Session 2C - Battle of the Derps

Jul 28th, 2011
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  1. [23:22:51] <Paradox> It's the 70th of Spring! It's been a couple of weeks since the bandit attack, and the Contest has finally been reschedualed!
  2. [23:24:19] <Paradox> Mrs. Day, Mrs. Baker, and Lynn Sharp are the judges today! They sit nearby at the judge's platform, as everyone gets ready.
  3. [23:25:01] <Paradox> (OK, so, who is entering? Say 'me' in OranValley)
  4. [23:29:39] <Paradox> Back stage, the entrants are getting their pokemon ready as the crowd gathers for the show
  5. [23:30:30] * Iona is wearing a cloak and generally trying not to be recognized before her big entrance :3c
  6. [23:31:10] * Flynn_ is wearing a suit. It looks kind of off on him, like it's too big, but at least he tried.
  7. [23:32:46] * Terri is in the audience with his usual outfit.
  8. [23:32:49] * Clarity is ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZzzz really loud, and probably a cause for more than just headaches, wearing... uh, a big pillow. Well not really, it's more like cuddling the pillow in such a way that-- okay, it's bigger than she is. That should say enough. Some mumbling comes along too. "Mmmm~ Just a quiiiick nap before it staaaaarts~" A Shinx glares at her as if attempting to sigh.
  9. [23:33:35] * Henry is wearing a black version of his usual suit, with a set of white gloves, and no hat. It almost calls to mind a stage magician. Almost. He's currently trying to adjust a bow tie on Bernard's neck.
  10. [23:33:40] * Nephene has set up a booth near the audience, both to help out contestants and make a little money on the side.
  11. [23:33:55] * Submission is not actually in the competition but came to watch because his carpentry work today was going slowly. Dos sits on his lap lazily, eyeing the contest with a dopey grin on his face. It's hard not to feel the amusement radiating from the large man.
  12. [23:34:22] <Nephene> Besides, everyone said that she needs to get out more. Well, here she is.
  13. [23:36:36] <Paradox> Mayor Day comes up backstages. "Alright, contestants! Are you all ready?"
  14. [23:36:39] * Ricki is in the back of the room with . . . Wait, where'd Button go? In as normal as his clothes get (Which means no shirt, just walking around in his baggy, sewn-up pants, or whatever he gets clothed with in the mornings), he's looking under anything that looks big enough to hide a Diglett to him... Which is just about anything, people inclusive.
  15. [23:36:41] <Iona> "Mmm!"
  16. [23:37:03] <Clarity> "Mmm~" ... Nope, still asleep.
  17. [23:37:15] <Flynn_> "Uh, as ready as I'll ever be, I guess." He looks over at Flora.
  18. [23:37:52] * Submission watches Ricki warily. Should the man come attempt to look under Dos or Submission, a fight may break out.
  19. [23:38:01] <Paradox> Fluffy the Orange follows Ricki around.
  20. [23:38:12] <Iona> (what's fluffy the orange? O:)
  21. [23:38:13] <Paradox> (Submission would beat up a 14yo kid? D: )
  22. [23:38:38] <Paradox> ( An arguably mentally handicapped 14yo kid, at that? )
  23. [23:38:43] <Paradox> ( Submission is COLD )
  24. [23:38:43] * Nephene flips a sign around - open for business.
  25. [23:39:05] <Ricki> "Button? Hey, Button! Where are you?!?" He calls out as he picks up a small table in search of the Diglett. (Fluffy the Orange is a Lillipup)
  26. [23:39:10] <Iona> (ah)
  27. [23:39:25] <Submission> (Fight is a strong word. Maybe more like... forcefully insist he desist.)
  28. [23:39:48] <Paradox> You find Button in a nearby flower pot. :O
  29. [23:40:17] <Submission> (Also, due to Botherer's descriptions, I keep thinking Ricki is older than that.)
  30. [23:40:22] <Submission> (Now he's just some kid derp.)
  31. [23:40:50] <Clarity> YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN~ The poor Shinx rolls backwards in surprise as the eldritch abomination spawned from dreamland awakens from its slumber... oh, nope, it's just a teenager in casual clothes. Shorts, even! It's not quite Summer, but they're comfy and eas- whoop we're not going there. Her gigantic pillow is carefully tucked away with a goofy smile and... is she talking to it?
  32. [23:41:01] <Clarity> "You be good! Wait for me, 'kay~?"
  33. [23:41:02] <Henry> "We're ready, Mayor." he smiles, finally, having unusually serioused up.
  34. [23:42:55] <Paradox> "Alright, then everyone ... let's get ready for the entrance!"
  35. [23:43:06] * Terri just sits quietly, with Boris next to him, stretching and yawning every now and then.
  36. [23:43:17] <Paradox> A few minutes pass as the mayor gathers up the stragglers, and people finish last second preparations. Then...
  37. [23:43:36] <Ricki> "Oh, there you are, Button!" He doesn't seem to have any issue with the fact that the mole has somehow managed to climb his way into a flower pot. "It's time to go!" He walks away, expecting the Diglett to follow... Only for him not to. Silly potted Diglett.
  38. [23:44:07] <Clarity> "Okaaay~ Countin' on you, Sky!" A scratch on his head, which is returned with an annoyed look. Clarity grins... and they both make their way. Probably.
  39. [23:44:25] <Paradox> (okay shut now guys, TEXT INCOMING)
  40. [23:44:26] * Iona nods, and clasps a Pokeball in one hand.
  41. [23:44:30] <Iona> (sorry)
  42. [23:45:21] <Paradox> A few minutes later, you're all waiting by the stage entrance, waiting to come out as the mayor begins his speech.
  43. [23:46:32] <Paradox> "Ladies and Gentlemen of Oran Valley! As we all know, a tragedy befell our village on the usual day of our spring contest. But Oran Valley is no stranger to hardship, and we will persevere and enjoy ourselves. So today, we honor the Goddess of Spring with a festival of grace and beauty! Now it is my great honor to introduce to you this year's contestants..."
  44. [23:47:58] <Paradox> "Clarity and Sky! Lisa and Tori! Ricki and Button! Henry and Bernard! And last but not least, Flynn and Flora!" he announces, as you all come out onto the stage with your partners.
  45. [23:48:08] <Iona> (not me? ;_;)
  46. [23:48:09] <Paradox> (APPEALS PHASE, describe your entrance/intro~)
  47. [23:48:33] <Paradox> (ALSO IONA AND AINA!)*
  48. [23:48:39] <Iona> (:3c)
  49. [23:50:06] * Henry strolls on stage, with Bernard following along. Henry's clothes almost seem to shine in the spring light, and Bernard looks extremely smart with his bowtie. Their entrance is a single, simple, and possibly slightly boring bow to the audience.
  50. [23:50:27] <Henry> 1d2 Sparkles and Glitter
  51. [23:50:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Rex|Henry, Sparkles and Glitter: 1 [1d2=1]
  52. [23:50:43] <Henry> 2d4+2 Natural Grace
  53. [23:50:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Rex|Henry, Natural Grace: 7 [2d4=2,3]
  54. [23:50:50] <Henry> 7 is my opening appeal.
  55. [23:51:41] <Flynn_> Flynn steps out onto the stage normally...unaccompanied by his Pokemon, and smiles at the audience and the judges in turn. Just as the murmuring starts, a beam of bright, sunny light appears from a tall tree next to the stage. Down through the beam, as though descending from heaven, Flora appears from within the branches of the tree and floats down gracefully through the air, landing in Flynn's arms. He grins and bows while holding her.
  56. [23:52:53] <Ricki> Ricki waddles out on stage, expecting Button to follow after... Only for the Diglett to . . . Not come. He waits a moment... "I think Button's just shy..." he says, after waiting what might be just a bit far too long. "Hey, Button! It's okay! They aren't gonna hurt you or make you broken!" . . . Ricki waddles back off stage and, after a minute, comes out with his arm stuck in a potted plant.
