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  1. Fighter / Knight / Swordsmen / Sword Maiden
  2. Wear any kind of armour and use shields. They have a +3 bonus to Physical and add +1 to all attack and damage rolls. This increases by +1 at 5th level and every five levels on
  4. Rogue / Thief / Bandit
  5. Can use light armour. They have a +3 bonus to Subterfuge. If they successfully Sneak (usually sub+DEX, but depends on situation) up on a foe they can add their Subterfuge skill rank to the damage of their first attack
  7. Sorcerer / Wizard / Witch / Mage
  8. Wear no armour. They can cast arcane spells, and gain a +3 bonus to Knowledge
  10. Cleric / Healer / Priest
  11. Can wear light or medium armour. They cast divine spells and gain +3 bonus to Communication. A Cleric can Turn Undead with a successful Magic Attack. DC is the current Hit Points of the Undead. If the DC is exceeded by 10 it is destroyed. This can be used (2 + Level + MIND Bonus) times per day.
  13. Paladin / Noblemen / Noblewoman
  14. Wear any kind of armor and use shields. They have a +1 bonus to Physical and a +2 bonus to Communication. They are immune to diseases and apply a +1 bonus to all saving throws (this increases by +1 at 5th level and every 5 levels on). Paladins can detect evil within 60’ at will and can heal up to 2hp per level per day by laying on hands.
  16. Ranger / Arrowman / Hunter
  17. Can use light or medium armor and can use shields. They are +1 to hit and damage with ranged weapons and only incur a -1 to hit penalty when fighting with 2 weapons. They have a +3 bonus to Survival.
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