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  1. Mike Hemmingson interviews Michael Prince (aka James Casbolt) and Bernie Mendez (the White House rep who liaised with the aliens)
  2. 13 March 2013
  4. Starts at 5 mins
  5. Michael Prince is the name given by mother.
  6. James Casbolt is name given by adopted family (adopted 1979)
  7. Prefer to be known as Michael Prince - closest translation of Aldebaron name
  8. Mother is from Aldebaron
  10. Project IBIS was started in 1972 by the Tavistock Institute by Dr Green (aka Josef Mengele from Auschwitz)
  11. The NSA and MI6 were tracking 42 children who grew up in the facility from infanthood (1976 - 1979)
  12. They lived there for their 1st 4 years
  13. A rescue operation by US special forces took place in 1979
  14. They intercepted the children while they were in transit to Dulce and took them to Toronto
  15. There were hundreds of children in the facility but MP's group had 42
  17. 8 mins
  18. They were being transported by SUVs above ground
  19. A small unit of US special forces rescued them when they were travelling through the mountains of British Columbia
  20. There was a shoot-out and some of the children were shot and killed
  21. The remaining children were taken to a safe house in Canada and then adopted by various families around the world
  22. MP was adopted by an English family and taken to London
  24. MP: Been on operations all over the world with US army
  25. Wife's American
  26. Moved to USA nearly 2 years ago
  27. Wife is from Grand Rapids, Michigan
  28. Met in France 3 years ago.
  29. Lived in England before move to US
  30. With US army under a year; left in Dec
  32. 10 mins
  33. IBIS program is involved with life extension.
  34. They use cyborg technology
  35. There's a time travel group of scientists in DARPA
  36. They obtain reptilian limbs from France in 1812 and pass these on to the DARPA team in 2012
  37. There's another group of DARPA scientists in 2223 (?)
  38. They are passing cyborg reptilian limbs back and forth between them to work on the super soldier program
  39. The 1812 group - how do they access the time travel devices?
  40. There's a big NSA nest in Fort Sam in St Antonio
  41. The NSA is based in 3 places above ground in America - Maryland, Denver and St Antonio
  42. MP was based in the joint base in St Antonio, which is the biggest above-ground military base in the country
  43. It consists of Fort Sam, Lackland Air Force Base and Randolph Air Force Base
  44. There's a lot of underground tube entrances/terminals around the city
  45. They take you north up to Dallas to the Bush family ranch
  46. From there they take you west to Kirkland Air Force Base, New Mexico
  47. Sandia Labs is there and they have a lot of jump gates technology
  48. A lot of the scientists are travelling back and forth, passing the technology back and forth, from Sandia Labs
  50. 12:40 mins
  51. George Bush Sr is heavily involved in the IBIS program since 1976
  52. He spent a lot of time in the Q552 facility in Nelson when MP was a child
  53. The Q552 facility was underground, beneath Nelson in British Columbia
  55. When MP moved to England, he trained in Peasemore
  56. Peasemore is the British Dulce
  58. 13:40 mins
  59. There are offplanet and ET races in Dulce but that's irrelevant
  60. Dulce does one thing and one thing only - experiments with vampire and zombie DNA.
  61. There's also werewolf experiments
  62. The werewolf race is nearly extinct now since the 90s
  64. 14:40 mins
  65. They're experimenting with zombies for the life extension.
  66. Also with vampire DNA
  67. MP was born in 1789 in the border of France and Germany, in a facility in Alsace Lorraine
  69. 15:20 min
  70. Bernie Mendez joins
  71. BM establishes that whenever MP refers to Dulce, he's referring to the place in New Mexico
  72. BM: I have never seen children brought to Dulce
  73. Although I have heard of them making exchanges with babies - giving aliens babies but never children
  74. You're saying there's a place in British Columbia and where else?
  76. MP: In the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, under Nelson.
  77. Called the Q552s
  78. Children are raised there and there are hundreds of babies there in the mid 70s
  80. BM: What do they do with them?
  82. MP: They are enhancing them.
  83. They were putting various types of animal DNA in them to give them all terrain abilities, all terrain animal abilities, all terrain wolf/bear when they are older as soldiers
  85. BM: I've heard of this but never in detail like you're talking
  87. MP: I grew up in the place in British Columbia from 1976 to 1979
  89. 17:19 mins
  90. Bernie Mendez in the 70s, was the alien liaison between the White House and .....
  91. BM: I would say privilege but it's been a nightmare so far, to negotiate with the space aliens from time to time, about matters like this
  92. I wasn't aware they wanted so many children
  93. They've given us technology to do DNA experiments of this type - what you call hybriding; that's a hybrid
  95. MH: Bernie, the group of children that Michael was involved in, the blood prime children in Project IBIS, had Annunaki DNA in their blood system.
