Chantrelle Mistybottom Description

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  1. Chantrelle Mistybottom, Esquire-ish
  2. 6'3, base state is an exaggerated hourglass, breasts about three to four handfuls/large pumpkin size each, ass almost identical to give a very balanced look despite it's absurdity
  3. Short hair that is half pink and half green down the middle, but on the inverse (inside her bangs) is mirrored opposite. Sometimes grows her hair out into a ponytail.
  4. Standard red eyes, though when she's absolutely exhausted from excessive lewdness they fade to blue to represent her Matango heritage.
  5. Wears a single earring on her left ear, a tiny red heart ornament.
  6. Toned tummy, thick thighs, again very much mimicking an hourglass. Her skin is actually a bit spongey to the touch, she's not super light but lighter than you'd expect given her size and shape.
  7. Clothing varies, especially considering she just forms it herself given her Hatter nature, but typically consists of a broad blue Equestrian/Polo suit with trailing tails, a white fluffy underblouse with frills that she can easily form away to show off her cleavage, and emerald green tight riding pants, leading down into pink and green checkered heeled boots. She wears white gloves with pink ribbons, and a yellow flower with mushroom motif stems on a white collar.
  8. Her hat is pretty standard otherwise for a Mad Hatter; she will often not be able to settle on a color that matches the rest of her outfit, but won't change it around during the day, only when a new day starts.
  9. She carries a Demon Silver Epee, strung at her waist but typically set aside while presiding at her tea parties.
  10. She has a fancy received pronunciation accent, and often times makes up complete nonsense words to force alliteration.
  11. She is shockingly spry for her size and shape, but once again this seems less surprising given her spongey nature and reduced weight due to being fungal in nature.
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