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  1. Twins
  3. (Incest mother/daughters - preteen twins - zoo sex preteen girls/dog)
  5. Alison Kruse was having a really bad day. She was so busy at work that she was planning to work into the night to clear some of her desk when she got a call mid-afternoon from her childminder to say that she would have to finish at five. At such short notice, Alison couldn't arrange any cover, and she had no alternative but to go home, laden down with files and paperwork.
  6. Dinner was a rushed affair for her and the twins. Amy and Susie were both eight years old and they found it difficult to understand why Mommy was in such a rush and was in such a bad mood. It didn't help that her husband Tom had to relocate his job to Phoenix, and only saw his family at the weekends.
  8. As soon as the dinner dishes were cleared away and stacked in the dishwasher, Alison covered the table in her paperwork and left the twins alone to watch television. She completely lost track of the time and was astonished when she glanced up and found that it was after nine o'clock. She was nowhere near finished her work, but the twins had school in the morning and needed to get to bed. Jumping up, Alison went upstairs and filled the bath, before she shouted downstairs for her daughters.
  9. When they came running into the bathroom, she said, "Okay, you two. Bath time."
  10. The girls giggled as they pulled off their clothes and stuffed them into the laundry hamper. Although Alison was watching them, her mind was on the paperwork that she still had to do, and she squatted down so that her face was at the same level as the twins and said, "Listen girls, Mommy's very busy tonight and she's got a lot still to do. Do you two think you're old enough to wash yourselves tonight and get ready for bed?"
  11. "But you always wash us," Amy said with a pout, and then glared at her twin when Susie nudged her in the ribs as she said, "That's okay Mommy. We can do it."
  12. "That's my girls," Alison said, with a smile for them both. "Once you're in bed, shout downstairs and I'll come and tuck you in."
  14. Once their mother had left the bathroom, Susie climbed into the bath and her sister watched her closely. Amy was very jealous that Susie had little swellings on her chest that would soon develop into her tits, where Any was still completely flat. Glancing down at her chest to make sure that her tits hadn't started to grow in the past day, Amy clicked her tongue in frustration as she climbed into the bath beside her twin.
  16. Because their mother wasn't in the room, the girls had great fun splashing each other with the bath water and they were both giggling when Susie said, "I suppose we better get washed now."
  17. Amy nodded her head, but said, "I don't like washing myself. I like Mommy to do it."
  18. "So do I ," her sister admitted, and then her face brightened and she continued, "Why don't I wash you, and then you can wash me?"
  19. Amy thought that was a great idea, and she nodded her head enthusiastically.
  21. Susie got up on her knees in the bath and picked up the soap. While she worked it into a lather, she said to her twin, "Stand up."
  22. Carefully placing the soap back in the dish, Susie started to rub her soapy hands over Amy's shoulders and then turned her around so that she could continue down her back. She kept lathering her hands with the soap and soon Amy's back was well covered. As she stood and let her sister wash her, little Amy liked the feeling of her twin's hands on her skin even better than Mommy's, but she didn't know why. She had to stifle a giggle when Susie's hands went lower and soaped up her butt cheeks, but Amy found that she liked that even better than getting her back washed.
  23. Susie continued to wash down her sisters legs to where they entered the water and then worked her way up to make sure that she hadn't missed anywhere. She purposely didn't probe very deep into Amy's ass crack because that was where poop came from, and once she was happy with her work she said, "Turn around Amy."
  24. Lathering up her hands again, Susie rubbed down from Amy's shoulders and over her flat chest. When her fingers brushed over her sisters nipples, Amy jumped and didn't know why she moaned. Thinking that she had hurt her twin, Susie said, "Sorry. Was that sore?"
  25. Amy had a confused look on her face, but she shook her head slowly and replied, "No, it felt kinda nice."
  26. Raising her hand again, Susie rubbed her hand over Amy's nipple again and she laughed when she got the same reaction. This time there was something different, and Susie said, "Wow, look at your tits Amy."
  27. For a second, Amy thought her sister was going to tease her about still being flat chested, but when she looked down, her nipple had stiffened and lengthened.
  28. "What's happened?" Amy said, not entirely sure whether she should be frightened or not.
  29.  "I don't know," Susie said as she reached out to touch the sensitive teat again. This time it was like an electric current shooting through Amy's body and she gasped loudly.
  30. When Susie snatched her fingers away in confusion, Amy looked into her sisters eyes and whispered, "Its okay. Do it again. Please do it again."
  31. Susie rubbed her palm over the stiff nipple and it seemed natural to take the teat and roll it between her forefinger and thumb. Amy squeaked her delight, and the eight year old also became aware of a strange feeling in the slit between her legs.
  32. Her sister was completely unaware of that of course and she was concentrating on her sisters nipple. Even although she hadn't even touched the other nipple, Susie could see that it was also stiff and pink and she raised her other hand and rolled both nipples.
  33. ""Oh God, that's nice," Amy said in a low voice, as her eyes closed and her breathing became shallow.
  34. She had no idea what was happening to her and she didn't care as long as this delicious feeling continued. The world drifted away from her and the only two things in the entire universe were her body and her sister's fingers.
  36. After what seemed like eternity, but was actually only a few moments, Susie took her hands away and looked into Amy's flushed face.
  37. "Are you okay?" she asked in concern.
  38. At first, her sister could only nod her head, and then she said, "I'm fine," even although it was a lie.
  40. What she actually wanted to say was that she had no idea what was happening to her, no idea why her legs felt shaky and weak, no idea why the little slit that she peed from felt all wet inside, but that the only thing she wanted in the world was for her sister to keep touching her.
  42. Susie was glad that her sister had said she was okay. The last thing she wanted was to have call up her mother in case she saw the state of Amy's nipples. She had no idea what she had done, but she was pretty sure that her mother wouldn't approve.
  43. Splashing water on her hands and foaming up the soap again, Susie carefully avoided touching Amy's still hard nipples as she washed over her stomach and then her hips. When her fingers approached her sisters slit, Amy opened her legs, just like she did for her mother, and allowed Susie's fingers to slide over her pubic mound. She was never sure what happened next.
  44. Maybe Susie pressed a bit harder that her mother did or maybe it had to do with the wet feeling she had inside her pee tube, but as Susie's hand slid between her sisters legs, Amy's little hole seemed to open and suck a finger inside.
  45. The preteen cried out as a jolt of pleasure lanced through her body and her hips automatically pushed down and drove her twin's finger deeper into her slit. Amy's reaction frightened her sister and Susie immediately tried to jerk her hand away, but just as quickly, Amy's hands tightened around her sisters wrist and held it with an amazingly strong grip.
  46. "No," Amy gasped. "Don't move. Keep your hand there."
  47. As she spoke, her hips began moving up and down and Susie's finger slid in and out of her hole.
  49. Amy had no conscious idea of what she was doing, but it just seemed right. Susie was also completely confused by her sister's actions and she couldn't understand why Amy's pee hole felt so hot and so wet. At first she thought that Amy was peeing, but nothing was coming out of her slit, and she also couldn't understand why her sister was getting so much pleasure out of what she was doing.
  50. Susie, like every other eight year old had spent time studying and opening the slit between her legs, but she had never experienced what her sister was obviously feeling. Before she could carry on with that thought however, Amy's body gave a series of sharp jerks and then she groaned loudly and sank back down in the bath. As she did so, Susie's finger was pulled from her sisters body and she didn't know whether to look at Amy for an explanation, or to look at her finger that was covered with a thick slime.
  52. Amy's eyes were closed and her chest was heaving as she fought for breath and Susie moved her finger closer to her face and smelt it. The scent confused her even more because it was immediately obvious to the young girl that it wasn't pee. Without any conscious thought about what she was doing, Susie flicked out her tongue and licked her finger. The taste seemed to fill her mouth and make her skin tingle and she couldn't resist having another lick. At that moment, Amy's eyes fluttered opened and Susie hurriedly moved her finger under the water and washed off the rest of the slime. She could still taste the exquisite flavour however as she stared at her twin and hissed, "What happened?"
  53. "I don't know," Amy admitted, "But it felt awesome."
  54. "But my finger was inside your pee hole," Susie hissed quietly, casting a quick glance at the bathroom door to make sure that her mother wasn't around.
  55. "I know," her sister replied as she looked down between her legs. Unfortunately, when she had sat back down in the bath, the soap that was still on her skin had washed off and clouded the water. She really wanted to look at her slit and even finger herself to see if she could get that feeling again, but didn't want her sister to see. Instead she just looked at Susie and shrugged her shoulders.
  56. Her twin wasn't going to be put off however and she persisted, "What did it feel like?"
  57. "I don't know," Amy explained quietly. "I can't describe it. It just felt really good."
  58. "You were wet inside your pee hole," Susie informed her.
  59. "I know, I could feel it," Amy said. "I'm sorry if I peed on your hand."
  60. "You didn't," Susie said slowly. "It wasn't pee."
  61. "What was it then?" Amy demanded.
  62. "How should I know," Susie said reasonably. "It came out of your hole, not mine."
  63. Amy could see the sense of what her sister said, but for some reason it sounded funny and she started giggling. Her laughter was infectious and they were soon both laughing. When it subsided, Amy splashed water over her shoulders to remove the last of the soap and then said, "You stand up now and I'll wash you."
  65. Susie  complied with her sisters instructions and she also found it pleasant to feel Amy's hands on her skin. When she turned around to face her sister, their eyes locked and an unspoken question and answer flashed between them. Just to make certain that she had interpreted the look correctly, Amy asked quietly, "Do you want to see if I can make your tits feel good."
  66. Susie's mouth suddenly became very dry, but she nodded her head and Amy lathered up her hands.
  67. She moved her hands very gently over the plum sized swellings on Susie's chest and then pulled her fingers over her nipples. Repeating her actions, she could see the tips of the nipples harden before her eyes and they continued to lengthen as she fingered them. She glanced up at her sister's face, but Susie had her eyes closed and she was breathing through her open mouth. Amy's heart soared at the sight because not only did it mean that she could return the pleasure that Susie had given her, but it also confirmed that there wasn't anything wrong with her body.
  68. When Susie's teats were rock hard, Amy rolled them between her fingers, just like she had seen Susie do, and smiled when her sister groaned in obvious pleasure.
  69. "Is that nice?" she said quietly, and Susie hissed, "Yes. Oh God yes!"
  70. The tingling seemed to radiate out of her nipples and spread all the way up to her face and down to her feet. Her hands were curled into little fists and, under the water, her toes were also curled.
  71. After another few minutes, Amy removed her hands and soaped them up again. Susie knew what she wanted to happen and she opened her legs and stood with her feet apart. She practically held her breath as Amy rubbed the soap suds over her stomach and her hips and then slid her hand between her legs. She felt Amy's finger slide along her slit and then the pressure increased slightly and the lubricated finger wormed its way inside her pee hole.
  72. Amy's finger penetrated Susie for no more that an inch before she couldn't go any further. She knew that she had much more of Susie's finger in her body than that and she didn't understand why. Increasing the pressure, her finger suddenly slid inside all the way to her knuckle, but Susie cried out and it wasn't with pleasure.
  73. Holding her finger inside her sister's body, she looked up at Susie's face and asked, "What's wrong?"
  74. "That was sore," her sister hissed in reply and Amy could only shake her head and answer, "Well it wasn't sore when you did it to me!"
  76. They were both too young to understand what a hymen was and that Amy's finger had just ripped through her sisters. They also didn't understand that when Amy had fallen off her bicycle a couple of months ago and bruised her crotch area, that had been enough to break her seal.
  78. The sharp pain in Susie's slit was rapidly fading, and she shook her head when Amy asked, "Do you want me to stop."
  79. "Go slowly though," she said as an afterthought.
  81. Amy's finger began to slide in and out of Susie's slit and gradually increased in speed. She could see a small smear of blood on her finger, but she didn't bother telling her sister, who was now starting to enjoy the sensations. There was no more pain and Susie relaxed as her twin fingered her and she could feel her body respond. The soap was gone from Amy's finger and the young girl could feel the heat increase inside her sisters pee tube and also the wetness.
  82. Smiling up at Susie, Amy said softly, "You're getting wet."
  83. Susie nodded her head and confirmed, "I can feel it too."
  84. "What else do you feel?" her sister asked.
  85. "I feel all tingly," Susie answered, "And my stomach feels like its full of butterflies."
  86. Amy knew exactly what she was describing and she fingered her sister faster as she said excitedly, "It wont be long now Susie and you will feel what I felt."
  87. The preteens eyes were closed and she had tilted her hips to give her sister easier access as the tingling feeling intensified.