  97. BM: Everyone's going to be in for a rude awakening when we all find out we have some form of DNA .... like the Nordic types, the Annunaki, the lizard men
  98. There's about 70 groups of aliens out there we could be related to somehow.
  99. We don't know how that's possible yet....
  101. MP: These children were connected to the Aldebaron people.
  102. It's where the Germanic race descended from
  103. They call them Annunaki; they were also Sumerian...
  105. BM: These were all white children?
  107. MP: Yes... it was being programmed by the Nazis who were the 4th Reich there
  109. BM: The Nazis were looking for selective breeding
  110. This goes far beyond what they were originally doing
  111. This is along the lines of what they were thinking about
  113. MP: The 4th Reich were there.
  114. The facility was controlled by the Germans, the 4th Reich.
  116. BM: There's a lot of people claiming to be Germans
  117. I was involved in a couple of projects where people were talking like Germans but they weren't Germans....
  119. MP: The Aldebarons talk a kind of German.
  120. The German language comes from Aldebaron
  121. The Nazis were in contact with them through the Vril society in WW2
  122. They were creating a kind of cyborg, a human/animal super soldier which they've perfected
  123. This gets into the thing with the werewolves - the Skinwalkers the America Indians talk about
  124. There was a lot of experimentation going on there.
  125. It went back to Peasemore
  126. Barry King worked there as a security guard
  127. A friend of mine works at the Peasemore facilities underneath the Berkshire countryside, near London
  128. They weren't normal wolves in cages
  129. Barry was called to one of their labs one night in one of the facilities and one of these wolf things had escaped out of the cage.
  130. When Barry got in there, this thing saw him and run at him.
  131. Barry passed out through terror
  132. He heard gun shots before he passed out
  133. Barry King is quite a well known whistleblower
  134. He's English and worked at the AL499 facility underground at Peasemore, England - a kind of English Dulce
  136. BM: Dulce is an alien underground base that we tunnelled alongside of and have it under surveillance all the time
  137. Dulce hadn't changed. It still looks the same...
  138. It was only 5 levels when I was there.
  139. The bottom level being # 6
  140. I went on to that level and .... I wanted to see what was in the bubbles
  141. So they brought me down to a lower elevation to show me the bubbles and there were pylons on the bubbles
  142. Lots of pylons facing in different directions.
  143. The whole thing's on pylons
  144. I never seen children brought to the Dulce area
  145. I've been there a few times
  146. I never even heard of children being brought there
  147. Is this a first hand account or you're hearing about it?
  149. MP: I was being taken there as a child in 1979 but we never got there because we were intercepted in the mountains of British Columbia
  150. We were on our way....
  152. BM: The aliens do that. They are always telling you that you're going some place.
  153. That's why I don't pay much attention to these names like Camelot, Pegasus this or that, red beam, blue beam....
  155. MP: We were going there
  157. BM: When I went there, I went there
  158. I know them as areas
  159. The areas had numbers to them
  160. I had .... orders on the whole Area 23,
  161. You can't miss it - 51, 24, 21 and a couple of other places
  162. There are other places off the map.
  163. Experimental generators and experimental mechanical equipment
  164. I had to check on them to make sure they were running
  165. And to make sure the superintendant knew if they needed anything and to talk with him to see what is going on and to report back...
