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  1. It is still the year 588 on the continent of Cylea.  Though the year is about to come to an end with Winter's arrival- at least, that's what it feels like as the group crosses Polis into the harsh Acaian landscape.
  3. "Giving up poetry would be for the best. I would say be a jester, but your jokes fall as flat as your chest."
  5. The Princess' destruction of her rival, and also her charming drilltacular beauty, weigh heavily on the mind of the little lightning mage, Lilli.  Combined with the stress of being a performer and the absence of her stage partner, leaving it solely up to her to keep the group's spirits up, she feels like she could sleep forever.
  7. And that's exactly what she'd be doing if not for the sensation of being rudely shaken assaulting her whole body.  As if prepared for anything, she jolted out of the bed - the very comfortable, elegantly-adorned bed complete with fluffy pillows and a soft mattress - and arrived face-to-face with a familiar figure.
  9. "S-Sluggo?"
  11. She spoke his name, but as the words escaped her lips, she could already tell something was... off.
  13. "My!"  Responded the man with the deformed face, now cleanly shaven and sporting an attire befitting of a high noble's servant.  "What an uncouth nickname to use in reference to one such as I: The Honorable Sluggworth, loyal servant to this St. Rolantia Girls' Academy.  I had come to rouse you from your slumber for the first day of school, Milady!"
  15. "I..."  Lilli was at a loss for words.  As soon as he arrived, her former partner(?) gave a low bow and excused himself.  Was the whole journey up till now a dream?  Looking at the clock on her wall's hands pointing to 7 AM, she was already all-too-aware that it wouldn't do to sleep in.  Not on a day like this one.  The motions were all there for her to follow: Even putting on the school's red uniform with a nearly-golden trim and a pleated skirt to accent it felt all but natural to her.  Long black tights to go underneath- it IS the beginning of Winter, after all.
  17. Even still, the elegant courtyard, the rose gardens, and the maidens roaming the halls and greeting each other with a "goukigenyo" still felt somewhat alien to Lilli.  Pleasant, but lacking a certain spark she had felt accustomed to in her life up until now.  Shaking off the worry clouding her mind, she entered her homeroom class and set down her bookbag.  The seat by the window, all the way at the back.  It wasn't a very good seat for somebody aspiring to be the school's idol, but it was a nice view of the garden outside, and an even nicer view of the student in front of her.  Said student didn't notice her last year, but this time it would be different.  She could feel her heart about to burst out of her chest at just the thought- and as soon as it came, so did the object of her desire.
  19. "Ohoho!" Tossing one of her silver drills over her shoulder, the most popular girl in class, Lieselotte, entered with all the elegance and grace of a heavenly maiden.  Her fanclub even followed her inside, guarding her from her classmates' impure fantasies, until she made it safely to her desk.  While in truth she didn't bat an eye at the girl behind her, Lilli could have sworn she gave her a wink.  Before she knew it she was already swooning, letting out a wistful sigh that wasn't anywhere near as silent as she wished it could be.  The following hour of classtime she would continue to dread one of the other students catching her fantasizing.
  21. Her fears would not come to pass, however.  The only thing to pass was time, and the school's bells were already signaling that it was time for lunch break to begin.  This time Lilli was ready.
  23. "Um, Liese-senpai, would you like to have lunch with-" Eyes clamped shut, she held out the pinku bento she spent all last night preparing in front of her, ready for her beloved to return her affection.  But as her senior's charming voice didn't respond, she could only crack an eye open to find the desk empty.  In a panic, she searched frantically around her, barely able to catch the final trace of the popular girls' clique leaving the room to go to their own special meeting place.  It was too late.
  25. "For me?"  But it wasn't too late for SOMEBODY to pay her notice.  Wearing messy twintails and coke-bottle glasses, the class rep Steyr one desk ahead gave Lilli an impish grin.  "Aww, you shouldn't have, twerp.  How'd you know I was just waiting for you to confess to me all this time?"
  27. "N-No!"  Lilli withdrew the lunchbox in an instant.  "Not for you!  Don't even think about it!"
  29. "Heh," said Steyr, adjusting her glasses.  "Still got some fight in you?  Don't worry, you'll come aro- oof!"
  31. Before she could finish her sentence, she was cut off by a purple-haired girl who wore the school's uniform quite nicely, even adorning it with accessories to match the ribbons in her own twintailed hair.
  33. "Stop bullying the underclassmen, Steyr," Noa grumbled, eyes rolling as if she was questioning whether it was even worth her breath.  "I made enough for both of us."
  35. "What?  I can't even have fun teasing them sometimes?"
  37. Instead of any spoken words, Noa's face did all the reprimanding it needed to do on its own.
  39. "... Fine, fine."  Steyr shrugged.  "I was getting bored anyway."
