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  1. Chapter 1 -- Porn with Breakfast.
  3. "Put some clothes on."
  5. Jen stopped in her tracks and turned to look back at her husband. "Excuse me?"
  7. "Put something on that's more appropriate for a woman your age," Mike huffed before going back to reading his newspaper.
  9. Jen glared at him as a thousand different thoughts rifled through her head. His negative comments no longer caught her off guard and this really wasn't different from any other day. Daily insults and criticisms from her husband had become the norm. No matter what she did, no matter what she changed in herself, nothing seemed to make him happy.
  11. It all started three years ago. Jen couldn't have asked for a better marriage. They had a beautiful fifteen-year-old son who was a bright boy and a promising athlete. She had a great job she loved and a family she cared about, but something changed in Mike. She felt him become cold. The deep conversations they used to have turned into short, one and two word answers. The amazing sex they enjoyed several times a week turned into a mediocre lay once a month at the most. Her husband barely even acknowledged she was alive at this point unless it was to criticize her.
  13. She could still remember the exact moment everything changed. They'd planned on going out to get a bite to eat on a Wednesday night. She was applying her makeup in the bathroom when her husband came in to use the toilet. He attempted to squeeze between her butt and the wall instead of waiting for her to finish.
  15. "I can barely get by this giant ass," Mike commented as he pushed his way through.
  17. It wasn't a playful, fun comment. Nor was it a sexy way of telling her how much he loved her big butt. It was intended to hurt her and that's exactly what it did. Jen played nice when they went out to eat that night, but when they arrived home, she scurried down into the basement and cried. She couldn't comprehend why the man she loved had turned into a different person. Why did he suddenly want to hurt her? Why had he lost all interest in her? It had to be something she was doing. She knew she'd let herself go a bit over the past few years. She didn't have the tight, toned body she possessed when they first started dating. But how could she? She worked forty hours a week, ran a household pretty much by herself, and drove her son to all his sporting events and activities. But she knew that she was responsible for her weight gain as well. No one was forcing her to eat fast food and no one was preventing her from going to the gym. And at that moment while crying in the basement alone, Jen decided to change her life.
  19. She was going to win back her husband.
  21. That night she sat in front of her computer and wrote down five pages of notes on what to eat. Her morning bowl of cereal was going to be replaced by a smoothie consisting of kale, carrots, celery, and a variety of fruits, her afternoon fast food was going to be replaced by a fresh salad without the ranch dressing she loved to drench it in, and while her son and husband were eating pizza, tacos, or Chinese for dinner, she was going to be having baked chicken and mixed vegetables.
  23. Jen also joined her son's gym the following morning. She printed out pages of lower body and butt toning exercises. She was going to replace her fat, jiggly backside with a firm, toned behind. Her body was going to become irresistible to Mike. He was going to be getting into trouble at work for showing up late because he just couldn't keep his hands off her in the mornings. Their son was going to yell at them to keep it down at night because they'd be having the wild, passionate sex they once had. It was all going to change.
  25. But nothing did change. Three years went by and Mike never came around. She went through his phone, computer, and even followed him around for a short period of time to catch him having an affair. It was the only possible explanation to his complete change in behavior. But he was clean and she was officially out of solutions. This was the man that she was married to now. A man who seemingly hated her guts.
  27. "How's this inappropriate?" Jen asked as she looked down at her outfit. She was wearing tight, black yoga pants and a gray tank top with spaghetti straps. She liked the way she looked. Her arms and shoulders were toned and lean, her stomach was flat with a hint of abs beginning to show, and her legs and butt were muscular and strong from the countless hours she put in at the gym every week. Three consecutive years of healthy eating and working out had transformed her body, and she liked to show it off.
  29. "Honestly?" Mike asked, peering over his paper once again to address his wife. "You're dressing like an eighteen year old but you're forty-two."
  31. Jen rolled her eyes. "So?"
  33. "So, leave those outfits to the eighteen year olds who can pull them off," he told her as he walked over to the counter with his empty cereal bowl and placed it in the sink.
  35. "I can't pull this off?" she asked. It'd been years since he'd worked out or ate anything healthy. Who the hell was he to tell her what she could wear? Jen would bet anything that she was stronger than her flabby, pudgy husband any day of the week.
  37. "Let's not go there," Mike snickered. He collected his briefcase and strolled toward the front door with his business attire on. "I'll be home late!" he yelled before closing the door behind him.
  39. Jen took several deep breaths but her fingernails continued to rapidly tap on the marble kitchen counter. "Relax..." she quietly said to herself. She was trying her best to push her anger deep down.
  41. Everywhere she went she saw out of shape women. Women who looked like she had three years ago. When she really thought about it, she didn't know of any other ladies in their forties who looked as good as she did. The most amazing part of it all was despite her toned, lean body, her big butt hadn't gone away. She originally thought that perhaps her backside was the culprit as to why her husband was so harsh on her, but after looking on the internet, Jen discovered that her big butt was the number one turn on for most men. When she was growing up women did everything they could to get rid of their big asses. Now women were doing everything they could to try to have one like hers. Yet for some reason, Mike still didn't appreciate her body. And it seemed worse since she lost all the weight. It was almost as if he resented her now.
  43. Jen glanced down at her list of errands. She had the day off from work but like usual, it was up to her to do all the shopping and housework. Her finger tapping on the counter grew louder as her anger slowly began to burn inside her again.
  45. "Hey, Mom!" Dan smiled as he made his way into the kitchen. He grabbed a cereal bowl from the cabinet and gave his mother a kiss on the cheek.
  47. "Hey, sweetheart," Jen smiled back. She watched him pour himself breakfast with a gleam in her eye.
  49. Dan was the saving grace of the household for Jen. He was everything she'd ever wanted in a son. And despite it being years at this point, she still couldn't get over how much he'd changed. He looked completely different from only a few years ago. His once lanky body was now filled out and full of muscles, and his former baby face had been replaced by a rough, manly scruff. The scrawny, somewhat awkward teen had flourished into quite the stud over the past few years, but he was going off to college soon, having been accepted on a scholarship to a university several hours away just like his friends. So, it was just going to be her and her husband all alone in less than a year.
  51. "Aren't you gonna be late for work?" he asked his mom, wondering why she wasn't getting ready like she usually did at this time.
  53. She held up a piece of paper which contained a long list of errands. "Off today, honey. As you can see, I'm going to have a fun day..." she sarcastically added.
  55. He continued to devour his morning cereal. "That sucks. By the way, Coach Perla gave us the weekend off so is it cool if the guys come over after school?"
  57. The football team had a rare Thursday game last night instead of their usual Friday night games. With a bye week looming, their coach decided to give them a few days off as a reward for last night's stellar effort.
