
  10. The door opened, and a woman with sky-blue hair entered.
  12. "I'm sorry, father. You've spared some of your valuable time to call on us, and I've kept you waiting."
  14. The woman bowed to the priest and apologized. Even the way she bent at the waist in a single, smooth motion conveyed an impression of elegance and refinement.
  16. "Humph. Well, no matter."
  18. The priest coolly inclined his head and stroked his white beard. The woman, seeing that, seated herself on the sofa across from him. Her posture was perfect.
  20. "I suppose I don't need to tell you the conditions."
  22. "That's right."
  24. The woman looked up and met the priest's gaze head-on as she spoke.
  26. "If the conditions are the same as always, then so is my answer."
  28. "You refuse, then?"
  30. "I'm afraid so."
  32. The priest leaned forward.
  34. "Your achievements and prestige are practically unequaled. Such a personage ought to receive suitably compensation, don't you agree?"
  36. The woman — Sasha Folmoon — answered clearly. Her gaze never wavered.
  38. "I am a hero, and a hero is one who gives people courage, protects them, and supports them in their need. If I were to live in the palace, I could not help becoming distant from the people, and then I would be unable to give them hope. I want to stay here as the people's support."
  40. The priest appeared stunned by Sasha's answer, delivered without hesitation.
  42. "Humph. Fine, then. If you change your mind, come let me know any time."
  44. "Thank you very much."
  46. Sasha maintained her perfect manners, even faced with the priest's merely superficial courtesy.
  48. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  50. An ornate carriage with the crest of Lescatié engraved on its roof, a rare sight in the slums, stood parked before the district's only church. Armed palace guards secured the area around it.
  52. At length the door of the church opened, and an old man came out. His body, wrapped in a white robe, could be called robust or fat, depending on how the speaker was disposed to him. The guards formed a perimeter around him as he walked laboriously towards the carriage.
  54. Sasha stood by the door and saw off the priest until he got into his carriage and departed. When it had completely vanished from her view, Sasha let out a sigh so small that no one but herself could notice it. It was probably because he feared assassination that he took such precautions. Even if that were not the case, he the slums were teeming with discontent and grumbling against the upper classes. Some might say that it was only natural for him to be wary.
  56. It was a sad state of affairs when even a priest, who the masses ought by all rights to have greeted with open arms, had become a target of their animosity. It showed how twisted the country had become.
  58. She suddenly became aware of the weight of two small bodies clinging to her legs. Glancing down, she discovered a pair of little girls wrapped around them.
  60. The girl on Sasha's left leg was cheerful-looking, with brown hair gathered in two bunches, and she was staring determinedly in the direction the carriage had gone.
  62. The blonde girl snuggled up to her right leg was slightly younger than her companion, and she looked, by contrast, rather timid.
  64. The girl on her left stuck out her tongue after the departed carriage. The girl on her right, seeing that, stuck out her own tongue as if to mimic her neighbor.
  66. "Now see here, Lisia, Emiyu, you mustn't do that."
  68. Sasha scolded the girls on either side of her, but her soft expression belied her words.
  70. "But... aren't those people trying to take you away, big sis? That makes them the enemy," said the brown haired girl called Lisia, and gave Sasha's leg a tight squeeze.
  72. "Yeah..." the blonde girl muttered quietly, and hugged Sasha's other leg every bit as tight as Lisia.
  74. Sasha knew that she ought to scold them for calling a priest of the faith an enemy, of all things, but she could feels the girls' uneasiness through the desperate strength with which they clung to her legs. Sasha flashed a kind smile, then crouched down and wrapped her arms around the pair.
  76. "I'm not going anywhere. I mean, how could I when I have two little troublemakers here to look after?"
  78. "...But... big sis... don't you really want to live in the castle? If you were in the castle, you could eat tastier food, and sleep on a fluffier bed, right?"
  80. "..."
  82. Lisia looked up at Sasha with eyes full of unease. Emiyu didn't say anything, but she tightened her grip on Sasha's leg.
  84. "Oh my, do I seem like such an insensitive person to you? You're making your big sister sad."
  86. Sasha made a sad face and put on a show of sobbing.
  88. Lisia saw that and panicked.
  90. "N, not at all! You're nice, big sis! The nicest person in the world!"
  92. "Y, you're... k, kind, Ms. Sasha..."
  94. Emiyu looked up too and added her own frantic words to Lisia's. Seeing that, Sasha chuckled.
  96. "That's the way. Believe in your nice big sister. I'll never leave this church, no matter what."
  98. She gave the pair a gentle pat on the head, and they finally looked reassured.
  100. "Now, let's go inside. We've got to get ready for lunch."
  102. The three stood up and were about to go back inside the church, when Emiyu stopped in her tracks and turned back to face the way the carriage had gone.
  104. "Emi? What's the matter?"
  106. Lisia called out to Emiyu, but she remained motionless, staring fixedly across the way.
  108. "Emiyu?"
  110. When Sasha called out to her as well, Emiyu suddenly ran off without a word.
  112. "Hey, Emi! You can't just get out of chores by—!"
  114. Lisia began to chase after Emiyu, but noticed an approaching figure and came to a stop before she caught up to her.
  116. It was a young man. He was walking towards them with a bag dangling over one shoulder. He was clad in the inner suit that the soldiers of Lescatié wore under their armor, and his bright red hair stood out even at a distance.
  118. "El!"
  120. The instant she recognized him, Lisia ran off again like a shot. She abandoned her pursuit of Emiyu and leapt into the young man's bosom.
  122. "Woah there... That you, Lisia?"
  124. The young man just managed catch the leaping girl without being knocked down, and flashed a wry grin at her rough welcome.
  126. Emiyu, who arrived at the young man's feet a moment later, wrapped her arms around his legs.
  128. "Have you grown a little, Emiyu?"
  130. The young man tousled the golden hair of the girl clinging to his legs. Emiyu narrowed her eyes and looked pleased.
  132. "Me too! I got taller too!"
  134. "Yeah, I can tell; you're a little heavier."
  136. "Oh, you're awful!"
  138. Sasha approached the three in the midst of their lively back-and-forth. There was a smile on her face. It was subtly different from the smile she had shown earlier, which had imparted a feeling of safety. This smile seemed to well up gladly from the very bottom of her heart.
  140. "It's been a long time, hasn't it, Elt?"
  142. "Sasha... Sorry I've been out of touch."
  144. With the girls still clinging to him, the young man — Elt — inclined his head.
  146. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  148. The church in the slums was not a very large building, and the more orphans it took in, the less space apportioned to each. But no matter how many people the space was divided between, one room was always kept empty. That room, which was plain and certainly not spacious, but was always kept clean, was reserved for Elt, who returned to it once a week. Elt insisted that he could sleep in a huddle with the others, so that they didn't need to go out of their way to set aside a room for him, but Sasha and the other orphans kept it empty by common consensus.
  150. Elt had finished dinner with the orphans in the dining room, and was now in that room with the two girls. Lisia and Emiyu were seated on the room's single bed with Elt squeezed between them.
  152. "And, and then Emi..."
  154. "I, I never did... anything like that."
  156. The pair talked to Elt with enthusiasm, as if they were trying to make up for the time they had been unable to see him. They could hardly be blamed for that — Elt normally never failed to put in an appearance over the weekend, but there had recently been a large campaign, and Elt had been unable to visit for around two weeks. To the girls, who had been looking forward to the day they would be able to see Elt again, those two weeks must have seemed an overwhelming length of times.
  158. "It looks like you two saved up a lot of stories."
  160. Sasha stepped in to visit the trio. Lisia and Emiyu exchanged winks, then stood up and moved away from Elt.
  162. "Yup, but we've already talked plenty."
  164. "We're going to... play outside for a bit, so..."
  166. So saying, the pair left the room.
  168. "Ha ha... It looks like they're trying to be considerate to me," Sasha chuckled. "I'll admit, it's a little embarrassing."
  170. Sasha sat down beside Elt, and for a while neither spoke. It wasn't exactly an awkward silence, but each seemed to be waiting for the other to begin speaking.
  172. At last, Sasha opened her mouth.
  174. "How did the campaign turn out?"
  176. "I guess I'd have to call it a wasted effort. The place was completely deserted."
  178. In Lescatié, a "campaign" meant the suppression of monsters. There had been complaints from nearby villagers that monsters had formed a settlement in a certain forest, and the troop Elt belonged to had been dispatched to the scene. But it had all been in vain. There were certainly traces that monsters had been there, but they had failed to find even a single actual monster.
  180. "I see..."
  182. Sasha let out a complicated sigh, like she was both regretful and relieved. Elt stared fixedly at her. Sasha noticed his gaze, and quickly resumed her usual smile.
  184. "Sasha, are you getting enough rest?"
  186. "Yes, I'm fine. I know my own body."
  188. "You're not telling the truth, are you?"
  190. Sasha looked perplexed at his immediate reply.
  192. "I know you spend so much time worrying about everyone else that you never have time to worry about yourself."
  194. "Th, that's not..."
  196. "Don't try to deny it. You're thinner than the last time I saw you, and you've gotten paler, too."
  198. Sasha made no reply. It was true that she hadn't been getting enough rest, either physically or mentally.
  200. "I know how serious and dedicated you are, and I wouldn't change that for the world, but wrecking your body because of that will only backfire and end up hurting the people who love you."
  202. "That's... I'm sorry."
  204. Sasha shrank and apologized. Those who knew her would probably have been astonished to see the woman whose all-embracing smile never faltered, who guided and advised, crestfallen and being scolded like a child.
  206. Seeing Sasha in that state, Elt's expression softened.
  208. "Really... Please take care of yourself, Sasha. Lisia, and Emiyu, and the townspeople... and me too, of course, all love you."
  210. "...Alright."
  212. A faint red tinge suffused Sasha's face the moment she heard Elt's last few words.
  214. Elt was the only one who could urge her to take care of herself like that. Sasha, who had spent such a long time guiding people as a hero, as an apostle of god, was the sort of person that others tended to rely on, and she was more than happy to respond to their requests.
  216. Elt, however, although her junior, was one of those rare people who sometimes spoke with her as an equal. He had often told her, "Please don't just let other people rely on you for help; rely on someone else yourself sometimes." When he was like that, he was the only one to whom Sasha was able to reveal a little of her own vulnerability.
  218. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  220. She had almost lost her confidence once before. Due to a question she had asked, she had ceased to hear the voice of the Chief God. Elt had sensed that she was worried but unable to talk to anyone about the cause, and had kept on asking her if something was the matter. Eventually, Sasha had broken down and revealed to Elt that she could no longer hear the voice of the Chief God.
  222. Elt had laughed and said, "What, is that all?"
  224. Sasha told him that it wasn't a problem that could be dismissed so easily, but Elt insisted that it was and laughed off her fears.
  226. "The reason everyone loves you isn't that you can hear the Chief God, Sasha; they love you because you're strong and kind."
  228. He was always her mental support.
  230. "...I've stayed too long. You must be tired, so have a good rest tonight."
  232. "You too, Sasha."
  234. "I know. If I push myself too hard a certain someone will get mad at me again."
  236. "I, I wasn't really angry or..."
  238. "Hee hee... Good night."
  240. Sasha left a smile behind her as she went out.
  242. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  244. Sasha, having put Elt's room behind her, was lying on the bed in her own room. As he had said, her body was tired and needed to rest. But when she lay still, thoughts whirled through her mind and she could not get to sleep.
  246. She had revealed to Elt that she could no longer hear the voice of the Chief God, but there was something she had not told even him, and that was the reason she had ceased to hear it.
  248. Lord, are monsters truly evil? They were born into this world, so are they not also children of God?
  250. That question had been the turning point. After she asked it, she had ceased to hear the Chief God's voice. What did that mean?
  252. She had begun to harbor doubts about the teachings of the faith she had followed since birth, and to take actions that seemed paradoxical even to herself. While acting as a hero in public, she had working behind the scenes to protect monsters. Even the fact that Elt's unit's "campaign" had come up empty-handed was due to her passing the monsters information under the table. And that wasn't all; she was even working to make a secret orphanage, deep in the forest where no one would find it, to shelter monster orphans.
  254. Sasha's worries piled up due to the conflict between her two selves, between the her who wanted to believe in the church and the her who could not be rid of doubts concerning it, and those worries were putting a strain on her body.
  256. Sasha heaved a sigh and turned over in bed, recalling Elt's face. It had been so long since she had seen him last, and the thought caused a tightness in her chest. That was another thing to worry about.
  258. As a human who had given her faith to the Chief God, she was expected to treat all people equally. It was improper for her to harbor special feelings for a particular person. In spite of that, these forbidden feelings in her breast were growing by the day. Her doubts about the Chief God spurred it on. If she had not been an apostle of God, if she had been an ordinary woman, then perhaps...
  260. No. She chided herself that she must not harbor such thoughts. But that couldn't make the feelings in her breast disappear.
  262. Lord, what should I do...?
  264. She could not even ask the question. She, who sheltered monsters, had no such right.
  266. Her harried thoughts were sinking into the shallow, troubled bog of sleep.
  268. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  270. "I wonder how Big Sis is getting along with El."
  272. "Mmm..."
  274. Lisia and Emiyu were in a corner of the church's small exercise yard. All around them the voices of the other orphans at play could be heard.
  276. "She should just come out and say she likes him," Lisia said while swinging from a branch of the tree that grew in the corner of the yard.
  278. "...But... Ms. Sasha is..." Emiyu, who was drawing pictures in the earth at the base of the tree with a sharp stone, raised her face and replied.
  280. "I know. Big Sis isn't allowed to do things like that."
  282. Lisia swung her legs, rocking her body back and forth.
  284. "...Because Ms. Sasha is the Chief God's bride..."
  286. Emiyu dropped her gaze back to her hands, smoothed the ground with the stone, and went on with her drawing. It appeared that the magnificent knight brandishing his sword was meant to be Elt.
  288. Lisia let out a grunt of frustration. She was swinging her body in a wider and wider arc, and when her swing was at its greatest she stretched her legs and arms out straight and released her grip on the branch, so that she flew through the air. She touched down a good distance from the tree.
  290. "Hey, a groom's supposed to make a bride happy, right?" She turned and asked.
  292. "...Yeah..."
  294. Emiyu continued to scratch her picture into the dirt without looking up. Beside the knight that resembled Elt, she had begun to draw a female figure. It seemed she intended the long-haired woman to be Sasha.
