Sep 4th, 2019
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  1. Watamote ch164: Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Do My Best Starting From Summer Break
  3. p1
  4. >After school before summer break feels kinda lonely.
  6. p2
  7. >>July 16
  8. >>Three days until summer break!
  10. >You look tired, Itou-san.
  11. >Yeah...
  13. >The contests and cheering for the baseball teams must've piled up on me...
  14. >You're going even though you have a contest?
  15. >It's only first and second years up until the second match.
  17. >Hatsushiba, come to the clubroom during lunch.
  18. >We're having an emergency meeting since Comike's coming up fast.
  19. >Yeah...
  21. >Even the little bro will be busy with tournaments and stuff, so he'll be coming home late...
  22. >Summer break must be tough for people in clubs.
  24. p3
  25. >What am I gonna do during summer...
  26. >Study I guess...
  28. >Hey, Kuroki-san, are you taking cram school?
  29. >Ah... No, I'm not.
  31. >Kaho invited me earlier and I was wondering what I should do about it...
  32. >If you're interested, Kuroki-san...
  33. >Eh?
  35. p4
  36. >Summer training camp?
  37. >Yeah, I got this flyer from a friend....
  39. >Looks like anyone can take part.
  40. >Though they do seperate people based on their level.
  42. >...This has a crazy schedule.
  43. >"Fourteen hours of study a day." Outside of sleeping, it's pretty much entirely studying.
  44. >Tough but fair.
  46. >To be honest, I wanna just play all summer.
  47. >But the guilt of being an exam taker means I can't just goof off all the time.
  49. >But if I go to this camp and study like an idiot...
  50. >I can free up my guilt and excuse myself to have about a week's worth of play, right?
  51. >As if.
  53. >...Besides, everyone in class is enjoying the youth of their final high school summer...
  55. p5
  56. >I want to feel that youth too, even if it's just studying.
  57. >I never joined any clubs so I've never been on any training camps.
  59. >...So, you've been studying hard, right, Yuu-chan?
  60. >If you come, I might come too.
  62. >...Sure! I might give that a try.
  63. >I'll ask my folks when I get home.
  64. >Sure.
  66. >?
  67. >What?
  69. >Well, I was just wondering what you though, Komi-san...
  70. >Not that I care either way.
  71. >!
  72. >Mm... AAh...
  74. >To be honest, instead of a prep school training camp,
  75. >I'd like to have a training camp at Kuroki's house.
  76. >A four night community life
  77. >Happening
  79. p6
  80. >You seem to be thinking of something creepy, so you don't have to come...
  81. >You're probably busy with baseball and stuff anyway...
  82. >L-Let's not be hasty. I'll think about it.
  84. >The next day.
  86. >G-
  87. >Good morning.
  88. >Grossness first thing in the morning!!
  90. >Ah... Are you guys close?
  91. >The two of you
  92. >?
  93. >...Ah, we're only walking together cos we take the same train.
  94. >...That may be but
  95. >it's because you say that so clearly that you have no friends.
  97. p7
  98. >I'm thinking of going to a training camp that Katou-san mentioned over summer break.
  99. >Hmmm.
  100. >Training camp!?
  102. >Maybe I'll go too. You look like you'd slack off on your own.
  103. >Yoshida-san... probably won't go... I wonder about Mako...
  104. >Training camp...!?
  106. >A repeat of that grossness!!?
  108. >I'll go too!
  109. >Eh? Ah, sure.
  110. >What kind of camp is it?
  111. >Ping pong?
  112. >No. Cram school.
  113. >You said you'd go without knowing what it was...?
  115. >Katou-san?
  116. >Yes?
  118. >I think I'll go to that camp you mentioned yesterday.
  119. >Really?
  120. >Have you applied yet?
  122. p8
  123. >Not yet. I gave that flyer to my friend yesterday...
  124. >She's from another school, but I think she might take part.
  125. >Is that so?
  127. >Is that the friend you showed us before...?