  59. "You know your friends are always welcome in this house," Jen smiled. At this point, she probably saw more of her son's friends than she did of her own husband. And if Jen was being completely honest, a bunch of shirtless, in shape, eighteen-year-old football players always using their pool wasn't the worst thing in the world to look at.
  61. "And we might be going to a party tonight too. That's cool, right?"
  63. "Sure, baby," Jen responded. "As long as you follow the rule."
  65. "I know, Mom..." he rolled his eyes as he finished the last of his cereal. "No drinking and driving."
  67. She smirked while he lifted the bowl to his mouth and downed the remaining milk. "Maybe I'll come along with you. It's been a long time since I've had some fun."
  69. It was an obvious joke but part of her really meant it. She never did anything with Mike anymore. They never went out to eat, he refused to go to concerts, and he definitely never wanted to go to any of her friend's parties. In fact, attending their son's sporting events was the only thing they ever did together anymore.
  71. "Don't tell my friends that," Dan laughed. He stood up and walked toward the dishwasher to place his bowl inside. "They might just take you up on it."
  73. "Huh?"
  75. "They might invite you if you ask" he clarified himself as he rummaged through the pantry, apparently not satisfied from his cereal.
  77. "There are protein bars in the back," she stated while observing him rifling through bags of cereal and boxes of oatmeal. "And I'm sure your friends would love for some old lady to be hanging out with them."
  79. He re-emerged from the pantry with a protein bar in hand. "First off, you're not an old lady. That's ridiculous. And secondly, if you only knew the shit I have to hear because of the way you look..."
  81. "The way I look?" Jen asked.
  83. "Umm, yeah, the way you look," he responded.
  85. "What's wrong with the way I look?" she asked with a curious face.
  87. The teen bit into his breakfast and leaned back against the counter. "There's nothing wrong with the way you look. It just isn't exactly like the other moms."
  89. Dan took a deep gaze at his mother. Even without makeup she was gorgeous. She had long, wavy blonde hair which ran down past her shoulders. Her piercing blue eyes only accentuated her youthful looking face, and her body was unlike any of the women her own age. Actually, it was unlike any of the women his age. Her flat, toned stomach only helped to bring out her full, sizable breasts. And her legs and butt were something his buddies were constantly reminding him about. He couldn't blame them though. If she was one of his friend's moms, he would be saying the same exact things.
  91. Jen curiously stared at her son, still wondering what the problem was with the way she looked.
  93. He glanced down at the floor. "It's just...they uhh...they like to bust my balls about it. It's not a big deal."
  95. "Bust your balls?" she asked. Her always cool, confident son now had a bashful redness to his face. "Like, how?"
  97. "Well..." Dan continued, "I...I constantly have to hear about how hot you are..."
  99. Jen tried to hide her smile. On the outside she remained calm and collected. But on the inside? On the inside she was jumping up and down. A school full of teenagers were fantasizing about her? She knew her husband was the crazy one!
  101. "...and sometimes they like to go into graphic detail..."
  103. "What do they say?" she inquired. She was doing her best to conceal her overwhelming excitement.
  105. "I'll spare you the details," Dan groaned as he picked up his backpack and checked to make sure he had all his books. "Let's just say I always have to hear about how you're the school milf."
  107. A confused look grew across her face. "Milf? What's a milf?"
  109. "Are you serious?" he laughed. "You don't know what a milf is? What year is it?"
  111. " it something I should know?" Jen asked while watching her son zip his backpack shut.
  113. "Not really," Dan told her. "Well, I guess you are kind of one so maybe, but none of this really matters anyway, so, no."
  115. "Well, what does it mean then?"
  117. He approached his mother and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Listen, Mom, I'm gonna be late and never in a million years did I think I'd be having this conversation with you, so I'll let you figure it out on your own."
  119. Jen followed her son to the front door and watched him walk out to his car that was parked in the driveway.
  121. "Have a good day, Mom!" Dan yelled. He opened the driver's side door and waved back toward the house.
  123. "You too, baby!" Jen shouted. She made sure her son safely backed out of the driveway before locking the front door.
  125. "Milf...milf...milf..." she muttered to herself as she hiked back into the kitchen. "What the hell is a milf?"
  127. She picked up her phone and opened the browser. "M...i...l...f," she said aloud as she typed the word into the search engine.
  129. MILF is an acronym that stands for Mother/Mom/Mama I'd Like to Fuck. The phrase's usage has gone from relatively obscure to mainstream in the media and entertainment.
  131. "Mother I'd like to fuck..." Jen grinned, scrolling down the page to see numerous x-rated links. One of them promptly caught her attention. It was titled, 'hottest milf videos,' and led to a porn website.
  133. "I fuckin' knew it was Mike," she quietly told herself while clicking on the link. Her son was always going to tell her how beautiful she was. That was what a good son did after all. But an entire school of boys telling him how hot his mom was? That wasn't something to scoff at.
  135. She read the title of the first video out loud to herself. "Milf gets her cougar ass pounded by a big, young cock." She found herself exploring the world of porn more and more over the past few years. She had to since her husband didn't want anything to do with her physically anymore, but this entire genre of older women and younger men had never come across her radar until now.
  137. The video opened with a shot of a backyard in a very expensive looking house. A beautiful inground pool led to a barbecue where a handsome young man appeared to be grilling something.
  139. "Ah, what the hell," Jen smiled before walking to the kitchen table to retrieve her earbuds. She wasn't going to hurt anyone by watching a little porn, but she still didn't feel comfortable with the sound on in her empty house for some reason.
  141. She trekked back to the kitchen counter and popped the headphones into her phone before slipping them into her ears. The screen found its way to her face as she settled in.
  143. The video resumed with an older blonde woman who had a body similar to Jen's. She was wearing a skimpy bikini and her big butt and toned body were the focus of the shot. The only difference between the actress and Jen, was Jen didn't have the over-the-top breast implants this female performer possessed. The blonde swiftly strutted out of the house and made her way to the grilling area.
  145. "Thanks so much for manning the grill," she said to the actor in a sultry tone. "It turns out that both my son and husband won't be back for a few more hours."
  147. Jen rolled her eyes at the horrific porn acting and bad dialogue. But that disgust was short-lived. The camera panned to the young stud who was manning the grill, and she quickly found herself in a more forgiving mood.
  149. The early twenties looking man had a shaved head and was completely ripped. He was now standing in front of the grill in just his swimming trunks despite the fact he was wearing a grill apron in the opening shot, but she was more than willing to let that editing error slide as she took in the sight of his bulging muscles and chiseled abs.
  151. "No problem, Mrs. Fox," the actor responded before closing the grill. "These are probably thirty minutes or so from being done. You have any idea what we can do to pass the time?"
  153. She chuckled at the awful setup as she looked to see how long the scene was. She still had thirty-one minutes to go. Jen decided to advance to the eight minute mark to see if things had picked up.