  296. "So what does the Chief God do for Big Sis? She tries so hard, but the Chief God never rewards her."
  298. Emiyu went on moving her hands without answering. She added two little girls to the drawing, one standing close on either side of Elt.
  300. "Right now, Big Sis doesn't look happy at all, does she? She looks miserable, and the Chief God doesn't do anything for her. Doesn't that bother you?"
  302. A sad note entered Lisia's voice. Emiyu continued to stare wordlessly at the picture she had drawn.
  304. "...Sorry."
  306. Lisia realized that she had been asking Emiyu questions she could not possibly answer, and apologized.
  308. "...We could give up, but..."
  310. Emiyu said in a small voice.
  312. "If Ms. Sasha could at least be happy with El... we could give up, but..."
  314. The pair sank into silence. They had grown up together and knew most of what was in each other's hearts. They even realized that they both harbored feelings for the same unattainable person.
  316. Lisia stood up, still hanging her head. She looked like she was about to cry. Emiyu stared fixedly at her drawing, hugging her knees to her chest. A drop of water fell, plop, onto the picture.
  318. "I want everyone to be happy, but..."
  320. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  322. When Sasha woke from her shallow, dreamless sleep, her condition had worsened. She felt hot all over and her joints ached.
  324. It looked as if she had broken out in a high fever. She hadn't believed there was anything really the matter with her, but it seemed Elt had been right and her exhaustion had been getting to her.
  326. Sasha took an absentminded glance out the window and saw that full darkness had descended.
  328. ...If I go on like this I'll end up making everyone worry about me.
  330. She tried to raise herself, but the strength would not come, and she ended up collapsing limply back onto the bed.
  332. "...Pathetic..." she muttered, heaving a sigh.
  334. ...I want to see Elt.
  336. The thought suddenly popped into her head. Elt planned to stay at the church all weekend. If she wanted to see him, she could do so at once.
  338. And yet...
  340. Even though she could see him at any time, she couldn't help feeling that he was far away. Unable to communicate what was in her heart, she was forced to wear a mask in his presence. Even though she could confide more of her feelings to him than to anyone else, she had to go on dissembling to him. Before she knew it, tears had begun to coalesce in the corners of her eyes.
  342. It wasn't just about Elt; it was about the little church, where the country was headed, the monsters she was sheltering, the difference between church doctrine and her own ideas... All the things she could do nothing about suddenly seemed a terribly heavy burden to bear.
  344. No, I'm just weak from the illness...
  346. She knew that, but the tear drops still continued to grow in the corners of her eyes, and finally flowed down her cheeks.
  348. "Elt..."
  350. She called out to him unconsciously in her febrile daze. But her voice was hoarse and frail, and it melted into the dry air of the room without reaching any ear but her own... or so it seemed.
  352. ...Mana?
  354. She would never have expected to sense it in a place like this. But she did sense it. She would probably have noticed it earlier if she had been in peak condition. And now that she did notice it, she could feel the mana gradually thickening.
  356. Here...? No, the children...!
  358. The thought spurred her to make another effort to shift her groaning body, but it refused to obey her commands. Strange. She had thought her condition due to fever, but to be crippled to this extent was abnormal, almost as if...
  360. I'm already under a spell...? Good lord...
  362. Her thoughts raced for a solution, but her fever-clouded brain refused to perform at even half its normal level.
  366. Then a faint voice sounded in the struggling Sasha's head.
  368. Just now, that was...
  370. Sasha was still bewildered when she heard the voice again.
  372. Can you... me...
  374. This time she was certain. It wasn't a voice she could hear by her ears picking up vibrations in the air; it felt like meaning sounding directly in her brain. She had experienced this sensation before.
  376. ...Lord... is it you...?
  378. Sasha mentally called out.
  380. Can you hear me? Oh, good. Well, to start with, you should know that I'm not "Her."
  382. That was not the voice of the Chief God she knew. The voice she had heard before has impressed her with its dignity and majesty. The voice she had just heard, however, had been a terribly seductive one; a voice that made her keenly aware of the speaker's femininity.
  384. ...Who are you?
  386. Sasha asked more warily. Any being capable of transmitting meaning directly into a person's mind like this must belong to a much higher plane. That made remaining ignorant of its true identity dangerous.
  388. Me? I'm... Oh yes, I believe you humans called me "The Fallen God."
  390. She'd heard that there was a god who presided over lust and depravity. A counterpart to the Chief God, who stood for integrity and chastity.
  392. ...I have nothing to say to you.
  394. Hee hee... It was your voice that called me here, you know?
  396. Mine...?
  398. Yes. You made a wish, didn't you? You wished for everyone's happy, smiling faces, and, most of all... you yearned for him, didn't you? For your beloved?
  400. Sasha's body grew still hotter. She couldn't keep secrets from a god. She could only maintain her silence.
  401. Poor thing, shutting it all away, faithfully keeping to "Her" teachings...
  403. Those were words no apostle of God could ignore, no matter who said them.
  405. "Take that back," Sasha said aloud. No one used to her usual gentle tone would have imagined her voice could be so stern and hard.
  407. But the god of corruption just giggled.
  409. Hee hee... You're cute. Truly adorable. I'm looking forward to seeing how you'll change...♪
  411. Change...?
  413. A shudder ran through Sasha's whole body. What did the Fallen God plan on doing to her?
  415. There's no need to be so afraid. I'm just going to grant your wish, that's all...
  417. My wish...?
  419. That's right, a world where everyone can live happily, with smiles on their faces...
  421. I'll never borrow your power...!
  423. But can you do it alone, I wonder? With things as they are?
  425. Sasha gritted her teeth. The Fallen God was right — As things stood, Sasha couldn't even protect the smiles of the people close to her, no matter how hard she tried. Not even those of the children in her church.
  427. Of course, she wasn't so arrogant as to think she could solve every problem herself. Even so, Sasha had a strong sense of responsibility, and she could not help feeling pained and chagrinned.
  429. Well? For starters, do you think "Her" — Shall I call her the "Chief God"? — Do you think the "Chief God's" teachings are really correct?
  431. Of course they...
  433. Oh really? You're sure it's not just because they've been crammed into you since you were a child that you think so?
  435. That's... not...
  437. Even the church that's supposed to be preserving her teachings is starting to decay, and so is this country. You can't deny it.
  439. ...
  441. And ever since you started to realize that, you've been disobeying God's teachings... Am I wrong?
  443. ...! When have I ever disobeyed God...?
  445. The church in the forest. Did you think you could hide it? You're talking to a "god."
  447. ...I, I—
  449. Hm?
  451. Sasha's voice faltered for the first time. She sounded timid.
  453. I don't know... I just don't know.
  455. The Fallen God's silence seemed to invite her to continue. Sasha began to make a clean breast in spite of herself.
  457. "In the Lord's teachings... it is written that monsters are evil things born of darkness. But... they take husbands and make children, care for them, and share their happiness with them. I just can't bring myself to believe that they are evil. As an apostle of God, I mustn't think that, but..."
  459. At some point, she had stopped asking mentally and begun speaking with her voice.
  461. Hee hee. And why is it so wrong for you to think so?
  463. "...Because... I'm God's..."
  465. Because you're God's apostle? An apostle of God mustn't think about good and evil? Is it your duty to leave all those decisions to God?
  467. There were both ridicule and pity in that voice. Sasha wanted to retort, but she had no reply. Even though her failure to reply would mean that all her pride had been for nothing, she couldn't do it.
  469. Let me guide you... I'll show you how to put a smile on every face, and, most of all... how you can become happy yourself...
  471. "...I can do that?"
  473. You've been denying yourself all along, haven't you? You've just been ignoring it and letting it build up all this time. I feel sorry for you.
  475. "...What?"
  477. What could she mean?
  479. It was your words that called me, you know?
  481. "My... words...?"
  483. What could it be? What had she said?
  485. Suddenly, Sasha realized that the character of the heat filling her body had changed.
  487. "Haa... haa... ah..."
  489. Until a moment before it had unmistakably been a high fever caused by illness. Her joints had groaned, and her whole body had been overrun by listless discomfort. But now something was different. Her body was still hot, but the heat was no longer unpleasant. On the contrary, it felt like every cell in her body was revitalizing and radiating heat. It was a sensation she had been avoiding and denying since she gave herself to God.
  491. "Haa... ah..."
  493. The female organ buried deep inside her abdomen, a part of her she usually tried not to be conscious of, was throbbing like it had become a second heart. The tips of her breasts stood so stiff and sensitive that rubbing against her clothes was enough to make them tingle.
  495. "N, no... Not... like this...!"
  497. Sasha let out long, hot sighs as she writhed, making the bed creak.
  499. Hee hee... I was right. Just look how pent up you were♪
  501. "Such a... cowardly...!"
  503. Oh? And what's so cowardly about it?
  505. "U, using magic to make a human's body...!"
  507. I didn't exactly force you; I just woke you up.
  509. "Woke me... up...?"
  511. To all the things you've always pretended not to see, all the things you pretended weren't there even though they really were, all the things you kept ignoring in God's name...
  513. "Wha... What...?"
  515. Sasha wracked her brains for a way out of her predicament, but her thoughts refused to fall into line. The ache assaulting her entire body, which seemed to be boiling hot, was obstructing her thoughts.
  517. "Aah... Ah... El... Elt...!"
  519. The word emerged half-unconsciously. It was the name of the one person Sasha, who refused to rely on anyone, would turn to for help. And the moment she uttered it...
  521. Ba-dump.
  523. A great pulsation ran through her, almost as if her whole body had become one gigantic heart. As it did so, Elt's face flashed across her brain.
  525. "Ah... El... El..."
  527. Ba-dump.
  529. Each time she spoke his name, a palpitation resounded through her body, centering on her loins.
  531. "Nnh... Elt..."
  533. Ba-dump.
  535. The heat was changing into pleasure with each palpitation.
  537. "Elllt..."
  539. Sasha had begun with desperate cries for help, but before she knew it a coquettish note had entered her voice, and her features began to droop with pleasure.
  541. "...No! No, no!"
  543. But then Sasha let out a scream and hugged herself with all her might, curling into a ball like a fetus.
  545. "Not like this...! I don't want this...!"
  547. She desperately clung to her own body, trying to drive out the lascivious sensations that had begun to fill it.
  549. Hee hee... I know what you're thinking...
  551. "I... I'll never do... anything to betray the Lord...!"
  553. You've certainly gotten good at deceiving yourself... Come now, you don't really believe in the Chief God anymore, do you?
  555. "That... That's not...!"
  557. Oh really? Is that so? Come, try asking your heart who you really believe in. Who can you trust completely? Who do you want to give yourself to completely?
  559. Sasha bit her lip and continued to shake her head. She sensed that something would happen if she didn't. She struggled desperately to erase the image of Elt's face that flashed across her mind each time she was questioned.
  561. "I... I..."
  563. Who do you really love?
  565. Sasha felt that it was not just her body melting; the Fallen God's voice was penetrating even her mind and eating away at it. She mustn't let it happen. At this rate, the feelings she had been suppressing would...
  567. Yes, you have been suppressing them, haven't you?
  569. "..."
  571. Don't keep them locked away... Show your desires, your hopes... Set them free.
  573. Without warning, Sasha experienced an intense pressure and overwhelming pleasure at the same time. When she looked down, she saw her own hands grasping her breasts through her clothes. She hurriedly tried to release her grip, but her hands refused to obey, as if they had separated from her will. The hands squeezed her breasts tight, causing them to deform obscenely.
  575. Sasha moaned with shock and pleasure, making the bed creak as she writhed. Both her hands refused to leave her chest. On the contrary, they slipped inside her clothes and began to touch her teats directly.
  577. "Aaahhn."
  579. Her left hand twisted her nipple, while her right glided down to her loins.
  581. "Stop...! Not there! Not..."
  583. Her right hand ignored its owner's pleas and inserted itself into her underclothes.
  585. Squish.
  587. "Aaaaahhh..."
  589. Sasha realized that was so dripping wet down there that her underclothes had ceased to serve their purpose. She didn't even have time to feel shame as two fingers of her right hand together began relentlessly rubbing the source of that wetness.
  591. Shlick, shlick, shlick.
  593. "Aaahh..."
  595. Sasha's moans, the creaking of the bed, and small, wet sounds continued to fill the room.
  597. "Stop...! Stop...! Not like this...!"
  599. Hee hee... I'm not controlling you or anything, you know? You see, your body is taking revenge on you.
  601. "Re... revenge...?"
  603. Your body's been yearning for it for so long... It's been begging you for it...
  605. "Hyaah..."
  607. Her right hand, which had been playing with her genitals inside her underclothes, now split them open with two spread fingers.
  609. It's ripened longing to welcome him in...
  611. Her middle finger caressed her newly-exposed virgin soil, smearing it with a coating of her love juices.
  613. It's grown so sensitive longing to feel him...
  615. Her middle finger strummed her stiffened clitoris. Having imparted vivid pleasure, the hand, now soaked with her love juices, returned to her upper body.
  617. It's borne fruit longing for him to harvest it...
  619. Both her hands squeezed her ample teats as if trying to milk them.
  621. But you've gone on betraying you body for your mind, haven't you?
  623. "You're wrong... Wrong, wrong, wrong...!"
  625. Sasha continued to writhe, no longer even sure what it was she was denying.
  627. Hee hee... Aright then, if you won't admit it, you can just stay like that foreeever.
  629. "No...!"
  631. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  633. How long had it been? In reality probably only a few hours had passed, but to Sasha it seemed an eternity. Sasha's body had continued to writhe the whole time, giving off obscene, wet sounds. No matter how Sasha tried to appease the heat and ache that filled her body, she continued to rape herself. No matter how she tried to soothe it, the ache only continued to build.
  635. "Save... me..." Sasha mumbled.
  637. Who?
  639. The voice of the Fallen God, which had kept silent for what seemed like ages, resounded in her head.
  641. Who do you want to save you?
  643. "...Who...?"
  645. Who would come save her from this ache, from this heat, from this misery... save her from loneliness, from sadness, from helplessness...
  647. You know, don't you?
  649. Whether she had read Sasha's mind or merely guessed, the Fallen God sounded as if she knew everything. No, she probably didn't need to read or guess. The conclusion was all too obvious. There was only one person who could save Sasha's hot, aching body and her frozen heart.