  167. 24:15 mins
  168. BM: This is some kind of genetic experimentation which the ITCCS has been looking into.
  169. Kids have been kidnapped.
  170. You don't know where these kids came from, do you?
  171. Were they adoptions or they took people's kids?
  173. MP: They were adopted into different families around the world in 1979 after the rescue
  174. I was adopted into a family in England, near London
  175. Where they came from is kind of complicated
  176. It's dealing with a vast genetics and age regression
  178. Was that Project Mannequin that had James Rink in it?
  180. Project Mannequin is the sub project of IBIS
  181. IBIS is the umbrella program
  182. There's different sub projects
  183. IBIS is the most important one
  185. MH: Bernie here is connected with Andrew Basiago and ..... and the Mars jump program
  186. Do you know anything about all that?
  188. MP: Yeah, I'm slightly familiar with that but not too much of an expert
  189. The kids are a lot older
  190. It says on their birth certificates, they were born in 1976
  191. It says most were born in Dec 1976 but they are much older and they have been age regressed
  192. They use some kind of machinery to do the age regression.
  193. Not sure - the memories are still a bit vague
  195. 26:20
  196. BM: You remember what the machinery looked like?
  197. Was it silver colour?
  199. MP: It's like a box, almost like an Egyptian sarcophagus
  201. BM: Is it silver coloured?
  203. MP: I think so
  205. BM: Like dark [inaudible]
  207. MP: Kind of
  209. BM: Is it hard to kind of focus your eyes when looking at it?
  211. MP: I'm not sure; can't remember.
  212. I just remember it's just some kind of a silver Egyptian sarcophagus
  214. MH: Is it the same sort of thing they used on Al Bielek?
  216. MP: I heard they age regressed him
  217. .... They probably used the same technology
  219. BM: I don't think it's age regression.
  220. I think they freeze them up in time; put them in some kind of stasis
  221. Stasis equipment so there is some kind of stasis.
  222. They leave them there for 2 years and revive them to see if they're OK.
  223. 5 years and revive to see if they're OK
  224. 10 years and revive to see if they're OK
  225. Some kind of a stasis. It's like being brought to a stand still
  226. The heart rate slows down completely
  227. It's not completely at a stop.
  228. It just very, very slowed down
  230. MP: According to my MI6 files, I've been in .. cryostasis for 25 years on m ore than one occasion and before 1976
  232. BM: That's probably what's going on.
  233. It's cryogenics
  235. MP: Yeah, it's cryogenics. I remember being frozen ....
  237. BM: They try to make it look that way but you're not really being frozen
  238. There is some kind of machine where you can go near where they put you in suspended animation
  239. They try to make it look like cryogenics but it's not
  240. It's a machine that puts you in suspended animation.
  241. That's all
  242. It's a very simple machine
  243. That's what it's made to do
  244. They take this machine off UFOs and [inaudible]
  245. I guess because of long space travel, sometimes, you have to be in suspended animation.
  247. 28:45 mins
  248. MH: They freeze them up and can implant false memories?
  250. MP: Yeah, they require cryogenics to do that
  251. They ca take a person down to a certain temperature
  252. If they keep them there low enough, for a certain amount of time, they can implant new identities, new language and a new history too
  253. So you can have a Russian who's lived in Russia all his life, use this cryogenics or whatever technology it is on them, they come out speaking American, forgetting that they were Russian.
  254. And then they get put in American families with false memories
  255. They use the cold to do that.
  257. MH: Zombie outbreak in 1935
  259. MP: I was involved in a zombie and werewolf containment units/teams who were working for the Vatican in the mid 90s [30 mins]
  260. I was involved in one particular operation in Central America in the mid 90s where there was a team of 8 of us.
  261. Two delta units - 4 man each
  262. We were helicoptered into a village there
  263. There had been attacks on the village.
  264. The villagers were saying that werewolves had been attacking the village
  265. We hunted those over 2 nights and we found an old abandoned underground shelter and went in there.
  266. There were werewolves in there and there was a firefight with them
  267. 4 of the bigger ones were killed
  268. There were 2 types of werewolves - Type 1 and Type 2
  269. Type 1 was the classic werewolves that you see in horror films with the wolf's head
  270. Type 2s are more dangerous. They are bigger and like a bear with grey fur, almost silver.
  271. These are the more dangerous ones.
  272. In the hierarchy, they're higher up
  273. When we entered the tunnels, the Type 1s run out of one of the tunnels
  274. The Type 2s came out from deeper underground
  275. There was a firefight with the Type 2s and they were all killed
  276. Advanced technology was used - plasma weapons, plasma laser beams were used
  277. We went back to the helicopter and we had a direct interface with the Pope at the time
  278. We were instructed to follow the Type 1 werewolves and track them.
  279. We tracked them for another 2 days
  280. Ended up in a city in Central America.
  281. There were 3 males and 1 female.
  282. These were the shapeshifter types
  283. We located the female in a bar
  284. I intercepted her in the bar and was talking with her, drinking with her, went back to her hotel room with her
  285. Some things went on and she got very angry and began to shape shift
  286. I was bitten on the shoulder
  287. A physical confrontation broke out between me and the female werewolf and she was starting to shape shift
  288. I was doing amazing feats of strength like running through solid doors and it went out on to the streets
  289. 3 males came and there was another shoot out
  290. They were neutralised.
  291. I was bitten on the shoulder and after that, I contracted the disease - the Lycan disease.
  292. My NSA code name changed to 'Baby Bear' which is a play on words
  293. We tried to find the cure for it
  294. It took years and it involved off planet travel
  295. It's stabilised.
  296. They're trying to weaponise the process now where instead of running around like a rabid beast, you can control the abilities
  297. I don't know what the level of the infection is still
  298. By the time the late 90s came around, the Vatican had exterminated most of the race.
  299. They are mostly extinct now.
  300. There's very few of them left
  302. 34:25 mins
  303. MH: What about the zombie thing which happened in the 1930s?
  305. MP: That is another type of disease- the zombie disease - where it's spread through off planet insects
  306. Virus comes from the mononegavirales order of viruses - that's where rabies and Ebola come from
  307. There's been many zombie outbreaks over the past couple of hundred years - London, the Great Plague, things happening in the Great Fire of London
  308. The virus spread then through insects, but Earth based insects like the ?? tick [35:26]
  309. The tick connects to cats and rats and dogs that spread the virus
  310. I was part of a zombie containment unit.
  311. That was with the CIA and the Vatican again
  312. It's one of the best kept secrets that they've maintained over the years.
  313. It's starting to leak out now
  314. There are 3 parts to the zombie infection
  315. Within 1 hour, the victim gets flu-like symptoms; that's the infection stage
  316. The second stage - the victim experiences coma for about 5 hours
  317. Most young and very old who have been bitten, can't survive the zombie coma but there have been zombies found as young as the age of 5, and 90
  318. That is the coma stage - stage 2
  319. Stage 3 - the zombie awakens from the catatonic state and they are unresponsive to stimuli and they'll shuffle about until they locate prey.
