Filia ex Twilight

Feb 3rd, 2019
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  1. May continue this at some point, but with the show ending, it fucking hurts
  3. >Be Anonymous
  4. >Just an average human, maybe even a little below average by all standards.
  5. >But one day you woke up in an entirely different body and place.
  6. >You have no idea how you ended up here, and couldn’t even remember going to sleep the night before.
  8. >The cushion under your butt shields your new and very sensitive parts from the hard, chilling floor.
  9. >Every inch of your body is covered with green fur, and lying between your legs is a thick black tail.
  10. >You are a pony now, the kind of pony that every autist of the fandom has dreamed of being.
  11. >If you wanted to be a little girl, that is.
  12. >It’s your second day here in Equestria, your second here in Ponyville.
  13. >Again, you have no idea why you’re here. All you know is that you woke up on the floor of the map room. Could it be that you died, and this is the afterlife? But why in the fuck were you made a filly?
  15. >You grumble. Purple and her stupid books.
  16. >The castle library is goddamn huge. The room is like a capsule, with the roof being dome-shaped and windowed. The walls span a literal three stories high with shelves of books that cover every inch.
  17. >Pretty inconvenient having to climb thirty feet up a ladder just to get a damn book.
  18. >Speaking of books, there’s a whole pile of them sitting on the table in front of you.
  19. >No way in hell she expects you to read all of these. This isn’t what you had in mind when you said that you liked to read.
  20. >Anyways, book horse teleported away like maybe half an hour ago, saying that she wanted to check something.
  21. >Why couldn’t you get a horn or even wings at least! It seems that of all the shit this new body has wrong about you, the one thing that it got right was being useless.
  22. >Well, this is incredibly boring.
  23. >You start tapping a beat on the wooden table. Hooves work pretty well for this.
  24. >A purple flash of light explodes beside you.
  25. >“Might have gone a little overboard. Apparently Equestria’s educational standards aren’t as thorough as I thought.”
  26. >Yeah, not everyone wants to read the entire library like you.
  27. >“And judging by your test scores, you pretty much know about all of what's expected of a filly your age. Though your mouth-writing could use some work. But I’ve decided to enroll you into school!”
  28. “…I’m an adult, Twilight.”
  29. >You can hardly believe yourself with how young and girly you sound.
  30. >“Of course, it’s only until I can figure something out for you. I’ve already spoken with Cheerilee and you’ll be leaving in the morning.”
  31. >You put a hoof to your forehead and let out an exaggerated sigh.
  32. “Could you at least make me a little older? And not female?”
  33. >“I’ll see what I can do, but I cannot promise anything. I’m sorry Anon, there’s still a lot you need to learn about pony life, regardless of your current form.”
  34. >She smiles. “And besides, making some friends should be fun!”
  35. >Making friends with actual children? That’s her idea of fun?
  36. >How many brain cells does she think you have?
  37. >You’re about to argue when your stomach decides to growl rather loudly.
  38. >She smiles. “Lunchtime already?”
  39. >You jab at your gut to make it stop.
  41. >Counters, shelves, a sink, a stove, and a fridge. Sure does look like a kitchen.
  42. >You can’t use magic, but stupid appliances can.
  43. >A long wooden table sits in the center of the room. You’re barely tall enough for your eyes to meet parallel to its surface.
  44. >Damn your tiny horse body.
  45. >Hey, a teacup.
  46. >You swipe it from the table. Empty.
  47. >You find grabbing things to be pretty much like, ‘touch the object and desire to hold it’. Of course it makes no sense.
  48. >You wave it around like an airplane before sitting it back down. Maagiiic.
  49. >You hop up on one of the wooden chairs and a white plate with a PBJ sandwich is sat down in front of you.
  50. >Staring at the simple looking sandwich, you’re hit with a wave of emotion that you don’t know exactly how to describe.
  51. >You feel yourself slipping back to a time when things were a lot simpler.
  52. >Your surroundings fade, and you find yourself in a different yet similar place.