  651. "Elt..." Sasha murmured as tears fell in large drops from her bleary eyes.
  653. "Save me... Save me, Elt!"
  655. It was the cry of her heart.
  657. Elt...? And why do you want him?
  659. "Help... Help...! O please! Please, I beg of you... Eeeeelt!"
  661. What are you going to ask him for?
  663. "To... set me... freeee!"
  665. Just as Sasha made her declaration, her right hand twisted her little nub and, twitching, she raised her hips so high they left the bed. For a moment, Sasha's body formed an arch. Then she collapsed limply onto the bed after an interval of a few seconds. As she lay there twitching, Sasha thought, No, this isn't it. What I'm looking for isn't something like this...
  667. That's right... Don't repress it. Don't deny yourself what you want. That's the path to happiness.
  669. "...What I, want... Happiness..."
  671. Yes, that will be your new guiding light. You'll cast off your false mask and preach it to everyone. Then you'll guide them all to true happiness.
  673. A black shadow, like darkness made solid, seemed to ooze out from behind the dazed Sasha — from the gap between Sasha, who was lying face up, and the bed, to be precise — and began to slowly, soundlessly creep up Sasha's body.
  675. And then you'll obtain your true desire...
  677. At length the black shadow began to envelop Sasha's whole body, like clothes worn out of shape. Sasha felt warm mana circulating through her body. She no longer made any movement to resist. The very thought did not occur to her. After all, it was true. She knew now what she had really wanted, and what she needed to do...
  679. At last, the shadow that blackly swathed her body began to vanish, running off her like a liquid.
  681. Now, I'll ask you again: What do you love most?
  683. Sasha raised her body, got out of bed and stood upright on the floor. She was so steady on her feet that it was hard to imagine she had been tossing and turning with a high fever until moments before. Her appearance was far from what it had been.
  685. Sasha was clad in strange garments. They resembled the pure white priest's garb she habitually wore, but dyed jet black. They were adorned with sinister red jewels and chains in some places, and open at her bust as if to display its fullness. The very fact that the form of her former vestments remained in places gave rise to a sort of blasphemous beauty, like a sacred thing defiled.
  687. It wasn't only her clothes that had changed. Her ears now had an elongated shape reminiscent of an elf's, and wings, black as night, sprouted from her hips. From the base of those wings grew a tail with a heart-shaped tip — the mark of a succubus. The chain twined around the tail set her apart from ordinary succubi. But the most noticeable change, when one saw her face-to-face, was probably her eyes. Sasha's eyes, which had been a clear blue like the sea or sky, had turned wine red, and gave off a sinister radiance.
  689. There was a smile on her face. It was not her old, warm smile which made one think of sunlight filtering through trees. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyelids drowsily lowered, and her whole expression conveyed a suggestive and lascivious impression.
  691. Sasha let out a contented sigh, then gently wet her lips with her tongue. Even in that one little gesture, she irresistibly invited men's lust.
  693. "The one... I love most is..."
  695. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  697. Lisia and Emiyu stood outside Sasha's room. A shade of worry clouded both their faces.
  699. "She wasn't anywhere... She really hasn't left her room."
  701. "...She might have... caught... a cold."
  703. "...Big Sis must've been tired."
  705. Lisia reservedly knocked on the door and called out:
  707. "Big Sis? Are you alright?"
  709. "..."
  711. "..."
  713. There was no answer. The pair became still more uneasy. Perhaps Sasha lay collapsed inside the room.
  715. "Big Sis? We're coming in!"
  717. Lisia felt impelled to turn the knob and push open the door. When she peered into the room, for a moment she couldn't comprehend what she saw.
  719. Fluttering black feathers were dancing in the simply-built room, and among them stood a lone woman. She was in Sasha's room, so she must be Sasha. But she didn't look like Sasha to Lisia. True, she had Sasha's face, but the clothes that wrapped her body were just too different. The woman wore a strange black costume that gave off a sinister impression — the polar opposite of Sasha's former garb, which had been mainly of a white that gave an impression of clean beauty.
  721. Her deep blue eyes had turned wine red. Her face, which never ceased its kind smile, was drooping as if intoxicated. She had certainly never made a face like that before... at least never where Lisia could see.
  723. Sasha slowly turned her face towards Lisia. Lisia instinctively took a step back.
  725. "...What's... wrong...?"
  727. Emiyu, who was standing in Lisia's shadow and could not see into the room, called out curiously.
  729. Lisia was petrified. Her instincts were sounding a warning bell, screaming at her to run away from here, to run away from the queer atmosphere she sensed from the woman in the room. But even if she really was completely changed, that woman was definitely still Sasha.
  731. "Lisia..."
  733. Sasha called Lisia's name, still grinning loosely. That made Lisia realize that the woman really was Sasha.
  735. Emiyu, who had stuck her head in beside Lisia, caught sight of Sasha too, and fell silent.
  737. "Emiyu..."
  739. Sasha called both their names and spread her arms, as if to say, "Come here."
  741. At that, Lisia and Emiyu unconsciously took a step forward. Both of them knew deep down that it was something they must not do, that it was dangerous. But turning their backs on Sasha and running away had ceased to be an option the moment she spread her arms.
  743. Sasha gently embraced the timidly approaching pair. Her black plumes covered the girls as if to envelop them. They were afraid of those wings for a moment, but once they were wrapped in Sasha's warmth and scent, the same as they had always been, they soon relaxed.
  745. "B, Big Sis... What... happened? I mean, umm..."
  747. Lisia looked bewildered, unsure what to say. Sasha interrupted her.
  749. "I'm sorry."
  751. "Wh, why are you apologizing?"
  753. The pair looked confused.
  755. "Because I've only ever taught you to deny yourselves..."
  757. "...That's... not..."
  759. "You don't have to."
  761. "Huh...?"
  763. The girls stared at each other. There was something bewitching about Sasha's expression... but it really did make them feel the same warmth as before.
  765. "You don't have to deny yourselves... what you really want."
  767. "Wh, what we want...?"
  769. Sasha squeezed the bewildered pair back to her bosom. Wrapped in a pleasant smell and hugged to ample cleavage, they became entranced.
  771. The girls had no way of knowing, but even as they stood enraptured, a huge amount of mana was pouring into their bodies through the jet black wings and arms that wrapped them.
  773. The mana began to exert an influence on their thoughts. The chastity, common sense and ethics they had been taught at the church were bit by bit growing vaguer in their minds. But even so, there was something that snagged in their reason. Because what they both really wanted was...
  775. "No... We can't... Big Sis... I mean, what we really want is..."
  777. "..."
  779. The two looked sad. In spite of that, Sasha's smile did not falter.
  781. "I know... I was sure... that you feel the same as I do."
  783. "But Big Sis, that means..."
  785. "...The same...? You mean..."
  787. "There's no need to let common sense tie you down... Let's... let's all be happy together..."
  789. "...All... together..."
  791. The girls understood what Sasha was saying. Before, they would have found it difficult to accept. But due to the mana that was beginning to permeate their bodies, their sense of ethics was being rapidly overwritten. Their budding monster instincts whispered that Sasha's way was the only way everyone could be happy.
  793. "Now... More... I'll give you bodies that can be even happier...♪"
  795. So saying, Sasha flashed a dissipated smile as her fingers gently crept to the girls' lips. That alone sent thrills of pleasure like they had never experienced before down their spines.
  797. "Oo...? Aah... Big Sis?"
  799. "Wh, what are you doing?"
  801. "There's nothing to fear... You're being reborn into bodies that can get him to love you much, much more."
  803. Bodies that could make Elt love them... When the girls heard those words, what little reason they had left melted out of their heads.
  805. "Yeah... I want to be..."
  807. "I want to get... big brother to love me..."
  809. Sasha heard the pair's words, and her smile deepened. She wrapped them both up in her jet black wings and mana.
  811. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  813. Elt, drifting in and out of a light sleep, cracked open his eyes. His vision swam for a moment, and then his eyes snapped wide open. He raised himself from the bed in the room set aside for his use and stretched his arms, his face now free of sleepiness.
  815. ...What is it? Something's not right...
  817. Elt had no magical aptitude, and thus could not sense mana, but a strange turbulence in the atmosphere of the church tugged at the sixth sense instilled in Elt by his training as a warrior.
  819. Elt opened the window and peered outside. The lights of houses dotting the night looked no different from the usual scenery visible from the second story window. But when he listened closely, he could hear rushing footsteps and what sounded like screams, as well as breaking sounds and other signs of turmoil. It was clearly no ordinary, quiet night.
  821. Suddenly, he caught sight of several men dashing along the street. They were running desperately while shouting to each other, as if they were trying to escape something. Then, the things chasing them came into view.
  823. Those are...!
  825. The things pursuing the men, moving at nearly double their speed, were women. But clearly not human women. Going by their bestial paws and the animal ears sprouting from the tops of their heads, they appeared to be werewolves.
  827. Monsters!? How did they get here!?
  829. As Elt looked on in shock, the gang of werewolves rapidly overtook the men and pinned them down one by one. And like that, the group became just another part of the screams — cries of pleasure — rising from the town.
  831. "Damn!"
  833. Elt leapt to the closet and quickly donned the arms of a church soldier. Then, sword in hand, he rushed out of the room. Whatever else happened, he had to evacuate the orphans, and then report to Sasha...
  835. Elt went over his plan of action in his head as he ran through the corridors. He reached the door of the big room where the orphans slept, but instinctively froze with his hand on the knob.
  837. "Aaahh..."
  839. "Oooahh..."
  841. He could hear high-pitched cries from inside the room. Try as he might, he could not hear those cries as anything but...
  843. No!
  845. His face contorted in despair, Elt flung open the door.
  847. "...What... the hell..."
  849. Elt stood stock still, at a loss for words.
  851. Rows of three-tiered bunk beds were arranged along either side of the orphans' room, and a curtain formed a partition down the center aisle. Seen from the entrance, the girls' beds were on the right, and the boys' beds on the left. Properly speaking, boys and girls were supposed to sleep in separate rooms, but the church had no space to spare.
  853. When Elt stepped into the room, he found the center curtain in tatters, and no one in the silent girls' bunks to his right. In contrast, he could hear a ceaseless din from the boys' beds to his left.
  855. Creak, creak, creak, creeeak.
  857. First to reach his ears was the groaning of the beds. There was clearly more than one person's worth of squirming going on under the blankets in the first, second, and third bunks of the boys' beds. When he listened more carefully, he voices and wet sounds mixed in with the creaking...
  859. "Aaah... Cynthia... quit it..."
  861. "Tee hee hee... I love you...♪"
  863. "Eep! D... don't suck so..."
  865. "C...! Cumminggg..."
  867. "Cum... Cum...♪"
  869. "Noel... Wh... why are you...?"
  871. "Haahh... haahh... haahh... aahn..."
  873. The cries of the sex-crazed orphans flooded into Elt's ears whether he liked it or not. He gritted his teeth, put his hand on the hilt of his sword... and then froze. What was he planning to do once he'd drawn his sword? Was he going to cut down the whole room full of orphans one after another...?
  875. "Damn it..."
  877. Elt stood there, still as a statue, with his hand clenched on his sword hilt.
  879. "Damn it... Damn it!"
  881. As Elt continued to stand there, at a loss what to do with his frustration at his own powerlessness, a familiar voice reached his ears.
  883. "...Bi... Bro..."
  885. Elt spun around as if he had been prodded, and focused his whole mind on his sense of hearing.
  887. "...El... Brother...!"
  889. As soon as his ears caught the voice again, Elt was raced out of the room. He was sure of it; that voice belonged to...
  891. The voice seemed to be coming from the direction of the dining room. Elt practically flew through the hallways. When he reached the door of the dining room, he put his ear to it and listened for any sound inside before he put his hand to the knob.
  893. As far as Elt could hear from outside the door, there was not a sound in the room, let alone a human voice. He gently inched the door open so as not to make a noise, and stepped inside.
  895. A long table and many small chairs were arranged in the wide dining room. As he has heard from outside, the room was deserted, and the only sounds in the hall were echoes of the tumult outside. Elt could hardly believe it was the same place where he had shared a peaceful meal with the orphans earlier in the day. The thought lead Elt to recall the terrible scene he had just witnessed in the orphans' room, and he shook his head to clear it.
  897. Elt cautiously passed through the dining room, paying careful attention to the shadows beneath the table and chairs, and arrived at the kitchen. He called out in a low voice:
  899. "Lisia... are you there...? ...It's me."
  901. At once, the cupboard at Elt's side quietly opened.
  903. "Big Bro...?"
  905. Lisia and Emiyu were hiding inside, huddled together. Apparently they had noticed that something was out of the ordinary, removed the utensils and secreted themselves inside.
  907. "Big Bro!"
  909. As soon as they recognized Elt, the pair came leaping out of the cupboard. Elt hugged the girls with all his might.
  911. "Aah... Uh, Big Bro...?"
  913. "Mmm... El...?"
  915. "I'm so glad... I'm so glad you're okay...!"
  917. On the verge of tears, Elt hugged the pair tight. There was still something he could do. At the very least, it wasn't too late for these two... He determined in his heart that, whatever happened, he would at least save these girls.
  919. At the same time, the pair being embraced had wrapped their hands around Elt's back and were hugging him back. Their whole bodies were flushed, and their expressions were rapt...
  921. "Come on. This place is dangerous. I'll take you somewhere safe, so follow me."
  923. Elt released the girls from his embrace and began to issuing orders. The girls, however, remained standing with vacant looks on their flushed faces.
  925. "Lisia? Emiyu? What's wrong, are you hurt somewhere, or something?"
  927. "...Huh? Oh... No, I, I'm fine..."
  929. "Mmm..."
  931. The pair looked feverish, but given the circumstances there was no time to nurse them.
  933. "Sorry, you two. It might be tough, but try your best and we'll find a safe place soon."
  935. Elt wracked his brains as he spoke. If these conditions were breaking out across the city, he could not honestly hope for any place to be safe. Who could he turn to, then...? He didn't even have to think about it.
  937. "Of course! Do you know where Sasha is?"
  939. Sasha was in charge of the church, and she was also a hero more powerful than a mere soldier like Elt could ever hope to be.
  941. "Y, yeah, she was in the praying place..."
  943. "The chapel, huh... Alright, we'll head there. Both of keep close to me."
  945. Elt led the pair out of the dining hall, keeping a careful watch on his surroundings.
  947. "Haa... haa..."
