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May 4th, 2014
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  1. INTRO: ight listen up it's unknownsec and we did it bitches!!
  3. yes i got my unknown hood, and my unknown linux and fucking Ubuntu
  4. with some fucking lyrics to drop on you fucking jew,
  5. naw just kidding but who are you?
  6. I got no room for drama queens, or for cry fags
  7. go make us famous adding unknownsec in your hash tags
  9. did that belong to you?
  10. did unknownsec insult you too?
  11. this here's the internet fool, its not real life so just chill fool!
  13. get off your fucking ass, go outside and play!
  14. after all it is a pretty nice day.
  16. I got reverse shell access every time you boot
  17. and when I type 'who-am-i'… it's always "root"
  18. I'm your admin, your boss, the big blank God
  19. I'm here to fuck logins… and steal all your frownz
  21. We're the unknown crew son, and unlike lulzsec
  22. We don't have to steal credit cards... we get reasonable pay checks
  23. we do what we do and spend it all on you
  24. we're saving up our money and shipping you all some poo
  26. because we care, we like you, and we want to share the wealth
  27. don't ever say us silly phucks never provided you help
  29. because were here, and we're there, and we're everywhere just like the plague
  30. we know some of you are slow so we don't want to be vague, just
  32. now.. in episode two, the unknown… army.. wants… you
  33. for the boots on the ground, hut two hut two!
  34. now assuming that you're new….
  35. let me tell you what we do!
  37. cut out some stencils, make a sticker or two…. or 3
  38. then get ready to start spreading the news
  39. then grab some paint , big red nose, and floppy shoes
  41. and don't forget to laugh, or else whats the point?
  42. relax, hack the plant, HONK, smoke a joint!
  44. then find your favorite wall, and give the world some lulz
  45. it may seem kinda easy but it takes lots of ballz
  47. then hack the planet, i don't mean like MGM
  48. i don't mean time warner , fox news or CNN
  50. I'm talking axis, must troll all, and B.T.Y.
  51. the unknown army circus and unknownsec makes em cry
  53. they hate us for our freedom and our unknown good taste
  54. and we never let a dark humored talent go to waste
  56. now they cry and weep
  57. and we get good sleep
  58. as we free the sheep
  59. did we take a leap?
  60. we knew talk was cheap
  61. so now we creep
  62. were they all so weak?
  63. that no one would speak?
  64. in the UK
  65. and in Canada
  66. in the US
  67. and Australia
  68. in your closet
  69. and under your bed
  70. your fear of unknownsec
  71. no longer in your head
  73. END CREDITS: GREETZ TO ALL #UNKNOWNSEC MEMBERS and #Clownsec for helping with most of the lyrics. & MESSIAH FOR RAPPING THE SONG! LOVE YOU ALL via BlankTheGod!
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