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  1. give @p minecraft:written_book 1 0 {author:"myIRLname", title:"magic spell book", pages:["{text:'commands: ', extra:[{text:' setspawn', color:light_purple, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/spawnpoint @p ~ ~ ~'}, extra:[{text:'creative_mode', color:gold, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/gamemode 1 @p'}, extra:[{text:' speed lvl1', color:dark_aqua, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/effect @p 1 1000000 10 true'}, extra:[{text:' speed take', color:dark_green, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/effect @p 1 0 255'}, extra:[{text:' speed lvl2', color:green, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/effect @p 1 1000000 255 true'}, extra:[{text:' small explosion', color:black, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/summon PrimedTnt ~ ~ ~'}, extra:[{text:' big explosion ', color:dark_red, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/summon Fireball ~ ~ ~ {ExplosionPower:4, direction:[0.0,-10.0,0.0]}'}, extra:[{text:' really big explosion', color:dark_red, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/summon Fireball ~ ~ ~ {direction:[0.0,-10.0,0.0], ExplosionPower:15}'}, extra:[{text:' ENORMOUS EXPLOSION', color:red, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/summon Fireball ~ ~ ~ {direction:[0.0,-10.0,0.0], ExplosionPower:150}'}}]}]}]}]}]}]}]}]}]}", "{text:'more commands:', color:black, extra:[{text:' noon', clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/time set day'}, color:gold, extra:[{text:' time night', color:dark_blue, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/time set night'}, extra:[{text:' time midnight', clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/time set 20300'}, extra:[{text:' time morning', color:gold, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/time set 23000'}, extra:[{text:' Invisibillity', underlined:false, bold:true, color:white, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/effect @p 14 100000 255 true'}, extra:[{text:' visibillity', color:blue, bold:false, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/effect @p 14 0 255 true'}, extra:[{text:' -x', color:dark_grey, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/tp @p ~-5 ~ ~'}, extra:[{text:' x+', clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/tp @p ~5 ~ ~'}, extra:[{text:' z+', clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/tp @p ~ ~ ~5'}, extra:[{text:' z-', clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/tp @p ~ ~ ~-5'}, extra:[{text:' y+', clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/tp @p ~ ~5 ~'}, extra:[{text:' y-', clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/tp @p ~ ~-5 ~'}}]}]}]}]}]}]}]}]}]}]}]}]}" , "{text:'NightVision', color:'dark_blue', clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/effect @p 16 1000000 200 true'}, extra:[{text:' NightVision Off', color:black, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/effect @p 16 0 200 true'}, extra:[{text:' kill entities', color:dark_purple, hoverEvent:{action:show_text, value:'10 block radius'}, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/kill @e[type=!Player,r=10,type=!Item]'}, extra:[{text:' small Explosion', color:dark_red, hoverEvent:{action:show_text, value:'with a fuse of 20'}, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/summon PrimedTnt ~ ~ ~ {Fuse:20}'}, extra:[{text:' Survival mode', color:red, bold:true, hoverEvent:{action:show_text, value:'going into survival.....'}, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/gamemode 0 @p'}, extra:[{text:'keepInvetory On', color:gold, hoverEvent:{action:show_text, value:'It is a gamerule. By default, it is off'}, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/gamerule keepInventory true'}, bold:false, extra:[{text:' keepInventory Off', clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/gamerule keepInventory false'}, extra:[{text:'DoDaylightCycle On', hoverEvent:{action:show_text, value:'wether or not time keeps going.'}, clickEvent:{action:run_command, value:'/gamerule doDaylightCycle true'}}]}]}]}]}]}]}]}"]}
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