May 15th, 2017
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  1. >Your feet dutifully carry you towards home, each step on the slightly moist, dark blue ground making peeling noises every time they rise and fall
  2. >But you had gotten use to that by now, as well as a lot of other things
  3. >Like the ever present pungent order and stuffy atmosphere to name a couple
  4. >With a sigh you open up the door to your shack, collapsing onto a rudimentary chair, exhausted
  5. >Remaining there for a while to collect your thoughts you eventually gaze out the window, staring at nothing in particular as you vision is filled with various other tiny shacks and occasionally larger buildings dotting the ground into the distance
  6. >That vast, dark blue distance
  7. >With a half heated chuckle, you slowly shake your head back and forth, smirking
  8. >It wasn’t easy living on a pony’s anus
  9. >You see, years ago humanity had somehow been teleported to a strange new world, filled with strange new creatures
  10. >Unfortunately, humans were mere specks compared to the occupants of this world
  11. >Equines that seemed to stretch up into the heavens plodded along, unaware of the carnage that their city sized hooves caused, wiping out thousands with every step
  12. >Even the smallest school fillies could, and did, smash countless numbers in the blink of an eye
  13. >The human population scattered about, trying to avoid these miles high terrors at first
  14. >But as time went on, we realized how woefully unprepared we were at such diminutive sizes
  15. >Settlements were hard to construct, and besides burning the tiniest flakes of wood, fuel was impossible to come by
  16. >But then one day, someone got a bright idea, and humanity’s energy problems were solved with some out of the box thinking
  17. >Natural gas
  18. >Explorers made the perilous climbs at first, settlers soon following
  19. >As ponies slept, they had no idea that millions of tiny humans were slowly making their way up their bodies, heading straight for the area right under their docks
  20. >It didn’t take long for towns to begin popping up on the massive assholes, scores of ponies across the land unwittingly going about their day with struggling colonies on their rears
  21. >Other inhabitants of the land had been tried as well
  22. >Griffons, deer, diamond dogs
  23. >But the firm, plump ring of a pony’s pucker was found to be the ideal habitat for humanity’s new place in the world
  24. >Over time, humans began to thrive, their ever expanding populations spreading to countless ponies
  25. >Unicorn, pegasus, mare, stallion, it didn’t matter
  26. >We had found our niche in this world, and even if it was lowly, even downright humiliating, it was our place in the order of things
  27. >As you sit there with your thoughts, you’re suddenly snapped back to reality, your body instinctively picking up on it without fail by now
  28. >A low vibration was beginning to occur
  29. >Without even thinking you dive under your bead, curling up tight as your entire shack began to sway and rumble
  30. >Your stomach churns as the ground shifts, the entire horizon seemingly to flex with a sickening squelch
  31. >Placing your fingers in your ears, you brace for what inevitably comes next
  32. >A deafening noise bursts forth, shack vibrating even more violently now
  33. >Lasting for what seems like an eternity but in actuality barely a second or two, the noise subsides, a new annoyance over taking it
  34. >You cough a couple times, nose and throat burning as the rancid gust of wind tears through town, the burst of gas erupting from the enormous hole in the center of the settlement
  35. >Luckily your home was near the outskirts, the folks closer to the center always had it worst
  36. >The town officials had to set up a one mile exclusion zone around the opening, as despite how adapted humans were to their new environment, being so close to an eruption could be fatal
  37. >With another cough you crawl out from under your bed, the world around you finally returning to normal, save for the lingering scent
  38. >Looking outside once more a couple of your neighbors have come out, walking off to continue whatever business they need to conduct like nothing ever happened
  39. >Just then the dim light on your ceiling begins to brighten, the settlement collecting the precious energy it requires
  40. >Sighing once again, you can’t help but feel insignificant that a mare’s fart holds so much power over your life
  41. >She usually rips one a couple times a day, sometimes more depending on what her meals for the day were. But no how matter how many times you experience it, it never gets any less humiliating
  42. >Chuckling without humor, you remember back on earth when you used to ride horses every once in a while for fun
  43. >Now you’re totally dependent on one’s asshole for your very survival
  44. >Taking your mind off the subject, your eyes flick to your bed
  45. >Although normally living in the shade of her two toned pink tail, you can tell that night is approaching as the sky grows dark
  46. >Should be about time for- yup
  47. >The creaking of massive springs in the distance signal that the mare has laid down in bed