  155. "Okay now..." Jen smiled as the milf was now on her knees, sliding her tongue along the thick shaft of the extremely hung young man. She promptly found her hand sliding under her tank top and drifting toward one of her rapidly hardening nipples.
  157. The porn actress moved her mouth down to the man's rather large testicles and rapidly swirled her tongue along them.
  159. "Suck my balls, Mrs. Fox," he told the milf which resulted in her quickly opening her mouth to accept one of his nuts inside.
  161. Jen let out a quiet moan as she gave her hard nipple a soft pull. Watching this forty-something-year-old porn star slurp and slobber on the huge cock of this young stud was tapping into a previously unknown fantasy of hers.
  163. She set the phone down on the counter so she could use both of her hands. Her previously free right hand was now being used to play with the sensitive areas behind her ear and along her neck. She found herself closing her eyes, envisioning one of the muscular hunks at the gym pulling her into the men's locker room. It was like she could touch the muscles and the abs of the fictional college stud while she gave him the best blowjob of his life. The kind of blowjob only an experienced woman could give. She could taste his thick cock in her mouth as she felt the stud's legs begin to shake. Jen's left hand drifted to the top of her yoga pants and slowly began working its way inside.
  165. "Yeah, let me eat that pussy."
  167. "Ah, shit..." groaned Jen. Nothing took her out of a porn scene like oral sex being given to a female. She wasn't sure if the porn guys genuinely couldn't eat pussy, or if the need to show the camera what was going on always made it look so awkward and uncomfortable. These guys would just stab their tongues at their partner's clit and there were few things that turned her off more than seeing that.
  169. Enough with the crappy oral sex. She was in the mood for something rough. The title, "milf gets her cougar ass pounded by a big, young cock," gave the impression that this mom was in for quite the walloping, but she'd been fooled by misleading porn titles before. She jumped forward to the twenty-six minute mark.
  171. "There we go..." she smiled to herself as the couple was now having sex on a couch inside the house. The milf was on all fours and the actor was behind her with his knee on the couch, and his other foot standing on the floor to give himself more leverage as he thrusted into his partner. It was the exact way she liked to be fucked. It was also the exact way she hadn't been screwed in God knows how long.
  173. "You like that big, young cock?" the actor asked his older co-star before beginning to hammer away at her. She watched him reach out and grab a handful of the woman's hair before giving it a firm yank back.
  175. Jen felt a tingle flow throughout her body. Her right hand was now down inside her yoga pants as she gave her clit a few light rubs through her soft cotton panties. Her left hand was busy rubbing her inner thighs, something she always did while she played with herself.
  177. "You fuckin' love that huge, young cock, don't you?" the male porn star asked again as they continued to go at it doggy style. When the milf attempted to answer the stud's question, the young man gave her hair a hard pull, causing the woman to respond with only a load shriek due to the jerking of her neck.
  179. "Oh my God..." Jen quietly moaned to herself. Her fingers had ventured inside her panties and were circling her clit. She loved teasing herself right before the fun started.
  181. "All you milf's love big dick," the porn hunk stated over the sound of his balls loudly slapping against her pussy after each and every rough thrust forward. "Maybe I'll invite some of my buddies over here to have some fun with you too."
  183. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she began to rapidly run her index finger around her clit in a circular motion. The vision of one of her son's friends taking her in the kitchen suddenly jolted into her mind. Herself as the actress and the muscular teen as the stud. In her fantasy, a few of her son's friends came over to use the pool but Dan wasn't home. Maybe she would go outside to see if they needed anything while wearing one of her more revealing bikinis. Maybe she would be a little flirty with one of the teens. And maybe one of them would man up and drag her inside the house to give her a much needed pounding.
  185. "You want this cum?"
  187. Jen began to rub her index finger diagonally across her clit at lightning speed. "Fuck..." she moaned as the stud fired several thick shots of semen into the milf's accepting mouth. She couldn't remember the last time her husband had cum in her mouth, let alone pushed her to the ground and made her take it. This smut film was making her realize what she really needed was a physical, assertive man to dominate her. She needed someone to take control of her body. The last thing she wanted was for someone to ask what she wanted. How hard was it to find a guy who would just tell her how it was going to be? Very hard apparently. She closed her eyes again as she continued to rub her clit, feeling herself growing closer and closer to some much needed relief.
  189. "I said I forgot my paper, Mom. Mom!"
  191. The sound of a man's voice caused her to simultaneously spin around while removing her hands from her pants. When she turned, she saw her son digging through the mess on the kitchen table. There were newspapers, and magazines, and all kinds of junk scattered on the wooden surface.
  193. "I was working on my report at the table last night so it has to be here somewhere. I'm gonna be so late!"
  195. Jen was in a panic as she stared at her son. She had her back turned to the kitchen table when he walked in, but he had to see what she was up to, right? Then again, the look on his face didn't necessarily show that. It was possible that his eyes went right to the table and not to her. She hastily removed her earbuds and moved in the direction of the kitchen table.
  197. "You said you're looking for a paper, honey?" she asked, still flustered from just being on the edge of a much needed, and still desired orgasm.
  199. "Yeah, I had to write a paper on the morality of Genghis Khan," he told her while tossing a women's health magazine to the side. "It has to be here somewhere."
  201. "Umm...what about this right here?" she asked, sliding a newspaper to the side to reveal a manila folder. She was going to have to add cleaning the kitchen table to her list of errands today.
  203. "That's it!" Dan exclaimed. He reached for the folder and made sure his paper was inside.
  205. Jen hesitantly started. "Honey...did you see anything when you came in here just now?"
  207. "Like what?" he asked, confused by her line of questioning.
  209. "Like, anything out of the ordinary?"
  211. "Yeah," he smiled as he slipped his homework into his backpack, "I saw your nerdy ass jamming to some music. Probably to some of that terrible hair metal shit you're always listening to."
  213. Jen took a deep sigh of relief and smiled. She couldn't help but laugh along with him, realizing that she almost came in front of her own son, only for him to think she was dancing to one of her favorite bands.
  215. "You know me..." she smiled before following him toward the front door for the second time today, "and what kind of assignment is doing a paper on the morality of Genghis Khan? How about he was a sociopathic maniac. The end."
  217. The teen shook his head as they approached the house entrance. "No, no, no, Genghis Khan gets a bad rap in the history books. He wasn't this crazy asshole that everyone makes him out to be. The guy abolished torture, ran a meritocratic empire, and what about women's rights? I know you love to harp on that shit. Mongol women had far more rights than those of nearby Asian societies. And he embraced religious freedom in the thirteenth century. The fuckin' thirteenth century, Mom! A huge part of this planet doesn't embrace religious freedom in the twenty-first century!"
