KHHD/3D OCR Thread - Old OPs

Sep 19th, 2012
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  3. An HD collection of Kingdom Hearts 1, Re:Chain of Memories, and hi-res versions of all the cutscenes from 358/2 Days, for Playstation 3.
  5. I have it on good authority that it's probably coming out here. Presumably, a -2.5 HD ReMIX- is on the way too, possibly of BBS, 2, and the cutscenes from Coded, but that's just speculation.
  7. [url=]Here's the site[/url]
  9. [url=]Here's the old OP[/url]
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  11. [url=]English Trailer[/url]
  13. So I figured I'd post everything I've said over in the 3DS thread here, to stop the clutter there and keep it tailored specifically to the system itself.
  15. And yes, this is completely because Darke said to make game-specific threads. ^.^
  17. [quote=Famitsu]
  18. [B]KINGDOM HEARTS 3D: Dream Drop Distance Releasing Spring 2012 in Japan[/B]
  19. The trailer begins with Yen Sid's voice explaining the circumstances of the adventure taking place this time around. It seems Riku and Sora will be contending to finally become Keyblade Masters. It takes place in "the world submerged in sleep", but the details are still unknown. Also, the enemies are called Dream Eaters, goblins who consume sleep.
  21. Once again, Sora descends into Traverse Town, calling in search for Riku, when he hears the voice of a new character say, "The Noise are horrible..." The guest character appearing is Neku, the headphones toting main character from "It's a Wonderful World" (The World Ends With You). It seems Neku is caught in the Reaper's Game, where if you cannot complete the mission given by the Reapers, your existence will be eliminated. But he doesn't have a partner, it seems Sora may be lending him a hand?
  23. Then suddenly the round form of an adorable creature appears. That creature is shown rolling about on the flat top side of a hand using the camera function. Just like a puppy, you can see it's belly. Seems you can pet it using the touch pad, it looks so cute when it's eyes light up! It seems Sora befriends it, riding upon it during battle and hopping around on it. Also, it's so speedy it's hard to tell what's happening, but since the original concept of the title is "bold action", it seems that the battles are more refreshing that anything in the series so far!
  25. There is also a surprise in the final scene. There is a cutscene from Xehanort's point of view, the camera faces Braig who says, "Has your memory returned?" Maybe this will be one of the memories explained in this title.[/quote]
  27. []
  28. We have our first KH3D floor report! KHInsider's own krexia was able to play Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance at this year's Tokyo Game Show, and she's sent in the sweet details about the demo for our readers! Without further adieu:
  32. We start off with Sora back in Traverse Town. He's got new clothes but... he apparently doesn't know why! It seems he's been separated from Riku, and Sora immediately yells out for his friend. It's then that we first see Neku Sakuraba from The World Ends With You. Neku promptly tells Sora to shut his noisy mouth and asks if he is a participant in the "Reaper's Game". Since Sora doesn't have the countdown stamp on his hand like Neku, it appears he is not.
  34. Sora heroically offers his help to Neku as a friend. Neku retorts that Sora can't make friends that easy, to which Sora replies that it is easy. Neku then promptly dashes off into Traverse Town in a cloud of sparkles.
  36. It's here that you gain control of Sora, fighting through Traverse Town. The X button on the 3DS is you "freeflow" button, which will allow Sora and Riku to do all sorts of crazy and fast maneuvers such as bouncing off of walls and swinging around poles. The idea behind this mechanic is freedom of movement based around objects in the environment. While in freeflow you can attack by pressing the attack button, and it will be contextual to where you are in freeflow. It's particularly flashy and fun to execute. However, it seems that the camera is a bit slow in keeping up with these maneuvers.
  38. Commands are structured just like Birth by Sleep and Re:coded in which you can cycle through abilities. Use one and there will be a cooldown before you can use it again. You get the idea. At the end of Sora's scenario he fights a boss. The boss can be described as boxy with long arms. It can attack from a distance by shooting it's arms into the foreground. This looks particularly impressive in 3D. After the boss is defeated, Sora's scenario ends.
  42. We see Quasimodo carrying Esmerelda towards the Cathedral of Notre Dame when we first visit Le Cité des Cloches (The City of Bells). Riku is with them and also sporting a new outfit and shorter hair. It seems he is protecting them.
  44. Riku battles inside the cathedral, and you can freeflow between the pillars inside. It's important to note that Sora and Riku are now accompanied by new companions we've seen in the keyart. Sora's companions are described as a panda-like creature and a smaller more "squirrely" companion. Riku's companions are described as something resembling a unicorn and a bat.
  46. When the group reaches the top of the cathedral, Riku's boss fight begins. It's a winged flying boss, and for this fight Riku is able to fly. You must jump up to the roof and chase it in flight around the cathedral. This is also impressive looking in 3D.[/quote]
  48. [url=]New video of Sora's gameplay![/url]
  49. There's English subtitles for the scenes. Be sure that Closed Captioning is on in the video, or you won't see the subtitles!
  51. [img][/img]
  52. [quote]
  53. Darkness becomes light,
  54. Light falls into darkness.
  55. Dreams are connected to each other--
  56. When you fall into a dream,
  57. You are connected through dreams to "The world enclosed in sleep".
  58. And if you open the "Keyhole of sleep" in that world,
  59. The world will be released--
  60. [/quote]
  62. As for the other one pictured previously...
  63. [img][/img]
  64. [quote]Dream Eater:
  65. The Heartless are made up of darkness.
  66. But in "The world enclosed by sleep" a different darkness exists.
  67. Monsters who eat dreams, "Dream Eaters"
  68. These are divided into two types: "ones that eat dreams and plant nightmares" and "ones that eat nightmares"
  70. System:
  71. Sora and Riku both fly around among new Disney worlds. Moreover there's evolved action, and new cooperative techniques with their new Dream Eater friends.[/quote]
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  78. ^.^
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