  320. When they locate prey - their sense of smell is very strong; they can smell people from up to 5 miles away - at that point, they become faster and stronger
  321. They will begin hunting like after transformation, like the minute they wake up.
  322. The person infected with the zombie virus is transformed into a single minded hunting machine
  324. MH: Are they like pop culture zombies? Do they want to eat people?
  326. MP: They are exactly like that.
  327. Changes affect the nervous system and the muscular system
  328. There were a number of zombie tests in underground bases
  329. I was involved as a commander
  330. In some of them, we severed their spines and they were able to walk again within 24 hours
  331. There was one who had three-quarters of his head blown off with a shot gun blast
  332. It had no apparent effect and he was still functioning
  333. There's been a lot of outbreaks in Florida
  334. There's often zombie outbreaks where there have been natural disasters - floods and things
  335. Because of the rats and things start infesting the streets after natural disasters
  336. We think that's the reason for the zombie outbreaks in Florida
  338. 39:24 mins
  339. MH: Did you work with Aaron McCollum at the Solomon island stargate to go offworld/waterworld operations?
  341. MP: I was involved in a lot of undersea missions.
  342. I remember Aaron at some operations
  343. In 2010, I holidayed at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne - a small island in the Florida Keys, Miami
  344. It's where the rich go
  345. If people want to make jokes about plant zombies, they can but it's no laughing matter
  346. There was on Key Biscayne in 1935, Sept 7th, on Labor Day, a category 5 storm on Florida Keys
  347. Again these outbreaks occur on the wake of these natural disasters
  348. I think there's only one of two recorded in history - category 5 storms - in America
  349. Winds were over 150 mph, destroying practically everything on Key Biscayne
  350. After the storm, infected rats started roaming in the island
  351. By the morning, the first zombies started to appear
  352. It's a very small island.
  353. There's a bridge that ... comes from Miami and goes to Key Biscayne
  354. The bridge has been destroyed and people were trapped on the island
  355. A lot of people mistook the zombies for the day's hurricane survivors, and approached them and were bitten
  356. The infection spread like wildfire
  357. The roads and bridges to Miami were destroyed
  358. People were trapped
  359. Scores of people drowned .... when they realised what was happening
  360. The waves were really high when they tried to escape into the sea to get away from being eaten
  361. A total of 3,500 people were infected and super soldier teams stormed the island in a variety of sea craft
  362. Some of them came from the underwater bases and they set up a beachhead on the south side of Key Biscayne island.
  363. They took 3 weeks to secure the island and 3,500 people were infected by zombies and were killed
  364. I was on the island in 2010 for New Year, staying at the Ritz Carlton hotel
  365. I was sent through an undersea jump gate back in time to 1935 and I took part in that operation
  367. 42:50 min
  368. MH: When you use jump gates, you go back - does that change the timeline?
  370. MP: I don't know. Possibly. It could have been a worldwide outbreak
  371. In one timeline, everybody knows about zombies and vampires
  372. There's posters; government posters, as you walk down the street, saying, "Beware! Vampires are watching your children."
  373. Everybody knows about them in one timeline.
  374. Not in this one.
  375. Everyone's dumb and this is the first time it's really been talked about
  376. And the Vatican involvement with it
  378. MH: And is this anything to do with the Pope they've just elected?
  380. MP: It's interesting that the day that the public is being informed, the Vatican are employing teams for containment of vampires and zombies and werewolves
  381. There's going to be a lot of evidence coming out to back this up.
  382. This new Pope is closely connected with this disclosure
  384. MH: Wonder why Ratzinger resigned...
  386. MP: It's been released on the internet from one of the CIA Z units
  388. BM: When he was made Pope, he couldn't resign - he was made Pope for life
  389. Now he has the right to resign. That's the difference
  390. It's not a trivial point. [inaudible]
  391. How did you know the Vatican was involved?
  393. MP: Because we were working for the Vatican in the 90s for these containment units
  394. We were given weaponry by the Vatican that was blessed by the Vatican
  396. 45:05 mins
  397. BM: You see the [inaudible] and shield anywhere?
  399. PM: We were given 9 mm pistols with engravings on them and special bullets with engravings on them which were blessed by the Vatican
  400. These would neutralise the werewolves
  402. MH: These would be like the Jesuit unit?
  404. MP: It's connected with the Jesuits
  405. My adopted father worked for MI6
  406. He spent a lot of years in there and he was involved in a lot of drug trafficking
  407. He was involved with the NSA too
  408. He was involved with The Club of Rome, depopulation protocols where they were flooding black ghettos with drugs to reduce the populations there.