  219. Part of Jen was incredibly impressed by her son's intelligent and articulate rebuttal of her comment. The other part was still thinking about his friends.
  221. "We'll finish this discussion later because I really have to go. I'm going to be so late." He leaned in and gave his mom a goodbye kiss on the cheek.
  223. "Don't speed!" Jen yelled as she watched him hustle to his car. "If you're late, you're late!"
  225. "I know, Mom!" he yelled back, hopping into his car and briskly pulling out of the driveway.
  227. The blonde was more sexually frustrated than ever as she watched her son wiz down the street. She couldn't remember a time where she needed to get laid more than right now. She gazed across the street and watched as the couple in their late twenties who'd recently moved in, sauntered down their driveway hand in hand. The wife gave her husband a kiss on the lips and he responded with a big squeeze of her butt as they made out against their car. After they broke off the kiss, the woman smiled before heading back toward the house, but not before receiving a hard slap on the ass which caused her to peek back at her husband with a playful giggle.
  229. "Fucking fuck!" Jen groaned as she put her thumb in her mouth and bit down on her nail in frustration. She would do anything to trade places with that hot, little millennial right now.
  231. She slammed the front door shut and headed upstairs to change. She slipped into a black thong and a clean pair of black yoga pants. She put on a gray athletic t-shirt before doing her hair and makeup and taking a long look in the mirror. She looked good. No, she looked really good. The forty-two-year-old mom's blonde hair was long and flowing, her face was fresh and youthful, her blue eyes were vibrant, and her body was tight and toned. She was a milf alright. So maybe it was time she started acting like one...
  233. Chapter 2 -- Eavesdropping.
  235. Jen turned down the street and headed home. It was 3:15 PM and she'd just finished all her errands. The post office, the bank, the pharmacy, the dry cleaners, grocery was finally finished. She was greeted by a familiar sight on this warm afternoon. Parked in the street outside their house were the three cars of her son's friends.
  237. She pulled her vehicle into the garage and grabbed two bags of groceries. The house was extremely quiet as she moved into the kitchen, but there was a reason for that. She peered out the window to see four teenagers in and around the inground pool. Dan and his friend Kyle were playing one-on-one basketball against each other in the water. Jen would never admit this to anyone, but she always had a bit of a crush on Kyle. He was 6'2, lean, and possessed all of the dark Italian features that she loved in a man. But it wasn't just his looks. It was something about his fun, playful personality which attracted her to the charismatic high school senior. And there was something about how he always had everyone in the room laughing. It also didn't hurt that he just so happened to hit her biggest soft spot. It was the one thing she loved ever since she was a little girl. He was the star quarterback of her son's football team. When she was younger, she assumed her love for star athletes was just a schoolgirl phase, but here she was, a forty-two-year-old married mother, still fawning over star athletes like a teenage girl.
  239. Off to the side, lying out and talking on the pool chairs were Doug and Tom. Tom was the top wide receiver on the team and best friends with Kyle. He was close to 6'5 and had a similar body to his quarterback buddy. Tall, lean, and with muscles everywhere. He had dirty blonde hair and soft, brown eyes which went along well with his knee-weakening smile. Doug, on the other hand, was built much differently than his high school friends. More commonly referred to as, "Tank," by the group, Doug possessed a physique more commonly referred to as a "brick shithouse." The team's middle linebacker wasn't quite six feet tall, but he was close to two-hundred and twenty pounds of solid muscle. The boys had been busting their asses in the weight room over the past two years and the results showed in spades, both on the field and off.
  241. She opened the glass sliding door which led to the backyard and yelled out to the pool. "Can any of you musclemen give me a hand with the groceries?"
  243. "Game!" Kyle confidently announced as he let a long shot fly over Dan's outstretched hand and watched it drop directly through the pool basketball rim. "I need some real competition here, fellas!" he laughed before swimming over to the side of the pool and climbing out.
  245. "Lucky shit..." Dan groaned as he threw the basketball at Kyle, hitting his friend in the butt as he reached for a towel.
  247. "Oh!" Kyle dramatically reached for his backside, faking a fit of pain. "Sure, I'll give you a hand Mrs. K," the teen smiled. "I need a break from dominating your son anyway."
  249. Tom stood up and followed his friend to the door. "I'll help too."
  251. She watched the two teens dry themselves off before following her through the house and into the garage. "Thanks boys."
  253. "Get us anything good, Mrs. K?" Kyle smiled before grabbing two bags out of her SUV that each contained several one gallon jugs of milk.
  255. Jen knew he was joking but he may as well not have been. Her son's friends seemed to be over the house more times than not when she got home from work, and their fridge usually reflected the devastating results.
  257. The mom dug around in the backseat and pulled out a big box of freeze pops with a smile.
  259. "My girl!" Kyle laughed as Tom took the sugary treats out of her hand.
  261. Jen found herself shopping more and more with her son's friends in mind as the years went by. A quarter of her most recent shopping list was comprised of their favorite snacks and drinks. It wasn't a hassle though. In fact, something about it made her feel good. And at times, the idea of having more than one son was something she wanted. She enjoyed making men feel good.
  263. "I have no idea how you guys eat that stuff and still look the way you do," she told the two classmates before picking up a few bags of breakfast food and following them into the kitchen. "I had a cheat day Sunday and I looked like a slob when I woke up Monday morning."
  265. "Get out of here, Mrs. K!" Tom laughed. He placed the groceries down on the kitchen counter and peered at her. "You look amazing for your age."
  267. "For her age?" Kyle chimed in. "She looks amazing for any age. Ninety-nine percent of the girls at school would kill to look like her."
  269. "Quite the charmer..." Jen chuckled as she moved past the quarterback and added her groceries to the pile on the counter. "Do all the cheerleaders fall for your corny sweet talk?"
  271. "You know it," Kyle laughed. "Well, that, and these guns," he added, flexing his right bicep in a joking manner.
  273. She sarcastically wiped away imaginary sweat from her brow. "Oh, what a dreamboat..." she moaned before placing her hand on his bicep and squeezing.
  275. "I can't keep 'em off, bro," Kyle turned and said to his friend with a laugh. "You know, it's not always so easy being this good-lookin'."
  277. Tom shook his head as he followed his friend back to the garage to grab another load of groceries.
  279. Jen pushed a bag of food that was on the edge of the counter back a few feet so it didn't fall off. But something seemed off. There was only pasta sauce in the bag. When she was checking out at the store, she watched the cashier place her cottage cheese in with the pasta sauce, but now there was no cottage cheese in the bag. She was planning on making lasagna tonight but one of her key ingredients appeared to be missing.
  281. The two friends found the mom searching through bags of food as they hauled the rest of the groceries into the house. She quickly checked their bags to see if the vital container was in one of them.
  283. "What are you looking for?" Kyle asked while opening the box of freeze pops and placing a dozen or so inside the freezer.