  949. "Ngh... Come on..."
  951. The girls really seemed to be in bad shape. Emiyu was unsteady on her feet, and Lisia was supporting her. Elt honestly wanted to carry at least one of them on his back, but if he did he would not be able to respond to sudden danger as quickly. He pushed his regrets aside and hurried ahead.
  953. Drip. Drip.
  955. Elt, in the lead, failed to notice the hot, infatuated gazes the girls turned on his back, or the obscene fluids overflowing down their thighs.
  957. "Ooo... El... Elll..."
  959. "Keep it up... a little longer... Just a little longer...♪"
  961. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  963. Standing before the door of the chapel, Elt felt a chill he could not explain. The chapel of this church was not a large one. To say that it nevertheless conveyed God's majesty... would be an exaggeration, but he always felt something dignified in the atmosphere of the place. Now, however, he seemed to sense a strange air of menace from the chapel in front of him. Like a presence that did not belong...
  965. "Big Bro...?"
  967. Lisia called out from behind Elt, who had come to a standstill before the entrance.
  969. "...No, it's nothing. Everything's fine. Sasha is in here?"
  971. Lisia, her cheeks still flushed, nodded.
  973. There was no time to hesitate. The strange sense of unease he was feeling now worried him, but it was more important that he meet up with Sasha as soon as possible. Elt pushed on the ornate door, and it opened with a loud creak. It could have been his imagination, but he felt as if even the sound the door made was different from usual.
  975. Silence returned to the deserted chapel. No, not deserted.
  977. There was a lone woman kneeling in prayer at the foot of the altar in the center. The beautiful sky-blue hair that stretched to her hips told Elt that it was Sasha.
  979. "Sasha! Sa..."
  981. Elt began to rush over to her, but his feet instinctively halted midway. Something was off. What could it be? Elt carefully surveyed the chapel's interior, trying to find the source of his unease. Suddenly, he noticed it.
  983. Gone. It was gone. The "cross" that should have been hanging on the wall above the altar was gone.
  985. Sasha could not possibly have failed to notice something so important. And yet there she was, kneeling in prayer before the "cross"-less altar.
  987. "...Sasha?"
  989. Elt slowly edged backward with his hand on his sword hilt. His body was reacting calmly, but inside his head a storm was brewing. He couldn't believe it. He didn't want to acknowledge it.
  991. "Elt... I've been waiting for you."
  993. Sasha rose to her feet, and turned around.
  995. The instant Elt saw her face, the last faint hope he had been harboring was crushed.
  997. The smile hovering on her lips, the moist, enraptured eyes... It was wrong. The Sasha Elt knew would never make that face. It was like... like...
  999. Sasha's tongue darted over her lips. That gesture alone was enough to send a shudder down Elt's spine, and to make his penis throb.
  1001. Elt was confused by the response of his own body. He couldn't say that he had never considered Sasha as an object of sexual desire before; it would have been more unnatural had he not felt attracted to a woman close to his own age with a face that would turn any head and a womanly figure. But even so, to Elt Sasha was an elder sister, a hero to be respected, sometimes even something like a mother.
  1003. "I've been waiting for you... for a long, long time..."
  1005. Sasha began to saunter leisurely towards Elt. Elt retreated.
  1007. Then, he noticed something, like a black mist, billowing up from Sasha's feet.
  1009. "I've been denying myself... for ever so long..."
  1011. Starting at Sasha's feet, her pure white priest's garb was turning jet black, as if being dyed in the black mist... No, it was not just the color that was changing — their whole design was being remade as Elt watched.
  1013. "Elt, I've been waiting..."
  1015. As if rejoicing in herself being stained black, as if beckoning Elt to an embrace, Sasha spread her arms. The mist was spreading along them too, suffusing them completely.
  1017. "to be united with you...♪"
  1019. The sound of clinking metal echoed in the little room as her chain-wrapped tail materialized, swaying happily, and her joy-bleared eyes changed color from sky blue to wine red.
  1021. She wasn't Sasha anymore. Not the Sasha Elt knew.
  1023. Elt fought desperately with his own heart, unwilling to face facts, and tried to think. The gap in power between himself and Sasha was far too vast. His chances of fighting her and winning were not even one in ten thousand. That being the case, he ought to...
  1025. "Lisia! Emiyu! Run! Run a–!"
  1027. Doooom.
  1029. The noise of the door being slammed shut filled the room, as if to cut off Elt's words. For a moment, he was relieved. Good, he thought, they were able to get away. As Elt turned around, however, his head went blank.
  1031. It was indeed the two girls who had shut the door, but it was not because they had escaped. They were still inside... Then, he saw black mist billowing up from their feet as well.
  1033. "You mustn't run away...♪"
  1035. "El...♪"
  1037. At once, the mist enveloped the pair, staining them jet black from head to toe. The blue clothes, suggestive of cleanliness and purity, seemed to melt away, and morphed into black dresses seemingly based on priest's garb, just like Sasha wore. They were designed to expose the girls' pure white bellies, and decorated here and there with chain-themed accessories. Those costumes, made to emphasize the young pair's immature sex, were in a sense even more obscene than Sasha's.
  1039. Of course, the change did not confine itself to costume. Curved horns, like those of a goat, emerged from the tops of the girls' heads, and black wings appeared on their hips. Then chain-wrapped tails, matching Sasha's, swayed into being with the clear sound of jingling metal.
  1041. The pair moved away from the door, their now-wine-red eyes growing moist, and began to walk towards Elt.
  1043. Elt gripped the hilt of his sword and drew it with a trembling hand. The familiar feeling of the sword in his hand usually cooled Elt's head, but this time the effect was weak.
  1045. The three were closing in on Elt at a leisurely pace, smiling all the while. Elt kept pace with them as he slowly retreated, sword at the ready, until he ended up with his back to the wall of the church. There was nowhere left for him to run.
  1047. "Sasha, please...! This isn't you!"
  1049. Elt appealed to Sasha, even as he pointed his sword at her and the girls with trembling hands.
  1051. Even with a sword pointed at her, neither Sasha's smile nor her pace ever faltered. She drew nearer to Elt one step at a time. The girls, approaching him from the other direction, were the same. At last, Sasha was so close that the point of the sword was almost touching her throat.
  1053. Sasha did not stop walking. The sword tip passed by her head, and the blade ended up a hair's breadth from her neck. The light reflecting off the blade illuminated Sasha's throat.
  1055. Elt's duty as a soldier of the Order was horribly simple. Just pull back his blade. He never missed a day of maintenance on his sword, and its edge would easily cleave Sasha's neck, removing a massive threat to the Order.
  1057. "...Please."
  1059. His hands shook on the sword hilt. The reflected light flickered across Sasha's smile, as if to reflect Elt's wavering heart.
  1061. "Big... Sister..."
  1063. Elt called to Sasha the way he had in the old days. His face was no longer that of a soldier. It was the face of a child on the verge of tears. The face he had had when he still called her "sister."
  1065. The sword hilt slipped from his hands.
  1067. Clang. The sound echoed through the chapel like a signal. Elt's hands lowered.
  1069. It was obvious. Obvious to Sasha, and to Lisia, and to Emiyu, and even to Elt himself. No matter what sort of predicament he ended up in, Elt could never raise a hand against the three of them.
  1071. Sasha gently embraced Elt, enveloping him with her arms and with her black wings. He felt as if something was being sucked out of him through the surface where their bodies touched. Strength was leaving his body.
  1073. Emiyu, who reached Elt a moment later, clung tight to his right side. Before hugging Elt, Lisia stopped to pick up his sword, which had fallen at his feet. She gave a grunt of exertion, and hurled it across the room. Without even turning to look at the sword, clattering on the floor, she clung to the opposite side of Elt from Emiyu.
  1075. "Hee hee hee..."
  1077. "Aha...♪"
  1079. "Tee hee hee..."
  1081. Hugged tight by the three succubi, Elt ended up feeling so good that he worried his legs might give out under him. His body was engulfed in the sensation of a motherly embrace, gentle and accepting, and of childish hugs, clinging and adorable, and in an indescribably pleasant scent.
  1083. The three were carrying Elt to the altar, still clinging to him like glue. Elt, now stripped of even the will to resist, merely accepted what was done to him. When they reached the altar, Sasha ran her fingers lovingly over Elt's cheek once more.
  1085. "Ah... I actually always wanted to do this... I wanted to do this with you, Elt..."
  1087. "Sis..."
  1089. Elt's eyes projected resignation and surprise. He despaired at his powerlessness to affect the situation, and at the same time he was shocked by Sasha's confession. Seeing Elt in that state, Sasha chuckled.
  1091. "Was that a surprise? ...Hee hee. I suppose it would be to you. I mean, you are dense about some things..."
  1093. "Th, that's not–"
  1095. Even in his confusion, Elt felt uneasy at being carried to the altar like an offering.
  1097. "What are you planning to do to me...?"
  1099. "Oh, don't worry... we're only going to pray."
  1101. "Pray...?"
  1103. But what could she pray to in a church without God? Sasha noticed the doubt in Elt's eyes, and smiled.
  1105. "I am a servant of God. That hasn't changed... although the god I serve has."
  1107. "Y, you've changed... gods?"
  1109. Sasha brought her mouth to Elt's ear, and whispered:
  1111. "To the Fallen God♪"
  1113. Elt was shocked. The Fallen God. The heathen deity who stood in opposition to the Chief God and her virtues of purity and abstinence. The god whose teachings centered on the liberation of sex and lust. He could not believe it. Tales of priests and nuns who had been seduced by the Fallen God and fallen onto the path of corruption occasionally reached his ears, but of all people why Sasha, who was more faithful and devoted to the Chief God than anyone?
  1115. "Because I love you."
  1117. "What...?"
  1119. "I did it because I love you."
  1121. Sasha answered almost as if she had read Elt's unspoken thoughts. Her eyes looked different from a moment before. They contained a sincere light, almost like an appeal to God. Peering into the dumbfounded Elt's eyes, Sasha continued.
  1123. "I want to be at your side more than I want to serve the Chief God... No, more than I want to serve the Fallen God, or any other god."
  1125. Eyes that had once shone with an earnest radiance clouded over with lust, although they still retained their sincerity.
  1127. "I want to make love to you... I want to ha–" Here Sasha stumbled over her words, and went red to her ears. "have intercourse with you."
  1129. She sounded a bit shy. It seemed that, even now that she had become a monster, Sasha felt embarrassed to use the unaccustomed words. The look on her face made Elt's heart, sunk in despair, come surging back.
  1131. "W, we can't... We mustn't do... that..."
  1133. Elt blushed and averted his eyes. He was no longer responding to a "monster," but to his "older sister."
  1135. Suddenly, the two girls clinging to Elt's sides puffed up their cheeks and joined in.
  1137. "Me too, Big Bro! I love you too!"
  1139. "S, so do I."
  1141. The pair asserted, all the while pressing against him with their exposed bellies. Elt was bewildered by his own response to the girls' soft touch. He had thought them cute, but he had never harbored that sort of feelings for the pair. He wasn't even into that sort of thing.
  1143. But a monster's devilish charm was a thing to be feared. It could exercise an influence even over those who were not normally attracted to such things and lead them astray.
  1145. "L, let go of me, you two!"
  1147. Elt's inner conflict showed on his face, and both the girls were delighted to see it. Their whole-hearted appeal was shaking Elt's resolve. If they had not been monsters, they could likely never have done it.
  1149. "Hee hee... It looks like our feelings got through to you. Well then, let us pray."
  1151. "By, by 'pray,' you mean...?"
  1153. Even as he spoke, Elt was being bent over the altar. Sasha was riding on his hips, Lisia on his right arm, and Emiyu on his left. Pinned down in the shape of a cross by the trio's body weight, Elt began to look really anxious.
  1155. The tree looked down on Elt's distress, then clasped their hands as if in prayer. They closed their eyes, and chanted in unison.
  1157. "I, Sasha Folmoon,"
  1159. "I, Lisia,"
  1161. "I... Emiyu..."
  1163. "do swear"
  1165. "to serve you,"
  1167. "to partake of you,"
  1169. "to nestle close to you..."
  1171. "and to fall with you."
  1173. They practically sang the lines, which resembled marriage vows. The moment they finished, the three apostles of the Fallen God clutched at Elt, who could not hide his confusion.
  1175. "Mmmh♪"
  1177. "Mph!?"
  1179. "Ah!"
  1181. "Ooo..."
  1183. It was Sasha, directly in front of Elt, who was first to snatch a kiss. She pushed the other two aside with a look of complete satisfaction, like a child reaching for a treat they have been denying themselves, and went straight for his lips. The girls, a moment too late and deprived of the pride of place, pouted for a moment, but promptly stuck their tongues into Elt's ears from both sides.
  1185. Elt writhed in an agony of pleasure. Sasha's tongue slipped into his mouth, seized his own tongue, and began a passionate dance. Sasha, having dedicated her chastity to God, was inexperienced, but with the instincts of a monster she sought out erogenous zones with pinpoint accuracy and dragged out every ounce of pleasure Elt's mouth was capable of feeling.
  1187. Not content to let Elt's attention be taken up entirely by the pleasure rampaging through his mouth, the two small tongues in his ears were stirring up waves of a pleasure he had never even realized was possible until now. Most of all, the dirty, wet sound of them was raping his sense of hearing at high volume.
  1189. He squirmed in pleasure, feeling almost as if the three tongues were slurping directly across the surface of his brain. The three bodies twined around him like chains of flesh prevented even that slight movement, which only intensified the sensation of their softness.
  1191. Sasha's mature body pressed close against his torso as she leaned across his, her ample swellings crushed against his chest, her belly weighing on his already engorged penis. Lisia and Emiyu, meanwhile, were grinding their young, damp slits on his palms and enjoying the pleasure it brought them.
  1193. "Ooooo... Big Bro... I love you...♪"
  1195. "El... Ngh♪"
  1197. Never ceasing to move their hips, the girls released Elt's ears from their caresses, and raised their sweet, young voices in stereo. Their cries of pleasure seemed to seep through Elt's ears, and into his brain.
  1199. Then, as if at a signal, they lowered their heads in unison to make their tongues crawl over Elt's cheeks. They lightly nibbled both sides of his neck, and Elt's body gave a jolt as a sweet electric current of pleasure flowed from those bites. Sasha watched the girls' skillful caresses with joy, and began to make her tongue dance inside Elt's mouth with an ever stronger passion.