  88. Once, about three years ago, Susie had fainted. The doctor put it down to the stress of starting her new school and pronounced her fit. Susie always remembered the floating sensation that she had just before her senses left her, and now she was floating again. This time however, it was accompanied with the most intense feeling of pleasure that radiated out from her slit. She could see bright lights in front of her closed eyes and hear a non-existent sea rush in her ears before everything went black.
  90. When she eventually opened her eyes, she was sitting in the bath and Amy was staring at her with a concerned look.
  91. "Are you alright?" she said. "I think you passed out for a second."
  92. Susie nodded her head sharply, to dismiss that conversation and instead said, "God Amy, that was amazing. Now I know what you felt, and you're right, you can't describe it."
  94. Her sister nodded her understanding and the sat quiet for a while before Amy asked, "What do you think happened to us?"
  95. "I think it was sex," Susie replied, trying to sound knowledgeable.
  96. Her sister looked doubtful and replied, "I don't think so. Sex happens between a boy and a girl and we're both girls."
  97. Susie shrugged her shoulders and said, "Maybe two girls can have sex."
  98. Amy still looked confused but then her mothers voice drifted upstairs as she shouted, "Are you two out of the bath yet."
  100. They both hurriedly splashed water over themselves to remove all the soap and as they jumped out, Susie shouted in reply, "We're just getting dried Mom!"
  102. Fifteen minutes later, both girls were in bed and their mother kissed them both on the forehead before she wished them goodnight and turned out the light. The twins shared a bedroom by choice because they liked each others company and there was a nightlight in the room so that they weren't in complete darkness.
  103. Both of then tossed about in their beds, nowhere near ready for sleep. Any female who was sexually active would have recognised the signs immediately, but the twins didn't know that they were horny. They didn't even know what that word meant, they just knew that something was preventing them from falling asleep.
  104. Finally, Amy sat up in her bed and looked over at her sister. Susie was also wide awake and she rolled onto her side to face her twin.
  105. "I can't sleep," Amy complained.
  106. "Neither can I," her sister confirmed.
  107. Both of them were thinking exactly the same thing, but neither of them wanted to be the first to voice the thought. Amy was wearing a cotton nightdress covered with Disney characters, and she pulled it out from the neck and looked down at her chest.
  108. "What are you doing?" Susie giggled.
  109. "My tits are all hard again," Amy replied, "And I don't know why. I wasn't touching them."
  110. "Maybe that happens when you want the feeling in your pee hole again," Susie said logically. When her twin didn't reply, she added, "Do you want the feeling again?"
  111. Amy looked over at her twin and chewed her bottom lip as she nodded her head.
  113. Throwing the bedcovers back, Susie got out of bed and pulled her nightdress over her head. Seeing this, Amy immediately drew her own nightdress off and threw it onto the bed. Both girls were now naked and Amy pulled back her covers to invite her sister into her bed.
  114. Pulling the covers over themselves, they lay together facing each other, and Susie whispered, "You do me and I'll do you."
  115. As if choreographed, they both raised one knee in the air and placed their foot flat on the bed. Moving her hand between Amy's legs, Susie could feel her sister's fingers stroke her own slit, and she hoped that she wouldn't experience the sharp pain again. This time however, Amy's finger slid inside her slit without any resistance, and Susie sighed happily as she copied Amy's action and penetrated her sister.
  116. Keeping her voice low Amy whispered, "You're wet!"
  117. "So are you," Susie replied softly, "And hot."
  118. They both giggled as they began to slide their fingers in and out of each others body, but very quickly, the giggling stopped and their breathing rate increased. As they panted for breath, the hot air expelled from their mouths blew into the others face and they did their best to moan and groan as quietly as they could. Susie could feel that her fingers were covered with her sister's slime, and she could also feel the wetness inside her own slit. This time however, she could tell that there was much more and it was leaking out of her hole and coating the inside of her thighs. It wasn't just the feeling of wetness however and as they worked themselves up towards their release, their immature slits began squelching as the slime flowed.
  119. The tingling had begun again in both girls, and they were moaning continually as they approached their climax. Susie shuddered first, but she kept her finger pistoning in and out of Amy's slit for the few extra seconds that were necessary to bring her off. With their fingers buried in each others pee holes, both preteens shuddered and convulsed as they stared into each others eyes.
  121. When they had calmed down, they pulled their fingers out of the others body with great reluctance and Susie got out of Amy's bed. As she picked up her discarded nightdress from the floor, she used it to clean the slime off her fingers and to slop up the juices that dripped from her slit, and saw that her twin was doing the same. Susie would really have liked to lick her fingers and taste Amy's slime again, but she didn't want her sister to know that she had done that. Now that they weren't horny any more, they drifted off to sleep.
  123. That night set the precedent for the ones that followed and the twins fingered each other as often as they could. Sometimes they did each other at the same time, and other times they took turns, but it always resulted in that gorgeous feeling between their legs that they had grown to love.
  125. One night, the following week, the girls were really horny. Not satisfied with bringing each other off once, they had continued until they both had climaxed three times and their crotches were soaking with their juices. Susie had just crawled exhausted out of Amy's bed when she heard her mother's footsteps on the stairs. Knowing that Alison always looked in on them before she retired for the night, Susie hurled her body on top of her bed and closed her eyes pretending to be asleep. She didn't have time to put her nightdress back on but she sometimes slept naked on warn nights and she hoped that her mother wouldn't think anything was unusual. Unfortunately for the preteen, there was a landing light right outside the bedroom and as Alison opened the door, it shone into the room. It wasn't the sight of Susie's naked body lying on the bed that caused her mothers heart to skip a beat however, it was the way the light reflected on the juices that covered her little slit.
  126. Amy had managed to pull up her bedcovers before she pretended to be asleep and therefore Alison concentrated on Susie as she stepped into the room. As soon as she did, a familiar smell reached her nose.
  127. When Alison had been in college, she had been bi-sexual and had shared a room with two other girls who were lesbians. One night all three of them had got drunk and fucked each other for hours. In the morning, the room smelt exactly like the twins bedroom did.
  129. Stepping right up to Susie's bed, Alison could see that the eight year olds slit was red and open. Bending down without touching the child, she breathed in the scent of aroused cunt and she shook her head in wonder. Turning her attention to her daughter's hand, she gently lifted her arm and smelt her finger. She had no idea that it was Amy's hole she was actually smelling on Susie's fingers and she assumed that little Susie had taught herself how to masturbate.
  131. Both girls were expert in pretending to be asleep and Alison was totally convinced. As she stared at the preteens fingers, she could see that the slime was still wet and fresh and she couldn't help herself as she pushed the finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. The taste was incredible and she couldn't believe that her daughters hole could be so sweet. Her taste buds drooled as she looked down between Susie's legs and she gently pulled her finger over the child's puffy slit before putting it in her mouth. She was just reaching out for more, when the realisation of what she was doing hit her like a physical blow. She was sexually abusing her child and Alison stifled a cry of anguish as she turned on her heel and ran out of the room, closing the door quietly behind her.
  133. Susie kept her eyes closed as she listened to the diminishing sound of her mother's footsteps. She waited until she heard Alison's bedroom door close before she opened her eyes and turned her head to the side to look at Amy. Her twin was wide eyed and looking back at her as she whispered, "Why did Mommy lick your finger and lick up the slime from your pee hole?"
  134. "I don't know," Susie replied in an equally quiet voice.
  135. "Yuck! That must taste disgusting!" Amy said.
  136. "Actually," Susie began, "It tastes pretty good."
  137. Amy's eyes opened wider at this revelation and her sister continued, "No, not pretty good. It tastes amazing."
  138. "You've tasted your slime?" Amy said incredulously.
  139. "And yours," Susie admitted. "You taste good."
  140.  Amy shook her head in wonder and then kicked off her bedcovers. By the glow of the nightlight, Susie watched her twin slide her finger deep in her slit and then pull it out. She brought it to her nose to sniff it and then looked straight at her sister as she pushed the sticky finger into her mouth. Her face started to grimace because she was sure that the taste would be disgusting, but the grimace soon changed to a smile and she pulled her clean finger out of her mouth and licked her lips.
  141. "Tastes good," she confirmed, and then asked, "Do you taste the same as me?"
  142. "Kinda the same," Susie said, "But kinda different."
  143. On hearing that, Amy jumped out of her bed and crossed the room to Susie's bed. Without a word, Amy pushed her finger all the way up Susie's hole and then brought the finger to her nose.
  144. "You smell the same," she said before sucking the finger into her mouth.
  145. She savoured the taste and then said, "You're right, it's different. You taste awesome."
  146. Susie was pleased to hear that her sister liked the taste of her hole and she nodded eagerly when Amy asked if she could taste some more. She expected her sister to finger her again and was surprised when her twin crawled onto her bed and lowered her face between her legs. Before she could protest, Amy's tongue swiped over her slit and Susie nearly went into orbit.
  147. She had thought that nothing could be better than a finger up her pee hole but Amy's tongue was simply wondrous and she thrust her hips up at her twin's face and spread her legs wider.
  149. In her own darkened bedroom, Alison lay on top of the bed and stared at the ceiling. She felt guilty and ashamed at what she had done to her daughter, and an icy hand seemed to grip her heart when she thought about what could have happened if Susie had woken up. Despite her worries however, she was very horny and she couldn't understand why. She hadn't touched herself at all, and yet she could feel that her nipples were hard, her cunt was wet and her stiff clit was throbbing and burning as it begged for attention.
  150. Rolling onto her side, she reached down and felt under the bed for her dildo, that was wrapped in a pair of her stained panties. Because her husband was away from home most of the time, she felt justified in buying sex toys and Tom not only knew about it, but encouraged her to do so.
  151. The toy was her latest purchase and was delivered about a week ago in a discrete brown paper package. When she tore off the paper the gaudy box inside was covered with pictures of the toy and proudly bore the name "The Thruster."
  152. The sex toy was flesh coloured and measured six and a half inches long. The ripples and ridges on the surface were made to resemble an erect cock, apart from the circular rings about two inches down from the tip. When the dildo was switched on, the tip rotated in eccentric circles to stimulate the walls of her fuck tube, and what gave the toy its name, was that it also thrust into her cunt and its length increased to eight inches. Near the end of the shaft was a small plastic extension that vibrated very fast. When the toy was positioned correctly, the buzzing tip would rest on the top of Alison's clit. From the base of the dildo ran a thin wire that was connected to a small control box that allowed her to select, rotate, thrust, or both at the same time.
  153. Laying the plastic toy on the bed beside her, Alison shook out her dirty panties and sniffed the crotch. The scent of her cunt was strong and she smiled as she thought about the weekend when Tom was home. Before he fucked her, Tom always liked to smell the panties she had been using for the past week to masturbate. The more she stained them, the better he liked it.
  154. Raising her legs in the air, she pulled her underwear to her knees and then arched her back so she could pull them up. Alison would normally have pushed the dildo into her mouth to cover the plastic shaft with her saliva, but tonight she knew that it would be unnecessary. As she pulled her panties to the side and lowered to toy between her legs and onto her sex lips, her aroused cunt seemed to open up and suck the dildo inside. She was so wet that the fuck toy slid all the way inside her hole without any resistance and she sighed happily as she pulled her underwear back over her cunt and trapped the dildo inside. This way, her panties would catch all her girl cum, and also keep the dildo buried deep in her hole.
  155. Alison gripped the control box and relaxed on the bed with her eyes closed. She was so used to the control that she was able to operate it only by touch and she savoured the feeling of having her fuck hole filled for a few seconds before she pressed the "on" button. The vibrations were very subtle and the tip moved in slow eccentric circles inside her tube. Turning the small knurled knob increase both the frequency and the speed and already the familiar tingling was making itself known.
  156. While she masturbated, Alison started to think of her favourite fantasy. It consisted of a fireman lying on top of her naked body. He had his helmet on and the jacket of his uniform was unbuttoned and open. He wasn't wearing anything else and the tight muscles of his stomach formed a perfect six-pack as he fucked her. His body was covered in a film of sweat and Alison was just starting to breathe deeply when the image suddenly vanished from her mind to be replaced with Susie's body lying naked on her bed with her little preteen cunt saturated with her juices. The flavour of the child's slime seemed to be in Alison's mouth and she cried out both from the shock of the unbidden image and also because a small orgasm ripped through her flesh and made her back arch up from the bed. Even as her climax lessened so that her back crashed back down, Alison knew that she wasn't finished and she thumbed the dildo control to maximum and pressed the button to start it thrusting.
  157. There was nothing she could do to dispel the pictures of her daughter that were flashing through her brain and she was just imagining pushing her tongue into Susie's cunt when a massive orgasm detonated deep in her sex. Her nerveless fingers dropped the control box and she convulsed and shuddered uncontrollably as the dildo continued to vibrate, rotate and thrust in her cunt.