  285. "Cottage cheese," Jen responded as she continued rifling through the bags. It was nowhere to be found. She took a deep breath and relaxed. It was just one of those days. There was no use in overreacting to something so small.
  287. Tom held up a bag of trail mix he'd plucked from one of the bags. "Cool if I have some?"
  289. "Sure, go ahead," she told him while she looked for her purse. "Listen, I have to run back to the grocery store."
  291. Kyle and Tom were already heading back outside. "Sure thing, Mrs. K."
  293. Jen moved her search to her SUV, hoping that maybe her missing ingredient was on the floor or underneath one of the seats. Of course it wasn't. More traffic, more lines to wait in, and more assholes to deal with. It was never-ending. She hopped up into the driver's seat and checked her purse for her phone. She came up empty.
  295. "Jesus..." Jen groaned to herself, remembering that she'd left it on the kitchen table. Did the universe have it out for her today? She just wanted to relax for a while, make dinner, and then spend a few hours curled up on the couch with her Kindle. But here she was, losing cottage cheese and misplacing her cell phone. She climbed out of her vehicle and journeyed back inside the house. She heard the voices of Kyle and Tom coming from the bathroom that was down the hallway from the kitchen as she retrieved her phone. Apparently the two friends had decided to head back inside before going out to the pool. She peered down the hall to see Tom leaning against the wall, waiting for his friend to finish up inside.
  297. "Any day, dude!" Tom complained as he impatiently stepped back and forth on the wooden floor. "I'm gonna piss my pants out here!"
  299. Jen heard the toilet flush and the sink turn on before the bathroom door opened.
  301. "All yours, sweetheart," Kyle smirked at his friend before moseying out into the hallway.
  303. She had her phone and was all set to go. She just needed to calm down and deal with the traffic and the lines. Stressing out was only going to make things worse. But something suddenly caught her attention before she could make her way back out to the garage.
  305. "And what about those fuckin' pants she was wearing?" Kyle loudly asked his friend through the now shut bathroom door. "That body is so ridiculous."
  307. He couldn't possibly be talking about her, right? These two jocks probably had the attention of every girl at school. What eighteen-year-old schoolgirl didn't want a sexy, athletic hunk in their life? But what if they weren't gossiping about some cute coed? What if they were talking about her? A smile grew on her face as she leaned against the wall and silently listened in on their conversation.
  309. "You have any idea what I would do to that ass?" Kyle continued to talk to his friend through the door.
  311. Jen heard the toilet flush and the door open as Tom's voice now came through much more clearly. "You would probably nut in twenty seconds!" he loudly laughed.
  313. Kyle was now leaning against the wall, waiting for his friend to finish washing his hands. "I'm not arguing that, but you're crazy if you think I wouldn't be fucking her again immediately. I mean, give me like ten seconds and I'd be ready for round two. Can you honestly name a hotter chick than her? And I'm not just talking at school or whatever? She's stupid good-looking."
  315. "You think Dan would like it if he heard you talking about his mom like this?" Tom asked.
  317. Jen's heart skipped a beat. It was her! They were talking about her!
  319. Kyle waved his hand to dismiss his friend's comment. "Like he doesn't know..."
  321. "I think he thinks you're fucking with him," Tom told him as the two friends began to slowly stroll down the hallway, "not that you actually want to bang his mom."
  323. Jen panicked as her son's friends began to approach the kitchen she was currently occupying. Her first instinct was to hide. She wanted to stay unnoticed, but she needed to continue listening to the conversation these two were having. She quickly dashed inside the walk-in pantry and closed the door behind her.
  325. "He has to know that everyone wants to fuck his mom, dude," Kyle stated as the two entered the kitchen.
  327. "Yeah, but you're his friend," Tom replied, watching his friend dig around in the fridge for something to drink. "It might hit a little too close to home."
  329. "And you wouldn't?" Kyle asked.
  331. "Wouldn't what?" Tom responded. "Fuck Mrs. K? I'm not saying I wouldn't, but it's kind of a fucked up thing to say in his house."
  333. "Listen," Kyle told him, pulling a jug of lemonade out of the refrigerator and placing it on the kitchen table, "moms are fair game as far as I'm concerned. Hey, if any of you want to fuck my mom, knock yourselves out."
  335. "I'd rather run my dick through a meat grinder than fuck your mom," Tom giggled. He set two glasses down on the table for his friend to pour the drinks into.
  337. Kyle rolled his eyes and flipped him the middle finger.
  339. "And that's easy to say when you don't have a mom who looks like Mrs. K," Tom told him. "I mean, I know she's really hot, but it just doesn't seem right."
  342. Kyle gave his friend a baffled look. "Really hot? Really hot!? She's on a different level than really hot. She might be the sexiest chick I've ever seen."
  344. Jen wanted to run out of the pantry and hug this kid. No person in her life had ever made her feel more desired than this eighteen year old who was currently standing in her kitchen, and the craziest part was he didn't even know it.
  346. "That body is so tight and toned," he continued as he filled the two glasses on the table with the refreshing drink, "but that ass is so fuckin' fat. How's that even possible? Dude, I almost bought her this hot as fuck workout outfit that Cindy wanted for Christmas last year."
  348. "I'm sure that would've went over well..."
  350. "No shit, right?" Kyle said. "I mean, she would've looked way better in it than Cindy, but I doubt Mr. K would've been too happy with my present."
  352. "That fuckin' prick probably wouldn't have even noticed," Tom groaned with a disgusted tone to his voice. "And I'm totally with you when it comes to that asshole too. Mrs. K deserves way better."
  354. Kyle threw his arms in the air. "Finally, dude! I've been saying that shit for years!"
  356. "I know, but I've really noticed it the more we've started coming over here," Tom continued to explain himself. "The guy is always miserable. Like, what the fuck are you so pissed off about when your wife is a hot piece of ass?"
  358. The star quarterback set his now empty glass down on the table to refill it. "I'm telling you, that guy is either gay, or he's an awful fuck with a tiny dick. Because no dude who is properly hittin' a dime-piece like that would ever be upset about anything."
  360. Jen pondered Kyle's last statement in her head. Mike definitely wasn't gay and he didn't have a tiny dick. He didn't exactly have a big dick, but it was adequate for the job. The awful fuck part had sadly become a reality however. And that of course was during those rare occasions when he actually wanted to touch her.
  362. "And you know she gives amazing head," Kyle grinned.
  364. Tom laughed as he picked up the lemonade jug to refill his now empty glass. "And you base that on what?"
  366. "Her personality," Kyle told him. "Mrs. K is a giver, dude. All she does is go out of her way to do shit for other people. She's one of those girls who loves to please. Look at all the stuff she always buys for us when she goes grocery shopping."