  41. Lilli was left alone with her own thoughts and an extra bento she now had no idea what to do with.  Curiously, she peered around the room to see the rest of her new classmates: A blue- and pink-haired couple that seemingly showed no shame in displaying their relationship, eating both ends of a stick of Pocky together; an absentminded-looking upperclassman with long pink hair reading a book and not seeming to even notice it was lunchtime; a tiny girl with purple eyes having lunch in the corner of the room with another girl who looked like her friend, neither of them exchanging another word.  The sheer amount of unique characters in the room was almost suffocating, and so Lilli opted to go somewhere more relaxing.
  43. The door to the rooftop opened with a noisy creak - unbelievable they still haven't fixed that, isn't this supposed to be a high-class girls' school? - and, much to Lilli's dismay, she was not the only student who had the idea to come here.  Lounging and humming to herself was a princesslike blonde girl, who beamed at the sight of a partner to join her in her nothinghood.
  45. "Yo!  What's shakin', homedog?" Asked the girl in almost a shout.
  47. "U-Um..." Lilli took a step backwards.  "Sorry!  I didn't know anyone was up here, I'll uh... be going now?"
  49. The little girl hopped up and rushed forward with tremendous speed, catching the lightning mage in a tackle-hug.  Or a 'glomp,' as it is known in less civilized places.
  51. "Nah, homeslice, don't be dissin' a nigga like that!  Bring down the house with me!"
  53. "I..."  Lilli would like to lie to be polite, but there's a time for such things and this didn't seem like one of those.  "I have no idea what you're trying to say."
  55. "Wuzzat?  Tryna holla at me?"
  57. "Um..." She was ready to answer with an honest 'no.'  But then a thought crossed her mind that the opposite might have better results.  "... Yes?"
  59. "O shit, waddup!"  The little blonde cackled, running off down the stairs behind Lilli.  "Here come dat gurl!"
  61. Lilli was assailed with confusion.  Which grew into anger as soon as she realized the bento was gone too.  She was ready to cast Thoron and explode the whole school, but then realized her spellbooks were all in her bookbag.  Thus, she only simmered with rage.
  63. The next period, she spent gazing at Lieselotte again.  She wanted nothing more than to have the aforementioned become her partner in a ★- a bond shared between two students at St. Rolantia Academy.  It's common knowledge that she hadn't chosen a partner yet, and all the younger girls were hoping that they could finally be the one.  Lilli was, of course, no exception.
  65. "-illi!"
  67. She sighed again, cheeks red with lust.  Scenes played out in her head of her drill-heavy oneesama pushing her against a wall and bullying her innocent lips with a passionate kiss.
  69. "Miss Lilli!" The instructor's voice repeated, louder this time.
  71. "Aaaack!  Huhwha?"  Lilli snapped out of her trance only to be greeted to the laughter of her fellow students, including an elegant 'ufufu' from Liese.
  73. "Well?  Do you know the answer to the question?"
  75. She tried to think fast.  "Uh... Ragnarok?"
  77. "Fimbulvetr." The teacher replied without skipping a beat, and proceeded to write Lilli's name on the chalkboard with an X next to it.
  79. The once brilliant and beautiful snowscape now looked drab and dreary on Lilli's way back to the dorm, her head hanging low.  She would never become ★ with her precious oneesama this way.  Even the redhead standing on tiptoes to watch the boys' school next door in a sporting event looked less pathetic than her right now.
  81. Door slamming behind her, Lilli leapt facefirst onto the bed.  She didn't even want to stay awake for dinner at this rate.  But it wasn't for long that she would be alone in this room.
  83. "You really like her, don't you?"
  85. "W-Who's there?"  Lilli gasped out loud and scanned the room.  There was nobody there.
  87. "Down here."
  89. The voice came from her bookbag.  As she opened it and saw only a single tome, she realized far too late that in her airheadedness she had taken the wrong bag.  Whatever was in there, it definitely wasn't her thunder magic books.  But as she struggled to gather her thoughts, the voice continued.
  91. "If you make a contract with me, she might notice you!"
  93. The words struck a perfect chord, and Lilli could feel her own heartbeat.  Even if the voice did sound like a little girl's.  Gulping, she opened the book, and a small pearl fell out of it.  It continued to speak, but now she could see the image of a small, mischievous-looking girl smiling at her in her head.
  95. "I'm Ionah!  What's your name, O little lost lamb?"
  97. "L..."  She knew this had to be a trap.  But nobody else was watching her, so maybe... just this once, it might be okay to believe in fairytales?  "Lilli.  Uh, what do you mean by 'contract?'"
  99. "Oh, it's easy!"  The voice snickered.  "Just become a Magical Girl and fight off some evil dragons here and there, not a big deal.  And then your oneesama will love you and invite you to the Grand Ball at the end of th-"
  101. "Hold on a second."  Lilli cut her off.  It was now of all times that she noticed something sticking out from under her bed.
  103. Complying, Ionah went silent.  Lilli got down on all fours and turned around, squinting to notice what was under there.  Sure enough, it was exactly what she thought it was.  A deep sigh of both relief and annoyance shoved itself out of her mouth.
  105. In the middle of the night, the others could both see and hear Lilli tossing the Scuttlebug out of her tent.
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