  57. [23:52:53] <Ricki> An EXCEPTIONALLY disgruntled Diglett can be seen glaring at Ricki as it pops out of another hole it burrows into the potted plant. It then realizes people are staring, and then feigns cute Digletty behavior, wiggling its nose about.
  58. [23:53:35] * Clarity comes out with a big one-handed wave with the Shinx cradled in one arm... he looks like he's about to groan when she picks up one of his paws and tries to force it to wave to the audience-- he quickly makes clear how well-received that idea is by erupting in electricity in her arms and causing the poor girl to jump in shock (literally), before jumping out forward with a triple somersault of some kind and glowing with electricity again. The Pokémon looks like he's grinning at the audience.
  59. [23:54:10] * Iona , on the other hand, has a much more dramatic entrance - once she strides onto stage, she pulls off the cloak (which she had been wearing over her regular outfit (and poncho) oddly enough) and exclaims, "From the ocean we come - the two great beauties of the seven seas! Aina! Iona! In the name of the waves, these fins! In the name of beauty, these moves! Let us dazzle you!" Then, she tosses the pokeball into the air, hitting the button in the middle with an expertly aimed pulse of water. Aina appears in a burst of light, and surfs down on the provided water slide.
  60. [23:54:59] * Henry can't help but smile. These people have ENTHUSIASM
  61. [23:58:08] <Paradox> The Audience seems thrilled with Bernard's classy and simple entrance, and by Flora's sudden appearance - but they seem even more thrilled with Iona's entrance! They clap politely at Ricki, a few people looking at each other in confusion
  62. [23:59:10] * Terri just stares sleepily at the contest.
  63. [00:00:25] <Paradox> 1d6
  64. [00:00:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d6: 6 [1d6=6]
  65. [00:01:01] <Paradox> Mrs. Day, the head judge, raises a pannel - No Type! The first round will not be geared towards any specific type.
  66. [00:01:56] * Henry hmms. Interesting.
  67. [00:06:58] * Lisa walks out in her swirly lavender dress a huge smile on her face, alone. She raises her hand and a small candle twinkles softly as it slowly grows larger and larger as the litwick grows to normal size, shining tiara on her head. Before she fades out, and back again sitting on Lisa's shoulder.
  68. [00:12:47] <Paradox> The Audience receives Lisa's entrance very positively as well!
  69. [00:13:17] <Paradox> The First round will be NO TYPE, and the order will be...
  70. [00:13:28] * Raven is making quite a bit of fanfare from near Nephene's booth, waving around a pint. "Kick their asses, Aina!"
  71. [00:14:14] * Paradox changes topic to 'Ricki, Clarity, Flynn, Lisa, Henry, Iona | Mrs. Day, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Sharp'
  72. [00:15:19] * Nephene smiles. "Seems to be going well. Who are you betting on?"
  73. [00:15:27] <Paradox> (RICKI, you're up first!)
  74. [00:16:03] <Paradox> Cedric whistles loudly from the audience. "C'mon Clarity! Let's go Lisa! Show these outtatowners how we do it!"
  75. [00:16:30] <Ricki> "Hey, Button... You're good at singing, right? You should sing for everyone 'cause you can do that and you're good at it." Button turns to Ricki and rolls his eyes at the boy before turning around with a super adorable Digletty smile. It begins to chant "Diglett, dig~ Diglett, dig~" . . . It . . . Might have sounded better if there were Dugtrio around to join in.
  76. [00:16:37] <Ricki> 3d4 Growl (Cute) @ Mrs. Day
  77. [00:16:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Ricki, Growl (Cute) @ Mrs. Day: 9 [3d4=3,2,4]
  78. [00:17:02] <Ricki> ( . . . Crap, 2d4 - So 5? )
  79. [00:17:31] <Paradox> Clarity is up~
  80. [00:18:02] <Clarity> "Uh okay, lessee here~" She's still trying to recover from the shock... but then looks down at the Shinx grinning at her. "Whoa, don't do that at me, do that at them! Show 'em how AWESOME you can look!" A thumbs-up is given to him, who cautiously turns around and... gives a really bizarre look. At Ms. Sharp because that's who he happens to see first.
  81. [00:18:15] <Clarity> 2d4 Leer @ Sharp~
  82. [00:18:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, Leer @ Sharp~: 2 [2d4=1,1]
  83. [00:18:23] <Iona> (oh man poor clarity)
  84. [00:18:37] <Clarity> (Oh right, it's Cool too)
  85. [00:20:01] <Paradox> FLYNN_ is up~
  86. [00:21:01] <Raven> "It's...hard to say. Henry seems experienced at this, but Iona's pretty flashy."
  87. [00:21:04] <Flynn_> "Hey, Flora, isn't everyone getting a bit too excited? Let's see if we can calm them down a bit." Flynn winks, and Flora shuffles forward on the stage, dancing around and releasing a baby-blue powder into the air in Mrs. Baker's direction.
  88. [00:21:22] <Flynn_> 7d4 Sleep Powder (Smart) @ Baker
  89. [00:21:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, Sleep Powder (Smart) @ Baker: 13 [7d4=3,3,1,1,2,2,1]
  90. [00:21:42] <Flynn_> (2d4 base + 1d4 for each point of voltage the judge doesn't have)
  91. [00:22:02] <Iona> (what the hell inversed appeal moves aren't supposed to have base voltage scores)
  92. [00:22:04] <Iona> (staaaaaaark)
  93. [00:22:06] <Iona> (anyway)
  94. [00:22:21] <Flynn_> (it said 2d4! ask the book!)
  95. [00:22:32] <Nephene> "Hm. I don't know; Flynn seems to know what he's doing. His entrance was quite nice!"
  96. [00:23:06] <Paradox> Lisa's turn!
  97. [00:23:16] <Iona> (I know)
  98. [00:23:20] <Paradox> (although, yeah, inverse appeal moves aren't supposed to have a base score ... has to be a mistake)
  99. [00:23:28] <Paradox> (I'll subtract -2 and be nice <:3c ... yeah )
  100. [00:23:29] <Lisa> "Oh boy. Our first contest Tori, show them how you SHINE!" The little litwick makes her little flame grow brighter and brighter sending of a little shot into the air that explodes right over Mr.s bakers head, the lights reflecting on Tori's tiara. (Ember)
  101. [00:23:32] <Lisa> 3d4
  102. [00:23:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Lisa, 3d4: 7 [3d4=2,3,2]
  103. [00:23:59] <Iona> (but note, for example, that protect has no base score)
  104. [00:24:12] <Iona> (anyway :3c)
  105. [00:24:15] <Flynn_> (Yeah, several of my moves have no base score)
  106. [00:24:21] <Flynn_> (Sleep Powder just...was listed as 2d4)
  107. [00:24:54] <Viktor> (It's either a mistake or intentionally broke as hell. Either way I loved the heck out of it when I used my butterfree to win that smart contest)
  108. [00:25:15] <Ricki> ( Butterfree just needs to stop being cheap )
  109. [00:25:55] <Paradox> HENRY is up!
  110. [00:26:12] * Terri nods off for a moment then goes to Nephene's booth.
  111. [00:26:35] * Henry strides forward with Bernard. "Behold, ladies and gentlemen. Despite his meager appearance, Bernard has a special gift. To see the UNSEEN." he begins tying a thick blindfold around Bernard's eyes and hefts him onto his shoulders. "Gaze in wonder as he flies through the air fearlessly, never doubting for a moment that a safe landing awaits him!" Bernard springboards off of Henry's
  112. [00:26:35] * Henry shoulders, doing an impressive series of flips as Henry moves around the stage. Bernard seems to know flawlessly where Henry goes, despite his erratic movements. Henry seems to be paying extra attention to Mrs. Sharp!
  113. [00:26:37] <Nephene> "Hello, there."
  114. [00:26:42] <Nephene> "How can I help you?"
  115. [00:26:43] <Terri> "Hi."
  116. [00:26:47] <Henry> Detect!
  117. [00:26:49] <Terri> "Got waffles?"