  159. Amy's tongue was as far up Susie's cunt as she could get it and she sucked eagerly at the delicious tasting juices that were pouring out of her twins hole and when Susie climaxed, it was like an explosion deep in her body that left the preteen speechless and a quivering wreck. After she had recovered Amy demanded that her sister lick her out and it was after three in the morning when they eventually got to sleep with their naked bodies entwined and their faces and their crotched saturated with their juices.
  161. Alison's unresponsive body gave a jerk as she returned to consciousness and found that her panties were still holding the thrusting fuck toy in her fuck hole. Stabbing the "off" button, she lay with her chest heaving until she was able to sit up and drag her panties to the side. Clenching her internal muscles pushed the dildo out of her hole and it fell into a very wet patch on the bedcovers. Feeling the fabric with her fingers, Alison couldn't help but think that she had pissed herself when she climaxed. When she ran her finger through the wetness and brought them to her nose however, there was no trace of urine.
  162. Alison had always got very wet when she was aroused, and she assumed that Susie had inherited her genes, but this was ridiculous. She skimmed off her panties and they were so wet that she could squeeze girl cum out of them very easily. She knew that Tom would be pleased with them when he came home at the weekend and she smiled at the thought as she changed her bedcovers.
  164. In the morning, when they were all sitting at the breakfast table, Alison kept glancing at Amy and Susie. The twins had always had a very close bond between then, but now it seemed to be a lot stronger. Where they occasionally fought like cat and dog, Alison couldn't remember the last time she had heard then say a cross word to each other. The other thought she had was at all through their development, if one of then picked up a new skill, she would quickly instruct the other one. If Susie had learnt to masturbate, Alison was pretty sure that Amy wouldn't be far behind her. Thinking about the twins teaching each other to touch their little cunts and pleasure each other, caused their mother to moan softly and press her thighs together as her slit tingled.
  165. Susie looked up from her cereal and said, "What did you say Mommy?"
  166. "Nothing baby," she lied. "I just yawned."
  167. After the girls had left for school, Alison hurried upstairs to get ready for the office. She glanced at her watch as she climbed the stairs and muttered, "Shit," as she realised that she was going to be late. The girl's bedroom door was open and she glanced inside as she passed. In common with most children, the twins tended to drop their clothes on the floor instead of putting them in the laundry. Alison's heart skipped a beat when she saw the pink cotton panties that were lying beside Susie's bed and she couldn't help herself as she went into the room and picked them up. She could tell immediately that they were soaking wet and her heart thudded in her chest as she brought them to her nose. The scent of her little girl's cunt was unmistakable and Alison's mind was in a whirl. She automatically looked around the floor for Amy's underwear but she had to walk around to the other side on the bed before she saw them. She could see they were soaking wet even before she picked them up and she tried to bring them to her nose, but couldn't. it took a second to realise that her other hand was still up at her face and she was sucking the juices out of the crotch of Susie's panties. She hadn't even been aware that she was doing it and her legs felt so shaky that she had to sit down on the bed. All sense of time evaporated and she sucked as much slime out of Susie's underwear as she could and then did the same to Amy's panties.
  168. After phoning the office to say that she was ill, Alison lay on her bed and plunged her dildo deep into her fuck hole as she held the twin's soiled panties to her nose.
  170. Although the girls were in the same class at school, they tended to get home at different times because Amy stayed after school at music and drama while Susie was at track and field practice. The following afternoon Amy was home first and she waited impatiently for her sister. As soon as she was in the door, Amy hissed, "You're late," and dragged her sister upstairs.
  171. Their mother was in the living room and she listened to the girl's muffled voices in the hall and heard their footsteps as they ran upstairs. She had lost count of the number of times she had orgasmed during the day and she just couldn't get rid of her horny feelings. She was naked beneath her skirt and her cunt was red and bruised from the poundings she had given herself, but she still couldn't keep her fingers away from her sex as she thought about what her daughters might be up to in their bedroom.
  173. Once in the bedroom, Amy said, "I need you to lick my pee hole and make me tingle Susie. I really need it."
  174. Susie had a smug and superior look on her face as she sat down on the edge of the bed and she said, "Its not your pee hole. Its your cunt."
  175. Amy looked puzzled as she replied, "What's a cunt?"
  176. Susie stood up and skimmed her panties down to her ankles and kicked them off. Pulling her school skirt up to her waist, she pointed between her legs and said, "That's called a cunt silly."
  177. As Amy absorbed the information, Susie continued, "And you know all that slime that comes out of our cunts, that's called cunt juice."
  178. "How do you know all this?," Amy demanded. "Who have you been talking too?"
  179. Her sister smiled and replied, "I haven't been talking to anyone but I found this in Bobby Timson's school bag."
  180. As she spoke, she opened her own school bag and pulled out a hardcore porn magazine. "He was telling his friends that he stole this from his fathers collection, and then he left his bag at the side of the track when he went to practice."
  181. "And you took it?" Amy exclaimed.
  182. "Of course I did," Susie confirmed. "Look."
  183. She flicked through the pages and Amy's mouth opened at the images displayed. Suddenly her hand flashed out and stopped the flicking at one particular page. A large breasted blond was holding another girl's cunt open with her fingers and her tongue was right inside her cunt.
  184. "That's what we do," Amy said excitedly.
  185. Susie nodded her head and said, "Read it."
  186. Below the picture, the image was described in words and several phrases stood out for the preteen. One was "she licked her friends cunt until she sprayed out her cunt juice" and another was "she could feel her own cunt juice up and drip into her panties."
  187. Amy's eyes were gleaming and she started to turn the pages again. Susie watched her and informed her, when we lick and finger each others cunts, its called fucking."
  188. Amy looked sharply at her sister and she dropped her voice and said, "That's a bad word!"
  189. "Maybe," Susie replied, "But that's what is called."
  190. She pointed at some text and as Amy read the words, she could see that her sister was right. She continued to turn the pages and then came to a new section that featured the same woman, but with a man. The first image was of the girl kneeling in front of him and sucking his hard shaft.
  191. "What's that?" Amy asked.  
  192. "That's his cock," Susie replied. "That's what boys have between their legs."
  193. Amy didn't say anything but continued to turn the pages until the image was of the girl on her back with her legs in the air. The tip of the mans cock was resting against her wet cunt lips and Amy's mouth went dry because she was sure that she knew what was going to happen next. When she turned the page, the mans cock was buried up the girl's cunt all the way to his balls and the preteen was suddenly aware that her panties were soaking. She glanced at her sister and grinned when she saw that Susie was sliding a finger in and out of her cunt and that there was a squelching noise from deep inside her hole.
  195. Alison's fingers were covered with her juices as they flashed in and out of her fuck hole. She knew that she should confront her daughters and have the dreaded mother/daughter talk. The truth of the matter was that she didn't mind the girls experimenting with their bodies, or each others bodies, but she really should make sure that that was as far as they went. What she was dreadfully afraid of, was that she was becoming a paedophile because she couldn't stop thinking about molesting the twins. Her masturbation fantasies were now all about the twins, and the three of them rolling about on a massive bed with their tongues and fingers probing every hole they had.
  197. Later that night when Alison was in bed, the twins read the porn magazine from cover to cover and learned about cum, ass fucking, oral sex and even double penetration. They were so horny that they both had to put on panties as they lay in Susie's bed, to stop their juices staining the bedcovers. During the night, Susie woke up and felt a tongue swipe over her cunt. Opening her legs wide, she glanced down at the top of her twins head and then relaxed back on the bed, waiting for her cum. Amy pushed her sisters legs up and back to open up her ass crack and then ran the tip of her tongue around Susie's asshole.
  198. Susie's eyes flew open and she hissed, "That's the wrong hole Amy. That's my asshole that you're licking."
  199. Amy paid no attention because she knew exactly what she was doing, and Susie's protest quickly died because the sensation from her back hole was wonderful.
  200. Amy had obviously been paying close attention to the porn magazine and she stiffened her tongue and probed harder and, at the same time, slid a finger into Susie's cunt. The girl's had stretched their fuck holes with all their activities and now a single finger wasn't enough. Adding a second finger brought a gasp of pleasure from Susie and that gasp turned into a long moan as her twin managed to worm the tip of her tongue into Susie's shit hole.
  201. "Oh God yes," Susie gasped. "Fuck me Amy. Fuck me and make me cum."
  202. Amy's fingers flashed in and out of her twin's cunt and her tongue pushed deeper into her asshole as Susie pulled her knees up to her tits and locked her hands together behind her knees to give the best access to her holes. She was panting for breath and her eyes were closed as she climaxed and her internal muscles spasmed and clamped down tightly on Amy's tongue and fingers.
  203. By the time she had recovered, Amy was on her back with her legs drawn up to expose her holes. Her eyes were flashing with lust as she looked at Susie and said, "Now you do me!"
  205. The following day at school, Amy was taking a drink from the water fountain beside the lockers when Danny Ferguson ran past her with has hand clamped over his nose. The blood was oozing between his fingers and splattering in large drops on the floor as he raced into the boy's toilet. Just at that, Susie appeared beside Amy and she had a huge grin on her face.
  206. "What happened to Danny?" she asked.
  207. "Bobby Timson thinks Danny stole his porn magazine. Danny denied it so Bobby punched him on the nose," she replied and the twins stared at each other for a few seconds and then they both started giggling.
  209. Later that afternoon, Susie was getting ready to go to the track. The coach was having a try-out for the 200 metres and Susie had always been a good sprinter. She saw Bobby Timson standing outside the boys lockers with four of his friends huddled around him. They were looking at something he was holding and Susie heard the others make comments like, "Fucking Hell!" and "I've never seen that before," and "Fuck, I didn't know you could do that."
  210. Before she could get closer, the coach's voice boomed out, "Right, everyone outside on the track and we'll see how good you really are."
  211. Bobby quickly stuffed something in his bag, but from the glimpse she got, Susie was sure that it was another porn magazine.
  213. For the try-outs, the children were split up according to age, and because Susie was three years younger than Bobby and his friends, she had completed her runs before them. She made her way back to the lockers and stood nervously outside the boys locker and shower room. Waiting until no one was around, and making sure that Bobby and his friends were still at the side of the track, she opened the door and sneaked inside.
  214. The room stank of sweat, even although the windows were open, and she wrinkled her nose as she looked around for Bobby's bag. Lots of bags were strewn around the floor, but none of then were the distinctive purple colour of Bobby's. She kicked a few piles with her foot to make sure that it wasn't buried beneath, and then thought that it must be in a locker. She started at an end and worked her way along. Some were locked, but most were open. She reached the end of the line without success and then started on the row on the opposite wall. About half way along, she opened a locker door and was staring at Bobby's bag. Reaching inside, her fingers pulled out the magazine, right at the same instant she heard approaching male voices. In a panic she looked around for somewhere to hide when her eyes fell on an end locker that was lying with the door open. it was empty of any belongings and she dived inside and pulled the door closed. As she crouched down, her eyes were level with the ventilation slats and she had a clear view of Bobby Timson leading his friends into the locker room. They were followed by another two boys that Susie didn't know and she stayed as quiet as she could and hardly dared to breathe.
  215. The boys however were anything but quiet, shouting at each other and generally having a good time. She hoped that they would all leave soon and she desperately prayed that Bobby wouldn't check his bag before he did so.
  216. Her heart sank however when one of Bobby's friends said, "I'm going to take a shower. I stink, and I've still got band practice."
  217. She leaned forward for a better view however as the boy started to take off his clothes. On the way to the shower, he passed within inches of Susie's locker as she stared at his limp cock. One by one, the rest of the boys stripped off and walked into the communal shower. By moving to the other side of the locker, Susie could see into the shower and she watched as the seven boys soaped up their bodies. As it normally does, the boys started to discuss girls and Bobby tried to convince his friends that he was fucking a girl on his street. His friends didn't believe him and he took a lot of ribbing before one of them said, "Anyway, I bet you can't even get your cock stiff yet!"
  218. That caused a lot of laughter and Bobby felt that he had to respond.
  219. "Yes I can," he said, "And a lot bigger than that little prick you've got!"
  220. As he spoke, his fist wrapped around his cock and he jerked it furiously. Susie's mouth was dry as she watched the cock harden, and within a few moments, Bobby was proudly showing off his erect shaft.
  221. "Not bad," one of his friends acknowledged, "But not as good as this."
  222. He too was erect and a good bit longer than Bobby. That seemed to start them all off and before long, all the boys were supporting hard cocks and comparing them with each others. By the time they were finished, Susie could see the Bobby's cock wasn't the biggest one there, but it wasn't the smallest either. Bobby seemed to have realised the same thing and he gripped his prick and said, "When I get home, I'm going to find Elle and stick this right in her cunt!"