  48. >Yawning, she’ll soon flick the lights out, plunging the community into darkness for the night
  49. >It was during this time the caravans desperately traveled across the bed to her husband’s pucker to exchange goods and food
  50. >Ever since the other community had figured out how to make clothes out of pony hair, trade exploded. Clothing was always in high demand even if it just was mostly simple loin cloths and skirts, as most people here are forced to go around nude without them
  51. >It was really a rare occurrence that two communities were able to contact, let alone trade with each other
  52. >You yourself had gone on a couple of the journeys, both taking the entire night to complete
  53. >Speed was always of the essence. If a group got caught out on the bed as morning approached, they risked being steamrolled into paste under merciless ass cheeks as the ponies woke up and rolled out of bed to start the day
  54. >Thankfully the return journey was always easier; the vast, desolate plains of the stallion’s ballsack and taint having to be braved before the other town could be reached
  55. >For what a meager existence it was, you can’t still help but be thankful for the protection that the mare’s pucker provided, cringing as you think back to the days when humans were at the total mercy of titanic hooves
  56. >Yawning, you turn to settle down into bed, hoping the mare decides to have a flatulence free night
  57. >But the world suddenly grows bright, you whirling around to face the window
  58. >High in the air the pink tail lifts, the mare’s two blue hooves spreading her ass cheeks apart
  59. >What greets you causes your blood you run cold
  60. >A gigantic green eyes takes up the entire sky, pupil focusing on the mare’s pucker
  61. >”Well? Anything?”
  62. >”Hmm…”
  63. >The eye approaches slightly closer, squinting
  64. >”I swear there’s something there”
  65. >”… Yup. Yup I can see em’. You got some of those pests, dear”
  66. >You can hear the mare ‘hmph’ in annoyance
  67. >”Probably got them from Pinkie, she had some of them the other week. Who knows how long they were on her before she noticed?”
  68. >With another annoyed groan the mare continues on
  69. >”Well, what now? Think the store has cream for these things?”
  70. >”Psh, I’ve got a better idea dear…”
  71. >Your jaw drops as the eye is drawn away, replaced with a pair of puckered lips
  72. >Slowly approaching they purse, a huge pink tongue sliding our from between them
  73. >Immediately the air is filled with terrified screams, people beginning to panic
  74. >Some run about senselessly, others desperately hide in their homes
  75. >Glancing at the frail walls of your shack you look back to the approaching tongue, now filling the horizon
  76. >In a moment of panic your door is thrown open, neighbors frantically racing by as you run outside
  77. >Beginning to flee you have no idea where you’re going, or even what you plan on doing
  78. >But you aren’t thinking, the only thing filling your mind being a terrified urge to escape your impending fate
  79. >Looking back up the pink sky falls even further, the tip of it making contact on the outer rim of town with a disgusting squelch
  80. >With a yelp you fall, tripping over yourself as you look back at your doom
  81. >Hitting the ground hard, you go face first into the soft flesh, rolling a couple times
  82. >Turning on to your back, your ears nearly pop as what sounds like a freight train passes directly over you, you gagging as you’re covered in a thick layer of saliva
  83. >Your loin cloth being ripped away, you can feel yourself beginning to stick to the tongue, your scream muffled
  84. >But as soon as it came, it’s gone, the massive tongue passing on by
  85. >Laying there for a few minutes you merely try to catch your breath, body still exhausted
  86. >But eventually you find the strength to sit up, wiping the goo off of yourself as you stand
  87. >With a hop and pull, you hoist yourself out of one the ridges of her asshole, flopping onto the ground
  88. >It takes a while, but you slowly look around, the world totally silent
  89. >Gone are all the buildings that previous dotted the landscape, and their panicking inhabitants as well
  90. >Looking off in the other direction you optimistically hope to spot someone, only to find a vast, empty blue horizon
  91. >Nearly jumping in surprise, the ground shakes a bit, the mare it belongs to letting out a long, hearty giggle
  92. >”I think I got em’”
  93. >”Good, these things are starting to get out of hand. Just the other day Velvet found out she had them!”
  94. >As the two carry on their conversation you take a seat, letting out a drawn out sigh
  95. >You could always try making the journey alone to her husband’s pucker tomorrow night, join the community there
  96. >But if they already removed your town, it probably won’t be long until they discover the people on his ass
  97. >Maybe in time some explorers will stumble upon the mare, and a new colony can be formed
  98. >With a halfhearted smile you stand up, knowing that that’s just wishful thinking
  99. >Picking up a stray hair fragment, you suppose you better get to work making some clothes and shelter
  100. >It’s going to be a rough future ahead
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