  118. [00:26:57] <Henry> 5d4 Inverse Appeal
  119. [00:26:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, Inverse Appeal: 9 [5d4=3,1,3,1,1]
  120. [00:27:29] <Paradox> Iona~
  121. [00:27:43] <Nephene> ", no."
  122. [00:28:00] <Nephene> "I'm the cook back at the inn, but for this booth, I'm just a masseuse."
  123. [00:28:06] <Iona> "Hmmm. Aina! Ride the waves and show them how to soar!"
  124. [00:28:28] * Terri frowns.
  125. [00:28:29] <Iona> Aina uses her Water Gun as a rocket and shoots up into the air, then spreads her tail fins and flutters down.
  126. [00:28:43] <Iona> 3d4 cute, at Sharp
  127. [00:28:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Iona, cute, at Sharp: 9 [3d4=1,4,4]
  128. [00:29:05] <Paradox> The audience applauds at all the performances!
  129. [00:29:57] <Paradox> (one sec)
  130. [00:32:26] <Terri> "Whats a massue...massure....massa...thingy?"
  131. [00:32:38] <Nephene> "Hm. How to explain this...."
  132. [00:32:46] <Paradox> 1d6 TYPE
  133. [00:32:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, TYPE: 1 [1d6=1]
  134. [00:32:57] <Paradox> The type for this round is COOL
  135. [00:33:04] <Nephene> "Well, a masseuse massages people. Essentially, I help people get more comfortable."
  136. [00:33:11] <Paradox> The order is...
  137. [00:34:04] * Paradox changes topic to 'Iona, Henry, Flynn, Lisa, Clarity, Ricki | Mrs. Day, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Sharp'
  138. [00:34:08] <Paradox> Iona goes first!
  139. [00:34:50] <Iona> Aina turns to Mrs. Baker and fires off a rainbow-colored beam into the sky!
  140. [00:35:00] <Iona> 4d4 Psybeam, Round Starter, Smart
  141. [00:35:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Iona, Psybeam, Round Starter, Smart: 13 [4d4=2,4,4,3]
  142. [00:35:09] * Terri thinks about this for a moment.
  143. [00:35:13] <Nephene> This is very difficult to explain in a simple way.
  144. [00:35:39] <Paradox> Henry's turn!
  145. [00:36:16] <Henry> Bernard takes a break from his acrobatics last round to give a cool pose and a leer to Mrs. Sharp!
  146. [00:36:30] <Henry> Henry grins a bit as they've been paying special attention...
  147. [00:36:45] <Henry> 2d20+2 trying for Judge Blinders, using one charge of Special Ring.
  148. [00:36:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, trying for Judge Blinders, using one charge of Special Ring.: 32 [2d20=16,14]
  149. [00:36:51] <Henry> (Ohshi)
  150. [00:36:54] <Terri> "Isnt a a...paper with those scribbles on them?"
  151. [00:37:49] <Henry> 5d4 Cool, since Special Attention goes off! and an additional 1d4 for contest type but I don't know if everyone handles that the same
  152. [00:37:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, Cool, since Special Attention goes off! and an additional 1d4 for contest type but I don't know if everyone handles that the same: 13 [5d4=4,3,3,2,1]
  153. [00:38:32] <Henry> Excitement! Mrs. Sharp's voltage can't be lowered this round!
  154. [00:38:51] <Paradox> Lisa's turn!
  155. [00:38:58] <Paradox> ERR Flynn's turn I mean
  156. [00:38:58] <Paradox> <:3c
  157. [00:38:59] <Flynn_> (N-no it isn't)
  158. [00:41:55] <Flynn_> Flynn silently sets up a straw-filled dummy on-stage and steps back, gesturing to Flora. "Observe!" The little plant stands there for a moment, stretching up toward the sky...and then -OBLITERATES- the dummy with a beam of concentrated solar energy. All that's left is ash. She then poses in a cool fashion, looking at Mrs. Day.
  159. [00:42:40] <Flynn_> 5d4 (Cool) Solarbeam @ Day (1d4+3d4 Special Attention+1d4 for matching type I guess?)
  160. [00:42:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, (Cool) Solarbeam @ Day (1d4+3d4 Special Attention+1d4 for matching type I guess?): 12 [5d4=3,3,1,1,4]
  161. [00:43:18] <Paradox> (I don't think you roll extra type for matching type? It just affects voltage. Unless I'm missing something)
  162. [00:43:32] <Flynn_> (Henry rolled for it so I copied)
  163. [00:43:49] <Clarity> (He cheated 'cause he's a coord)
  164. [00:44:00] <Paradox> Lisa's turn!
  165. [00:45:39] <Lisa> "Try the Fire Top!!" The litwick huffs and puffs and her little head flame turns into a mini flaming tornado that grows in size. That suddenly stops, raining sparks on stage. The little canlde bows to Mrs. Sharp as she finishes. (Fire Spin)
  166. [00:46:06] <Lisa> 2d4 if I read this right.
  167. [00:46:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Lisa, if I read this right.: 5 [2d4=2,3]
  168. [00:47:09] <Paradox> (type?)
  169. [00:47:33] <Paradox> Clarity's turn!
  170. [00:47:53] <Lisa> (Beauty)
  171. [00:48:02] <Clarity> "Oh boyyy. You're not gonna get shown up by a FISH, right?" The two of them give cool looks at each other. That's cool enough for them. "Awright! Cool, cool... Everything you do is cool, Sky~ Knock 'em out!" Sky nods and turns around, before... glowing? That's not as cool as it should be.
  172. [00:48:27] <Clarity> (Charge, Smart, Get Ready!-- at Ms. Day. Mrs.?)
  173. [00:48:34] <Clarity> (Mrs.)
  174. [00:49:42] <Paradox> Ricki's turn!
  175. [00:49:49] <Ricki> "You know what you should do now, Button?" He says, huddled up next to the potted plant containing the Diglett. "You should do that thing where you go 'Peek-a-Boo!' and scare them all... That'd be fun, right?" The Diglett's eye twitches at Ricki's stupidity, but obliges anyways... Except he... Doesn't quite do that. Ricki waits a moment for Button to pop back up, but... He doesn't quite
  176. [00:49:49] <Ricki> come back. So he attempts to pick up the pot and looks inside, only for it to burst open violently in what is literally a ground-shaking display of destruction. Thankfully the pot was big enough and housed enough dirt that Diglett was able to accomplish this without exposing the secret of what lies beneath the dirt.
  177. [00:50:02] <Ricki> 2d4+2d4 Magnitude (Tough) - Round Ender @ Mrs. Baker
  178. [00:50:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Ricki, Magnitude (Tough) - Round Ender @ Mrs. Baker: 8 [2d4=3,2; 2d4=1,2]
  179. [00:53:05] <Paradox> The third round begins!
  180. [00:53:13] * Paradox changes topic to 'Clarity, Ricki, Lisa, Flynn, Iona, Henry | Mrs. Day, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Sharp'
  181. [00:53:15] <Paradox> 1d6 type
  182. [00:53:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, type: 5 [1d6=5]
  183. [00:53:24] <Paradox> The type is TOUGH!
  184. [00:53:29] <Paradox> Clarity is up!
  185. [00:54:39] <Clarity> "Alright! I know you have enough BURNING MANLY SPIRIT for this~!" Hand covering her face, the teenager twirls around with a giggle... completely unnecessarily, before pointing at the small creature on the ground. "Do what you came here to do!" And... he does, jumping up and clamping his teeth on her arm. It looks like it really hurts... but both of them TOUGH it out. Or something along those lines.
  186. [00:54:56] * Iona winces.
  187. [00:54:59] <Clarity> 6d4 thanks charge-- Bite, Tough, on Mrs. Baker
  188. [00:55:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, thanks charge-- Bite, Tough, on Mrs. Baker: 13 [6d4=2,2,1,2,2,4]
  189. [01:06:18] <Clarity> 1d4 I'll do it in here
  190. [01:06:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, I'll do it in here: 1 [1d4=1]
  191. [00:55:39] * Clarity whispers after a few seconds of this display. "... Ow ow ow, okay stop that, that's enough, you did it. ... Ow."