  223. Susie surmised that Elle must be the name of Bobby's girlfriend, and all his friends were cheering him as they left the shower and dried themselves off.
  225. Thankfully, Bobby didn't look inside his bag as he left the locker room with his friends, and the preteen waited for another ten minutes before quietly pushing the locker door open and tip toeing back to her own locker.
  227. When she returned home, Amy could see by the look on her sister's face that she had something to tell her. They went up to their bedroom and when Susie told Amy about the boys in the shower, her twin was so jealous.
  228. "You bitch," she said. "You get all the fun. I'll bet you were rubbing your cunt all the time you were watching them."
  229. "I wasn't," Susie replied, "I was scared out of my fucking wits."
  230. Amy loved hearing Susie use dirty words and she was about to reply, when her twin stood up from the bed and said, "But I took a look at the magazine on the way home, and you won't believe it when you see it."
  231. "Why?" Amy demanded. "Is it good? Did it make you horny?"
  233. Pushing her hand under her school skirt, she rubbed her palm over her crotch and then showed it to her sister. It was covered with her slime and Amy giggled as she bent forward to lick the juice. As she did so, she asked, "When did you take off your panties?"
  234. "I didn't," Susie answered. "I'm still wearing them, and I've soaked them!"
  235. "God," Amy exclaimed. "What got you so horny?"
  236. Wordlessly, Susie pulled the porn magazine out of her bag and handed it to her sister.
  237. The title was "Dog in Love" and when she flicked through the pictures, she felt her legs get weak and she was glad she was sitting down.
  238. Every page showed a picture of a woman and a dog. There were different women and different dogs, but the contact was the same. They all had a hard dog cock in either their mouth or their cunt, and one bitch was even taking it up her asshole. Amy couldn't believe her eyes and her preteen cunt drooled into her panties until Susie could smell it from where she was sitting. Just when Amy was about to beg her sister to make her cum, Alison shouted them downstairs for dinner, and Susie muttered, "Shit, she'll smell us."
  239. Running into the bathroom, they stripped off their panties and threw then in the laundry before using a wet flannel to clean around their drooling slits.
  241. All through dinner, the girls fidgeted in their seats until their mother eventually said, "What's wrong with you two tonight? Can't you sit still?"
  242. They certainly couldn't tell her that they were horny and desperate to get back upstairs to their bedroom to fuck, so they just looked contrite and mumbled, "Sorry Mom."
  244. Later on that evening, the twins managed to have a long fuck session in their bedroom, sucking, licking and fingering until they were wasted. The reason that they managed to do all that without interruption from their mother was because it was Friday night and just after dinner, the door opened and their father was home. Tom dropped to his knees and cuddled the girl's telling them that they had grown since he saw them last weekend and then got back to his feet to greet his wife. Alison had a strange look in her eye as they embraced and she whispered in his ear, "Bedroom! Now!"
  245. Unsure why Alison was acting that way, he followed her upstairs and into the bedroom. He didn't even get a chance to put his bag down when she gasped, "God, I've missed you," and kissed him deeply, her tongue snaking into his mouth. She could feel his cock begin to stiffen and press into her stomach and she pulled her mouth away and sank to her knees. Before Tom could react, she had his pants unfastened and was sucking his hardening prick into her mouth.
  246. It had been ages since Alison had done more that give his cock a few licks. She was more of a cunt girl, but now she slobbered over his shaft, jerking it with her fist and swirling her tongue around his piss hole. As he looked down at the top of her bobbing head, Alison glanced up at his face and gave the most dirty laugh he had ever heard as she continued to suckle on his prick. The obscene slurping noises were adding to the perverseness of the situation and Tom started to feel his cum boil in his balls. One thing Alison had never done was to take his load in her mouth and when he knew that he was close to spurting, he warned her by groaning, "I'm nearly there baby. If you keep doing that, I'm going to cum."
  247. He fully expected her to stop, bur Alison was acting like a complete slut and she opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue as she continued to jerk him with her fist.
  248. "Cum!" she hissed. "Fill my mouth with your lovely hot spunk!"  
  249. Tom couldn't believe his ears but her dirty talk and her pistoning fist were enough to take him over the top and he groaned loudly as his prick jerked and spurted his slimy load into his wife's waiting mouth.
  250. Alison didn't miss a single drop as she clamped her lips around his squirting cock and practically sucked his cum right out of his balls. She milked him until he was dry and then let his softening prick slip out from between her lips. Still on her knees, she looked up at him and opened her mouth to show him how much spunk he had made and then maintained eye contact with him as she swallowed it into her stomach. He was dumbfounded at Alison's wanton display and she rose smoothly to her feet and kissed him again. He could taste his cum on her mouth and she gently fondled his flaccid cock as she said, "I'll go downstairs and get us both a drink. You get that lovely cock hard again and ready to fuck my wet cunt."
  252. Instead of bringing up drinks, Alison reappeared with the bottle of whisky and two glasses. Throwing back the first drink, Alison proceeded to practically rape her husband and all he did was to lay on his back on the bed while the horny woman bounced her dripping cunt up and down his prick until she creamed.
  253. That night was full of firsts for the couple. Not only did Alison swallow his cum, but her last act before the fell exhausted onto the bed was to ram her dildo up her cunt and instruct Tom to fuck her up the ass. She had never agreed to anal sex before, but now the wanton whore seemed happy to take his cock in every hole she had.
  255. Saturday morning was a subdued affair as they all sat around the breakfast table, although no one knew the full reason why. In actual fact Alison, Amy and Susie were all feeling the same way. They all had sore cunts from overuse and they had a dull ache in their pubic bone from their energetic sex. Alison also had a red and raw asshole from the pounding it had received and she had to be very careful when she sat down. Tom was also sore and his prick felt like it had been worn away. In an attempt to soothe it, Alison has sucked him off very gently before they got out of bed and again eagerly swallowed his cum.
  257. After breakfast, Susie went into the bathroom and sat down to pee. As her urine splashed into the bowl, she bent her head forward and opened up her cunt with her fingers. The interior was pink and healthy and it looked very different from a few weeks ago before she started having sex with her sister. Her slit used to be tightly closed, but now it was always slightly open and had stretched so that she could take two, and sometimes three, of Amy's fingers. Wiping her hole with the toilet paper, she went into her bedroom and found Amy on her bed reading the bestiality magazine. Amy looked up as her sister entered and her eyes shone with lust as she said, "I think we can do this!"
  258. "Do what?" Susie replied with a confused look.
  259. "This," Amy retorted, pointing to a page in the magazine and then stabbing it with her finger.
  260. Susie looked at the page that showed a girl on her hands and knees on the floor. The picture was taken side on and she could clearly see the huge black dog that had mounted the girl and the thick red cock that was half in her cunt.
  261. "We can do that?" Susie said with a laugh, "And how exactly are we going to do that? You do know that we don't have a dog, don't you?"
  262. "If we had a dog, would you do it?" Amy asked quietly. "Would you let him fuck you?"
  263. Susie opened her mouth to reply and then closed it again. Trying again, she opened her lips just to close them again without making a sound.
  264. Amy giggled as she observed, "You look like a fish!"
  265. Her expression grew serious as she continued, "You would do it. I know you would."
  266. Susie didn't reply but she gave her twin a challenging look.
  267. "We've always liked and disliked the same things," Amy began. "If I want to get fucked by a dog, that means you want it too."
  268. Susie gave in at that and she blew air out through her lips as she admitted, "Yea, I'd do it, but we don't have a dog!"
  269. "There's King," Amy said quietly.
  270. Susie's mouth opened again, but this time it stayed open as she stared incredulously at her sister.
  272. King, was a German Shepherd that was owned by their neighbours, the Smiths. He was kept outside in their yard on a long length of rope. He was famous in the neighbourhood for chewing through it and escaping however, and he had impregnated just about every bitch in a ten block radius. Whether they were in heat of not, if King came across a bitch, he would fuck it. There was a steady stream of irate visitors to the Smiths house to complain that King had knocked up their pet pooch.
  274. "King," Susie eventually repeated, as she sat down on the bed beside her twin. "How are we meant to get King. I don't think the Smiths would give him to us to fuck, and I'm quite sure that Mom wouldn't allow him into the house, never mind our bedroom."
  275. Not to be deterred, Amy replied, "That's okay. I've worked it out."
  276. Her twin had a disbelieving look on her face, but Amy continued, "Tomorrow is Sunday. That means that the Smiths will go to Church and they're away for hours."
  277. That much Susie agreed with and she nodded her head.
  278. Amy continued, "We tell Mom and Dad that we're going over to Marsha's to play, and that gets us out of the house."
  279. Marsha Hunt was a classmate that the twins were friends with. They regularly visited each other house and Susie could also see that that would work. She still wasn't convinced of the whole plan however and she said, "Okay, I see how that gets us out of the house, and I also see how we can sneak into the Smiths yard and get King, but what then?"
  280. "The garage," Amy replied in triumph. "We take into the garage and let him fuck us!"
  282. The garage was detached from the house and was mainly use as a dump. Although their was a clear floor area, there was so much junk around the sides that neither Tom or Alison could get their cars inside and the garage was therefore very rarely visited. As this went through Susie's mind, Amy reached into a pocket and pulled out a bronze key. Susie recognised it as the key to the small side door of the garage and her heart started to beat faster. For the first time, she realised that Amy had actually thought this whole plan through, and that it might just work.
  283. "So?" Amy asked. "Are we going to do this?"
  284. Although the prospect of getting caught was frightening, the thrill of getting fucked by a dog cock excited the preteen enormously, and she nodded her head.
  286. When they approached Alison to ask permission to go to Marsha's the next morning, Amy and Susie were surprised how quickly she had agreed. They had no way of knowing that Alison's spirits soared at the prospect of getting the twins out of the house for a few hours so that she and Tom could have another fuck session.
  288. The family was now effectively split into two. Tom and Alison spent as much time in their bedroom as they could, fucking their brains out, and the twins were doing exactly the same thing in their room.
  290. Sunday morning was warm and the sky was a pale blue without a single cloud. Amy and Susie were dressed in a tee-shirt and short skirt and Amy again felt a pang of jealousy as the tight material emphasised her twins developing tits. Amy had pulled relentlessly at her nipples to see if she could stimulate her own swellings, but that just made her nipples hard and got her horny.
  291. After breakfast, the twins went up to their room and kept careful watch on their neighbours house until they saw the family pile into their car for the drive to church. Shouting to their mother that they were going to Marsha's, the sisters left the house and walked down the street until they were out of sight of their own house. They stopped and took each others hands, gripping them tightly and Amy asked, "Are you ready."
  292. Scared but determined, Susie nodded once and confirmed, "Ready."
  293. They retraced their steps to the Smiths house and quietly walked up the side path. Opening the gate to the yard, caused a loud bark from the dog, but he wagged his tail when he saw the girls. They crossed the grass to pat him and Amy carefully untied the rope from around his collar as her sister asked, "What if he doesn't want to come with us?"
  294. Amy grinned as she pushed her hand under her skirt and showed her sister the slime trails on her palm. Offering her hand to King's snout produced an immediate reaction and he got to his feet and his ears went back. One scent the dog was familiar with was aroused cunt, and although this smell was a bit different from a normal bitch, he still recognised it as cunt.
  295. Swiping her hand with his long tongue, King savoured the taste and Amy giggled happily as she said, "I think he likes me."
  297. The next part of the plan was the most dangerous because the twins had to open the gate between the Smiths yard and their own and get themselves and the dog into the garage without being seen. Amy kept hold of the dogs collar whilst Susie crept through the gate and unlocked the garage door. She was away so long that Amy was starting to think that something must have happened, when her sister suddenly appeared.
  298. "Where have you been?" she hissed.
  299. "I saw a shadow at Mom's bedroom window," Susie replied. "I think Mom and Dad are in there for some reason."
  300. "Did they see you?" Amy asked in concern.
  301. "No," Susie said, "And I don't see the shadow anymore. Let's go."
  302. With their hearts hammering, Susie led the way and King was more than happy to follow them.
  304. Once they were in the garage and had locked the door behind them, the girl's breathed easier. Susie had already laid out some old blankets and cushions on the floor and Amy nodded her head in approval. King had started nosing around the garage, investigating strange smells when Amy called him over and clapped her hands quietly to get his attention. As he approached her, the preteen lifted up the front of her skirt to display her naked cunt and King sniffed the air at the arousing smell.
  305. Susie was standing quietly beside her twin and as the dog made its way unerringly towards her sister, Susie whispered, "He can smell you."
