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  1. Fuck a beat I was trying to beat my mom
  2. But I didn't beat her yet, I was smoking bong
  3. My niggas on the block, shoot at your mans
  4. Think you can fight me I'll give you these hands
  5. Snack my mom 4 times in a day
  6. In ceramics I made a bong out of clay
  7. Tie a noose, i won't make it loose
  8. Donald trump won over Ted cruz
  10. I be smoking good crack every day
  11. Bitch you already know I don't have to pay
  12. I be swiping on tinder, I meet your sister
  13. I fist her but i have never kissed her
  14. Don't be smoking crack that shit is whack
  15. Bitch you know I got your back
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