  192. [00:55:46] * Paradox changes topic to 'Clarity, Ricki, Lisa, Flynn, Iona, Henry | Mrs. Day 2, Mrs. Baker 2, Mrs. Sharp 2'
  193. [00:55:51] <Paradox> (all at 2 :O)
  194. [00:56:08] <Paradox> Ricki's turn!
  195. [00:56:52] * Paradox changes topic to 'Clarity, Ricki, Lisa, Flynn, Iona, Henry | Mrs. Day 1, Mrs. Baker 2, Mrs. Sharp 2'
  196. [00:56:53] <Ricki> "That was awesome, Button! Can you do it again?!?" Ricki doesn't even seem phased by the fact that he either was impaled or was nearly impaled by the shattering glass. Button just gives him a dirty look and whacks him across the face by slinging his head back and slicing at Ricki's face with his teeth. He doesn't have to put up with this public display of humiliation.
  197. [00:57:07] <Ricki> 3d4+1d4 Scratch (Tough) @ Mrs. Sharp
  198. [00:57:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Ricki, Scratch (Tough) @ Mrs. Sharp: 8 [3d4=1,2,1; 1d4=4]
  199. [00:57:23] * Iona winces again. EVERYONE HERE IS CRAZIES
  200. [00:57:38] * Paradox changes topic to 'Clarity, Ricki, Lisa, Flynn, Iona, Henry | Mrs. Day 1, Mrs. Baker 2, Mrs. Sharp 3'
  201. [00:58:22] <Paradox> Lisa's turn!
  202. [00:58:59] <Lisa> "Ohgod...Um, Tori...Suprise them!" The litwick vanishes from sight! Where did she go? She phases back into sight sitting on Mrs. Sharp's shoulder making a terribly silly face sticking her tounge out, crying "Litwick!" (Astonish, Smart)
  203. [00:59:02] <Lisa> 3d4
  204. [00:59:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Lisa, 3d4: 6 [3d4=2,3,1]
  205. [00:59:45] <Paradox> Flynn_!
  206. [01:01:53] <Flynn_> "Flora, try that first one again. It's getting too rowdy." Flora does a little pirouette this time, spraying baby blue powder up into the air and letting it drift down, sparkling in the sun.
  207. [01:02:20] <Flynn_> 5d4 Sleep Powder (Smart) @ Day
  208. [01:02:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, Sleep Powder (Smart) @ Day: 16 [5d4=4,2,3,3,4]
  209. [01:02:40] <Paradox> IONA!
  210. [01:03:36] * Iona sneezes. "Enough of that, already! Aina! Dampen out some of this awful powder, won't you?" Aina nods and begins leaping about, faster and faster, until suddenly she leaps into the air - accompanied by a crack of thunder as it begins to rain briefly.
  211. [01:03:45] <Iona> 2d4 rain dance, tough, hold that thought @ Baker
  212. [01:03:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Iona, rain dance, tough, hold that thought @ Baker: 2 [2d4=1,1]
  213. [01:04:41] * Paradox changes topic to 'Clarity, Ricki, Lisa, Flynn, Iona, Henry | Mrs. Day 1, Mrs. Baker 3, Mrs. Sharp 3'
  214. [01:04:52] <Paradox> Henry!
  215. [01:05:07] <Paradox> (roll an extra 1d4 for matching type, Iona)
  216. [01:05:22] <Iona> 1d4 c'mon not 1
  217. [01:05:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Iona, c'mon not 1: 1 [1d4=1]
  218. [01:05:29] <Clarity> (oh wait, would I do that too then?)
  219. [01:05:35] <Henry> Bernard springs back on stage, unleashing a martial arts display of chained low kicks - in these tough times, it's just the thing to fell a bandit leader, or an Aggron.
  220. [01:05:39] <Clarity> (I thought it was just decided that you DIDN'T get a same-type appeal bonus)
  221. [01:06:00] <Henry> (No, he said the opposite)
  222. [01:06:04] <Paradox> (I checked and you do. Sorry, I said it in the other room)
  223. [01:06:04] <Henry> (anyway)
  224. [01:06:09] <Henry> 4d4 Tough Low Kick (same type included)
  225. [01:06:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, Tough Low Kick (same type included): 10 [4d4=1,3,4,2]
  226. [01:06:40] <Henry> Oh
  227. [01:06:42] <Henry> And that's on Sharp
  228. [01:06:59] * Paradox changes topic to 'Clarity, Ricki, Lisa, Flynn, Iona, Henry | Mrs. Day 1, Mrs. Baker 3, Mrs. Sharp 4'
  229. [01:09:22] <Paradox> The audience applauds as the round ends!
  230. [01:09:27] <Paradox> For the fourth round, the type will be...
  231. [01:09:29] <Paradox> 1d6
  232. [01:09:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d6: 5 [1d6=5]
  234. [01:10:07] * Paradox changes topic to 'Henry, Flynn, Iona, Ricki, Lisa, Clarity | Mrs. Day 1, Mrs. Baker 3, Mrs. Sharp 4'
  235. [01:10:12] <Paradox> Henry's turn!
  236. [01:11:24] <Henry> (Oh whoop)
  237. [01:12:21] <Henry> Henry brings out an extremely fluffy pillow and Bernard displays how Tough his head is by continually ramming it into the pillow, knocking Henry backwards despite the padding.
  238. [01:12:40] <Henry> 4d4 Headbutt, Tough, on Day! Fuck Sleep Powder. :<
  239. [01:12:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, Headbutt, Tough, on Day! Fuck Sleep Powder. :<: 9 [4d4=3,3,2,1]
  240. [01:12:59] <Paradox> FLYNN_!
  241. [01:15:03] <Flynn_> Flynn steps back and Flora stretches out toward the sun again, seeming to intensify its rays. The whole area becomes much warmer, bathed in bright sunlight, and Flora poses beautifully in the most intense part of said sunlight.
  242. [01:15:41] <Flynn_> 2d4 Sunny Day (Beauty) @ Sharp
  243. [01:15:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, Sunny Day (Beauty) @ Sharp: 7 [2d4=4,3]
  244. [01:15:58] <Flynn_> Hold That Thought: Mrs. Sharp's voltage cannot rise any more this round!
  245. [01:16:56] * Paradox changes topic to 'Henry, Flynn, Iona, Ricki, Lisa, Clarity | Mrs. Day 1, Mrs. Baker 3, Mrs. Sharp 3H'
  246. [01:17:13] <Paradox> Iona!
  247. [01:17:23] <Iona> Aina fires off another water gun at Sharp, narrowly missing Flora. >:
  248. [01:17:25] <Iona> 3d4 cute
  249. [01:17:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Iona, cute: 5 [3d4=1,3,1]
  250. [01:18:41] <Paradox> RICKI!
  251. [01:18:57] <Ricki> "That works too, Button... But I wanted the ground moving thingy..." Button just gives Ricki a dirty look, then "burrows" into the ground... Before popping back up and startling him.
  252. [01:19:05] <Ricki> 3d4 Astonish (Smart) @ Day
  253. [01:19:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Ricki, Astonish (Smart) @ Day: 5 [3d4=1,3,1]
  254. [01:20:27] <Paradox> LISA
  255. [01:20:54] <Lisa> "Oh uhm...Show them out light show!: The little candle focuses the light from her flames through the little tiara firing of a multicolored beam of light! (Confuse ray Smart Unsettling)
  256. [01:20:56] <Lisa> 2d4
  257. [01:20:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Lisa, 2d4: 2 [2d4=1,1]
  258. [01:22:26] * Paradox changes topic to 'Henry, Flynn, Iona, Ricki, Lisa, Clarity | Mrs. Day 1, Mrs. Baker 2, Mrs. Sharp 2H'
  259. [01:22:50] <Paradox> CLARITY
  260. [01:22:50] <Clarity> "Skyyyyy~! I so totally know you can do better than that! Let's show 'em just how much of a-- aw nevermind, just do somethin' that hurts a lot. Y'know I can take it." A wink at the Shinx... who winks back and jumps into the teen's arms, being tossed into the air and doing yet another somersault. On his way back down, he RAMS into her outstretched arm and knocks the poor girl into the ground. She gives a not-so-tough giggle afterward before tossing him back into the air and standing back up. He lands on his feet with a very Shinxy smirk. Is it a very Shinxy thing to smirk? It sure is for this one.