  368. Tom nodded his head as he considered what his friend was telling him.
  370. "Do you think she'd be any different in bed?" he continued. "She would do every little thing you wanted. She would just want to make you happy. She's dream wife material," Kyle said as he opened the refrigerator and placed the half-full jug back inside. "I'm telling you, if any of the chicks at school were like her, I'd put a ring on 'em right now."
  372. Jen felt a flutter inside her stomach. She just wanted to scream. She wanted to burst out of the pantry she was hiding in, leap into Kyle's arms, and plant a big kiss right on his lips.
  374. "Let me ask you an honest question," Kyle said to his friend.
  376. "Go ahead, shoot."
  378. "How much trouble do you really think I would get in if the next time I saw Mrs. K here in the kitchen, I walked up behind her and gave that big ass a squeeze?" he asked with a smirk.
  380. "I'm gonna say probably just a tad..." Tom laughed.
  382. "Okay, so instead of that, how about I slide those yoga pants down and bury my cock in her?"
  384. Jen's hand made its way down inside her yoga pants and began rubbing herself through her thong. For the second time today, she found herself masturbating in her kitchen.
  386. "And after I pound the shit out of her for a while, she drops to her knees and sucks my dick," Kyle continued.
  388. Tom put his finger to his temple and pretended to ponder the scenario. "You know, part of me is thinking that either Dan or Mr. K might have a little bit of a problem with that one..."
  390. Jen bit down on her thumb, trying to stay quiet as she continued to rub her clit through the black nylon.
  392. "And after I get done fucking that throat of hers, I blow my load all over that pretty face," Kyle grinned.
  394. "I know you're a fan of those blue eyes," Tom laughed as he grabbed both of the empty drinking glasses and walked them over to the dishwasher.
  396. "I would glue those baby blues shut," Kyle stated. There wasn't much of a joking tone in his voice on that line.
  398. "Well, you can continue jerking off to that fantasy because that's exactly what it is, and what it will always be," Tom smiled as he strolled over to his friend and gave him a slap on the back. "A fantasy."
  400. "I know, dude..." Kyle said with a deflated tone.
  402. Tom threw his arm around his friend's shoulder and walked him toward the backdoor. "How about I cheer you up by kicking your ass in a little game of pool basketball?"
  404. "You're on," Kyle smiled.
  406. The two friends opened the sliding glass door and made their way back outside.
  408. Jen needed another few minutes of Kyle describing his fantasy to take her over-the-top, but of course, just like everything else today, she didn't get what she wanted. In a span of eight hours she had masturbated in front of her son who luckily hadn't noticed, and five or so feet away from two of his best friends while they talked about the dirty things they wanted to do to her. If she didn't get some action tonight, she didn't know what she might do next.
  410. Chapter 3 -- A Good Guy.
  412. It was close to 6 PM when Jen pulled the lasagna out of the oven. Of course traffic was backed up and it took extra long to get to the store. And then the cashier had problems with the register and he had to wait for the manager to come over and fix the problem. Everything went pretty much like she would've expected. They almost always ate dinner right at 5:30 PM, so she was curious as to why her husband still wasn't home.
  414. It took about ten minutes to get a response but Mike finally texted her back.
  416. Going to be at the office for a few more hours. Don't wait on me.
  418. Jen shook her head before setting her phone down on the kitchen table. Obviously he wasn't going to make it. Did she really expect anything different on a day like today? But maybe that wasn't a bad thing. It assured her that she would at least she'd be able to make it through a meal without having to listen to insults being hurled her way.
  420. She sauntered over to the stairs and shouted up to Dan's room. "Dinner's ready!"
  422. Her son's loud footsteps thundered throughout the ceiling as she heard him make his way across his bedroom floor before running down the steps in a hurried pace.
  424. He entered the kitchen and took a seat at his usual spot at the table. "No Dad?"
  426. "Not tonight," Jen responded, carrying a pan of lasagna over to the table with a pair of oven mitts.
  428. Her son didn't seem disappointed by the news of his father's absence. In fact, he didn't really seem to care at all. Then again, why should he? Dan loved sports, movies, and talking about pop culture and history. Mike only seemed to care about work. Computer programming and the stock market aren't high on the list of things most people want to talk about. Hell, she found herself having an extremely hard time listening to him talk over the past few years. She loved talking to her son, but it was a different story when it came to conversing with her husband.
  430. The teen plopped a big piece of lasagna on his plate before watching his mother cut a significantly smaller piece for herself. "So, Genghis Khan..."
  432. "Ah!" Jen pointed at him. She quickly reached for her phone with a grin. She had done a little Mongolian research during the forty-five minute wait for their dinner to cook in the oven.
  434. "Oh boy..." Dan laughed before taking a bite of his food. "Someone came prepared..."
  436. Jen scrolled to her notes app and found the facts she prepared for this impending discussion. "You better believe it."
  438. "Let's hear it," he told his mother.
  440. "So, first off, and this should really be the only thing necessary," Jen said as she read off her first bullet point, "he was responsible for the deaths of as many as forty million people."
  442. "That's bullshit," her son instantly rebuffed, waving his fork in disgust. "You can't honestly believe that's an accurate number. Look at how much shit the news gets wrong with current events, yet we're supposed to believe that forty million is an accurate number? That was almost eight hundred years ago!"
  444. "Twenty million, thirty million, forty million... Is there really a difference at that point?"
  446. Dan finished chewing his food before responding. "Listen, I'm not saying that he was a great guy. What I'm saying is that you need to look at what he did with a thirteenth century perspective. That's the same argument people make about World War Two. Sure, almost all of it looks pretty fucked up through a twenty-first century mindset, but if you take yourself back to the early nineteen-forties, it suddenly doesn't seem all that crazy."
  448. "So, who else was killing millions of people back in the thirteenth century?"
  450. He shook his head. "Who else was uniting tribes that were in a constant state of fighting? Who else brought women out of slavery and gave them rights? Who else made the silk road safe and united to bring trade throughout Asia and Europe? Who else during that time allowed people to peacefully surrender without being harmed?"
  452. "Okay," Jen looked across the table, "let's say I go and do something that society deems wrong in 2018. However, personally, it's something I don't deem wrong. You're saying who's to decide whether it's right or wrong?"
  454. "Bingo!" Dan loudly agreed. "The laws we use to govern society judge our actions, but what do we use to feel about things that don't fall under legal jurisdiction?"
  456. "Morals," she answered.
  458. "But morals are constantly changing," he continued. "Twenty years ago almost everyone looked at gay marriage as something that was wrong and basically crazy. But now? Now it has become a hugely accepted thing in society."
  460. Jen watched her son lean over the table and scoop another big piece of lasagna onto his plate.
  462. "But it's always been morally wrong to kill people regardless of what century it is," she said.