  409. That was just on the surface of it
  410. Because the zombie outbreaks have been happening in black ghettos.
  411. That's where they've been coming from and that's where it's going to be coming from in the future
  413. MH: Anya Briggs has texted to say, "Hi!"
  414. You've been involved in some operations with her too?
  416. MP: Yes, I have
  417. There have been some abductions with Anya.
  418. Memory's a bit vague
  419. I remember being with Anya in some aircraft hanger somewhere, possibly Kirkland Air Force Base
  420. With Aaron McCollum, arguing about whom we were going to abduct.
  421. Anya was something to do with that.
  423. MH: I have interviewed her. She remembered being taken up in a TR-3B and you 2 guys were there.
  425. MP: Yeah. I think we've been involved in a lot of rituals with her.
  426. Kind of Crowlean sex magick stuff; things like that.
  428. MH: These rituals - the Crowley stuff - is that part of the black ops military or the programs?
  430. MP: Yes. It's to do with all of them
  431. It's still coming back to me - the details - I haven't pieced them all together because I had my memory completely erased in 2003
  432. I was practically lobotomised.
  433. I was stuck in a tiny fishing village in the middle of nowhere called St Ives in Cornwall, England
  434. I couldn't remember anything
  435. I had everything stripped away from me.
  436. I had no access to any resources or money
  437. The plan was just to keep me buried there in the middle of nowhere and hope that I never remembered anything
  439. MH: I think they did that to Aaron too
  441. MP: They do it to everybody
  443. MH: Why won't they just kill you guys?
  444. Because they might still need you?
  446. MP: Because we keep regenerating
  447. We've been mutated so much with all this DNA, these different viruses being put in us
  448. We keep regenerating so they keep erasing our memories and hide us away
  449. Kissinger was always involved in that.
  451. MH: This was his program?
  453. MP: He was involved in.....
  454. We worked with a guy called the Dutchman, Alex Richards
  455. He got taken out.
  456. He was my air force space command
  457. Kissinger arranged that
  458. Then we all practically got lobotomised.
  459. Kissinger got even richer from our stories and our information
  460. He was selling our file information to Hollywood and to the Marvel films.
  461. These stupid superhero films. Some of them were good but a lot of them was Kissinger selling our file information to Hollywood to make those films
  463. MH: Just for his own gain or part of disclosure?
  465. MP: Well it hasn't really helped disclosure.
  466. 'Cos if you talk about what's going on, people say. "Hang on. That sounds like Wolverine. Sounds like so and so"
  467. So people think you've been watching too many Hollywood films.
  468. That's backwards.
  469. That stuff is based on us.
  471. 50:57 mins
  472. MP: Z Units, zombie units - we discovered the zombies only live for approx one year
  473. After 24 hours, when they come out of the coma stage, the skin becomes like silver leather and starts to fall off.
  474. They are very strong.
  475. They can bite through steel
  476. Some people in the Z units have been scratched and bitten and yet not been infected
  477. The CIA has kept them in quarantine for 6 months to a year
  478. So just because you've been scratched or bitten does not necessarily mean that you will be.
  479. For some reason, they've been breaking out of the black ghettos in recent years
  480. So they reenacted it in Kim Kardashian.... and then they were talking about bath salts to reinforce it in the public mind
  481. In the latest series, the chief of police in Miami or the ex-chief, gave Kim Kardashian the keys to the city
  482. It's like an honourary title
  483. He asked if he could do her any favours on the program.
  484. She said she's always dreamed about riding in a police operation or police raids; in the back seat to watch it.
  485. She went to the local police station and she was with some police officers and they said there's been a disturbance in one of the black ghettos in Miami
  486. They got into the projects there and found one woman who was exhibiting the beginning stages of the infection - sitting there, rockimg back and forth, screaming and moaning
  487. They were saying, "Oh, it's this new synthetic marijuana that people are taking."
  488. So again, they are using these TV programs as a cover story.
  489. We try to get it out
  490. We hijacked TV channels and said on TV, on national news, it was Michigan and several other states, there was an emergency alert.
  491. We were saying that they are raising from their graves and attacking the living
  492. We try to tell people what's going on and they said, "This is a hoax. It's from overseas hacking."
  493. Google it on the internet - recently, several mainstream news channels were hacked
  494. It was in Michigan ....
  495. They said, "Emergency alert in several areas in these states. The dead have been reported raising from their graves, wandering and attacking the living."
  496. They were real reports and they said it was a hoax; a hack, done from overseas.
  498. MH: This will certainly explain why the CDC has a zombie preparation protocols and the army has manuals about what to do in case of a zombie outbreak.
  500. MP: They say it's a type of rabies.
  501. It's more complicated than that.
  502. It's from off planet insects.
  503. Dulce and Peasemore - don't be mistaken that there are alien races and treaties etc
  504. That's true but that's to distract you.
  505. There are alien races there.
  506. They are all looking for the key to physical immortality to stay alive in one body
  507. So Dulce does one thing and one thing only ie they study vampire and zombie DNA
  508. They are looking for the key to physical immortality and it's dangerous because there are animals there which are infected with both diseases.