  261. [01:23:03] <Clarity> 4d4 on Baker, Tough, Tackle
  262. [01:23:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, on Baker, Tough, Tackle: 7 [4d4=4,1,1,1]
  263. [01:24:47] * Paradox changes topic to 'Lisa, Clarity, Ricki, Iona, Flynn, Henry | Mrs. Day 1, Mrs. Baker 2, Mrs. Sharp'
  264. [01:24:51] <Paradox> Only two rounds left!
  265. [01:24:54] <Paradox> 1d6
  266. [01:24:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d6: 4 [1d6=4]
  267. [01:25:10] <Paradox> SMART, just like everyone's been aching for!
  268. [01:25:13] <Paradox> LISA
  269. [01:25:17] <Paradox> IS YOUR BODY READY?
  270. [01:25:38] <Lisa> (=D)
  271. [01:26:51] <Lisa> "Tryyyy. The spooky ghost routine!" The little ghost shrinks in size and pops up infront of Lisa this time! "Imeantthemnotme!" @ Day
  272. [01:26:52] <Lisa> 4d4 Smart Astonish!
  273. [01:26:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Lisa, Smart Astonish!: 13 [4d4=2,4,3,4]
  274. [01:27:55] * Paradox changes topic to 'Lisa, Clarity, Ricki, Iona, Flynn, Henry | Mrs. Day 2, Mrs. Baker 2, Mrs. Sharp 2'
  275. [01:27:59] <Paradox> GOGO CLARITY
  276. [01:28:02] <Clarity> "Okay, okay~ I can take all sorts of stuff like THAT, but... Mmhmmhmm~ Can they take it?" With a dark, almost maniacal look, 'crazy girl' Clarity gives the Shinx another point with yet another twirl. "Awright! This is it! One more glowy thingy?" Turning around, he definitely does begin to glow. And more. And more. His body looks like it's going to blow up if-- okay, that's a lie, it actually doesn't. But it's glowing with an absurd amount of energy, causing Clarity behind to only giggle more and more.
  277. [01:28:15] <Clarity> (Another Charge, Smart, same thing, on Baker)
  278. [01:28:52] * Paradox changes topic to 'Lisa, Clarity, Ricki, Iona, Flynn, Henry | Mrs. Day 2, Mrs. Baker 3, Mrs. Sharp 2'
  279. [01:29:03] <Paradox> (I guess you roll 1d4? since it's the same type)
  280. [01:29:11] <Clarity> 1d4 huh, guess so
  281. [01:29:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, huh, guess so: 2 [1d4=2]
  282. [01:29:22] <Paradox> GOGO RICKI
  283. [01:29:29] <Ricki> "Button, is there anything you can do with the dirt?" Button considers this for a moment, then . . . For once, actually does something Ricki tells him to. He focuses in on the ground, which bursts open and releases a fountain of mud. Looks like the townsfolk know who to go to now if they wanna unwind for a mud bath.
  284. [01:29:39] <Ricki> 3d4 Mud-slap (Cute) @ Sharp
  285. [01:29:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Ricki, Mud-slap (Cute) @ Sharp: 7 [3d4=4,2,1]
  286. [01:30:07] <Paradox> IONA
  287. [01:30:34] <Iona> Aina fires off another psybeam! It's probably not as attractive now that it reminds people how damp they are from the rain.
  288. [01:30:37] <Iona> 3d4 smart
  289. [01:30:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Iona, smart: 6 [3d4=2,1,3]
  290. [01:31:17] <Paradox> FLYNN
  291. [01:31:48] <Flynn_> (Who was the psybeam at)
  292. [01:32:01] <Paradox> (yeah good point Iona)
  293. [01:33:09] <Iona> (oh right, at day)
  294. [01:33:11] <Iona> (herpa)
  295. [01:33:18] * Paradox changes topic to 'Lisa, Clarity, Ricki, Iona, Flynn, Henry | Mrs. Day 3, Mrs. Baker 3, Mrs. Sharp 2'
  296. [01:34:27] <Flynn_> Flora simply stands there, soaking up the remaining rays of sun...and seems to grow a bit! She certainly looks healthier.
  297. [01:35:28] <Flynn_> 4d4 Synthesis (Smart) @ Baker
  298. [01:35:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, Synthesis (Smart) @ Baker: 12 [4d4=4,3,1,4]
  299. [01:35:48] * Paradox changes topic to 'Lisa, Clarity, Ricki, Iona, Flynn, Henry | Mrs. Day 3, Mrs. Baker 4, Mrs. Sharp 2'
  300. [01:36:05] <Paradox> HENRY~
  301. [01:36:07] <Henry> Henry drags a small log onstage, sets it upright, then stands to the side. Bernard appears onstage suddenly, blurring as he moves back and forth barely fast enough for the naked eye to see, launching an extremely accurate flurry of moves at the log, before appearing above it and stomping down. The log falls apart from his smartly placed blows!
  302. [01:36:18] <Henry> 5d4 Faint Attack, Round Ender, Smart
  303. [01:36:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, Faint Attack, Round Ender, Smart: 13 [5d4=2,3,2,3,3]
  304. [01:36:21] <Henry> Sharp
  305. [01:36:29] * Paradox changes topic to 'Lisa, Clarity, Ricki, Iona, Flynn, Henry | Mrs. Day 3, Mrs. Baker 4, Mrs. Sharp 3'
  306. [01:37:04] <Paradox> FINAL ROUND
  307. [01:37:20] <Iona> oh man oh man oh man
  308. [01:37:39] * Paradox changes topic to 'Henry, Flynn, Iona, Lisa, Ricki, Clarity | Mrs. Day 3, Mrs. Baker 4, Mrs. Sharp 3'
  309. [01:37:50] <Paradox> 1d6 AND THE TYPE IS
  310. [01:37:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, AND THE TYPE IS: 5 [1d6=5]
  311. [01:38:02] <Paradox> ROUGH TO BE TOUGH
  312. [01:38:08] <Paradox> Gogo Henry
  313. [01:38:54] <Henry> In that case, Bernard simply relaxes and leers around the contestants and audience, challenging anyone to top their performance!
  314. [01:39:06] <Henry> 4d4 Leer at Mrs. Sharp Tough
  315. [01:39:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, Leer at Mrs. Sharp Tough: 7 [4d4=4,1,1,1]
  316. [01:39:12] <Henry> (UH OH)
  317. [01:39:21] * Paradox changes topic to 'Henry, Flynn, Iona, Lisa, Ricki, Clarity | Mrs. Day 3, Mrs. Baker 4, Mrs. Sharp 4'
  318. [01:39:33] <Paradox> FLYNN'S TURN
  319. [01:40:31] <Flynn_> Flora responds to the challenge, wheeling around and launching another devastating beam of sun...narrowly missing Bernard, but looking awfully cool at it!
  320. [01:41:11] <Flynn_> 4d4 Solarbeam (Cool) @ Day
  321. [01:41:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Flynn_, Solarbeam (Cool) @ Day: 9 [4d4=2,1,4,2]
  322. [01:42:41] <Paradox> IONA
  323. [01:43:40] <Iona> With a massive FLOP, Aina launches herself into the air one last time, bringing her fins down on the stage hard enough for the sound to ring clearly through the square~
  324. [01:43:48] <Iona> 4d4 pound tough @ Day
  325. [01:43:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Iona, pound tough @ Day: 12 [4d4=4,1,4,3]
  326. [01:44:06] * Paradox changes topic to 'Henry, Flynn, Iona, Lisa, Ricki, Clarity | Mrs. Day 4, Mrs. Baker 4, Mrs. Sharp 4'
  327. [01:44:10] <Paradox> LISA
  328. [01:44:43] <Lisa> "Alright Tori, Let's get small!" The little litwick shrinks in size, the tiara clattering to the ground! After a pause she rushes back up to full size the Tiara on backwards, giving a little bow to Mrs. Baker.