  306. Amy could hardly contain her excitement and she nodded her head as she thrust out her hips towards he animal and stood with her legs open.
  307. King was just inches away from her thigh when he sniffed loudly and pushed his cold nose right into her pink slit. He was really smelling her now and he inhaled noisily, savoring her scent and letting it fill his brain. As Amy looked down between her legs and onto the top of the animal's head, Susie said softly, "Fuck, that dog sure likes the smell of girl cunt."
  308. Amy swallowed hard as she tried to relax, but a small shiver of lust went through her preteen body when Susie looked beneath the beast and gasped, "Shit, he's hard. His cock's massive and he looks just like the dogs in the magazine."
  310. Amy could feel the dog's nose pressing right into the centre of her cunt, and then she moaned softly when his long tongue swiped over her slit. Hearing the pleasurable noise her twin made, Susie looked up at her and asked, "Does that feel good?"
  311. "Oh fuck, yes," she hissed. "So fucking good! This tongue feels wonderful Susie. You've got to try this!"
  312. The animal was rubbing his tongue back and forth over her slit and the little girl started to tremble as she felt the tongue press into her slit and slither into her hole.
  313. "He's in me," she whispered. "He's got his tongue right inside my cunt."
  314. In spite of the fear that Susie had of the large dog, The sight of his hard cock and of his tongue inside Amy's hole had made her cunt dripping wet and her panties were soaking. She was still crouching on the floor of the garage and she fanned her knees open and rubbed the wet stain in her underwear, pushing the material into her cunt, as her trembling hand reached out to touch a cock for the first time.
  316. King was an experienced and accomplished fucking machine, but licking cunts was new to him. He seemed to be a natural however, and the taste of the slime that Amy's body was producing was his idea of doggy heaven. He pushed his tongue deeper into the preteen's cunt in search of the source of the delicious nectar, and the young girl moaned loudly as the animals tongue thrashed about inside her tube.
  318. Susie's fingers closed over the thick red cock that was hanging down between the dog's legs, and she was very surprised at how hot it was. She hadn't been expecting that, and she slid her hand up and down the shaft, covering her palm with the dog's slimy discharge and then brought her hand to her face. Still rubbing her panty covered cunt, she sniffed her hand and then licked the slime. The flavour was strong but for some reason, it aroused her even more than she already was and she didn't stop licking until her hand was clean. Only then did she grip King's prick again and she was thrilled when the animals hindquarters started to thrust and the dog fucked her hand.
  320. Amy was breathing heavily as the dog licked furiously inside her fuck hole. She was watching her twin work on the animal's cock when the tingling began and she moaned, "Oh God, he going to make me cum!"
  321. She tilted her hips and opened her knees to push her cunt down harder on King's tongue and the big dog responded by penetrating her another few millimetres. It was enough to bring the tip of his tongue in contact with her immature cervix and she cried out loudly as her climax exploded deep inside her. She shuddered and her head snapped up towards the roof of the garage with her eyes screwed shut. She panted for breath as her body convulsed, and the German Shepherd's tail wagged rapidly as his mouth was flooded with her thick girl cum.
  322. Amy's body was twitching uncontrollably and she eventually had to take a step back and jerk King's tongue out of her spasming hole. Sinking onto the blankets that were strewn on the floor, the preteen moaned continually as she continued to shudder.  
  324. Susie knew that it would take a while for her twin to recover and her mouth went dry as she gazed at the dog's hard cock in her fist. The animal was still humping her hand, but he was also looking around at her and clearly confused about what to do next.
  325. Making up her mind, Susie let go of the dog's cock and got to her feet. Skimming her panties down to her ankles, she kicked them off and them removed her skirt. She was about to move towards the dog when she suddenly had the tremendous desire to be naked. Pulling off the rest of her clothes Susie ran her hands over her body and shivered at the thought of what she was about to do. King watched her closely and his tail wagged again when she stepped closer to his face and lowered her cunt onto his mouth. Susie's hole tasted every bit as good as her twins, and the animal lapped happily, pulling her delicious slime into his mouth.
  326. Susie's fingers squeezed her little plum sized tits and pulled at her hard nipples while the dog lapped at her cunt and she gasped loudly when the animal's stiffened tongue pushed past the outer lips of her slit and wormed into her hot hole. She stood up on her tiptoes as the tongue went deeper and when the long tongue reached her cervix she thought she was going to die of pleasure. The sensation was like nothing she had ever experienced before and she could feel she was very close to climax. She didn't dare move a muscle in case it made King stop licking her at just that hyper sensitive area and she actually held her breath for the few seconds more it took for her to climax. The waves of ecstasy fired through her body and the air was forced out of her lungs as she shuddered and orgasmed onto the dog's tongue. Lapping furiously at the thicker girl cum that poured onto his tongue, King held the young girl in climax until she was forced to step back and close her legs in an attempt to recover. Her chest was heaving and her naked body was covered with a thin film of sweat as she looked down at the animal that was staring up at her. She could see the thick red cock wave in the air as it hung down between the dog's back legs and even although she had just climaxed, her mouth went dry and her cunt demanded that she take the hard shaft.
  327. Susie stepped back and got down onto her hands and knees beside her prone sister. This was a position that King was much more familiar with and within a second, his snout was between her legs and swiping over her cunt and her little asshole. She groaned at the stimulation and her heart was thumping in her chest as she thrust her hips in the air to open up her ass crack wider. Susie wanted the big dog to fuck her, but she was still frightened of taking her first cock. She had just decided that if King just wanted to lick her cunt until she orgasmed, that would do. That thought had just flashed through her mind when the dog jumped on her back and wrapped his front paws around her slender waist.
  328. The breath was almost knocked out of her as she supported the animal's weight, and for a split second, she thought about crawling away. The though of feeling a real cock slide up her cunt however was much too arousing and she remained still while the dog thrust wildly in the air. A few thrusts slid along the inside of her thighs and one was so close to her cunt that she was sure it would go in. It slid to the side however and it took another four attempts before King was on target and lined up his prick with the dripping opening between the preteen's legs. The initial thrust pushed about two inches of hot dog cock into her fuck hole, but that was enough to let the animal know that he had penetrated his bitch. Wrapping his paws tighter around her waist, he lunged forward and Susie screamed as King's cock rammed all the way up her cunt.
  330. The scream pierced Amy's befuddled brain and she was instantly alert. Her eyes shot open and they were greeted to the sight of her twin on her hands and knees with a dog on her back. Moving her head to the side, Amy stared at Susie's cunt hole that was stretched open and had a dog's cock pistoning in and out of it. The magazine had showed still images, but neither of the young girls was prepared for the rapid fucking that a rutting animal would give his bitch.
  331. "God," Amy said breathlessly as she crawled closer for a better view. She watched the thick red prick stretch and compress the puffy flesh around Susie's hole and then she moved her head up towards her sister and said, "How does it feel?"
  332. When Susie didn't answer, Amy looked closer at her face and was shocked at the slack expression. Susie's mouth was hanging open and her saliva was running out of the corner of her mouth and dripping from her chin. Her head rocked back an forth from the dogs rapid thrusts and her eyes were unfocused and vacant. She was aware of her surroundings and that Amy was beside her, but Susie's brain blotted out all input except for the thick dog cock that was pounding in and out of her cunt.
  333. Her fuck hole had never been penetrated before by anything except fingers and her sister's tongue. Although Susie was intelligent enough to realise that a real cock would feel different, she had been completely unprepared for the sensations pulsing through her body.
  334. King seemed to have the power to bring her very close to climax, and then hold her in that blissful state for what seemed like hours, or even days. Her entire body was being flooded with the most indescribable feelings and she wasn't even aware that she was continually moaning and groaning.
  336. Amy sat back on her heels and gently rubbed between her legs as she watched her twin take her first cock. She was incredibly aroused but also a little bit frightened at Susie's condition. No matter what she did or said, her sister showed no response at all.
  338. The dog's prick was flashing in and out of Susie's cunt at an astonishing rate and also sliding in so deep that it thrust against her immature cervix. The base of his cock began to swell as his knot formed and the little girl cried out as the thick muscle started to slap repeatedly against her slit. There was no way Susie's eight year old cunt could stretch to take King's knot, but the swelling slapped against her hard little clit at the end of every thrust and the preteen was rocketed into orgasm. Her body convulsed and shuddered as she was pounded and the dog's front paws automatically gripped tighter as he continued to pound her. Spasming wildly, with her head thrashing about uncontrollably, she wailed and writhed in ecstasy as the large animal pranced on his hind legs for a few seconds before squirting his boiling hot cum into her fuck tube. The exquisite sensation of having the inside of her cunt bathed in dog spunk held the preteen deep in climax and her eyelids fluttered as her eyes rolled up into her head. King paid no attention to the plight of his bitch and he continued spraying his load into her body, making her twitch with every spurt.  
  340. Amy couldn't believe the amount of cum that was pouring out of her sisters hole. She had never even thought about how much spunk a male could produce and her eyes were wide in amazement as she continued to rub herself between the legs until she had joined her twin in climax.
  342. Some time later, silence had returned to the garage and the only sounds were the soft breathing of the two eight year olds and that of King's long tongue licking his own prick clean. When Amy eventually opened her eyes, she was lying on her back looking up at the roof and she moaned softly as she rolled onto her stomach and sat up. Susie was still unresponsive, lying flat on her stomach, and her sister shuffled around until she could look between her twin's legs. Susie's slit was gaping open and a thin trickle of dog cum ran out of it and flowed into the huge pool of slime that she was lying in. Shaking her head in disbelief, Amy glanced over to the corner of the garage at where the dog was calmly licking his balls clean and she began to wonder if getting fucked by a dog as big as King had been a good idea. She was still pondering that thought when Susie groaned and started to come round.
  344. It took a few seconds for Susie's brain to remember where she was and the preteen became aware of the dull ache between her legs. The memory of getting pounded by the dog came flooding back to her and she groaned again as she struggled to sit up. Seeing her twin staring at her, Susie managed a weak grin and Amy asked in obvious concern, "Are you alright?"
  345. Her twin swallowed hard before answering and Amy's face showed her concern. She certainly wasn't prepared for Susie gripping her arm tightly and exclaiming, "God, it was awesome Amy. You've got to try it. You've really got to try it. Its like nothing you've ever felt before!"
  346. "Are you sure?" Amy replied, her voice a mixture of uncertainty and fear. "I thought you were in pain, and then you passed out."
  347. Susie grinned and nodded her head vigorously as she confirmed, "I know, and it was painful at first, but the pain felt so good. And then when the pain went away, the feeling of his cock inside me was incredible."
  348. Amy still didn't look entirely convinced and she glanced over at King and asked, "Do you think he'll want to do it again?"
  349. The animal certainly didn't look ready to fuck because his head was resting on his front paws and his eyes drooped lazily and were almost closed.
  350. "I'll bet we can get him hot again," Susie replied with confidence, "Are you ready to try?"
  352. Amy was nowhere near ready, but she didn't want her twin to know how frightened she was and she nodded her head slowly.
  353. "Good," Susie said and then raised her voice and called the dog over.
  355. King opened one eye when he heard his name called, and when Susie called again, he heaved himself to his feet and padded over. Amy watched the animal approach as she began to remove the rest of her clothes. She had seen that Susie was naked and somehow, it seemed right that she should be as well.
  357. Patting his head, Susie looked at her sister and said, "Get onto your hands and knees and let him smell you again."
  358. When Amy obeyed, Susie pulled the animals snout between her sister's legs and smiled when the dog took a few sniffs and then swiped his tongue over Amy's slit.
  359. The little girl jumped at the dog's first touch, but she remembered the pleasure she had already got from King's tongue and she sighed happily and opened her knees a bit further. Within a few moments, Amy's cunt had responded to the stimulation and she could feel her juices bubble inside her hole. King could smell the juice too and his tongue pushed inside Amy's cunt and flicked about delightfully. The harder he licked, the more juice Amy produced and she was moaning loudly as she swivelled her hips around to encourage the dog.
  361. King licked her preteen cunt deeply lapping up all the little girl juice that was oozing out of her hole. Pausing for a second, his sensitive nose pulled in the smell of her tightly closed little asshole and he lapped Amy's back hole eagerly causing her cunt to leak more girl juice. The eight year old had already taken her sisters finger into her shit hole when they were exploring each others bodies and she groaned softly as the animal's tongue produced the most delightful feelings.
  362. Susie was on her knees beside her twin and she grinned when she saw Amy's eyes shining with lust.
  363. "He's a good licker, isn't he?" she said.
  364. Amy nodded her head and gasped softly, "He's licking my asshole. He's trying to get his tongue into my hole."
  365. "Let him in," Susie said excitedly. "I'll bet his tongue will feel awesome in your butt!"
