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  1. "Never seen a bluer sky.... "
  4. .....Yeah I can feel it reaching out
  5. And moving closer
  6. There's something about blue
  7. Asked myself what it's all for
  8. You know the funny thing about it
  9. I couldn't answer
  10. No I couldn't answer
  12. Things have turned a deeper shade of blue
  13. And images that might be real
  14. May be illusion
  15. Keep flashing off and on
  16. Free
  17. Wanna be free
  18. Gonna be free
  19. And move among the stars
  20. You know they really aren't so far
  21. Feels so free
  22. Gotta know free
  23. Please
  24. Don't wake me from the dream
  25. It's really everything it seemed
  26. I'm so free
  27. No black and white in the blue
  29. Everything is clearer now
  30. Life is just a dream you know
  31. That's never ending
  32. I'm ascending
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