  1201. Clink♪ Clink♪ Clink♪
  1203. Three black tails swayed happily above the altar. Their every movement filled the room with the noise of jingling chains.
  1205. Splash. Smach. Smooch.
  1207. Wet sounds, like those of a cat lapping milk, emanated from the center of the trio.
  1209. Elt was experiencing intense guilt and equally intense pleasure at the same time. He was in the place where the orphans always gathered to pray to the Chief God; the place where pure hymns echoed; the place where Sasha listened to the orphans' worries and penitence and guided them to the proper path; a place filled with an atmosphere so pure and clear that you might call it the only clean spot in the whole of this dirty slum. He was performing the most unforgivable act in that place said to be in the presence of God. And he was sinking into this obscenity with Sasha, a nun who was supposed to be an apostle of God, Sasha, who was supposed to save everyone as a hero, as well as with two believers of tender years.
  1211. He could not keep himself from halfhearted thoughts of damnation, but it was for that very reason that the act was accompanied by such intense pleasure. However pure one's nature might be, humans are creatures who cannot help taking pleasure in immoral acts.
  1213. The sensations and scents that reached Elt from the three succubi were already enough to push him to his limit. Sasha sensed that though the twitching of his penis against her belly, and finally released his mouth.
  1215. "Mmm...ah♪ Not just yet... You still have two more to exchange vows with♪"
  1217. "Haa... haa... Big sis–Ngh!?"
  1219. As Elt tried to catch his breath, Lisia latched on to him. She shifted her body from his arm to his torso and clung to him with both hands and both feet, as if to declare that there was no way she would yield this time.
  1221. "My goodness♪"
  1223. "Ooo... mph."
  1225. Sasha, who Lisia had pushed aside, flashed a smile at the girl's desperation. Emiyu went on licking Elt's cheek, tearing at the frustration of falling behind again.
  1227. Lisia squeezed her eyes tight and sucked on Elt's mouth with all her might until she drew out his tongue. Once she had drawn Elt's tongue into her own mouth, she began to caress it like she was licking a lollipop. Before long she shifted from licking to sucking again, almost as if to say that she wanted to drink up every last drop of Elt's saliva.
  1229. Lisia noisily released Elt's tongue, then promptly sucked it up again. She did that over and over again until his tongue seemed about to go numb. There was something in the whole-heartedness of the act that prompted Elt to thrust out his own tongue to help, invading Lisia's mouth. That movement of Elt's tongue brought a look of joy to Lisia's face.
  1231. "Mmm...♪ Big Bro... Happy... I'm so happy... I thought I'd never get a chance to do something like this..."
  1233. Lisia withdrew her lips and confessed her feelings. She looked happy from the bottom of her heart. Tears were forming in the corners of her eyes.
  1235. "I... I... It was so frustrating... Just because I was born too late, I couldn't fall in love with you... It wasn't allowed..."
  1237. "L, Lisia..."
  1239. "But I don't have to deny myself anymore♪ I mean, I've already fallen... I've fallen, so... it's okay to fall in love...♪"
  1241. Lisia was grinding her head against Elt's chest like a cat, her expression rapt.
  1243. Elt couldn't believe it. He has known she adored him, but he could never have imagined that there was anything sexual about her feelings. On the contrary, he wondered if her thoughts had been poisoned by mana corrosion, and her feelings of familial love obscenely altered against her will as a result, so that she was now under the delusion that she had always loved Elt as a man.
  1245. "Lisia... Those feelings are–Ngh!?"
  1247. "Mmph♪"
  1249. Aiming for the moment when Lisia was distracted, Emiyu put a hand to Elt's cheek and stole a kiss.
  1251. "Hey! Urgh..."
  1253. Lisia was a bit miffed at having been muscled out, but once she had seen Emiyu's obvious joy, her look shifted to one of resignation. She settled for circling her hands around the back of Elt's neck and propping his head up so that he was easier to kiss.
  1255. Unlike the greedy kissing of the two who had preceded her, Emiyu showered little kisses on and around Elt's mouth like a bird pecking for feed. It felt more ticklish than outright pleasurable.
  1257. "E, Emiyu..."
  1259. "...I've fallen too, so... it's okay...♪ Lisia and I... can do anything... together...♪"
  1261. Emiyu smiled happily. Her expression was depraved, but there was no malice in it. She was simply glad that, now that she had fallen completely, everything was permitted. Age difference, falling in love with the same person, everything.
  1263. Both girls nuzzled up to Elt's chest with dreamy looks on their faces, as if savoring the dream they had believed would never come true, and which had been realized by their own corruption.
  1265. "Were they able to make you understand? To make you understand their feelings... my feelings...?"
  1267. Sasha wrapped her arms firmly around Elt from behind the pair, and whispered in his ear.
  1269. "No, that's wrong," Elt wanted to shout. But when he saw the trio's expressions, happier than he had ever seen them when they were still human, the words would not come out.
  1271. Elt had descended into a state of confusion, but the trio would not give him time to think. They anxious to draw him deeper into their corruption.
  1273. "Well then, time for the 'baptism'...♪"
  1275. The pair of faces nuzzling against Elt's cheeks shone at Sasha's words.
  1277. "B, baptism?"
  1279. Elt sensed something improper in the word. Sasha flashed him a smile, and let her supple hand creep smoothly down to his groin.
  1281. Elt immediately tried to squeeze his legs together, but the girls had grabbed hold of them without his noticing and refused to let him close them. Under normal conditions, their strength would not be enough to restrain him, but it seemed that becoming monsters had enhanced that as well.
  1283. "Wh, what are you doing...?"
  1285. "A baptism, Elt. A baptism from you to us... You'll dye our sins the purest white♪"
  1287. Sasha spoke with a look of ecstasy. At the same time, she was skillfully stripping the captive Elt of his armor. Soon his armaments had all been removed, and the trio's breathing grew still heavier.
  1289. "Aah... Elt's scent...♪"
  1291. "He smells so good...♪"
  1293. "Haa... haa... haa..."
  1295. Lisia appeared to have reached the limits of her self control, and stretched out a hand to Elt's crotch. Sasha slapped the hand away.
  1297. "Here now, you mustn't rush. Elt isn't going anywhere. Now calm down and take your time♪"
  1299. "S, Sasha, you're grabbing... Oh!?"
  1301. Elt tried to object, when that wasn't Sasha seized his arms. When he looked up, he saw that black cords, like standing shadows, were twined around his arms. Sasha must have summoned them. They pulled Elt to the ground and held him there, spread eagle just as she stepped out from behind his back.
  1303. When Lisia and Emiyu saw that, looks of recognition, as if they had suddenly remembered something, flashed across their faces. They recited what sounded like an incantation under their breaths as they caressed Elt's legs, to which they still clung. A moment later shadows bound Elt's legs, as well as his arms. It seemed that the girls had acquired magical power when they became disciples of the Fallen God.
  1305. Elt, his arms and legs seized by shadows, was now stitched to the ground, spread eagle, like an offering. Sasha was now standing at his feet. She slipped in between the girls, and the three bent over Elt's crotch with matching slutty looks on their faces.
  1307. "Now...♪"
  1309. Sasha, who seemed to represent the trio, extended a hand to Elt's pants, and effortlessly exposed the incarnation of his lust to the open air. Elt looked away, unable to bear the shame.
  1311. But the shadows behind him seemed to sense his weakness. They swelled up and turned his face back, holding his head in place so that he was forced to look down at his body.
  1313. The scene they forced into his view was depraved in the extreme. His own penis thrust vigorously towards heaven. The faces of the two young former believers were approaching it from right and left, while that of the hero whom he had loved like a sister closed in from the front. And the eyes in each of their faces sparkled like the most sumptuous of feasts was laid out before them.
  1315. "N, n, now for the baptism..."
  1317. Sasha's voice quivered with an excess of arousal. As she spoke, the trio opened their mouths wide.
  1319. Two little mouths gaped like they were about to stuff their faces with a favorite sweet. The smallness of their teeth and tongues reminded Elt of their youth and increased his sense of immorality.
  1321. Then there was Sasha, holding her mouth open happily just like the girls on either side of her. Elt could not imagine the old Sasha making making such a vulgar face. The old Sasha had never forgotten modesty. Now her even, white teeth and her pink tongue, dripping with copious saliva, looked terribly obscene.
  1323. "Wh, what... are...?"
  1325. The trio ignored the bewildered Elt. Their mouths, now sexual organs, descended upon his penis at once.
  1327. "Umph."
  1329. "Ahmph."
  1331. "Mwoh."
  1333. "Aaahh...!?"
  1335. Lisia and Emiyu each held one of Elt's testicles in their gaping mouths, and Sasha fastened onto his glans. Elt was forced to experience the sensation of warm, wet flesh clinging to him in three places at once. He tensed his groin in a desperate attempt to stave off ejaculation.
  1337. The trio leisurely ran their tongues over Elt's genitals, savoring them like wine. Elt closed his eyes so as to cut off at least the visual stimulation, but when he did so the dull pleasure that welled up from his testes and the sharp pleasure imparted to his glans only seemed all the more vivid.
  1339. "Thee hee...♪"
  1341. All three enjoyed the look on Elt's face as the taste of supreme bliss mingled with his desperate resistance. They looked up at him with lascivious grins on their faces.
  1343. Squish, squish.
  1345. Soft cheeks sandwiched his penis between them.
  1347. "Big bro♪ Big bro♪ Big bro's cock♪"
  1349. "Elt♪ Elt♪ Elllt♪"
  1351. "Ooohh!?"
  1353. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. Slip.
  1355. Still looking up at Elt with dewy eyes, the girls rubbed their cheeks against his penis from both sides. The motion transmitted the springy softness of their cheeks to his shaft. In terms of actual physical pleasure, their caress to his testicles had been far stronger, but the sight of the girl's darling faces rubbing against his ugly cock intensely stimulated his sense of shame.
  1357. "Ah... Ah♪ There's so much! Elt's delicious — Mmm... That must feel good♪"
  1359. Elt's precum began to ooze out in spite of his efforts, and Sasha slurped it up with gusto. Elt could no longer even moan.
  1361. "Mmm... Tee hee hee... That was delicious. Come on now you two, it's your turn to taste."
  1363. When she had finished tasting Elt's precum, Sasha raised her head and gently pulled the girls' heads away from Elt's penis. Elt's breathing grew heavier as he saw what they were about to do. Sasha took advantage of the opportunity to raise her ample teats from the floor, flaunting the deep cleavage of her daringly open bust. Elt found his gaze irresistably drawn to them in spite of himself.
  1365. Squeeze.
  1367. Sasha caught Elt's penis in her cleavage, and pressed it in between her breasts. Enveloped in her gentle softness, Elt felt as if he was getting a taste of heaven.
  1369. "Amazing..."
  1371. "Wow..."
  1373. The girls gazed wide-eyed at an erotic technique that they could never hope to imitate.
  1375. "Ah, aaahh...!"
  1377. Sasha squeezed Elt's penis firmly between her teats, leaving only his glans poking out from her cleavage. More slimy, sticky fluid spilled from its tip.
  1379. "Well, help yourselves♪"
  1381. The girls eagerly kissed Sasha's cleavage as she held her breasts almost reverently in place.
  1383. "Slurrrp... Mmm."
  1385. "Ah, mph... Yummy...♪"
  1387. The look on Sasha's face was almost like that of a mother giving milk to her children. She jiggled her teats, causing more sticky pleasure fluid to overflow from Elt's penis for the pair.
  1389. "No... more...!"
  1391. Elt's self-control was not unlimited. With his lack of experience, the simultaneous caresses of three monsters were unendurable. He almost sobbed as he announced that he had reached his limit. If he came like this, he could not help fouling the trio with his cloudy whiteness. That, at least, he had to avoid. He tried to struggle against the restraining shadows, but they refused to budge. Elt could not escape the triple caress. And the situation he most wanted to avoid was precisely what Sasha and the girls desired.
  1393. Sasha heard Elt's protests and released him from her cleavage. Slowly and deliberately she ran her tongue around his tip. The girls resumed fondling Elt's testicles. They rolled their tongues over his balls. The pressure always stopped just short of pain, inflicting a gentle but merciless pleasure.
  1395. "Ah, mmm... Ah... It's twitching... It wants... to cum...♪"
  1397. "Ngh, mmm, mph♪"
  1399. Elt could feel the pair's ministrations forcing his body to produce still more semen. The excess was rapidly accumulating in the base of his shaft.
  1401. "Mph, mph... Ooo... pwah. You'll give it to me, won't you...? Come on, give it to me... Give me lots♪"
  1403. Sasha ostentatiously rubbed her tongue against the tip of his shaft, demanding ejaculation. Elt was stimulated by her touch, but even more by shame he felt seeing the look on Sasha's face as she sluttishly stuck out her tongue and ran it across his glans. She, for her part, seemed to sense his response, and flaunted her perversion like a denial of her former purity.
  1405. Elt's hips lifted. The trio's were upping the intensity of their caresses. Suddenly, their faces drew back from Elt's penis in unison. Their hands, however, continued to cling to it, intermittently stroking.
  1407. "No, Elt, give us...♪"
  1409. "Our baptism♪"
  1411. "Please...♪"
  1413. They arranged their three faces in a line before Elt's penis. Each of them continued to stroke it — Lisia the shaft, Emiyu the balls, and Sasha the head. They held their mouths open and waited, ready to catch every last drop of semen on their faces.
  1415. The trio's hands were driving Elt on, their technique backed by monster instinct. Sasha's finger pausing on his frenulum was the last straw. Elt's mind went blank with pleasure.
  1417. The first volley flew straight ahead, and landed clean on Sasha's face. Then little hands redirected the ongoing ejaculation, and milky jets heaped equal filth on the girls to either side of her. All three quivered and moaned with joy each time the white fluid, thick as jelly, spattered on their faces and in their mouths.
  1419. Elt experienced paralyzing pleasure at every spurt. The trio's hands never stopped moving even while he came. It was never-ending bliss.
  1421. "Ooo..."
  1423. Unquestionably the longest ejaculation of Elt's life finally came to an end. As he struggled to regain his senses, the faces of Sasha and the girls, coated in milky whiteness, were reflected in his eyes.
  1425. "Mmmaah... Thank you... very much...♪" Sasha gave rapt thanks for the shower of Elt's seed. Enveloped in its scent, she looked drunk on joy.