  329. [01:44:58] <Lisa> 2d4 Minimize CUTE Hold that thought
  330. [01:44:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Lisa, Minimize CUTE Hold that thought: 7 [2d4=4,3]
  331. [01:45:50] * Paradox changes topic to 'Henry, Flynn, Iona, Lisa, Ricki, Clarity | Mrs. Day 4, Mrs. Baker 3H, Mrs. Sharp 4'
  332. [01:46:08] <Paradox> RICKI!
  333. [01:46:20] <Ricki> "Hey, Button... I got it, I got it! Do the thing with the rocks that you did when we found Broken Egg and you made the other big birds all broken and stuff!" The Diglett shakes its head no. "C'mon, it'll be SO cool!" And it retorts with a glare. "Please please please please PLEASE do it?" The Diglett sighs, and then... A fountain of ROCKS shoots out from in front of the stage, firing up
  334. [01:46:20] <Ricki> before hurtling back down towards the ground... And possibly everyone Rocks fall, you all die... Or you can run off screaming in terror, too, because that works too and (usually) ends up with less dying.
  335. [01:46:38] <Ricki> 1d3;3d4+1d4 Rock Slide (Tough)
  336. [01:46:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Ricki, 1d3: 2 [1d3=2]; Rock Slide (Tough): 9 [3d4=3,1,1; 1d4=4]
  337. [01:46:54] <Ricki> (At Baker, because that's what DiceMaid said.)
  338. [01:46:54] <Paradox> CLARITY
  339. [01:46:59] <Clarity> "'Kay. Yeah yeah, don't look at me like that, I wish we could've done the wakeup routine too." A deep sigh. "But I really am gonna need a looooong nap after this~ One more, Sky-- you ready?" A spark in her eye, a spark in his eye. Their bond spawns from the depths of each other's soul. Both nod at each other and take more than just a few steps in the opposite direction before turning around and dashing into each other with as much as they're able to muster. "Last ooooone!" They both SLAM into each other and collapse.
  340. [01:47:04] <Clarity> (WHY DID YOU DO THAT)
  341. [01:47:27] <Iona> (oh man, clarity, you are second best derp. you can be my apprentice)
  342. [01:47:45] <Clarity> 6d4 Okay, let's see, if 4 is the highest, let's call it Sharp
  343. [01:47:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, Okay, let's see, if 4 is the highest, let's call it Sharp: 17 [6d4=3,1,4,4,1,4]
  344. [01:48:32] <Clarity> (Oh right, Tackle btw)
  345. [01:50:37] <Clarity> 1d4 oh yeah whoops forgot my contest stab
  346. [01:50:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, oh yeah whoops forgot my contest stab: 3 [1d4=3]
  347. [01:52:12] <Paradox> oh that changes things
  348. [01:52:20] <Clarity> (my bad~)
  349. [01:55:24] <Paradox> The Judges confer for a moment, as the Contestants and the Mayor stand on the platform.
  350. [01:55:54] <Paradox> Finally, Mrs. Day stands up!
  351. [01:55:59] * Iona shifts from foot to foot, holding onto Aina, who looks worn out.
  352. [01:56:47] * Lisa Smiles at the others giving a thumbs up.
  353. [01:56:52] <Paradox> "Alright. With 41 points, Lisa in 6th place. With 46 points, Ricki in 5th place."
  354. [01:56:53] * Clarity spends her time high-fiving the Shinx' paw.
  355. [01:57:03] * Henry looks nervous. Flynn did extremely well.
  356. [01:57:09] <Paradox> "With 48 points, Lisa is in 4th place."
  357. [01:57:15] <Henry> (What)
  358. [01:57:17] <Iona> (oh god she's in two places at once)
  359. [01:57:20] <Lisa> (Lisa so awesome she is in two places)
  360. [01:57:25] <Iona> (shrodinger's contestant)
  361. [01:57:25] <Clarity> (thinking with portals)
  362. [01:57:27] <Lisa> (OHSHITHERECOMESCELEBII)
  363. [01:57:29] <Paradox> CLARITY
  364. [01:57:40] <Clarity> (SORRY)
  365. [01:57:43] <Paradox> "With 48 points, Clarity is in 4th place, excuse me!"
  366. [01:57:48] <Iona> (aha :3c)
  367. [01:58:09] <Clarity> "Hee hee." Sky lets out a Shinxy giggle as well. She doesn't stop winking at him though.
  368. [01:58:26] <DamienLunas> (STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM)
  369. [01:58:45] <Paradox> "With 52 points, Iona is in 3rd place!"
  370. [01:58:51] <Paradox> "With a whopping 72 points..."
  371. [01:59:18] <Paradox> "Comes Henry! Congratulations, Henry!"
  372. [01:59:21] * Flynn_ is holding his breath so hard he's turning blue.
  373. [01:59:25] * Flynn_ EXHAAAALE.
  374. [01:59:27] * Henry sighs a little.
  375. [01:59:31] * Henry smiles, though.
  376. [01:59:41] <Paradox> "And the winner of the Spring Contest, by a single point, is Mr. Flynn Argent!"
  377. [01:59:59] <Paradox> Applause! Cedric BOOOS but is quickly bopped on the head by his father.
  378. [02:00:17] * Flynn_ turns bright red, having entered for fun and not expected to get anywhere near first. Then he pats Flora on the head, since it was her victory, not really his.
  379. [02:00:19] * Lisa Applauds and whistles "Good job everyone! You did awesome today!"
  380. [02:00:19] * Clarity shoots a wink at him too, sticking her tongue out. Well, that's ONE way to apologize.
  381. [02:00:22] <Henry> "A single point... hah." he turns to Flynn. "Well then. Congratulations are in order."
  382. [02:01:02] <Flynn_> "I'm not really sure how it happened, but you did really, really well. I was sure you'd win." He extends his hand to Henry.
  383. [02:01:51] * Clarity hops up to Flynn despite what he's in the middle of, slapping the man on the back. "Ahaha! Great freakin' job, Food Guy! Knew you could do it!" The Shinx glares at her, but gets a glare back.
  384. [02:01:55] * Henry shakes Flynn's hand, smiling. "It's no trouble... It's good to see someone else in the limelight."
  385. [02:02:17] <DamienLunas> (Flynn won via poffins I suspect?)
  386. [02:02:24] <Flynn_> (Nope!)
  387. [02:02:32] <Paradox> (nope, he doesn't have poffins. just -really good rolls-)
  388. [02:02:39] <Flynn_> (Not a single poffin. Flynn won via having A RIDICULOUS ARRAY OF MOVES and really good rolls.)
  389. [02:03:22] <Iona> "Good job! Even if Aina's totally the best and cutest fish out there."
  390. [02:03:29] * Lisa Smiles and gives Flynn a thumbs up. "That was amazing! Though I think it could be better with some of our awesome accesories and jewlery at the shop!"
  391. [02:03:31] <Ricki> "Hey, did you hear that, Button? You got fifth -- Button?!?" Somehow, amongst the chaos, Button had made his escape. Ricki shrugs, and keeps talking to the mound of dirt on stage as if someone was still there listening to him.
  392. [02:04:02] <Henry> "And you..." he says to Iona. "Very impressive, at the beginning. I was more worried about you than Flynn to begin with, but he certainly surprised me. You did marvelous, however."
  393. [02:04:49] * Iona grins wiiiide. "Thank you!"