  509. They are in cages and they are being handled by the scientists and the workers there.
  510. They've been taken out of the cages for blood to be drawn, different DNA to be injected.
  511. They are highly aggressive when they are infected with these viruses
  512. People are getting bitten all the time ....
  513. This is where the outbreaks are happening.
  514. They are coming from these underground facilities - these outbreaks in Miami and all over the place
  515. They are going to come from the black ghettos
  517. MH: Because they intentionally infect the ghettos?
  519. MP: It seems these are race specific viruses.
  520. That race is most susceptible to it
  521. It's something to do with their African nation jungle ancestors.
  522. These are all jungle diseases
  523. They come from off planet insects from hot jungle planets
  524. Or they did in the past.
  526. MH: Did the aliens bring the insects here for their experiments?
  528. MP: I think there were super soldier operations to different moons .... of Saturn and Jupiter
  529. Some people call them the diamond spiders and that and the other.
  530. Some of them laid eggs on some of the equipment or clothing and they got back here
  531. There's been outbreaks and contamination - contact with these life forms
  533. MH: Read about these diamond spider things.
  534. They found some nest of them in moons of Saturn or Jupiter but they were actually from somewhere else
  536. MP: I was involved in an operation to an ice moon - Enceladus
  537. This is where the cold fusion alloy comes from - the primetal - for super soldiers
  538. I think I was bitten again so I've been infected with different viruses over the years from different life form and they should kill a person
  539. I've survived them but been kind of regenerated further for it
  540. They don't really understand me - what I've become or what I am capable of - the US government and different governments around the world
  541. My son was born this year - Dresden.
  542. They are very interested in studying him
  544. 1:00:00
  545. On Bases 23, I talked about some of the underground shuttle entrances and terminals in San Antonio
  546. One was Bexar County Courthouse.
  547. The shuttle will take you to Dulce and Kirkland
  548. A couple of days after...... my wife and I were contacted to pick up Dresden's birth certificate.
  549. We were given the address of a building.
  550. We headed downtown and the building turned out to be the Bexar County Courthouse
  551. When we passed through security there, a sound was going on; some flash - technology flashed in our faces - there's some missing time
  552. We were told by security that we were in the wrong building and we had to go to the City Clerk's office
  553. So we headed to this clerk's office and picked up the birth certificate
  554. On the birth certificate, it stated that Michael Dresden Casbolt was born at San Antonio Military Hospital
  555. That is the BAMC facility at Fort Sam where I was based
  556. On Bases 23, I described to Miles that under BAMC medical centre is another tube terminal that takes you to Dulce
  557. We remembered Dresden being born at home, here in our apartment in San Antonio
  558. But it states on his birth certificate that he's born at that facility
  559. Now I thought you had to tell the government where a baby was born
  560. We remember him being born at home but there's some false memories going on
  561. So my wife and I drove back to the apartment and we ended up getting lost
  562. We ended up off the highway at a Bovine DNA testing lab.
  563. We parked just outside this place where they test cattle DNA
  564. On the back of the building were paintings of planets with test tubes in front of them
  565. Again there's some missing time
  566. I tried to look this place up afterwards.
  567. I looked all over the place. I looked on the internet.
  568. This place didn't seem to exist.
  569. I remember something about a debriefing where I was told that Dresden was born at Dulce.
  570. But Bernie says there's no children or babies being born there.
  571. So it seems like there are.
  573. BM: I haven't been there 36 or 38 years so it's expanded since I left
  574. So it's possible that something like this is going on in a certain section of Dulce that's run by the beings who work there.
  576. MP: I've got a friend who works there officially for the CIA, and pays taxes and all that.
  577. He sent me some pictures; some colour photos that were released in Bases 9 with Miles Johnson with these vats
  578. On level 5 and they're full of blood
  580. BM: I've seen the vats
  581. There's a fan on the ceiling that always stalls
  582. I looked at it and had to get the fan to work
  583. I saw the vats and it's just like the picture in the Dulce Youtube
  584. There's a picture of it, from the doorway entrance, like I took it from a ladder
  585. For we had a ladder on to the fan
  586. So the guy came over and took a picture from the ladder.
  587. He walked up the ladder, about 3 rungs, and took a picture of the whole room.
  588. The ladder - it's there.
  590. MP: Is it a black and white photograph?
  592. BM: Yes
  594. MP: Yeah. I've seen that one.
  595. This one is a colour photograph.
  596. A more recent one
  597. It has some kind of blue tube on top of the blood vat
  599. BM: I don't know if I noticed that.
  600. It was a very mysterious looking room
  601. I went in there, fixed the fan and .... some space aliens take a bath in blood
  602. I went about my business
  603. I really wasn't going to scout about.......
  605. 1:06:50
  606. MP: Bernie was talking about how he saw a space alien in a bath in a vat of blood
  607. Dulce does one thing and one thing only - study vampire and zombie DNA
  608. I was involved in an operation
  609. Porton Down, military base; Boscombe Down in Wiltshire, UK
  610. A series of very important underground bases where this type of research goes on - bioweapons etc
  611. There's a lot of homeless go missing at Boscombe Down
  612. And they end up in Porton Down where they are tested on
  613. I was there with some military commanders ... the Porton Down facility underground
  614. I witnessed the following:
  615. We were up on an observation platform and there was a group of about 12 homeless, locked in this room, at the end of a long hallway, down below us.
