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Aug 17th, 2019
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  1. Joy of Satan
  3. Another fascist Satanist group of note (mainly due to its outsize presence on the internet) is the Joy of Satan (JoS). The JoS was founded by one "Maxine Dietrich" — real name Andrea Herrington, the wife of Clifford Herrington, the former head of the National Socialist Movement (the American group; no relation to the aforementioned British group) who was subsequently expelled from the organization after his wife's Satanism came to light. The Herringtons went on to found a splinter group called the "National Socialist Freedom Movement" in response (no relation to the Judean People's Front).[36]
  5. The JoS promotes a form of inverted Christianity that proclaims Satan to be humanity's "True Father and Creator God", and the Abrahamic God, Jesus, and the prophets to be illusory falsehoods cobbled together from other myths and legends, created by the New World Order in order to destroy the "spiritual heritage" (i.e. devil-worship) of the masses and cut them off from the occult power they get through Satan. Since Judaism was the first of the Abrahamic religions, they naturally identify the Jews as the leaders of this conspiracy, proclaiming that they created Christianity in order to enslave the Gentiles of the Roman Empire by getting them to direct their spiritual energy towards a "dead Jew on a stick" and follow a bastardized version of the Jewish religion. A virtually identical conspiracy theory is thrown at Islam, claiming that the Prophet Muhammad never existed, that the creation of Islam was a Jewish ploy to enslave the Arabs just as they had done the Europeans with Christianity, and that Iblis (the Arabic term for Satan) was their true god.
  7. They cover the nastiest neo-Nazi rhetoric with a thin veneer so as not to scare off curious new followers. On the surface, their main website contains mostly bog-standard rituals, anti-Christian screeds, and other material that you'd expect to find on a Satanist website, much of it plagiarized from other occultists, astrologers, and websites[36] — including, ironically, Jewish sources like Zecharia Sitchin and Kabbalah, while conveniently forgetting to mention that they are Jewish. (Pretty rich coming from them, given how they lambaste Christianity and Islam as nothing more than reheated Judaism.) Only vague mention is made of the "New World Order" as the guiding force behind Christianity. However, once you check the "Links" section, you'll find sites that openly bash the Jews and extol the Nazis as a glorious attempt to restore the "true Satanic religion" of the Gentiles.[37]
  9. They're also fond of trying to find negative mention of their group online and deleting any evidence if it's on a wiki. So much for their supposed support of free speech, eh
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