  394. [02:04:50] <Clarity> "Oh maaaan, Sky." A slight chuckle at the animal, she rolls a sleeve up-- yep, bite marks. Fortunately it's not bleeding. "Yeah, let's NOT do that again, 'kay?"
  395. [02:05:01] <Iona> "You'll have to come down to the beach and watch us train sometime!"
  396. [02:05:26] <Henry> (Has Henry met Iona yet)
  397. [02:05:28] <Henry> (I forget)
  398. [02:06:12] * Lisa Grins at Clarity "Yeah...that might be a good idea. But that was certainly a show!"
  399. [02:06:41] <Iona> (I don't believe so.)
  400. [02:06:48] <Henry> "Indeed I will. I didn't see you down there last time we went, miss...?"
  401. [02:06:49] <Iona> (or anyone here but Ricki)
  402. [02:07:06] <Iona> "Iona! And that probably meant I was treasure hunting. Underwater. It sometimes takes a day or two."
  403. [02:07:18] <Henry> "Ah, intriguing..."
  404. [02:07:20] <Clarity> "Haha! Well, he knows I can handle it. Good show~!" The non-bitemarked arm gets extended to where Lisa's standing, pretty energetically at that.
  405. [02:07:49] <Iona> "But then you get to see all the rainbow fish! Hey, did you ever hear the story of the rainbow fish? He had all the scales that were shiny and wrote a book about how he wasn't going to support the fish who weren't willing to work for their own shiny scales."
  406. [02:08:16] <Flynn_> "...Uh. Clarity, right?" He didn't think she'd ever mentioned her name herself. She just kind of showed up with fish and demanded payment. "That looked pretty dangerous...are you sure it's not infected?"
  407. [02:08:20] <Iona> "It was called uhhhhh. Atlas Glugged!"
  408. [02:08:32] * Lisa Nods and shakes the hand Tori mimicing the move to the shinx.
  409. [02:09:04] <Henry> Henry> "I'm Henry, the tailor. I make clothes for people and also specialize in taking photographs. So YOU'RE Iona... Oh, and no, I don't think I've heard of that story."
  410. [02:09:40] <Clarity> Both shake-- though, the non-Pokémon exchange ends up a little more violent. Sky is much more reserved in comparison... but then again who isn't? Both of them follow up with a turn to Flynn. "Ha! You think a puny animal like that could really hurt ME?" As the cackle begins, the Shinx rams into her leg, causing the poor girl to trip and fall face-first.
  411. [02:10:22] <Henry> "The competition sure was... unique today."
  412. [02:10:28] * Henry says, watching Clarity.
  413. [02:10:55] <Flynn_> "It was. I didn't think Tough would come up so much...though, it seemed like everyone was trying not to get the judges excited."
  414. [02:11:02] * Lisa Nods over to Henry rubbing her shoulder, " was."
  415. [02:11:11] <Henry> "Either way, in the end it's not whether we win or lose, it's whether we had fun and entertained the audience in the process."
  416. [02:11:18] <Paradox> "Ahem, ahem."
  417. [02:11:29] <Paradox> The Mayor gathers everyone to attention again.
  418. [02:11:33] <Clarity> "Yeah! You too, Fashion Guy!" While she good extend an arm, he just gets a slap on the back too. "Don't worry, we trained for this-- Sky helps me out with fish a bunch, he's used to hittin' stuff really hard." Nodnod.
  419. [02:11:33] <Iona> "I had no idea what I was doing. :D"
  420. [02:11:39] <Paradox> "Now it's time to give our contestants some lovely prizes!"
  421. [02:11:48] * Henry chuckles.
  422. [02:12:05] <Ricki> "Ssshhhh!" Ricki puts up his finger to the Mayor. "Button's trying to sleep in the dirt..."
  423. [02:12:06] <Clarity> "Ooh right!" Scooping the Shinx in her arms, the two of them spin around and stand at attention.
  424. [02:12:16] <Iona> "Priiiizes? O:"
  425. [02:12:37] <Paradox> "Miss Lisa! As a consolation prize, I'd like to offer you this book."
  426. [02:12:40] * Henry smiles and gets situated appropriately.
  427. [02:12:40] * Flynn_ actually didn't even realize there were going to be prizes; he thought the contest was just for competitive spirit and all that.
  428. [02:13:11] * Lisa Brightens up. "I get a prize!?" she scuttles to go claim it from the mayor.
  429. [02:13:28] <Paradox> He hands Lisa an old, worn book. It's titled 'The Mareep and the Spearow'
  430. [02:14:10] <Paradox> "Mr. Ricki! You receive 500 golden imperials, and a fresh bushel of Oran berries!"
  431. [02:14:14] <Paradox> (x5 oran berries)
  432. [02:14:25] * Clarity chants in a whisper with the Shinx cradled. "Ultra rod... ultra rod... ultra rod..."
  433. [02:14:31] * Lisa Clutches it and the litwick smiles "Something to read to you tonight by your own light!" She scuttles off again into the crowd.
  434. [02:14:38] <Paradox> The Mayor hands the basket of berries to Ricki, along with his cash. "Well done young man, thank you for competing."
  435. [02:16:12] <Ricki> "I said Button's sleeping!", he whisper-yells at the Mayor before pointing to the unoccupied pile of dirt on the stage.
  436. [02:16:37] <Paradox> "For our lovely Miss Clarity Farrence, I award a thousand golden imperials, and a Yellow Scarf!"
  437. [02:17:36] <Clarity> "Awriight!" Hopping up, she grabs it with a huge, goofy smile. Er, grabs them. Spinning back in the opposite direction after waving to the crowd again, she begins holding it up to the Shinx and matching it with his fur. It actually kinda does match. Too bad it's waaaay too big on him.
  438. [02:18:06] <Clarity> There was probably a "Thanks a lottabunch~!" in there, but that's a story that can be told later.
  439. [02:19:35] <Paradox> "Miss Iona! Welcome to Oran Village, and thank you for participating in our contest! Please accept 1500 in prize money, as well as these three friend balls, and an evolutionary stone of your choice!"
  440. [02:19:57] <Iona> "Ooooh. Do you have water stones! They are the best stones! you can put them in drinks to cool them off, you know."
  441. [02:20:08] * Iona may or may not be making this up.
  442. [02:20:27] <Paradox> "Of course we do. Here you are~"
  443. [02:20:31] <Paradox> He gives Iona a water stone.
  444. [02:20:35] * Iona eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.
  445. [02:20:56] <Iona> "Thankyouthankyou~"
  446. [02:21:10] <Iona> "And I have an announcement to make!"
  447. [02:21:17] <Iona> Iona poses dramatically.
  448. [02:21:27] <Paradox> "Mr. Henry, another new arrival! It is my great ho- oh, Iona?"
  449. [02:21:31] * Lisa Clapittyclapclaps for everyone and goes silent for the suprise.
  450. [02:21:37] <Lisa> =o
  451. [02:21:58] <Iona> "Seahaven Treasure Hunting is now open! Come visit any time and I'll be sure to find you something special! From water types to gold coins, you'll never know what I'll find next~"
  452. [02:22:02] * Iona bows.
  453. [02:22:28] <Henry> "Indeed. I will have to see about that..."
  454. [02:23:18] <Lisa> "Oh man another treasure hunter? Gonna have to find out niche Tori!"
  455. [02:23:33] <Paradox> "Oh, interesting, Miss Iona! But if you'll just let me finish..."
  456. [02:23:39] <Iona> "It's okay, I'm just an UNDERWATER treasure hunter."
  457. [02:24:03] * Clarity lets out a "Hmmm" while exchanging looks with the animal... after having retrieved her pillow from backstage, of course. And then the "Hmm" turns into a different noise... but not a very noticeable one. Not yet, anyway.
  458. [02:24:12] * Henry waits patiently.
  459. [02:24:15] <Lisa> "Oh! Okay! =3"
  460. [02:24:18] <Paradox> "Mr. Henry Withacre! Please accept these 3000 golden imperials in prize money, this Dusk Ball, and this pair of Dark Goggles."