  367. The pressure of the dog's tongue had increased and while Amy relaxed her muscles as much as she could, King's tongue popped into her bowels and slithered deep inside.
  368. "He's in me," Amy cried. "Oh God he's in my asshole."
  369. Susie quickly scampered behind her sister and watched King's tongue worm its way deeper into her sisters back hole. She could see the juice drip out of Amy's cunt as she was stimulated and the smell of aroused cunt invaded her nose. Twisting her head to the side, she could also see that King's prick had dropped again and was rock hard. Susie shivered with lust as she remembered the feeling of that cock inside her cunt and she reached out with one hand and gripped the shaft. It felt hot and wet in her hand and the animal immediately started bucking his hips and fucking her hand.
  371. King's tongue flicked around inside Amy's shit hole until all he could taste was his own saliva. Pulling his head back, he again swiped his tongue across Amy's cunt and the preteen cried out with pleasure. Tilting her hips and pushing her hips back towards the dog's mouth, she hissed, "Yes, just like that. Lick me just like that."
  373. The big dog happily humped Susie's hand while he licked out the other twin, but he wasn't so happy when Susie suddenly let go of the hot shaft. With nothing now to fuck, the dog pulled his tongue out of Amy's cunt and jumped up on her back.
  374. The preteen held her breath as King's front paws tightened their grip around her waist and she felt his dripping cock poking the hot flesh between her legs, searching for her cunt. The dog thrust frantically in the air until Susie reached out to grab the thick dog cock and rubbed the tip up and down her sisters wet slit. Amy moaned in frustration, wanting the prick inside her cunt, and King whimpered as he pushed forward. Holding the animal's cock right in the centre of Amy's saturated slit, Susie led King penetrate her sister for about an inch before removing her hand. As Amy's hot flesh closed around the sensitive tip of King's prick, the dog rammed his powerful haunches forward and speared the preteen in one smooth lunge until he was against her cervix.
  375. She gasped as all the air was knocked out her lungs and a severe pain lanced through her flesh. Dragging fresh air back into her lungs, she cried out loudly at the unexpected pain and her eyes screwed shut as a small shudder raced through her body. The discomfort didn't last long however and she was so wet that her cunt muscles stretched quickly and moulded her fuck tube to the dog's hot cock.
  376. King wasn't a considerate lover, and now that he had managed to get his prick into Amy's cunt, all he wanted to do was fuck. He pulled with his front paws and pushed with his back, getting a better angle while his hips moved quickly, sliding his cock in and out of the preteen like a piston. The tapered tip bottomed out in her fuck tube, battering against her cervix with every stroke and producing the most astonishing mixture of pain and pleasure.
  377. For the first time, Amy understood her sister saying that pain could be pleasurable and she moaned with lust as the dog pounded her. That animal's back was arched over her small body and she could feel his hot breath on her ear, the soft fur of his underbelly brush against her ass and the hot drool drip out of his mouth and onto her skin. Her toes were tightly curled into little fists and her ankles kicked uselessly in the air as the thick prick pounded in and out of her hole.
  379. The rutting dog was fucking her at an incredible rate and there was little the child could do but brace her arms and let him use her cunt. Her tube felt like it was being turned inside out as the thick shaft relentlessly thrust inside her slit and she was seeing stars in front of her eyes and her chest was heaving. The tingling inside her fuck hole felt the same as when Susie brought her off, but this time the intensity was much stronger. She was sure that she was about to cum, but the feelings just kept on intensifying until she was shouting incoherently. She desperately wanted to orgasm but the sensations in her cunt escalated until they were unbearable. Even then, she was forced to endure another few seconds of exquisite agony before her climax detonated inside her like an atom bomb. She didn't realise that she was screaming and the convulsions were so powerful that they almost threw King off her back. With a low growl in his throat however, the animal's front paws tightened their grip and his haunches continued to drive his prick into his bitch.
  380. The friction of the animal's hot shaft over the preteen's rock hard little clit was holding her deep in orgasm and she shook uncontrollably. The pistoning cock battered against the bottom of her fuck tube and stretched the walls of her cunt apart as King's knot began to swell. She could feel the ever-growing mass of muscle try to batter its way into her hole but her little slit was stretched as far as it would go. She groaned as the knot slapped against her body and she frantically tried to control her breathing and retain her senses.  
  381. Without any conscious thought, Amy's butt gyrated and squirmed around the dog's shaft as spasm after spasm contracted her cunt muscles around the driving prick and made her hole even tighter.
  382. King's thrusting was now short little stabs as he worked towards his own climax and he whined as his back paws danced on the floor of the garage. Amy was slowly recovering from her cum and she was amazed that the dog was still pounding her. The photographs in the magazine that she had studied so closely and that had aroused her so much, hadn't prepared her for the pounding she was getting. The animal just kept on going until his whining suddenly changed to a series of sharp yipping noises and his cock exploded inside Amy's cunt. She felt a hot glow as the animal started cumming inside her tube and jet after jet of his slime spurted into her body. It sprayed against her cervix, completely covering it in watery dog slime, and the preteen moaned as she felt the spunk run out of her cunt and onto the floor between her legs.
  383. Amy had just recovered from her cum, but the spurting of Kings shaft deep in her cunt and the sensation from the river of slime that had started to pour from her hairless slit took her over the top again and she shook uncontrollably as her head dropped onto the floor.
  384. Her body was covered in sweat and her hair was plastered to her forehead as she surrendered totally to her climax. With the dog's cock twitching inside her and still pumping slime into her hole, the preteen slumped down exhausted on the floor as all the strength left her limps. Her butt remained in her air however, held there by the spurting prick that seemed never-ending.
  386. Susie has seen the animal start to cum in her sister just before her own climax claimed her. As she rolled about on the floor with her fingers jammed deep in her cunt, the little girl's eyes were riveted onto the thick red shaft that was buried in her twins fuck hole.
  388. When King was finished emptying his balls, Amy was only dimly aware of him pulling out of her body and it was a long time before either of the girl's stirred. When they did so, Susie didn't have to ask her sister if she enjoyed getting fucked by the dog. The look on Amy's face made the question unnecessary, and they just grinned at each other while their bodies recovered.
  390. King was back in his corner with his eyes closed and he opened them slowly as the girls clambered to their feet. They were sticky with sweat and their cunts were even stickier with dog cum and their own juices. Wrinkling her nose Amy said to her sister, "Ewwee, you need a shower."
  391. "And you don't?" Susie replied immediately.
  392. They both laughed and when Amy picked up her clothes she said, "I don't want to put any clothes on until I've showered. If I do, the clothes are going to stink!"
  393. "Well, unless you're going to walk back to the house naked, you don't have much choice," her sister replied sensibly.
  394. "Great idea," Amy said enthusiastically. "Let's walk back to the house naked with our cunts wide open and dripping with dog cum."
  395. Susie could only stare at her sister as if she'd lost her mind and Amy giggled as she continued, "I'm kidding silly. Get your clothes on!"
  396. As Amy stepped into her panties, she could feel the warm squishy wetness still inside her cunt and she gave a small shiver at the pleasure it gave her.
  398. They managed to sneak King back into his yard without incident and made their way quietly into the house. Creeping upstairs to get to the shower, they could hear the loud squeaking of the bedsprings from their parents bedroom and the even louder cried of pleasure from their mother.
  399. Bending her mouth close to her twin's ear, Susie whispered, "Moms getting fucked."
  400. Amy nodded her agreement and shocked her sister when she replied, "I wish Daddy would fuck me like that. I'll bet he fucks just as good as King does!"
  401. "Amy!" Susie hissed. "You're such a slut! You wouldn't let Daddy fuck you, would you?"
  402. With a serious look on her face, Amy stared straight into her sister's eyes and said, "God yeah. I'd let him fuck my brains out!"
  403. She took a step closer to the bedroom door and Susie caught her by the arm and hissed, "What are you doing?"
  404. "I want to see," Amy replied in a whisper. "I want to see Mommy and Daddy fuck."
  405. "Shit!" Susie exclaimed in reply. "If you get caught, we'll both be grounded for weeks!"
  406. "Then stop making a noise, and we wont get caught," Amy said as she went closer to the door and pressed her ear to it. She could easily hear her mother moan and her father's deep breathing on the other side of the door and Susie almost screamed when she saw her sister twist the handle and push the door open a crack. Thankfully, her parents were much too occupied with each other to notice the slight movement of the door and they continued their fucking. Alison was flat on her back with her legs raised in the air whilst Tom pounded his cock into her cunt. From where she was standing, Amy was looking at the bottom of the bed and she could see between her parent's legs and had a clear view of both the pounding prick and her mother's wet cunt. It wasn't just the glistening of the juices in the inside of Alison's thighs that told the young girl how wet she was, but also the loud sloshing and slurping noises that came from her hot hole.
  407. Despite the danger, and her fear, Susie pulled her sister away from the door and took her place. The sight became burned into her brain and she could feel her whole body respond to the erotic vision. Her nipples hardened and lengthened and her cunt that so recently had been full of dog cock was still open and her juices ran out of her body and into the crotch of her panties.
  408. She reluctantly turned to her sister and they both had lust shining out of their eyes as they held each other's hand and made their way to the shower.
  409. They both realised that they couldn't watch their parents for long or they were bound to be seen and the short glimpse they had got had made them so horny that they climbed into the shower together and rubbed each other off as the cascading water cleaned their skin of all the fuck fluids.
  411. When Alison's lust had eventually been satisfied, she showered before going downstairs and was surprised to find the twins back. They assured her that they had just arrived however and when their father joined them, they all sat around the table to have some lunch. Knowing that the young girls had discovered masturbation, and almost as sure that they would be playing with each other, Alison couldn't shake the perverted images out of her mind. Every time she looked at the twins, she imagined them naked and licking and fingering each other's cunts and it made her own slit leak into juices into her panties. It also meant that Tom had a hard job keeping her satisfied because she was permanently horny. When he left the house early on Monday morning, his cock was red and sore from overuse. Alison had become a three-hole slut and Tom had spurted his cum into every orifice she had. Even as the door closed behind him, Alison lay in her bed and moaned with frustration because it would be another five days before she saw her husband, and more importantly, before she was able to have the use of his cock.
  413. With a sigh, she got out of bed and organised breakfast for the twins before they left for school. Deciding that the best way to keep her mind off sex was to keep busy, she gathered up her dirty clothes from her laundry basket and then went into the twins room to empty theirs. As soon as she lifted the lid however, the powerful scent of cunt rose into her nostrils and her brain had just registered the fact as her hands hauled out the contents of the basket. She inhaled deeply and then became aware that her fingers were wet and sticky. Dropping the armful of dirty washing onto the that floor, she rummaged through them and quickly found two pairs of panties that were still soaking wet. Her heart thudded inside her chest and her mouth was dry as she lifted both pairs to her face and breathed in their scent. Her own sex was already juicing up as her brow furrowed in confusion at the smell. She had been expecting nothing but the sweet scent of two preteen cunts, but there was also something else. Turning the garments inside out, she pressed the wet material to her nose again and tried to blot out the smell of girl cum to get to the other smell. It came to her in a flash of recognition and her heart almost stopped beating as her mouth fell open. Spunk! That was the smell. Spunk!
  414. Alison's legs felt like rubber and she slumped down on Amy's bed as she thought about the implications of what she'd found. Knowing that the eight year olds were masturbating and playing with each others bodies was one thing, but finding out that the were actually fucking with a boy was something else entirely. Her heart felt like it was gripped with icy fingers as she tried to figure out who the girls were fucking and also how they had managed to do it without her knowing. The only time they had been out of her control was yesterday when they went to Marsha's and she knew that that must have been when they were fucked.
  415. The look of confusion was still on her face however because that didn't quite fit. That would mean that the panties were soaked yesterday morning and for then to still be as wet as they were, would mean that they must have been drenched. Looking again at the underwear, her fingers rubbed through the slime that was still in the material and her confusion deepened. Both pairs of panties were covered in sperm and whoever had fucked the girls must have cum gallons. The texture wasn't quite right either. The spunk was very thin and Alison's brain whirled as she tried to make sense of the facts. She was hardly aware that she was holding both pairs of panties in one hand while the other hand rubbed at the crotch of her denims. Her cunt could only be denied for so long however and she became aware of a burning desire to cum. Getting to her feet, she unfastened the waistband of her denims and pushed them down to her knees. Sliding her fingers into her wet panties, she pushed two deep into her slit as she fell back on the bed and rubbed herself off. When she actually climaxed, both pairs of wet panties were pressed into her face and she shuddered and convulsed with almost her whole hand up her fuck tube.