  1427. "Aah...♪" Lisia rubbed semen into her cheeks, grinning from ear to ear.
  1429. "...Ulp...♪" Emiyu slowly gulped down the semen that had found its way into her mouth. As soon as she tasted it, a look like she had just discovered a delicious new flavor spread across her face, and she began to lap up all the semen clinging to her. She soon exhausted her own portion and began stretching her tongue out to Lisia's cheek.
  1431. "Ah. Hey, quit it. This is mine."
  1433. Sasha gave the pair, who were now energetically stealing semen from each other, a sidelong glance as she calmly savored her own portion. Swallowing, she slid up next to Elt.
  1435. "Haa... haa... Sasha, e, enough..."
  1437. "Hee hee... I understand. This isn't nearly enough to satisfy you, is it?"
  1439. "N, not that... Any more... of this, and I'll...!"
  1441. "Oh really? But it looks like your body doesn't agree."
  1443. Even after that prolonged ejaculation, Elt's penis still towered erect and showed no sign of drooping. It's incredible vitality baffled even Elt himself. Sasha suddenly drew her face right up to his, and peered into his eyes.
  1445. "Give up, Elt. Please. You can't escape out love... We're going to make you accept all of it♪" she whispered, then lightly kissed his lips before getting to her feet. The girls had finished their squabble unnoticed, and were now standing at Sasha's side.
  1447. "After the baptism... come the marriage vows...♪" Sasha announced. At the same time, all three lifted their skirts to expose their lower bodies.
  1449. They wore no underclothes. Their bare sexes dwelt just beneath their revealing garments. Elt made an immediate effort to look away, but his gaze was drawn in against his will.
  1451. Sasha's genitals were lightly adorned with pubic hair the same shade as the hair on her head. Its appearance, mature and yet tightly closed, gave simultaneous impressions of licentiousness and chastity. Lisia's, meanwhile, were childlike and hairless. Her plump, puffy mons was lewdly shaped to emphasize her sex. Emiyu's sex was really visible only as a single line. It looked as though it might have difficulty accommodating a man. Each had her own distinctive features, but they were united by the fact that all three were so wet they were literally dripping.
  1453. "S, see? This is how much I want you... No, how much I've always wanted you," Sasha gently traced the lines of her own sex as she spoke. "Not just since I fell. From before that... long before... maybe even since the day I met you. I've always wanted you."
  1455. Sasha advanced, still holding up her skirt, to straddle the immobilized Elt.
  1457. "Sasha...! Please! Anything but that...!"
  1459. Elt struggled desperately, but the shadows binding his limbs refused to budge.
  1461. "Hee hee... It's no use. You can't get... mph... away♪" Sasha transferred the hem of her skirt from her hands to her mouth. She lowered one of her now free hands to Elt's penis and adjusted its angle. The other went to her own sex and spread it open. As she did so, she spread her legs into a vulgar "M" and began to slowly lower her hips. With her skirt lifted and her legs open, Elt had a clear view of Sasha's sex approaching his own.
  1463. "Ooo..."
  1465. "...Ulp."
  1467. Lisia and Emiyu drew up alongside Elt. They rubbed between their legs as they watched the scene unfold. Sasha's privates, bloodshot with arousal, and the tip of Elt's sex, disregarding his will and bent back to its limit, touched.
  1469. "Aah, ah..." Elt let out a little cry. He could feel the touch of her hot, wet mucous membrane on his glans. He could feel the membrane squirm as if to say, "I want it now."
  1471. "Oooaah..." Sasha let out an involuntary moan. The hem of her skirt fell from her mouth, concealing the point of union between the two of them.
  1473. Even though he could no longer see it, Elt could still feel more than enough to understand what was happening to his intimate parts. He knew his glans must now be forcing Sasha open, trying to make its way inside her. The scalding hot flesh engulfing the head of his penis squirmed as if it had a life of its own. Its touch alone was enough to send waves of intense pleasure running through him. He sensed that he would surely end up a slave to it if things went on like this. Then Sasha's hips stopped moving.
  1475. "Wha...?" Elt instinctively looked up at her in confusion.
  1477. "...You understand, don't you? ...Look, it's right here..." She gave her hips a little jerk as she spoke. Elt could feel a strong resistance on the tip of his penis.
  1479. "My purity... My virginity...♪"
  1481. His tip was pressing right up against her hymen. Sasha beamed. Elt flushed bright red and looked as if he was about to cry.
  1483. "Sasha... Big sis..."
  1485. "Hee hee♪" Sasha giggled. Then she clasped both hands behind her head, assuming a posture that emphasized her bust, and started moving her hips again, always stopping just short of breaking her hymen.
  1487. "Oooaah! Sashaaa!"
  1489. Keeping her hips slightly raised, Sasha swayed her lower body in a circle, lapping at Elt's tip with her sex. It was the technique of a practiced whore; one that ought to be anathema to a woman of the cloth.
  1491. "I'm giving it to you... understand? Aaahh...♪ As slutty... mmm...♪ as I can...♪"
  1493. Sasha smiled. She was swaying her ample bosom in time with her hips. She wasn't doing it calmly, either. The bright red flush from her neck to her ears showed the shame Sasha was feeling. But that shame only added to her arousal — she was practically blazing with passion.
  1495. Elt struggled desperately against the impulse to thrust his own hips upward. The shadows had been careful to leave only that part of him free; he could move it any time he wanted.
  1497. Sasha's hip-shaking dance stirred up shameful feelings that belied the impression of holiness that the phrase "give you my purity" conveyed. The direct pleasure of her wet vulva on his tip was so great that under normal circumstances he would have cum already. Elt gritted his teeth and tried to endure.
  1499. "Big bro... looks like he's enjoying it...♪"
  1501. "Hehe... He's trying to hold out...♪"
  1503. The girls stared lovingly at his strained expression. No sooner had the words left their mouths than they began to play-bite Elt's earlobes.
  1505. For just a moment, he was distracted. In that moment when Elt's mind was occupied with the girl's teasing, his animal instinct bypassed his reason and seized control of his body.
  1507. "Aaaooh...!?"
  1509. Elt's penis made short work of Sasha's virginity as it thrust upward without warning. Having torn through her hymen, it drove all the way to her deepest parts with undiminished force.
  1511. Sasha tried to cry out, but no sound emerged. Her eyes opened wide. Her entire body shivered as with ague. Her ample breasts swayed loosely, jolted by the vibration.
  1513. Elt, meanwhile, was being assaulted by pleasure so intense it made all he had felt so far seem like child's play. Sasha's vagina had begun to welcome him with wave-like contractions of its complex folds, which tightened as penetrated her. The clinging suction of her sex would drive even a seasoned veteran to ejaculation in an instant. The inexperienced Elt could not hope to withstand it.
  1515. "Aaaaahhh, ooooo, ahaaahnnn!" Sasha greeted every shot with moans that were almost screams.
  1517. It would not stop. The torrential ejaculation refused to end. There was no pause in the endless pleasure. The ongoing contractions of Sasha's vagina would not allow him to stop cumming. Elt continued to experience an orgasm so drawn-out it seemed endless, and Sasha continued to face him with an express so loose and dirty that she seemed to have discarded all dignity. She was giving him a good look at her as she continued to fall, wallowing in his essence.
  1519. "...I... I gave it... to you...♪ There's no going back now♪ Ooo♪ ...Whatever you do from now on, you can never erase the fact that I gave you my purity, milked out your essence, and came in front of you with a disgraceful look on my face...♪"
  1521. "D... don't say that...!" Elt flushed bright red, shaking his head in denial. It was difficult for him to deny his weak-minded failure to resist the pleasure in spite of his guilt, or that there was a part of him that found the situation arousing.
  1523. "Hehe... Are you embarrassed...? But there's still plenty more to come. We've got so many... even dirtier things left to do♪" Sasha murmured in Elt's ear. As she spoke, she was moving her hips so as to rub her slippery folds on his penis inside her, wringing out the last of Elt's semen.
  1525. "Tee hee hee..."
  1527. "Hehehe..."
  1529. The two young disciples of corruption, who had been watching Sasha's obscene deflowering with rapt attention, puffed out their chests in anticipation.
  1531. "...You can't...! Those two are still...!"
  1533. "Too young? Hee hee... Don't you know that the first rule of corruption is that nothing is forbidden...?"
  1535. Sasha reluctantly lifted her hips, and a vast quantity of cloudy whiteness spilled from between her legs. Elt saw that something red was mingled with the pooling fluid, staining part of it pink, and realized afresh that there was no going back.
  1537. "Big bro♪"
  1539. "El♪"
  1541. The young pair did not allow Elt time to worry, as they slipped onto Elt the moment Sasha climbed off him. Elt was intimately familiar with the warmth of their body heat; the girls had always been fond of physical contact, and had often hugged Elt in the past. Even at such times he had never felt anything but brotherly love for the pair. Never once had he harbored guilty desires.
  1543. But that could hardly be the case now. Their soft, smooth bellies, mostly bared by their revealing outfits, rubbing against the bare skin of his chest were stimulating sexual feelings whether he wanted it or not. Above all else, the girls' hairless sexes were sandwiching his still-erect penis. With each wriggle of their hips they smeared their sticky, overflowing love juices on Elt's intimate parts. Before long they were breathing in synch with each other and began to shake their hips so that their vulvae licked the length of Elt's organ from both sides. All the while both girls were staring happily up into Elt's face with bleary eyes.
  1545. "Ooh...! Stop! both of you...!"
  1547. "Not a chance♪"
  1549. "Hehe...♪"
  1551. The girls grinned mischievously, and raised their upper bodies as if at a signal. They hugged each other with Elt's penis tucked between them, and began to grind their hips more forcefully. The movements, which seemed to come naturally to the pair, increased the friction between Elt's sex and their own.
  1553. Their little nubs rubbed on the rim of his head each time they slid up his shaft from base to tip, making them moan in pleasure. Before long Elt's penis was entirely coated in their secretions. The movements of their hips grew ever more audacious. The reciprocating motion always seemed on the verge of slide his tip into one or the other of their sexes, slippery with love juice and pre-cum.
  1555. "Aaahhaah, Big broo... It's gonna go in, it's gonna go in...♪ I wonder who'll get to give it to you first♪"
  1557. "Me... It'll be me...♪"
  1559. The pair drove their hips harder, competing to be the first to give him her virginity. Elt, struggling amidst the tremendous pleasure, somehow managed to angle his hips to prevent his tip from penetrating either. It was then that Sasha's hands gently came to rest on Elt's cheeks.
  1561. "Ooo... Ngh...! Sasha... stop them...!" Elt pleaded, knowing it was useless.
  1563. "No♪" Sasha smiled cheerfully and refused. But a moment later, she sullenly screwed up her face. It was a look Elt could not even imagine coming from the old Sasha, who had always maintained a grown-up expression.
  1565. "...Pay some attention to me, too."
  1567. "Mmgh!?"
  1569. She pulled back her hair, lowered her lips, and smoothly inserted her tongue into Elt's mouth.
  1571. Then she began to kiss him with a look of ecstasy in her eyes. Not a greedy, ravenous kiss like she had given him earlier; a slow, deliberate, savoring kiss. Elt writhed under the sticky torment of her lips, but it was not the only sensation that vied for his attention.
  1573. The young pair continued their dance on his lower body. Their soft, springy flesh pressured his member with each sway of their hips. Only now their movements had shifted from a vigorous rubbing to a slow, deliberate licking that complemented Sasha's kiss.
  1575. Elt was being slowly but surely soaked in cozy pleasure, as if held in an obscene cradle. Before long he would be guided to a gentle climax. Then—
  1577. Nibble.
  1579. Sasha, who had been leisurely tasting Elt's tongue, suddenly gave it a gentle bite. Elt started at the unexpected pleasure.
  1581. "Aahhhooo!?"
  1583. That reaction forcefully thrust Elt's penis into Lisia, who had just been rubbing her entrance against his glans. She was smaller than Sasha, and tender, bumpy flesh coiled about him from all sides. Elt tried to cry out, but his voice was swallowed by Sasha's kiss.
  1585. "Aaahhn, aah! You're in me♪ We're connected♪" Lisia's cry was half scream and half moan.
  1587. "Ah... That... must be nice," Emiyu stuck a finger in her mouth and looked on jealously.
  1589. "Mmm, mph♪" Sasha's expressed her congratulations with her eyes as she sucked on Elt's tongue.
  1591. Lisia's insides were crowded with fine pleats. With each constriction, those pleats rubbed Elt's penis in all the right places. It was a different sensation from Sasha, but no less pleasurable.
  1593. "Ooh, mmm...! How ish it? Does it feel good, in me? Does it?" Lisia asked, directly experiencing Elt's presence inside her. But Elt's mouth was stopped up by Sasha and could make no reply. His body, however, answered Lisia more truthfully that his words ever could. Elt's penis continued to swell as it received fresh pleasure, spreading Lisia's narrow passage.
  1595. "Aaahh... I'm so glad♪ I can do it too... I can make you feel good♪"
  1597. Sasha, overseeing the course of events, saw Lisia snuggle up to Elt's chest with tears forming in her eyes, and finally released Elt's mouth. Emiyu ceded Elt's chest to Lisia, and instead clung to his side like glue. But just when it seemed that Elt finally had a chance to catch his breath, tiny lips stopped up his mouth, and a sweet, little tongue began toying with his own.
  1599. "Mmmwuh♪ Ehe. Well? Does it feel good? How about when I do this...?" Lisia asked, and wriggled her hips in imitation of Sasha's earlier movements. The addition of technique caused the dense pleats of her flesh to stimulate every spot on his penis at random, imparting unpredictable pleasure.
  1601. "Li... sia...! Enough, this...!"
  1603. "Feels good? Doesn't feel good? If you don't tell me, I'll just end up taking all your stuff right in my womb...♪"
  1605. Lisia sped up with a malicious grin. She drove her hips vigorously up and down like she was playing on a seesaw, beating out a rhythm with the wet slaps of their hips colliding. Lisia's shrill cries mingled with the din.
  1607. "Ah♪ Ah♪ Ah♪ Aah♪ Aaahh♪"
  1609. Lisia looked like a child at play, but her insides, in contrast, tightened greedily on Elt's penis. At this rate it was only a matter of time before he gave up his cloudy essence in Lisia's immature vagina.