  461. [02:24:19] <Ricki> Ricki's ears perk up at that declaration. "Did you say TREASURE?!?" Well, if Button was napping, that would have woken him up... And all the rest of the neighborhood.
  462. [02:24:21] <Iona> "Also I can find water pokemon for you! But only if you promise to treat them nice and pet them and take them for walks every so often~"
  463. [02:24:25] <Paradox> He hands Henry his prizes.
  464. [02:24:38] <Henry> "Ah, excellent! Thank you, good mayor!"
  465. [02:24:44] * Henry takes them generously.
  466. [02:25:39] * Clarity stands up, face against the clutched pillow. Sky is, of course, on the ground... with a look of absolute horror on his face. He knows what happened. Zzzzz.
  467. [02:25:53] <Paradox> "And to our winner, Mr. Flynn Argent, another new member of our communiy and restauranteur ..."
  468. [02:26:10] * Lisa Holds her breath.
  469. [02:26:34] * Flynn_ raises his eyebrows.
  470. [02:26:53] <Clarity> ZzzzZZzz. Well, that's one form of excitement.
  471. [02:27:28] <Ricki> Ricki runs over to Iona. "I want treasure and coins and Water Pokemon that I promise to love and care for and pet them and take them for walks though I kinda want one with feet so that it's easier for them to walk but it's okay if you can't find one like that 'cause I'll still love it forever and always anyways and--" he has to stop to pause and take a breath
  472. [02:27:55] <Ricki> "And . . . Umm . .. What was I saying again?"
  473. [02:28:04] <Iona> "Something about water pokemon and feet."
  474. [02:28:09] * Henry :I's at Ricki. "Good sir, please, let the mayor finish speaking."
  475. [02:30:26] <Paradox> Saar Fyron swoops onto the stage, picks up Ricki bodily, and keeps walking.
  476. [02:30:33] <Clarity> ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  477. [02:30:44] * Nephene blinks.
  478. [02:30:46] * Iona blinks.
  479. [02:30:52] * Flynn_ blinks.
  480. [02:30:56] * Clarity doesn't blink. That's silly, you can't do that when you're asleep.
  481. [02:31:16] <Iona> Aina blinks.
  482. [02:31:21] <Clarity> Sky blinks.
  483. [02:31:24] <Paradox> ".. erm, yes, to Mr. Flynn, we award the grand prize of 6000 Golden Imperials, this Green Scarf, and the Return TM!"
  484. [02:31:41] * Nephene claps and whistles.
  485. [02:32:02] <Henry> "Wow, well done."
  486. [02:32:07] * Henry claps.
  487. [02:32:17] <Paradox> "But that's not all. Mr. Flynn will have the honor of visiting the Shrine of Spring and delivering the village's offering for the season."
  488. [02:32:34] * Iona claps.
  489. [02:32:34] <Iona> "Ooooooooh."
  490. [02:32:34] <Iona> "...What's that mean?"
  491. [02:32:43] <Henry> "Ah, a local custom?"
  492. [02:32:53] <Clarity> The little Shinx crawls up a little closer to him and gives a happy stare. Because, you know, he's incapable of clapping. And he's learned to do such things fo- ZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  493. [02:32:56] * Lisa Claps, all smiles as is the little candle. "Ooooh that's such an honor!"
  494. [02:33:49] * Flynn_ grins. He didn't know about this part, but it seems like a big honor, especially for an outsider. He takes his prizes.
  495. [02:33:54] <Paradox> "Ahem, yes, it's a local custom. You'll be told more over the following days."
  496. [02:33:58] <Ricki> "Hey, mister. Can you bring me back? 'cause I REALLY want to get a Water Pokemon that I can love and be friends with and . . ." He just babbles on and on as he gets dragged away for an indeterminate period of time. But he will be back. You can count on that!
  497. [02:34:11] <Paradox> </session>
  499. [01:49:57] <~Paradox> (AHAHAHA)
  500. [01:50:00] <~Paradox> AHAHAHAHA
  501. [01:50:36] <~Paradox> 75
  502. [01:50:36] <~Paradox> 75
  503. [01:50:36] <~Paradox> 51
  504. [01:50:36] <~Paradox> 51
  505. [01:50:36] <~Paradox> 46
  506. [01:50:36] <~Paradox> 45
  507. [01:50:41] <~Paradox> were the final scores
  508. [01:50:41] <Henry> My god
  509. [01:50:43] <Iona> oh god
  510. [01:50:45] <Iona> did I
  511. [01:50:46] <Flynn_> ...
  512. [01:50:46] <Iona> DID I WIN
  513. [01:51:03] <Clarity> FORGOT MY CONTEST STAB
  514. [01:51:05] * Iona lets out a high pitched eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  515. [01:51:06] <Flynn_> Who had each of those numbers
  516. [01:51:07] <Iona> eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  517. [01:51:08] <Iona> e
  518. [01:51:09] <Iona> ee
  519. [01:51:09] <Clarity> that may be a ticket to non-last
  520. [01:52:42] <~Paradox> scores nulled coz CLARITY DONE FUCK UP
  521. [01:52:46] <~Paradox> they'd actually be...
  522. [01:52:46] <Clarity> I'M SORRY
  523. [01:53:07] <Clarity> 75/75/51/51/49/45, right
  524. [01:53:09] <Clarity> right
  525. [01:53:18] <Clarity> or 48/46
  526. [01:54:35] <~Paradox> no
  527. [01:54:38] <~Paradox> 72
  528. [01:54:38] <~Paradox> 73
  529. [01:54:38] <~Paradox> 52
  530. [01:54:38] <~Paradox> 48
  531. [01:54:39] <~Paradox> 46
  532. [01:54:39] <~Paradox> 41
  533. [01:54:49] <~Paradox> which is less hilarious
  534. [01:54:50] <Clarity> oh shit you're right, I really did bork it
  535. [01:54:54] <Clarity> whoops
  536. [01:55:21] <Henry> What
  537. [01:55:24] <Flynn_> Who is attached to each of those numbersss
  538. [01:55:24] <Henry> How did that happen
  539. [01:55:30] <Iona> eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  540. [01:55:30] <Iona> eeeeee
  541. [01:55:30] * Iona passes out
  542. [01:55:32] <Henry> Nooooo our tie
  543. [01:55:33] <Henry> ;_;
  544. [01:55:39] <Iona> augh lag
  545. [01:55:39] <Clarity> BEAT ME UP AFTERWARD
  546. [01:56:02] <Henry> Dox what kind of crazy scheme are you using that the numbers ended up changing like that
  547. [01:56:08] <Henry> Oh well
  548. [01:56:13] <Henry> oh god I can't look
  549. [01:56:14] <~Paradox> SERKETS
  551. [02:17:32] <@Garlyle> Low-level, but to be fair
  552. [02:17:32] <@Garlyle> They're still steel
  553. [02:17:32] <@Garlyle> They still make god-tier armor
  554. [02:17:53] <Iona> which reminds me, I should probably actually get a weapon or some armor sometime
  555. [02:18:07] <@Garlyle> Once I start making 'em I'll let you know XD
  556. [02:18:33] <Iona> I cna probably get you some water materials on my treasure hunting expeditions
  557. [02:18:35] <Iona> can
  558. [02:18:41] <@Garlyle> :3c
  559. [02:18:43] <Clarity> I CAN GET FISH
  560. [02:18:46] <Clarity> CAN YOU MAKE FISH ARMOR?
  561. [02:18:49] <Clarity> CAN YOU MAKE FISH SWORD?
  562. [02:18:51] <@Garlyle> Either way yay my shit is updated
  563. [02:18:53] <@Garlyle> I CAN
  564. [02:18:56] <Clarity> really
  565. [02:18:58] <Clarity> shit that's awesome
  566. [02:18:59] <Flynn_> ...if you ever need food for forging stuff
  567. [02:19:00] <@Garlyle> really.
  568. [02:19:02] <Flynn_> I can make you food
  569. [02:19:05] <@Garlyle> Hahaha
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