  417. After her climax, Alison began to think with her brain instead of her cunt and she was increasingly worried about who was fucking her daughters. Analysing the facts, she realised that it couldn't be a boy who was anywhere near the girl's age. There was no way that young a boy could fill Amy's and Susie's cunts with the amount of spunk that had run into their panties. Now the fear was really intense as she considered that a paedophile might have got his hands on her children!
  419. In a daze, she got up from the bed and pulled up her denims as she looked out of her window. She was daydreaming and wondering what she should do when she heard a soft scraping noise. She looked about until she saw that the source was the dog that lived in the neighbour's yard. The animal was scratching at the gate that divided his yard with Alison's as if he wanted through and Alison had never seen the large dog act that way. She had much more important things troubling her however and she went back to sit on Amy's bed and held her face in her hands as she tried to work out a solution to her problem. Her eyes were darting around the bedroom but she wasn't really taking any notice about what she was seeing until she glimpsed the corner of something sticking out from under Susie's mattress. Pulling it free, she found herself staring at a hard core porn magazine that was folded open at images of women getting fucked by dogs.
  420. "Where the hell did you get this," she whispered out loud as she turned over a few pages. The magazine had obviously been well read and she couldn't help but be aroused by the images. Quite suddenly it was as if a light bulb had been lit in her head and she walked to the window again and watched the dog who was still scraping at the gate. She looked at the magazine, then at the dog and then back to the magazine, as she said, "No way! There's no way they would do that."
  421. Turning back to the girl's panties that she had dropped onto the floor, she lifted then up and smelt them again.
  422. Alison had never has sex with a dog but she had seen films when she was younger and she knew that all dogs released a huge load when they came. As she sniffed the underwear, there was a subtle difference in the scent of human spunk compared to what was inside the twin's panties and she knew she was right.
  423. "Those little sluts," she said to herself, completely ignoring the fact that her own cunt juice was pouring out of her sex.
  425. Within the next hour, Alison had worked everything out and it was all confirmed when she unlocked the side door to the garage and stepped inside. As if the smell inside wasn't enough, there was a pile of old clothing and cushions on the floor and the stains on them left her in no doubt about the activities of her daughters.
  426. Now, all she had to do, was to decide what to do about it.
  428. After their adventures with the dog, the twins couldn't wait for Sunday to come around again. Playing with each other's bodies was still very enjoyable, but nothing compared to having a hard cock inside their little cunts.
  429. On Tuesday afternoon, after they had returned from school, Alison told them that she was going shopping for some groceries and that the twins were to come with her. They tried to persuade her to leave them at home, but their mother wasn't having any of it.
  431. Amy and Susie were quiet and sullen as they sat in the back seat of the car and nothing Alison said cheered them up. She had no idea why they were in such a bad mood and it would have shocked her to the core if she knew the reason for their manner was that they had wanted to be alone in the house so that they could fuck each other.
  432. Once the reached the store, the twins reluctantly followed their mother inside and Susie was waiting impatiently as Alison chose some green apples for the family. Amy had gone off on her own and her eyes were shining when she leaned around the corner of a produce aisle and attracted her twin's attention.
  433. "What's got you so excited?" Susie asked as she approached her sister.
  434. Instead of answering, Amy giggled as she took her twin's arm and led her past the display of lettuce, celery and finally stopped at the cucumbers. Lifting one up, Amy's eyes said a thousand words as she looked at her sister, and Susie smiled because she understood every one of them.
  435. The cucumber was around fourteen inches long, tapered at each end, but the main body was almost exactly the thickness of King's erect cock.
  436. Glancing around to make sure they wouldn't be overheard, Amy said, "We can only get to the dog on a Sunday, but this would keep us going fro the rest of the week!" She looked up at the sign that proudly advertised the vegetable for only 98 cents and continued, "I've got a couple of dollars. Let's buy it."
  437. "Amy," her sister replied patiently. "You don't even like cucumber and I only eat a little of it if its mixed into a salad. How are you going to explain to Mom that you want to buy a cucumber? Even if she lets you buy it, how are you going to explain that you want to keep it in our bedroom instead of in the salad box in the refrigerator?"
  438. Amy looked crestfallen, but couldn't fault her sister's logic, but she smiled when Susie added, "Watch how it's done. You just have to think things through!"
  440. Susie sprinted over to the newspaper rack and came back with a teen magazine. Taking her sisters hand, she lead them back to Alison and Susie asked, "Mom, can you buy this for me?"
  441. "That's not fair honey," Alison said. "If I buy you a magazine, I've got to buy one for Amy."
  442. "That's alright Mommy," Amy quickly said. "I want to read that one too and I'll get it after Susie's finished with it."
  443. That seemed reasonable and so Alison nodded her head and said, "Okay Susie, put it in the basket."
  444. "Actually," Susie replied, "I was hoping that I could buy it just now and I could go back to the car and read it. You know I hate shopping for provisions."
  445. With a deep sigh, Alison got some money from her purse to cover the cost of the magazine and gave it to Susie along with the car keys. "Straight to the car," she instructed the eight year old. "Nowhere else!"
  446. As Susie sped off, Alison turned back to her shopping and she didn't see her daughter veer off to the vegetable section of the store.
  448. When Alison and Amy eventually got back to the car, Susie was sitting in the back seat with her face buried in the magazine. While Alison was loading up the trunk, Amy climbed in beside her sister and whispered, "Did you get it?"
  449. Susie nodded and sat up slightly so that Amy could see the brown paper bag behind her back. Smiling her pleasure, Amy said softly, "I hope it feels as good inside our cunts as King's cock does!"
  450. With a wicked grin on her face, Susie replied, "It does!"
  451. It took about two seconds for the words to sink into her twin's brain and Amy's mouth fell open and she then said, "Have you done it? Did you do it here?"
  452. Susie nodded and she looked out of the back window to make sure that her mother was still occupied as she lifted up the front of her skirt. Pulling her stained panties to the side, Amy could see that her sister's fuck hole was still wide open from being stretched so much and that her entire crotch was shining with her cum juice.
  453.  "You bitch," Amy hissed in mock anger. "You should have waited on me!"
  454. "No way," Susie replied with a grin. "I was horny and I had something in my hand shaped like a cock. Could you have waited?"
  455. That made Amy smile as well and both girls were laughing when their mother got into the driving seat.
  456. "What's so funny?" Alison asked, but that only made the two preteens laugh even more.
  457. Shaking her head at the antics of her daughters, Alison turned the key in the car ignition and then her brow furrowed as an unexpected smell reached her nose. She could swear that the car smelt like cunt, and she knew for certain that Susie had been masturbating in the car. She glanced in the rear-view mirror at her children and she had to press her thighs together as her fuck hole flooded. As she drove home, she pressed one hand into her crotch and rubbed her cunt as she watched the twins' whisper to each other in the backseat of the car. For some reason, Alison knew for certain that the preteens were talking about fucking each other, or maybe even the neighbours dog, and she couldn't prevent herself orgasming at the thought and spurting thick girl cum into the already stained crotch of her panties.
  459. Once they got home and Alison began unloading the groceries, it was easy for the girls to sneak the cucumber upstairs to their bedroom and their little hairless cunts juiced up at the thought of it stretching their hole.
  461. Alison had churned the problem of her daughter's sexuality around in her mind and decided that she had to do something. If they had just been fooling about with each other, she would have accepted that as normal growing up. Fucking dogs however certainly wasn't normal and she had to avoid the girls trying to progress to fucking men, at least for a while.
  463. Giving them some space and letting them off with some of their regular chores, she wasn't in the least surprised when Amy and Susie went to their bedroom and closed the door. Figuring that about half an hour would be about right, Alison sat in a chair in the living room and tried to read a paper. Her mind was full of imagined images of what the preteens were up to and she couldn't keep her hands away from her crotch. She was still wearing the denims she had on for the shopping trip and she unfastened then and lifted her butt from the seat as she pushed them down to her knees. She had already cum in her panties when she was in the car and as soon as she had pushed down her denims, the smell of her fuck hole entered her nose.  She moaned softly as her fingers found her hot hole and she shivered with lust at the delightful slurping noises that came from her cunt as her slime was whipped up to a thick froth.
  464. When she thought that enough time had elapsed, she crept quietly upstairs and pressed her ear to the twins bedroom door. She could clearly hear the moans and groans from the other side of the door and she went quickly to her own bedroom and kicked off her denims. Her underwear was saturated with her juices and she pulled on a fresh pair but didn't wipe away any of the sloppy and sticky mess from around her hole. As soon as they were pulled up against her dripping cunt, her panties were stained and smelling strongly of her sex. Taking a deep breath, she went to the girl's bedroom door, and this time she opened it swiftly and stepped inside.
  466. She had expected, and maybe even wanted, to see the two preteens playing with each others bodies, but she didn't expect to see Amy flat on her back on the bed with her legs open as wide as she could get them. Kneeling between her outstretched legs, Susie had both hands on the cucumber and was ramming it in and out of her sister's cunt, while Amy moaned with pleasure. Both girls were completely naked and it was only Susie who heard the soft click of the bedroom door opening. She whirled around and as she did so, she jerked the makeshift dildo out of Amy's fuck hole. The little girl just stared in horror at her mother, and she had no idea what to say or what to do. Amy on the other hand felt the cucumber being dragged out of her cunt, but she continued to moan and squirm on the bed for a few seconds before she opened her eyes to find out why Susie had stopped fucking her. When she saw her mother standing in the room, Amy's mouth dropped open and she pulled her legs closed and jerked her body up to sit on the bed demurely. Both girls remained motionless and silent as they couldn't think of anything else to do, but they both felt sick to their stomachs because they knew they were busted!
  468. "So," Alison said, eventually breaking the silence and careful to keep her voice neutral. "What are you two up to?"
  469. The twins glanced at each other and Susie eventually plucked up the courage to answer, rather lamely, "We were just playing."
  470. "Just playing," their mother repeated slowly. She was silent for two or three seconds and then finished, "With a cucumber!"
  472. Susie had completely forgotten that she was still holding the cucumber in her hands and when she looked down she could see Amy's cunt juice glisten on the surface of the green vegetable and there was a ring of white girl cream around it showing how far it had been inside her sister's fuck tube. She opened her mouth to answer her mother, but her mind was blank and she just closed her mouth again.
  474. The silence seemed to go on forever and eventually Amy said quietly, "How long?"
  475. Both Susie and Alison looked confused at the question and it was Alison who replied, "How long what?"
  476. "How long are we grounded for," Amy said with a sigh.
  477. With a slight smile on her face Alison said, "You're not grounded honey, but we need to talk!"
  478. Again Amy and Susie shot a glance at each other and it was Susie who said, "So you're not mad at us?"
  479. "Of course not," their mother said, "Its normal for girls of your age to explore their bodies. I certainly did when I was just slightly older than you are now, but I didn't have a sister to play with."
  480. Her eyes dropped to the cucumber and she said ruefully, "Using a cucumber on each other is a bit extreme however. Where did you get it from?"
  481. Susie told her mother about buying it in the provision store and Amy chipped in with the odd detail. Now that they knew their mother wasn't angry with them and that they weren't going to be punished, both girls relaxed a little and they were not in the least embarrassed about being naked. Amy had swivelled her feet around on the bed to get more comfortable and she raised both knees up and wrapped her arms around them. It gave Alison the prefect view of the child's cunt, framed with her thighs, and she could see that the preteen's hole was still slightly open and the pink interior glistened with juice. Alison's mouth watered at the sight and so did her cunt. She didn't want to look down at her crotch, but she could feel her wetness and knew that there would be a wet patch in the front of her underwear.
  482. Because her legs felt so wobbly, Alison sat down on the edge of the bed between her daughters and her nose was immediately assailed with the scent of their cunts. Swallowing hard, she asked, "So, who's idea was it to buy the cucumber?"
  483. Amy smiled as she raised her hand shyly, but the colour drained from both of the girl's face when Alison continued, "And who's idea was it to let next doors dog fuck you?"
  485. The stunned silence was almost tangible and both girls stared at each other with complete disbelief on their faces. The looks that flashed between the twins bordered on the telepathic and were, "How does she know?" "What can we say?" "Should we deny it?" and finally their raised eyebrows said, "You speak!" "No, you speak!"
  487. Alison looked from one girl to the other, secretly enjoying their discomfort, and she waited patiently for one of them to break the silence. She had a mental bet with herself that it would be Susie that spoke first because she was always slightly more forward, but it was actually Amy who asked quietly, "How do you know about that?"
  488. Turning to face her child, Alison replied, "I take it that the two of you showered after your adventures with the dog so that you wouldn't stink of cum?"