  54. >You sit at the kitchen table, finishing breakfast.
  55. >You hear a horn honking outside. Running a bit late as always.
  56. “Thanks for making me breakfast!”
  57. >You grab your backpack and without putting it on and rush towards the door.
  58. >But a tall woman blocks your path, holding a brown paper bag.
  59. >“Here, you almost ran off without your lunch.”
  60. >She hands you the bag. You quickly scan its contents, finding the usual PBJ sandwich and apple slices.
  61. >“Have a good day at school, kiddo.”
  62. >She kisses you on the cheek, so you feign disgust.
  63. “Eww. C’mon Mom, I’m twelve now.”
  65. >You look up, to finding Twilight watching you.
  66. >You can feel your eyes burning, so you quickly look away.
  67. >“What’s wrong, Anon?”
  68. >You swallow the lump forming in your throat and shake your head.
  69. “Nothing. I guess gigantic horse eyes dry out easily.”
  70. >You blink a few times before looking back to her.
  71. >You pick up the sandwich with a hoof, then put it to your mouth. But you just don’t seem just as hungry anymore.
  72. >Plus, there’s something great about someone staring directly at your mouth when you’re about to eat.
  73. >So you eat it as fast as possible, practically inhaling it.
  74. >She giggles.
  75. “What?”
  76. >You lick some peanut butter from your nose.
  77. >She makes you another sandwich and pours you a glass of milk to go along with it, though you decide to eat normally this time.
  78. >You press the glass to your lips.
  79. >“I was just thinking. I know that I said I would be the one showing you around town, but would you mind if you left with Spike? It would allow me to get a few things done.”
  80. >You chug the glass and slam it down.
  81. “Cool, let's do it.”
  82. >Without thinking, you stand up onto your back hooves and attempt to walk like a human, but you don’t even manage a step before falling onto your butt.
  83. “Ooow...”
  84. _________________________________________________
  86. >Be purple all over and be deep in thought about something.
  87. >You head to your private quarters and sit down at your desk.
  88. >Using your magic, you unroll a scroll and gently dip a quill into a vial of black ink.
  89. >‘Dear Princess Celestia...’
  90. >Soon you've wrote out a formidable sized letter, all while making sure its nice and neat as you go.
  91. >You roll it back up, wishing that you would have asked Starlight to take Anon.
  93. >You just can’t stop thinking about him.
  94. >Anon even has the appetite of a young growing filly.
  95. >If it weren’t for all the things she’s...err, he’s told you, you would think she’s always been one.
  96. >What’s worse is that your spells didn’t detect any magical alterations to her body.
  97. >But wait, if there’s no difference between him and a normal pony…
  98. >Could he receive a cutie mark?
  99. >Will he age normally?
  100. >Could he have foals?
  101. >As far as you know, your the first to study a human-turned pony.
  102. >Wait, you need to write these questions down!
  104. >From the things Anon’s said about his old can understand why he’s so eager to live here.
  105. >But that doesn’t answer the bigger question. Why is he here? According to him, there’s some lapse in his memory.
  106. >You don’t think this was an accident.
  107. >No, it couldn’t be a coincidence that he watched that cartoon. Or the fact that he showed up in your castle of all places.
  108. > have had some first/hand/ experience with those. Something that shows our lives, to teach everyone ethics and friendship? You can’t say that it doesn’t make you feel just a bit uneasy.
  109. >But duh you want to see it for yourself!
  110. >Maybe…
  111. >Actually, you’ll think about that later.
  112. >There’s some questioning to do first, so there’s one place you’re going to stop by.
  113. _________________________________________________
  115. >You’ve not actually been outside of the castle until now.
  116. >It’s comfortable out. You see flowers that are starting to bloom.
  117. >The world is full of vivid colors, leaving hardly anything looking dull.
  118. >Above you the sun looks down, smiling warmly. Yellow thatched roofs outline the peaceful blue sky.
  119. >In this moment you are euphoric.
  120. >You’re actually here.
  121. >And for once in your life, you're glad that you're Anon.
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