  128. >The one who sent you those penis pictures...?
  129. >Penis Yuu-chan
  130. >Eh!? Ah, yeah, the penis one!
  132. >You called her during your suspension too, didn't you?
  133. >You must be close.
  134. >Y-...
  135. >Yeah...
  137. >Ah, perfect timing, Kaho.
  138. >Could you give me more flyers for the cram school?
  139. >Ah, for the camp?
  141. p9
  142. >I was just talking about that with Fuuka. She said she might go too.
  143. >Is that so?
  144. >Uh, yeah...
  146. >I'm out of paper, so I'll bring it up on my phone.
  147. >Heh~
  149. >What is this scummy bitch staring at?
  150. >She's not thinking about Katou-san's pubes, is she...?
  151. >So Asuke and Kuroki are coming too, huh...
  153. >Is this the perfect chance...!? If it's during a camp, we'll be moving around day and night! I can finally settle the matter of Katou's boobs, her hair, and the sudden appearance of Kuroki!!
  155. >I think I'll join that camp too.
  156. >When does it start?
  157. >Eh?
  158. >It's August, so it's still a while off.
  160. p10
  161. >Cheering for the basketball, huh? Looks like it's the fourth round today.
  162. >Looks like the second years are going too.
  163. >They're just leaving now...? I'm so glad I'm not a second year.
  165. >Come to think of it, Kuroki-san, the first time we talked was when I called your house about cheering on the baseball team.
  166. >Eh? Ah... I see. So that was you, Katou-san.
  168. >I didn't even know your phone number back then
  169. >and now we're both aiming to get into the same university.
  170. >I-I guess so.
  172. >If I hadn't met you, Katou-san, I definitely wouldn't have aimed for Aoyama.
  173. >Eh?
  175. >Do you mean that in a bad way?
  176. >Eh? No! Of course it's in a good way!
  178. >Y-
  179. >Y'know, I'm kinda negligent, so I thought I'd skip out on the college visits and just pick a random college.
  181. p11
  182. >B-But because I want to see those colleges with you and everyone else, I was able to decide where I wanted to go.
  183. >The place I went to with Nemo... Nemoto-san was a close second.
  185. >Same goes for this study camp.
  186. >If you hadn't told me about it, Katou-san, I wouldn't have gone.
  188. >If it weren't for you, Katou-san...
  189. >I'd probably...
  190. >just pick a random college with no particular goal in mind...
  191. >and spend summer break lazing around every day and half-heartedly studying...
  193. >So I'm glad to have met you
  194. >and became friends with you, Katou-san...
  196. >Thank goodness.
  197. >Eh?
  199. >I was kinda worried.
  200. >I thought you were just being considerate of me and didn't really want to go to Aoyama.
  202. p12
  203. >I worried that I might've been forcing you...
  204. >N-Not at all.
  205. >I-I mean, sure, the studying is a bit tough...
  207. >But I really do wanna go to Aoyama!
  208. >With you and everyone else...
  209. >...Yeah.
  211. >...I want to go there with you and everyone too!
  212. >Y-
  213. >Yeah!
  214. >Let's do our best over summer break!
  216. >Hey, Kuro.
  217. >There's somewhere I wanna go with you during summer break.
  218. >Eh?
  220. >Goofing off?
  221. >I like to call it studying up on society...
  223. >Yeah, sure.
  224. >Summer break's gonna be packed with studying, so I'll need a break once in a while.
  225. >Alright~
  226. >...So when is it?
  227. >...
  229. p13
  230. >Let's hit the arcade today~
  232. >You're taking exams, right? You can turn her down.
  233. >I want to pay her back for before.
  234. >I'm fine too.
  236. >I've made plans to study lots at the training camp during the summer,
  237. >so I should play around while I can.
  238. >I've improved my mahjong skills by reading A**gi and that In**-sensei web series.
  239. >Alright! Let's go.
  241. >Is Kuroki-san perhaps
  242. >useless if someone doesn't force her to do something?
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