  489. It was a surprise to hear their mother talk to them like that, but both girls nodded their heads. Alison then continued, "And what did you do with all your clothes that were also stinking of cum?"
  490. "We put them in the laundry basket," Susie replied promptly, and then gasped when she realised their mistake.
  491. Just to underline the error, Alison nodded her head as she said, "That would be the same laundry basket that I empty every Monday morning. The laundry basket that smelt like your horny cunts and was full of clothes that were soaked with dog spunk and you own cunt cream."
  492. The girl's both grimaced when they thought about how stupid they had been and then Amy asked, "But how did you know that it was King?"
  493. "King?" Alison replied.
  494. "That's what the dogs called," Susie informed her helpfully and her mother nodded her head as she explained, "That was easy. Firstly, that dog enjoyed fucking you two so much that he's been scratching at the gate ever since trying to get in, and secondly, I found the porn magazine under your bed. After that, it was easy to work out what you had been up to and just to confirm my suspicions, I paid a visit to the garage. Next time you use it, you better remember to open a window and let some fresh air in once you've finished!"
  496. As the twins digested what their mother had told them, they both suddenly grinned as they had the same thought at the same time. It was left to Susie to voice it and she said quietly, "When you said next time. Does that mean that we can do it again?"
  497. "Do you want to do it again?" Alison asked.
  498. "Yes!" both girl's said together, and just for good measure Susie added, "Oh God yes!"  
  500. Alison smiled and her heart was beating wildly as she tried to imagine her two daughters getting pounded by a dog cock and she wasn't expecting Susie to ask, "Mommy, why are your panties wet?"
  501. Alison looked down and was surprised at how wet she was. Seeing no point in denying it she answered, "Because all this talk about fucking has made me horny and my cunt is very wet."
  502. Susie and Amy absorbed that information and then Susie said, "Amy was really horny and that's why I fucked her with the cucumber. Would you like me to fuck you with the cucumber?"
  503. Alison wanted to shout, "YES! YES!" but she kept her voice steady and replied, "That would be nice honey, but we'd have to keep it secret. We couldn't tell anyone what we did."
  504. "We won't tell Mommy," Amy said excitedly. "Promise."
  505. "I promise too," Susie said.
  506. Alison nodded as she got to her feet and eased her panties down to her ankles before stepping out of them. She could smell her arousal and she faced her daughters with her feet apart to give them a good look at her sex slit.
  507. "Your cunt looks just like ours Mommy," Susie said in a pleased voice.
  508. Alison had no idea why the girl's used the cunt word, but as that was her own preferred way to refer to her sex, she made no comment.
  509. "Yes," Amy agreed. "The same, only bigger!"
  510. Their mother giggled and replied, "Yours will get bigger as you get older, especially if you keep cramming a cucumber into it! You'll also grow a lot of hair between your legs, but I shave mine off."
  511. "Why?" Amy asked.
  512. "Because your father prefers it that way," Alison informed them, "And so do I."
  513. That answer seemed to satisfy the girls and Alison crawled onto Amy's bed and rolled over onto her back. For a few seconds the doubts that were in the back of her mind pushed their way to the front and she almost bolted off the bed. She was about to have sex with her daughters and not only was that an illegal act of incest, but the girls were only eight years old. There wasn't a judge in the whole judicial system that wouldn't consider 10 years in jail a lenient sentence, and Alison's brain reeled as she tried to choose between common sense and pure lust. The bubbling and burning slit between her legs was demanding attention however and when she glanced at the twin's naked bodies and imagined her tongue and fingers roaming freely over their skin, the decision was made.
  514. She looked expectantly at Susie as she opened her legs and smiled when the preteen moved between her thighs and rubbed the still slimy tip of the cucumber over her cunt lips.
  515. Alison was ready to give her daughter instructions on how she liked to be stimulated, but Susie knew exactly what to do. She slowly moved the tip of the vegetable up and down the outer lips of her mothers cunt and she noted that Alison's slit opened much easier that Amy's or her own. Purposely avoiding the hard pink clit that was standing proud of its protective sheath, the preteen increased the pressure until the tip was inside her mother's body.
  517. Amy had got up onto her hands and knees and her face was only inches away from her mothers fuck hole as she watched her sister work. Her feet were pointing up towards her mother's head and Alison gently lifted the leg closest to her and pulled it across to the other side of her body. Little Amy was now straddling her mothers face and Alison's mouth watered at the sight of the little girl's cunt and pink asshole. Amy's fuck hole was wet and still slightly open after fucking the cucumber. The smell was intoxicating and Alison said, "Lower your cunt baby. Let me taste your sweet hole."
  518. The preteen giggled as she moved her fuck hole onto her mother's face, but the giggle vanished and turned into a moan when Alison's tongue slithered up her daughter's cunt. Hearing the moan, Susie looked at her twin and asked, "Is Mommy sucking you?"
  519. "Uh huh," the preteen confirmed, "She's got her tongue right inside me and it feels so good!"
  521. The taste of Amy's sticky cunt exploded in Alison's mouth and it was indescribable. The horny mother was astonished that her daughter could produce so much girl juice and that it could taste so wonderful. She was already highly aroused, and now Alison desperately wanted to cum. Humping her hips up at the cucumber in her hole, little Susie rammed it further in, stretching her mother's fuck tube wide and watching the thick coating of slime that was all over the surface of the vegetable. She knew that her mother must be very close of climax and she could see from the look on her twin's face that Amy was also about to cum. The young girl wasn't sure whether she should bring her mother off first or let Amy finish, but the decision was taken out of her hands when the young girl cried out and squatted down hard on her mother's mouth. Wave after wave of pure bliss rocketed through Amy's body, making her shudder and convulse over her mother's tongue and Susie waited a few seconds longer before she lowered her head and sucked Alison's throbbing clit into her mouth.
  523. Alison felt like someone had held a cattle prod against her clit and switched it on. Her scream was muffled because Amy's cunt was still jammed against her mouth, but her body stiffened for a few seconds before she started flopping about uncontrollably on the bed.
  524. As she watched her mother and twin cum, Susie grinned widely and used one hand to keep the cucumber inside her mothers tube while her other hand dropped between her legs. She was soaking wet and very sticky and her little cunt tingled with anticipation because she hoped she would be next to climax
  526. Amy was totally drained by her orgasm and the preteen collapsed on top of her mother with her head on her flat stomach. Alison was breathing so heavily that her daughters entire body rose and fell as she dragged air into her lungs and she savoured the final waves of ecstasy that rippled through her aroused flesh. Seeing that her mother had finished her cum, Susie eased the thick vegetable out of the woman's sticky hole and brought it close to her face. She smiled with delight at the thick coating of slime that was on the surface of the vegetable and at the ring of frothy girl cum that showed how deep it had been in her mother's cunt. The smell that was drifting into her nose was intoxicating and the eight year old eagerly licked the cucumber and swallowed her mother's tangy juices.
  528. Amy was slowly recovering from her climax and she rolled off of her mothers body to be more comfortable. That allowed Alison to watch Susie lick the thick vegetable that had been inside her and the sight made the woman horny again. She had already eaten out one of her daughters and it seemed only fair to do the same to the other one.
  529. Sitting up, she gently took the now clean cucumber out of Susie's hands and whispered, "Lie down baby. I want to do you now!"
  530. The preteen giggled as she flopped onto her back and opened her legs wide. Sighing with lust, her mother lay down beside her and slid her fingers between Susie's legs. Gently running her middle finger up and down the child's cunt, Alison could feel the heat radiate out to her fingers and she slowly pulled Susie's fuck hole open. The effect was like bursting a dam and all of the juice that had collected inside the preteens cunt flowed out and covered Alison's fingers.
  531. "Fuck Susie," her mother gasped. "Fuck, you're soaking wet!"
  532. As the little girl giggled happily, Alison curled her finger slightly and eased it into her tight hole. The sensation was like dipping her finger into hot honey and the woman couldn't resist the temptation of pulling her finger out and popping it into her mouth. Susie's sex tasted every bit as sweet as her twin sisters did and the little girl happily watched her mother lap up her slime. By now, Amy had recovered from her orgasm and she was sitting upon the bed, taking an interest in what was happening. Looking at her mother, the preteen said, "Susie tastes good, doesn't she Mom?"
  533. Smiling at her daughter, Alison nodded her head and then replied, "She sure does baby. You both taste fabulous!"
  535. The twins were both delighted at their mothers comments and Susie sighed happily as Alison's hand went back to her little girl's slit.
  536. Her stiffened finger slid easily inside the preteen's hot tube and she could feel more wetness on her fingers as Susie's sex responded to her touch. As the child lifted her hips up from the bed to take more of her mothers finger inside her body, Alison shuddered at the depravity of the situation. She was so horny that all thoughts of right or wrong had been banished from her mind and she desperately wanted to fuck Susie. She knew exactly what she wanted to do to the young child and she continued to finger fuck the girl as she lowered her face between Susie's legs. The sight of the child's pink and open hole was awesome and the delicious smell of aroused cunt filled her nose and she bent closer.  
  537. Susie's hips were still raised in the air and her back was arched as she was fingered and Alison looked around at Amy and hissed, "Get me a pillow baby!"
  538. Amy responded instantly and she grabbed a thick pillow from her bed. She knew instinctively what her mother wanted and without and further instruction, she rammed the pillow under Susie's butt, holding it high in the air. Grasping her daughter's ankles, Alison lifted them high in the air and opened them wide. Now Susie's tightly closed little asshole was also on display and Alison's throat became so dry that she had to swallow hard. The woman was nearly shaking with lust as she stared in rapture at the gorgeous sight of her daughter's asshole. It looked so small and was coloured a warm pink just like healthy skin should be. Like a moth drawn to a flame, Alison's mouth was drawn to Susie's virgin shit hole and the preteen gasped loudly as she felt her mothers tongue lap around it.
  539. "Oooohhh," she moaned as Alison's tongue probed a bit harder, trying to get the tip of her tongue inside and making the most intense sparks of ecstasy fire through the preteen's body.
  540. When Alison got onto her knees and positioned herself between Susie's legs, she could feel her own sticky wetness drool out of her cunt and down the inside of her thighs. She didn't want to move her hands away from holding her daughter open but she gasped loudly and then groaned when she felt Amy's mouth suck on her hole. Screaming out a silent thank you to every God she had ever heard of, she tilted her hips to give Amy easier access and then went back to playing with Susie.
  542. The child loved having her asshole stimulated and she had already found that her little back hole was very sensitive. Her breathing came in short, sharp gasps as her mother's tongue swirled around her opening and the very tip pressed inside. As she continued rimming the child, Alison slid her middle finger back in Susie's little cunt again, curling it outward until she found what she was looking for.
  543. Neither of the twins had ever heard of a "G" spot before and Alison wasn't even sure if their cunts were mature enough to have one, but she thought she would find out. With her husband being away on business trips so often, the woman was expert at finding her own pleasure spot and she used the same mental rule for her daughter. She figured that she would know if she found the preteens "G" spot, and she wasn't mistaken.
  544. The little girl suddenly cried out and her hips bucked wildly in the air. Her head thrashed from side to side on the bed and she screamed again as her orgasm exploded inside her tender body. Her mother had only a second to react and she quickly glued her mouth over Susie's spasming cunt and sucked her sweet nectar into her throat.
  546. While she drank down her daughter's cum, Amy's mouth and tongue was pushing her towards her own release. She adored that wonderful tingling sensation that spread through her sex and her thighs just before she climaxed. It was a feeling that she wished could last forever but at the same time drove her crazy with desire for her orgasm. With Susie shouting out her cum, it seemed only natural to join her and when Alison climaxed she raised her head to the ceiling and howled like a wolf as her body convulsed and shuddered.
  548. It took ages for Alison and Susie to recover their senses, and when they did, they found that Amy was on her back with her fingers working in and out of her cunt. She wasn't trying to orgasm, but instead her smile said, "I'm just keeping my hole hot for whoever wants to make me cum again!!!"
  550. They spent the entire afternoon in the bedroom and it was getting dark outside before they had fucked themselves to a standstill. All three of them were stinking of fuck sauce and their cunts were red and swollen. They were exhausted and also very hungry. Whilst the twins would probably have been content to roll over and sleep, Alison cajoled them to get up and she led them into the kitchen. No one bothered to put on any clothes and when the girl's saw the muffins and cookies that Alison put on the table, they found that they were ravenous.
  552. As she watched her daughters devour the food, Alison realised that her life had just become very complicated. Looking closely at their developing bodies and at the battered and bruised slits between their legs, her cunt started to drool again and she smiled when she thought that her life hadn't just become complicated, it had also become very exciting!
  556. o0o     The End    o0o
  560. If you have any comments on the story you can contact me at
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