  616. We watched; just looking down.
  617. We were physically there, obviously, and dressed in military uniform
  618. A soldier was put in the hallway incapacitated, I think, or electric shocked.
  619. He was still conscious.
  620. All he could do was crawl around a little bit
  621. A gas was put into the chamber with the homeless people in
  622. And they were infected
  623. The door was open and they come running out, roaring and tore the incapacitated soldier to pieces
  624. They were biting and kicking and punching him
  625. The scientists put implants into those creatures' brains
  626. We were able to telepathically control these creatures through synthetic telepathy.
  627. Another test room was set up.
  628. A much larger one.
  629. It's kind of like a swimming pool but with very shallow water in it
  630. There was some kind of regeneration liquid put in it
  631. It was only a couple of feet deep
  632. There was a high platform with a ladder
  633. We must have had a good 80 of these things in there
  634. We were controlling them to line up
  635. We were in the observation platform, looking down
  636. We were using synthetic telepathy to make them line up, climb the ladder, one at a time, and just walk off the diving board and smash down into the water
  637. And they would crawl over the side, walk around in a circle and line up again.
  638. It was a continuous cycle - go up the ladder and jump off
  639. So in the end, they were smashing themselves to pieces, breaking every bone in the body and they were still crawling out of the pool, crawling along and trying to crawl back up the ladder
  640. And this test went on for over an hour
  641. Some of the military officers - there were generals from Russia and generals from America, I think General Ray Odierno was involved, some air force generals.
  642. We were talking about unleashing these on to the public in certain areas
  644. Re: Cold fusion
  646. 1:11:35
  647. MP: The NSA and the NRO are involved in the space program there
  648. The ice moon of Saturn, Enceladus.
  649. There was a mining operation there
  650. It was more than a mining operation.
  651. They sent super soldiers on to the surface there
  652. They needed to retrieve an artefact that was in a kind of mountain structure...
  653. We had to battle our way through the ice.
  654. There were werewolf type creatures in the ice who were awoken when we got there
  655. We had to retrieve this artefact which is most likely the Spear of Destiny - Odin's spear.
  656. It was inside the mountain
  657. The mining took place afterwards, to get more of the metal.
  658. But they needed that first relic
  659. Odin's spear is a type of cold fusion metal that's been kept in ice for millions of years
  660. They're using it to build the cyborg exoskeleton
  661. The scientists are combining the intense temperature of cold with the intense temperature of heat.
  662. Putting them together to create a third energy which is the Vril - a kind of blue energy which is powering the exoskeletons - which is a kind of nuclear energy
  663. They developed micro-miniature nuclear batteries at Dulce, to power the exoskeletons
  665. MH: Bernie said the ETs at Roswell had some plastic bones but they were extremely hard plastic bones, harder than anything on Earth.
  666. Was it something like that?
  668. MP:It's a type of alloy
  670. BM: That's what it is.
  671. They're refining it
  672. It's not just a metal.
  673. It's the way you refine it.
  674. That's their secret - they have a way of refining metals
  676. MP: It's a mixture.
  677. They put different elements that are incompatible.
  678. They put them together somehow.
  679. Fuse it together
  681. BM: It's not really a lot of heat
  682. It's not a lot of cold
  683. But it's the heat and cold.
  684. You have to do it in the right proportions for this to work.
  685. Very simple actually
  687. MP: In Norse mythology, it's the energy of life that is created in the gap between fire and ice
  689. BM: They probably got it from Antarctica
  690. That's where all the stuff was in ice.
  692. MP: Yup, I spent time there in New Berlin underground facility with the Nazis.
  693. I spoke German before, my whole life, before 2003, and was given an English identity through this cold technology
  694. So I'm a bit dyslexic when it comes to English
  695. I spent a lot of time in New Berlin, the Antarctic facility there, with the Nazis
  697. MH: The 4th Reich Nazis?
  699. MP: Yup. They're the ones running the underground bases really - Dulce, Nelson, Peasemore
  700. The first levels is the US/British government - the Masonic, Jewish Zionist apparatus
  701. Deeper levels you run into the 4th Reich soldiers with the black uniforms and the leather with the SS rune stitched into the uniform
