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Alexander Beauregard

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Jul 28th, 2015
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  1. [color=#FFBF00]This is a terrible idea.[/color]
  3. "Loot, [i]then[/i] pillage."
  5. Name: 'Alexander Beauregard'
  6. [b]Age:[/b] 26
  7. [b]Gender:[/b] Male
  8. [b]Species/Race:[/b] Human
  9. [b]Physical appearance:[/b] A Caucasian human standing 6" tall with a weight of about 210 lbs, Beauregard, as he has taken to calling himself, has short black hair and hazel eyes. Compared to many former troops in the Federation, he is not particularly athletic, but he still remains above average compared to most spacecraft crews. Rather than using direct strength in hand-to-hand combat, Beauregard uses a variety of tactics in order to use his opponent's strength against them.
  10. [b]Personality:[/b] While he holds no particular disdain for his peers, Beauregard rarely confides with others, and even more rarely speaks of his past. Even so, he always seems to have a wise word from a book of Maxims for whatever situation he is in.
  11. [b]Skills:[/b] The man known as Beauregard has a vast portfolio of past jobs and contracts across numerous sectors in Federation space. However, some difficulty may be encountered if one wishes to ascertain just what the contents of this portfolio are. Beauregard rarely keeps the same name for long, usually taking on a new alias after finishing several jobs. What is known of him indicates that he is well-versed in both combat and support roles, and also had some experience flying smaller fighter craft before they were mostly retired from use. His only noticeably weaker area remains repairing damaged devices. Interestingly enough, prior to the beginning of the rebellion, there was a warrant out for the arrest of one Martin Crenshaw, a famous mercenary whose actions he often speaks of...
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