  464. "Agreed," he responded as he sat back down in his seat, "but life wasn't as valued back then. So maybe forty million lives in the thirteenth century would be looked at as forty thousand now. And are those deaths really wrong if Khan believed what he was doing was for the greater good of his people?"
  466. "I don't know..." Jen muttered as she poked at her dinner. "Morals are important to me."
  468. Dan peered across the table. "I know they are, but what I'm saying is you could feel completely different morally about something twenty years from now. So, would you judge your actions today based on your moral values right now, or base on your morals twenty years down the road?"
  470. Jen paused to think. "I honestly don't know."
  472. "Exactly!" the high school senior exclaimed. "And that's why history is so fucked up. How can we judge people's decisions and actions hundreds or even thousands of years ago, when we don't even feel the same about things on a week-to-week basis?"
  474. "So, what about..." Jen started before abruptly cutting herself off.
  476. "No, go ahead."
  478. "What about marriage?" she proceeded. "What if cheating isn't deemed wrong twenty years from now? Would someone that does it now be wrong?"
  480. Her son looked up from his plate. "I think that's similar to the gay marriage thing. I don't think people look at cheating nearly as harshly as they did even back when I was a kid. So who's to say it isn't something that's widely accepted in twenty years?"
  482. "It all comes down to how you morally feel about it," said Jen.
  484. "You got it," Dan replied. "Just like Khan. He felt like what he was doing at the time was right, so he went ahead and did it. You only live once, you know? I wouldn't want to not do something now because of societal pressure, and then look back when I'm an old man and regret it."
  486. He had scarfed down his second piece of lasagna during their conversation and was going back for number three.
  488. "Plus, in my opinion, marriage is a pretty archaic thing anyway," he nonchalantly added.
  490. "Excuse me?" Jen asked, eager to hear his eighteen year old logic on something he had zero experience with.
  492. Dan pointed at his mom's hand. "What does that really mean?"
  494. "My ring?" Jen asked.
  496. "Yeah."
  498. "It symbolizes my love and commitment to my husband," she told him.
  500. "But why?" he asked.
  502. "Why what?" Jen responded, confused by his question.
  504. "Why do you need a ring to show that you love someone? Shouldn't two married people who truly love each other both already know it? Why does it matter that society can see you two are in love?"
  506. "Umm...I mean, I guess it's part of tradition to show it," Jen told him, not entirely sure if she was making any kind of point.
  508. "That's just like all that Valentine's Day bullshit. Last year Tom started dating this chick at school. Come Valentine's Day, he's telling us how he spent hundreds of dollars on chocolate, and flowers, and earrings, and all kinds of dumb shit."
  510. Jen smiled. "That's sweet."
  512. "How is that sweet?" Dan asked. "Because he bought a bunch of shit on a day society tells him he's supposed to? How could any girl possibly think that's sweet? I straight up told Jessica that I don't do any of those dumb holidays when we started dating last month. The fact that Valentine's Day even exists is pretty demeaning toward women."
  514. Jen raised her eyebrows. "Demeaning?"
  516. "If I was a chick I would find it demeaning," he continued. "Listen, if I do something for you today or if I do the same exact thing for you on Mother's Day, why would you look at it as more special on Mother's Day? On Mother's Day I'm doing it because I think I have to. If I do it today, it would be because I really want to."
  518. She was starting to see his point.
  520. "Back to marriage," he told her while gulping down the last bite of his dinner. "Sure, a wedding ring is meant to symbolize love and commitment, but do you honestly believe that? Look, if you truly love someone, you shouldn't have to show it with a piece of metal on your hand. You should show it with your actions in everyday life. Not with gifts, and presents, and all that shit, but with the way you treat that person. I think too many people use that ring as a way to lie to themselves that they're in some kind of commitment."
  522. "Marriage is a commitment," she told her son.
  524. "Agreed," Dan replied, "but you can't be in a commitment if you aren't truly committed. You show commitment by your actions, not by what you wear."
  526. "And where does Genghis Khan come into this again?" Jen smiled.
  528. "The fuck if I know," Dan laughed as he stood up and carried his plate to the sink, realizing that he was getting mixed-up in his different tangents.
  530. Jen shook her head as she took another small bite of her dinner. Her appetite wasn't there today and now her son had her thinking about all kinds of different things. The entire day just felt overwhelming.
  532. "I'm gonna head over to Kyle's and then we're going to a party tonight. That's cool, right?"
  534. "Where's the party?" she asked.
  536. "It's actually only a few minutes from here," he told her, pointing his hand toward the backyard. "It's like four streets that way. Deerside Drive."
  538. Jen knew where that was but she still had her concerns like always. "Who's driving?"
  540. "Doug," he answered. "He doesn't drink."
  542. "I know," she nodded. She liked the fact that one of his friends wasn't a drinker so there was always a sober driver, but she didn't like her son going out as much as he did. But he was growing up and this is what high school kids did. She couldn't shelter her little boy forever.
  544. "Okay, but don't overdo it," she sharply told him.
  546. "I won't!" he smiled as he grabbed his car keys and headed toward the front door. "Thanks, Mom!"
  548. "Sure thing..." she muttered to herself. Jen sat all alone at the table, pondering the discussion she just had with her son. Who was she really committed to? Mike or her ring? Why was she honoring a man who wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire? She suddenly had some serious thinking to do...
  550. Chapter 4 -- A Last-Ditch Effort.
  552. Jen finished adjusting her hair before leaning forward to check her makeup in the mirror. Everything looked perfect. Her long, wavy, blonde hair flowed down past her shoulders, but she put the front in bangs that came down past her eyebrows and dangled just above her eyes. This was the hairstyle that drove Mike wild early in their relationship. She couldn't help but laugh, realizing that she was pulling out all the stops tonight to prove to herself that her marriage could still work. She stepped back so her entire body was in view of the bathroom mirror. She had on a skimpy, two-piece, white lace lingerie set that she'd bought almost a year ago. The plan was to surprise Mike with it during their most recent anniversary, but like everything else over the past few years, it hadn't worked out. The bra exposed plenty of cleavage and the panties had a thong backside that showed off every inch of her toned, plump butt. She stepped into her white, six inch stiletto heels and grinned. No red-blooded man could possibly say no to this. She threw on her long, black, silk robe and journeyed downstairs to wait for her husband.
  554. She finally heard the garage door open at 9:53 PM. She'd been waiting on the couch for over an hour and was eager to show Mike just what she had in store for him. Jen excitedly greeted him with a big kiss on his lips as the front door opened and he stepped inside the house.
  556. "Not tonight, honey," he told her while brushing past her advances and tossing his briefcase down on the kitchen table. His long-sleeve dress shirt had a coffee stain on the front and his tie was loosened around his neck.
  558. "Long day?" Jen asked.