  703. BM: That's the occult stuff in there
  704. Bunch of occultist people in that area, with strange looking uniform, strange insignia
  706. MP: Yes, they are occultists; neo-paganist occultists
  707. What's interesting is the exoskeleton has runes engraved into it
  708. They light up in certain situations
  710. MH: These 4th Reich Nazis - are they children or grandchildren of Nazis?
  712. MP: Alfred Bonner is the head of operations at MI6.
  713. He's one of the first I had worked with.
  714. There's 12 directors of MI6 and he's one of them
  715. Big, huge, tall, blond hair, blue eyes with a scar down the side of his face
  716. He looks like an M.I.B.
  717. He's massive
  718. He wears a black suit with a fedora hat
  719. His true identity is Otto Skorzeny, Hitler's bodyguard from WW2.
  720. He hasn't aged
  722. BM: He's been in stasis
  723. They found him in Antarctica and they were in stasis
  724. You don't age much when you stay onboard a UFO
  725. I know people who have been involved with UFOs for a very long time
  726. They look remarkably well
  727. They spend a lot of time on the ship
  729. MH: So are they like in a time stasis?
  731. BM: Yeah. The ship slows your body metabolism down while on the ship
  732. That deals with the long voyages across the void of space
  734. MP: I think they're travelling back and forth from Earth to Aldebaron
  735. The 4th Reich
  736. They have a facility on Saturn too, which is the Brotherhood of Saturn .....
  737. It comes from Satan.
  738. Satanism are occultists
  740. BM: Nazis probably made the president [inaudible] 1:18:45
  741. They must have accepted a group of them and then took as they are and preserved it
  742. Preserved them
  743. [inaudible]
  744. They are just hybrid beings doing a mission
  746. MP: They have an interesting social system down there, the 4th Reich.
  747. They have multiple wives, polygamy, 4 or 5 wives.
  749. BM: There's no law out there.
  750. There's only rules.
  751. They have their own rules
  752. That's what we have to get used to.
  754. MH: My understand is that at the end of the war, the scientists and SS guys working on the Vril, UFOs and stuff like that, had actually abducted about 30,000 young women out of the Ukraine and took them down to Antarctica to be breeders
  756. MP: I was involved in a program.
  757. The women are there to look after the children.
  758. To raise the children and keep the Aryan race going
  759. The women are there to sexually service their husbands.
  760. That's their only role
  761. There's no female soldiers in the 4th Reich
  762. They very rarely use female psychics; sometimes but they don't like to do it because in the 4th Reich, war and politics is man's business and the women are there to have babies
  763. It's a very strict social culture (1:20:30)
  764. Everything is race related
  765. They know the history of different races because the Jewish system in this country, the Jewish-controlled government put in equal opportunities so everybody's equal.
  766. They mix all the races together which is an engineered genetic weapon to destroy the white race - to mix the white race with darker races to bury it; to submerge white blood
  768. BM: There is a theory among them that Hitler's race was a white race
  769. The Germans were white
  770. They destroyed Europe
  771. The Americans came along and destroyed the Nazis and destroyed Europe
  772. So this all about whites destroying things
  773. So there's a group that blames all the whites for all the wars in recent history
  775. MP: The Nazis believe they descended from Atlantean supermen
  776. They were white Aryans
  777. They believe they had all these abilities - to levitate and generate force fields etc
  778. But they lost that ability for interbreeding with darker races
  779. So they are trying to purify that bloodstream again to get back to that original Atlantean superman state
  780. They believe the Jewish people engineered mixed race in America; brought blacks over, promoting blacks in sports and entertainment to give them prestige so they can interbreed with white women
  781. All you see on TV everywhere is race mixing is very much encouraged
  782. They believe that that's their plan - a genetic weapon against the white race; to exterminate them
  784. BM: And that's the [inaudible] behind racial purity
  785. Not for the races to mix.
  787. MP: So they are very strict about the way they think
  788. They have a social science which they never deviate from
  790. MH: I've heard that Maria Orsic and Sigrin - these Thor society women had helped with bringing those women down to Antarctica and then they saw what was going on, and Maria Orsic and Sigrin had taken a bunch of these women and children and some of the anti-gravity ships and left.
  792. MP: I heard they went to Aldebaron.
  793. The Vril women then came back to her
  794. I heard that Maria Orsic was working for the CIA in the 1960s and there was some Black Panthers in the 60s who claimed to have seen her and involved in some genocide operations against the black communities again
  795. ...Some of the Black Panthers said they saw Maria Orsic in an American city and she was behind some fo the assassinations of top black leaders, working for the CIA
  797. MH: Have you any interactions with the Pleiadians or the tall blonds, Nordic ones, aliens?
  799. MP: I am married to one. She is a Pleiadian
  801. MH: Does she know Semjase?
  803. MP: Semjase is Maria Orsic
  805. MH: Bernie used to have communications with a Nordic woman named Nor (spelling) that I think is Semjase 'cos she was with an older guy who was Semjase's dad, Ptaah
  806. I think she is using a different name
  808. MP: She is popping up all over the place
  810. BM: Their race is more pure than ours so you might have a group of females all look alike, like a normal family
  812. MH: Will they be clones?
  814. BM: No, they are just normal family
  815. Semjase and her sisters, cousins - they all look alike
  817. MP: The mother can look the same age as the daughter
  818. They get to about the age of 35 and don't age...
  820. BM: The Nordics get to about 800 years old to 1200 years old.
  821. So they are in their teens till about 300 years old
  823. MH: Semjase was about 400 years old when she came to Earth...
  825. MP: Certain truths have been put in certain religions
  826. Religion is ridiculous but the Mormon religion talks about these spiritual families that populate a whole planet
  827. One family
  828. The Mormon family then talks about polygamy, multiple wives, how you can physically become immortal and stay with your wife forever physically
  829. If you have a mother who looks like they are in their 30s and don't age past that, then the daughter gets to that age and don't age past that and their daughter etc
  830. Then you can have one family populate a whole family
  831. And that's exactly what's happening.
  832. That how they operate
  833. They want massive depopulation of the Earth
  834. They want to create the Garden of Eden again where the Earth is one big national forest
  835. These people are walking around with their families in beautiful cities everywhere
  836. Every man has 5 wives, walking around the forest naked
  837. Sexual orgies going on outdoors and it's back to paradise
  838. This is the Nazi philosophy where they're heading
  839. The Nazis are atheists. They don't believe in the soul.
  840. They believe that once your body is destroyed, the individual is annihilated for eternity
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