  1611. "It... it feels good...! It feels good, so please...!" Elt answered, screwing up his face as if about to cry. Lisia beamed.
  1613. "I'm so glad... To say thanks, I'll take it all in my womb for you♪"
  1615. "Wha—?"
  1617. Lisia wrapped her arms and legs tight around Elt's torso, sticking to him like glue. Then she began to bang her hips with renewed vigor. Slap! Slap! Slap!
  1619. "Ah...! Lisia! Let go...!"
  1621. "Aaahh♪"
  1623. In the end, Elt was not allowed to resist. He gave his copious whiteness to Lisia. She accepted every last drop of his lust in her little hole with a face from which intense pleasure seemed to have driven all awareness.
  1625. "Ooooo♪" Lisia's chest head dropped to Elt's chest with a thud.
  1627. It was then that Elt sensed something amiss. It was strange — he had already cum three times, and because each ejaculation had come at the end of unbelievable pleasure, they had been an order of magnitude longer and more abundant than usual. Yet he did not feel spent. On the contrary, his penis was arching back inside Lisia as if to say that it still wanted more.
  1629. "Ngh, ooph..."
  1631. "Ah...!"
  1633. Lisia was still basking in the afterglow when Emiyu grabbed her by the hips and lifted her off Elt's penis. Emiyu let out a blissful coo when she saw the penis, coated with virgin blood, love juice and semen, come free with a little pop, and excitedly clambered onto Elt.
  1635. "W, wait... Wait, Emiyu! Don't do anything rash!"
  1637. Elt sounded flustered. Now that he had been raped by both Sasha and Lisia it was too late for ethical quandaries, but in Emiyu's case there were physical problems to consider. She was, after all, even younger than Lisia. The sex lying in wait above his penis might be wet, but to his eye it appeared no more than a line.
  1639. Emiyu, however, wore an innocent smile. She was not the only one — Sasha and Lisia, pressed against Elt's sides, exchanged grins as well.
  1641. "If I was human, yes. Now, though, I've got the Fallen God watching over me, so it's okay..."
  1643. "I, I don't believe it."
  1645. "Don't be afraid... Here... have a taste♪"
  1647. Emiyu lipped her lips with a flick of her little tongue. Then she split that "line" with her fingers, and displayed the nearly-red pink of her insides as she slowly lowered her hips.
  1649. Elt struggled, even though he knew it would do know good, but the two remaining apostles of corruption hugged him gently, but firmly, from either side. Together with the shadows that still bound his limbs, they effectively sealed his movements. Elt was given a clear view of his own penis, caked in cloudy fluids and virgin blood, spreading open and entering the "line" of a girl of tender years. It looked painful, but there was no pain in the girl's expression.
  1651. "Oooaah!" Emiyu's eyes opened wide. Her mouth flapped. She seemed to be enduring an uncomfortable pressure, but it was soon replaced by intense pleasure. A moment later her brows droops, her eyes watered, and her whole frame went slack.
  1653. Elt's sensations appeared to be linked to Emiyu's expression. In the moment of penetration he experienced discomfort due to her extreme tightness, but once he reached a certain point her insides began to change. The tightness was unchanged, but Emiyu's vagina, lubricated by her copious love juices, began to wriggle as if it had a life of its own, ushering him ever deeper inside her.
  1655. "Ooo! El, El, El♪"
  1657. The shape of his penis was practically standing out on her belly. They were joined in a way that could justifiably be called "impalement," but Emiyu clung firmly to Elt's hips and raised her voice in delight.
  1659. "Aaahh? S, so tight...!" The powerful tightening caused Elt's body to twitch, thrusting upward against his will.
  1661. "Be a good boy now, alright?" Sasha and Lisia embraced the writhing Elt with greater force, binding him with their soft bodies.
  1663. "Hee hee. Now, have a nice, looong taste..." Sasha whispered as she reached up to her already deep neckline and pulled her jet-black garments aside. Elt's gaze was irresistibly drawn to the two fruits that tumbled into view. Nestled among the black background of her robes, Sasha's alabaster teats were dazzling to behold. On the tip of each a pale-pink nipple jiggled.
  1665. Elt was momentarily fascinated. Then he turned bright red and looked away. Even before his eyes had often strayed to Sasha's full, womanly figure. Many times he had admonished himself that it was wrong to look at Sasha, a nun and a hero, that way.
  1667. Sasha held up her "forbidden fruit" in both her hands, like an offering, then softly let them fall on Elt. His face was soon tucked into the cleavage of her naked chest, and his view obscured. Sasha skillfully conveyed the supple weight of her breasts to Elt's face while maintaining a passage for him to breathe. Enveloped in the blissful weight that covered his entire face and in Sasha's unspeakably pleasant scent, Elt could not but be entranced.
  1669. "Humph! I'll get bigger one day." Lisia watched Sasha's caress and patted her own flat chest, tears forming in her eyes.
  1671. "Mmm... I won't... be beaten♪" Emiyu, meanwhile, pressed her hands to Elt's belly and slowly lifted her hips. As they rose, Elt experienced the sensation of an intense constriction licking its way up his shaft. Once it was on the verge of falling out of her, Emiyu swung her hips down again with a little shout.
  1673. Elt writhed beneath Sasha's breasts. The sensation of forcing Emiyu's tiny hole open brought him dangerously close to orgasm. The blow seemed to have fallen heavily on Emiyu as well. Her tongue lolled out, and she convulsed with a look that did not belong on the face of a girl her age.
  1675. But the obscene assault did not end at a single blow. Emiyu lifted her hips again, even as they quaked like a newborn fawn.
  1677. Slide...
  1679. Smack!
  1681. Slide...
  1683. Smack!
  1685. Emiyu pistoned her little body up and down, moaning all the while. Each thrust gave Elt's penis an intense jolt of pleasure, and scattered her fresh love juices as onto his stomach.
  1687. "Ah...! That's wonderful, Emiyu♪" Sasha narrowed her eyes in a smile at the sight of her young disciple's passionate ministrations, wiping the soft skin of her breasts on the writhing Elt's cheeks.
  1689. Elt was now subjected to the intense ministrations of Emiyu's immature womanhood on his nether regions, and to the gentle caress of Sasha's mature breasts on his face. He was at his wit's end, buffeted by waves of pleasure.
  1691. Lisia, however, was not enjoying herself. She had been left out, and now looked around to see what she could to join in. Her gaze zeroed in on Elt's chest, right in between where the other two were straddling him.
  1693. "Ehehe...♪" Flashing a dazzling smile, Lisia latched on to Elt's toned chest.
  1695. Elt, buffeted by pleasure from above and below, now felt a weight on his chest as well. It felt like somebody — actually, there was only Lisia left, so it had to be her — was leaning over him. A moment later...
  1697. Munch.
  1699. A sweet pain shot through his right nipple. Lisia had lightly bitten it with her protruding canines. A surprise attack of pleasure.
  1701. His ejaculation came just as he reached Emiyu's deepest parts. Hot, cloudy fluid launched straight from the mouth of his glans to the mouth of her uterus. The blow had come as a surprise to Emiyu as well. The "prize" that Elt's behavior had convinced her would take more effort to get had been flung at her without warning.
  1703. "Oh... Aah... Ooo...♪" Emiyu's little womb was being filled to the brim by an ejaculation which, despite being Elt's fourth, had declined in neither volume nor density. The sensation stained her mind the single shade of pleasure.
  1705. Sasha gave a backwards glance to Emiyu, whose lips flapped as she indulged in her first taste of Elt's essence, and intermittently continued to slowly stroke Elt with her teats to support his orgasm; to ensure that his ejaculation and pleasure would last as long as possible...
  1707. Her encouragement seemed to be effective. Elt's ejaculation lasted a long time. He released more semen than Emiyu's tiny womb could possibly contain. It began to overflow from the depths of her little sex with in times with his pulsations.
  1709. "Oh, what a waste♪" Lisia, who had been watching, leaned forward and brought her face to where Elt and Emiyu were joined between their legs.
  1711. "We mustn't waste donations♪" Sasha released Elt's face and at the same time, and brought her mouth close to the two sexes from the opposite direction as Lisia.
  1713. Elt, freed from Sasha's breasts, was at last free to look around him again. A shockingly immoral scene burst upon his vision. His own penis was impaled in an innocent girl's sex. It was continuing to pulse, sending such a volume of semen into her that her body could not contain it all. On either side of her the fallen nun and her girl disciple were lapping up the overflow of cloudy fluids, determined not to let a single drop escape.
  1715. "Mmm, aah... Stop♪ That's... mine♪"
  1717. "Mph... mwah. Yummy♪"
  1719. "Mmm. You mustn't spill, Emiyu♪"
  1721. The obscene scramble continued until Elt's long, long climax came to an end. His penis, having shot its load of seed, was finally released from the narrow confines of Emiyu's flesh. It practically steamed. The trio began to diligently cleanse the sticky coat of semen, love juice and virgin blood that clung to it with their tongues.
  1723. Suddenly, a sob of regret and vexation reached their ears.
  1725. "Elt?" Sasha looked up instinctively.
  1727. Elt was not crying, but he looked like he was about to.
  1729. "Please... Big sis, both of you... con... control it...! Go back to who you really are...!" Elt lamented, even as he was buffeted by tremendous pleasure. He lamented that he himself had soiled the three, whose minds had been manipulated by monsters. He lamented that he had been powerless to save them. He lamented that he had been too weak to overcome the pleasure, no matter how he tried to deny it.
  1731. "...Elt, do you really believe that?"
  1733. "...What?"
  1735. "Do you really believe that our feelings for you now are artificial... false?"
  1737. Elt realized that Lisia and Emiyu were giving him serious looks as well.
  1739. "No... Sasha, you always looked after me like your little brother, such wicked thoughts would be... A, and even if you two did love me like an older brother, it wasn't like... Ah!"
  1741. Elt's words trailed off in a little scream. Before he had even finished speaking, the trio had lightly bitten his head, shaft, and ball sack, respectively. When he looked down, teary eyed, to ask what they thought they were doing, he encountered three pointed stares and looked away in spite of himself.
  1743. "...How sad. We weren't able to get our heartfelt feelings through to you..."
  1745. "I, I'm telling you, you only feel that way because of the mana, and..."
  1747. "You're wrong. I have proof." Sasha's tone was definite.
  1749. "Pr, proof?"
  1751. "Yes. The proof is..."
  1753. "..."
  1755. "..."
  1757. For some reason, at this point Sasha's already-flushed face turned as red as an apple. Elt wondered dubiously what she could possibly still have to be embarrassed about.
  1759. "O, once or twice, before... On my own, I, I, I've..."
  1761. "...?"
  1763. "c, comforted myself... thinking of you..." Sasha stared stiffly at Elt as she spoke.
  1765. "...Comforted...?"
  1767. "I, I've pleasured myself!" Sasha blurted out, flushing so red it looked like she might collapse at any moment.
  1769. "Y, y, you... did that...?"
  1771. "Yeah. I've... done it too..." As if to sink the boot into the already-confused Elt, Lisia added her confession while turning just as red as Sasha.
  1773. "..." Emiyu said nothing, but hung her head and fidgeted.
  1775. "Are you still not convinced, even after this...? I was... never pure of heart... I, I'm a shameful woman..."
  1777. Sasha looked up at Elt with tears in her eyes, and the girls trained earnest stares on him as well. Elt's own thoughts were caught up in a whirlpool of confusion. If, maybe, they were telling the truth, then...
  1779. "N, no, but... but that can't...!"
  1781. "Oh, enough! I'll make you understand with my body," Lisia muttered, seeing that Elt still intended to argue. She jumped on him and stole a kiss, twining her tongue around his as if to say that she would not let him say another word.
  1783. "I... I'll show you with my body, too... lots and lots..." Emiyu leisurely began to run her tongue over Elt's nipples.
  1785. "If words won't get through to you, I won't speak with my words anymore. Please, just feel it." Sasha quietly got to her feet, turned her back to Elt, and slowly lowered her hips while displaying her peach-shaped bottom. Once she made contact with his glans, she swung her hips down in one quick motion, taking him deep inside her. Her tail jingled with joy. Just like that, she began to swing her plump bottom up and down, making an obscene rhythm echo in the chapel.
  1787. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!
  1789. Elt was being tossed about by pleasure like a boat rocked by stormy seas. He had thought that he had already cum all he could, but in spite of that he could feel something hot boiling up in his balls. He could not make sense of it. What in the world had happened to his body?
  1791. "...Hee hee. Your own body puzzling you? There's no mystery; you've already nearly become an incubus thanks to all of our mana♪"
  1793. Elt was shocked by Sasha's information.
  1795. "And, mmm, I've erected a barrier around this chapel, aah, so that neither monsters nor humans will, ngh, bother us, so... n, nobody will be able to get in for, aah, two or three days."
  1797. "What...?"
  1799. "That should be long enough for, ooo, our feelings to get through to you♪"
  1801. Sasha swung her hips faster and faster as she spoke. She banged them into Elt so hard that her overflowing whitish love juices were beaten to a foam, and her plump teats bounced like jelly. Her two disciples greedily devoured Elt's chest and lips, making free use of their tongues, as if to insist that they would get their feelings through to him as well.
  1803. The little tongue that lapped at the inside of Elt's mouth, and the tiny lips that played with his nipples, and the womanhood that sucked at his penis whited out his mind with pleasure. He could no longer think it all. Then he felt an incredible bliss come welling up from the inexhaustible supply of essence his testicles produced.
  1805. "Aah-aaaahhh♪" Sasha made a high, clear, beautiful cry of ecstasy ring through the chapel. It was the very hymn of corruption.
  1807. Elt could feel the seed being ceaselessly replenished in his testicles, even as the pleasure of something being extracted from his hips overwhelmed him. The sensation made him realize that this unbearable bliss was no more than the preamble to the hell of pleasure that was about to commence.
  1809. Clang. Clang. Clang.
  1811. It was around then that the tolling of a bell resounded in through the sky over Lescatié, now stained a purplish red. It was the sound of the bell that hung over the church. Strangely, there was no hand to ring it. The bell swung back and forth of its own accord, ringing out loud peals.
  1813. If a human of the Order had heard that sound, it would have sounded to them like a last, mournful cry of the Chief God from a church that had been a symbol of the faith.
  1815. If a monster had heard it, it would have sounded to her like the Fallen God's loud victory cheer to celebrate the birth of a new country.
  1817. But as it happened, although the noise did reach the ears of both humans and monsters, none of them had the leisure to contemplate such things. Because, in the main streets and in the side streets, inside homes, in gardens, in the hovels of the slums, in back alleys, in the apartments of the royal palace, anywhere and everywhere, love juices and semen flew, flesh collided with flesh, and cries of pleasure echoed, heedless of reputation or appearance.
  1819. Clang. Clang. Clang.
  1821. The pealing of the bell continued to resound in the air of Lescatié, awash with wet noises and ecstatic moans.
  1823. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  1825. Elt was leisurely strolling a corridor of the royal palace. His red hair was cut long enough to hide his eyes, and he wore only loosely-belted trousers and a jacket over his bare skin. Such a slovenly appearance what never have been permitted in the palace before, but now there was no one in the palace — or anywhere in Lescatié — who would mind disheveled clothing. On the contrary, there was even a tendency to consider it good taste for a man to wear loose clothes that could be quickly exchanged at a moment's notice. And whenever Elt did dress properly, he just ended up being gleefully stripped by his wives, which made it pretty much meaningless. As a result, he had naturally come to follow the fashion.
  1827. A queer mood — perhaps "style" would describe it better — clung to Elt's figure as he ambled along with his toned chest on full display. That too was probably to be expected. He was, after all, an incubus who had personally received the favor of monsters considered more than usually powerful even here in Lescatié, now an earthly monster realm.
  1829. His gaze was on a garden, of which the corridor commanded an unbroken view. Before it had contained neat rows of trees pruned into beautiful shapes and fine stone statues. Now, however, statues of lamiae and gargoyles rested there, and twisting, ivy-like plants twined about them. In good time those vines would bear clusters of suspiciously luminous fruit. It was a garden you might call sinister to look at, but to monsters it appeared beautiful. Naturally, it was beautiful in Elt's eyes as well.
  1831. "...Tastes certainly have changed," he muttered, with a slightly wry smile.
  1833. "Values do change. When the way people live changes, it's no wonder if the way they look at things changes too," a voice called out from behind Elt. When he turned to look, there was Sister Sasha in her black vestments, likewise gazing at the garden as she walked.
  1835. "Big bro♪"
  1837. "El♪"
  1839. On either side of her two young disciples of corruption in the same black vestments, Lisia and Emiyu, were waving their hands at Elt. Their tails waved and jingled behind them as well. Elt smiled and raised his hands, and the two came rushing over. Lisia was the first to reach him, easily overtaking Emiyu, and leapt into Elt's waiting arms. Emiyu, arriving late, clung to Elt's legs, and tousled her hair.
  1841. It was a scene such as we have seen once before, but it did not play out quite as it had then. Emiyu's features slackened in drowsy contentment when her head was rubbed, and Lisia vigorously kissed his lips.
  1843. "Mwuh! Hey, can you tell?"
  1845. "Mmm. Tell what?"
  1847. "Right here," Lisia said with dewey eyes, grinding her chest against Elt. "See? my breasts got bigger again♪"
  1849. "Yeah, I can tell; You're a little heavier."
  1851. "Humph!"
  1853. They acted as if they had not seen each other in a long time, but in reality it had only been about half a day. Yet even that was a long time to the pair now; spending whole weeks apart like they had in the old days had become unthinkable.
  1855. "Hee hee... Well, shall we get going? It's been a while since the last day of worship," Sasha, who had been contentedly watching the merry trio, interjected. "Worship," of course, meant a day of offering prayers and corruption to the Fallen God. Elt's daily routine consisted mostly of nurturing love on the throne with his many wives, but more varied intercourse several times a year on such anniversaries and holidays was still something to look forward too.
  1857. "El... hugs." Emiyu stretched out her hands to Elt with a look of ecstasy.
  1859. "You sure are spoiled, Emiyu," he laughed, and took them.
  1861. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  1863. Going from the royal palace to the church meant walking a considerable distance. The church, you see, was still located in what had been the slums, and was therefore far removed from the area the royals called home, and where Elt and the others normally spent their time. But then, a long walk outside like that was something he did not usually do much, so it was another thing to look forward too.
  1865. When they left the royal palace and descended into the castle town, walking along the main thoroughfare, thronged with a great variety of monsters, the change in the country became obvious. While there had certainly been plenty of foot traffic before, there had also been many regulations in the strict Church nation of Lescatié which limited what goods could be sold openly. It had not been an environment in which merchants could ply their trade freely. Now that Lescatié had become one of the few monster nations, however, no restrictions worth mentioning existed. Monsters who engaged in trade and merchants with monster-friendly leanings stood side by side, and dealt in every imaginable commodity. It was even said that many of the special fruits, magical ingredients, and monsters' handcrafted goods that were the special produce of monster realms could only be obtained here, and monster girls hawked such wares in energetic voices. The scene, confused yet brimming with energy, was completely unlike the townscape of before.
  1867. "...It really does feel more natural this way, doesn't it?" Elt mused as he beheld it.
  1869. "Natural?"
  1871. "You mean the town?"
  1873. "..."
  1875. "People gathering, mingling, deepening bonds with each other... Lescatié didn't let ordinary things like that happen before; it was stagnant and twisted."
  1877. "I suppose so..."
  1879. "Yeah."
  1881. "...Mmm..."
  1883. "God's teachings are supposed to be there so people can be happy. Sacrificing people to preserve God's teachings was just backwards... although I can only say that in hindsight."
  1885. "Elt..."
  1887. "Big bro..."
  1889. "...Ooo..."
  1891. "So, although I'm not human anymore... In the end, I was able to become like this thanks to all of you forcing me to open my eyes, and that's why, umm, that's why... Emiyu, could you... loosen up a bit? I'm trying to say something serious right now, and you're making it impossible for me to think."
  1893. "...Aah..." Emiyu, who was still being "hugged," looked up at Elt with a slack, drowsy face. She did not appear to have even heard his words.
  1895. Emiyu's favorite "hug" meant getting Elt to hold up her bottom and back while she clung around his hips with both hands and both feet, and then having him walk. In other words, they were coupling the entire time they were walking through town. Apart from where they were joined, they were clothed as normal, so to outside observers it looked very much like Elt was just holding Emiyu normally. And because this was Lescatié, an earthly monster realm, a peek into any shadow or back alley would reveal any number of couples making love out of doors. No one would stop them even if they did walk coupling down main street in broad daylight.
  1897. Sasha watched Elt's somewhat suspect gait with a knowing smile. Lisia looked on with a complacent grin.
  1899. "...Although I sometimes wonder if public decency may have declined a little too much..." Elt endured the intense tightening with a wry smile.
  1901. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  1903. The area that had been the slums had not been thoroughly leveled, and even now many houses that were little more than hovels stood in rows. It would have been difficult to call them "pretty," even in flattery. But their tenants were not commoners struggling in poverty; they were simply monsters whose temperaments were better suited to such places, and monster couples who wanted to concentrate on self-indulgent love-making without worrying about disturbing anyone.
  1905. At first glance, the church that still stood in the midst of it all had hardly changed. The only decisive difference was that the cross set atop it was now inverted.
  1907. Once the four passed through the entrance of that church, they could hear children's merry voices from the inner courtyard. The scene was virtually unchanged from before, when the church had doubled as an orphanage. Only now the children who the church looked after were not orphans; they came to seek instruction in the faith of the Fallen God.
  1909. "Ah! Ms. Sasha!"
  1911. "Ms. Sasha!"
  1913. No sooner had the children caught sight of Sasha's figure than they left off their play and came rushing over to where she stood. Several of them slithered up on undulating serpent trunks or came flapping through the air.
  1915. "Have you all been well?"
  1917. "Yup!"
  1919. "We've been good!"
  1921. Sasha flashed a warm smile and patted each of them on the head. She looked just as she had when she had been called a "saint."
  1923. "Emi! It's been ages."
  1925. "How have you been?"
  1927. "How's it going with El?"
  1929. "...Great... Lovely..."
  1931. Elt contentedly watched over Emiyu as she reunited with her church friends at his feet. She hadn't seen them in a while, and her cheeks flushed in embarrassment as they squealed in delight. But then, Emiyu's womb was so full with the load of semen she had just gotten Elt to pour into it that it threatened to slosh audibly...
  1933. "Is something wrong with Lisia, El?"
  1935. "Are you okay?"
  1937. Meanwhile, Lisia's friends approached Elt, worried that she remained in his arms and did not come down.
  1939. "Oh, no, she's just..."
  1941. Elt looked troubled. Lisia, who had been burying her face in his neck, sluggishly raised her head and turned to look at her friends.
  1943. "I... I'm... fine..."
  1945. Her face was bright red to the ears, and her eyes were drowsily unfocused. Seeing Lisia's expression and the way she clung to Elt's hips, and faintly scenting "essence," the church children left the pair with knowing smiles.
  1947. "Ehehe... They didn't notish♪"
  1949. "Oh, they noticed. They definitely noticed... Honestly, it's not like they'd have a problem with it. Besides... ngh... put yourself in my shoes, trying to hold out here..."
  1951. "Hehe... You don't have to deny yourshelf."
  1953. "But in front of the children..."
  1955. Lisia began to grind her hips against Elt, sucking at his penis and cutting off his words. Elt bit back a cry at the usual lively motions of her vagina. Now that he was an incubus, Elt had gained a tolerance to pleasure, but that did not mean he experienced less of it. On the contrary, he was now able to remain conscious while experiencing bliss that would normally have sent his mind reeling.
  1957. "They'll notice if you moan, so I'll plug up your mouth for you, okay...?"
  1959. "Th, they already know — mph!"
  1961. Lisia, who no longer had any intention of hiding what they were doing, clung on tight to Elt with all four limbs and stopped up his lips with her own.
  1963. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  1965. Once the sun set, Lescatié suddenly changed its face.
  1967. During the daytime the streets were lined with shops and brimming with energy. Excepting the high proportion of monsters, it looked not unlike an ordinary city. Once night fell, however, the density of the mana that blanketed the city rose dramatically. So dramatically that even to the eyes of ordinary humans with no magical sensitivities it was visible as a pale purple vapor.
  1969. On the main street love hotels and sex toy shops opened their doors in place of the daytime stores, lamps of dubious hues began to light, and even the look of the passersby changed. Most were now monster couples, who snuggled up to each other as they walked. The mana now thick in the air stirred up the lusts of lovers and married couples alike. The numbers entering love hotels, picking out sex toys with eyes glazed over in anticipation, and, unable to wait for an inn, making love in the open air increased far beyond what they had been during the day.
  1971. A number of monsters walking singly could also be glimpsed amid the crowd. Mostly dressed in closing that left you unsure where to look, they were unmarried monsters parading themselves in search of the men who would become their spouses. Any single man who happened to stray among them would catch their attention at once, and quickly be tempted, assaulted, and ultimately captivated. In that sense, you could indeed say that Lescatié was a "dangerous" place for humans.
  1973. The church where Elt and the others were also showed a different face at night. The shouts of children ceased, and the inverted cross, bathed in the ruddy light of the moon, stood out majestically against the darkness. It could not have failed to make a ghastly impression on any human who beheld it. And that was as it should be; it was the deity of corruption to whom this church in Lescatié was consecrated, and this day was a day of "worship."
  1975. That meant a day on which the Fallen God drew closer to her devotees; a day on which their voices more easily reached her. And so the disciples of corruption copulated with even more than their usual obscenity, and made an offering of their own corruption to their god.
  1977. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  1979. Once, designs of angels bestowing divine revelations on the saints had adorned the stained glass windows of the church. Now they delicately depicted fallen angels straddling the saints.
  1981. Through those beautiful glass patterns the red moonlight poured into the chapel. Visible in the ruddy light was wetly glistening skin, skin, skin...
  1983. So many men and monsters that it would be impossible to count them all were tangling, entwining, squirming, and ceaselessly emitting cries of pleasure loud enough to drown out the sticky, wet sounds of their coupling. At first glance it looked like an orgy, but further inspection revealed that each monster was twined about just one male partner, and each had eyes for that partner alone.
  1985. The room was brimming with mana, which intermingled with the smoke of the incense burning in its four corners, the countless couples' moans of pleasure, and the smell of their love juices and semen. The very air seemed to cling stickily to the skin and violate the brain just by being there.
  1987. In the midst of that miasma each loved their beloved, greedily devoured them, were devoured by them, wallowed in them, and fell with such single-minded intensity that even the Fallen God vanished from their thoughts. Of course, that was the very thing the Fallen God desired.
  1989. Above the sea of flesh that was the chapel, there were four elevated on the altar. They were the two young disciples snuggled up on either side of the seated Elt, and Sasha, on top of him and making love with him in the facing position.
  1991. Although they were coupling, they were not swinging their hips hard. On the contrary, they were moving more slowly than usual, copulating gently compared with the couples around them. Their upper bodies were not pressed together as usual, but kept at a apart so that they could see each other's faces. In that position they sometimes rested hands on each other's cheeks, or brushed each other's hair, or exchanged kisses, just touching each other's lips. Their eyes reflected only each other, smiled at each other, loaded unspoken, unspeakable feelings onto gazes and sent them to each other. Elt and Sasha's worship day lovemaking always began and ended with such gentle movements.
  1993. Lisia and Emiyu watched them, spellbound, from either side of Elt. The girls loved the sight of Elt and Sasha's intercourse on days of worship — to see the pair they loved best conveying their feelings to each other to their hearts' content, unhindered by any person, or destiny, or god. The sight of such a pair illuminated by the moonlight through the stained glass was serene and beautiful even as it was alluring. It moved the girls more than any religious image. It was because they wanted to behold that sight that they had made sure to get lots of essence to appease the ache before the night of worship.
  1995. Sasha had lost count of the light kisses she had exchanged with Elt. She shut her eyes in ecstasy, pressed her cheek to Elt's chest, and quietly began to cry. The tears she shed were not of sadness, but of joy. Tears that welled up from her heart because she was so happy she could not help it.
  1997. Elt patted Sasha's back, like he would a child's, and smiled at the girls as if to say, "Come here." Lisia and Emiyu embraced him tightly from both sides, beaming with joy.
  1999. Under the light of the corrupted moon, the four were melting, blending, and falling into an endless abyss of love and pleasure.
  2001. Falling, falling, falling ever deeper...
  2003. The end.
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