  560. Mike gave his wife a dismissive look. It was almost 10 PM on a Friday night and he was just getting home from work. She couldn't figure that one out for herself?
  562. Jen watched as her husband moved toward the stairs without answering her question.
  564. "So, I was thinking," she said, hustling behind him and following him up to their bedroom, "Dan's out so we have the whole house to ourselves."
  566. "Good, it'll be nice and quiet," Mike commented as he threw his tie on the floor and began to unbutton his shirt.
  568. "I had something else in mind," Jen whispered in his ear, running her soft finger along his shoulder and down to his bicep.
  570. Mike pushed her hand away in an annoyed fashion. "Listen, I've been up since six this morning, okay? I just want to take a shower and go to bed."
  572. Her eye's trailed him walking out into the hallway and toward the bathroom. This wasn't how tonight was going to go. She was done taking no for an answer. Jen sat her butt down on the edge of the bed and patiently waited for her husband to finish his shower.
  574. "What are you doing?" Mike asked when he strolled back into bedroom ten minutes later wearing only a pair of white underwear.
  576. "Waiting," Jen smiled.
  578. "Well, you're going to have to wait a while longer because I'm going to bed." He slid under the covers and rested his head on his fluffy pillow.
  580. Jen's patience was running thin.
  582. "Stop it. Stop it, Jen!" Mike firmly told her as she began to tug at the blankets. She'd finally managed to yank all the sheets off the mattress after a bit of a struggle. "Jen!"
  584. "Shut up!" she yelled before crawling over to his side of the bed and pulling his underwear down around his ankles. "Do you know how many times we've had sex in the past year, Michael?"
  586. She stared at him. It wasn't a rhetorical question. She was waiting for an answer.
  588. "Umm...probably...uhh..." Mike stuttered, knowing the answer was going to be lower than it should've been.
  590. "Three!" Jen shouted. "We've had sex three times in twelve months! Guess what I saw when I was at the store today, Michael?"
  592. "I don't know," he timidly answered.
  594. "Fat women! Not just fat women. Obese women! They were everywhere. Young, old, white, black, it didn't matter. Do you know what I'm not?"
  596. "Fat..." Mike responded.
  598. "Exactly!" she shouted before propping herself onto her knees and removing her robe.
  600. Mike knew he should feel turned on. He knew he should be attracted to someone who looked the way his wife did. But he wasn't. And he couldn't explain why his sex drive had tanked so much over the past few years. His testosterone levels had all come back normal from the tests his doctor ran last summer and he wasn't on any type of medication. He just felt an unexplainable, deep, inner-disgust whenever he looked at his wife.
  602. Jen glanced down and observed her husband's limp penis. It hadn't moved an inch. She didn't care anymore. She dove down and wrapped her lips around his flaccid cock, eager to bring it to life.
  604. "I don't think that's going to work tonight, honey," Mike said, continuing to watch his wife rapidly bob up and down on his manhood.
  606. Tonight? How about this month? Or this year? They were either going to have sex tonight, or Jen was going to take matters into her own hands.
  608. Several minutes passed before she sat back on the bed and looked down at the lost cause in front of her, finally conceding to nature.
  610. "You know what?" she smiled. "How about you take care of me?"
  612. "Take care of you?" Mike asked.
  614. Jen grinned as she laid flat on her back and began to slide her panties down.
  616. "No, no, no..." Mike waved his hand at his wife, "I'm definitely not in the mood for that today. Plus, you know I don't like doing that anyway."
  618. Jen took a deep breath. "So, no sex, no about we talk?" If she couldn't get what she wanted sexually, she was at least hoping the man she loved could give her what she needed emotionally and mentally. It didn't feel like she was asking too much to expect that from her husband.
  620. "Talk?" Mike asked in an almost demeaning manor.
  622. "Yeah, talk," she responded as she rolled over on her side and stared at him.
  624. "Umm...about what?" he awkwardly asked as he continued to stare straight-ahead.
  626. Jen reached out and softly stroked his hand, trying to revive and rediscover the bond they once shared. "Let's hear about your day."
  628. "My day?" Mike asked.
  630. "Yeah, it seems like you were busy. What were you up to?"
  632. He sighed. "Well, the new guy took it upon himself to do some coding without checking with anyone and completely screwed up the system. So, I spent the entire day rewriting the shit he changed."
  634. "Umm..." Jen tried to buy some time, forgetting that the conversations with her husband were a lot tougher than those with her son, "so, what was that like?"
  636. "What was what like?" Mike asked. "The coding? You want me to explain coding to you?"
  638. It finally clicked for her. He didn't find her attractive physically, he didn't seem to really like her as a person, and they had literally nothing to talk about. What her son said at dinner applied to her. She was one of those women who was in a committed marriage only because she was wearing a ring, not because she was in love.
  640. Mike could feel that this conversation was going nowhere. "Can we try doing this tomorrow? I just really can't tonight."
  642. Jen nodded, knowing that tomorrow wouldn't be any different from tonight. She watched him place a sleeping pill into his mouth and wash it down with some water from a glass on his nightstand.
  644. "And I want to sleep in tomorrow so please try to keep it down in the morning."
  646. Jen rolled out of bed. "You got it," she sighed before turning off the bedroom light and slipping her robe back on. She tossed her heels on the floor and took a quick glance back before exiting the room. Her marriage was dead. There was no reviving long lost feelings when there wasn't a hint of feelings left. That man hated her guts and it took three years to finally realize it.
  648. Her unbelievable amount of pent-up sexually frustration took a backseat to this horrid realization that her marriage was a lie. She slowly sulked down the stairs and back into the living room where she sat down on the couch to think.
  650. Chapter 5 -- Chuck Norris Shots.
  652. Jen glanced at the clock. 11:59 PM. The television was on but she wasn't watching. It was just background noise while she sat all alone with her thoughts. The strongest of which involved her trying to figure out what she was going to do when her son went off to college in a year. There was no way she could live alone with just Mike. Her inner-struggle was interrupted however, by the sound of the doorbell.
  654. "No!" she panicked under her breath as she shot out of her seat and ran toward the front door in her robe. Her son was out drinking with his friends, it was midnight, and the doorbell just rang. Nothing good could possibly come as a result of those three things. Had he gotten into a car accident? Was there a fight at the party that resulted in Dan being seriously injured? A million terrifying scenarios ran through her mind as she opened the door.
  656. "Hey, Mrs. K," Kyle grinned. He was standing to her right and Tom was standing to her left. In between them, being held up by his two friends, was her son.
  658. "Jesus Christ!" Jen shook her head as she attempted to help them drag her passed out son into the house. "I told him not to overdo it!"
  660. "That lasted like twenty minutes," Kyle laughed, visibly buzzed by whatever amount of drinking he had partaken in.
  662. "And what about you?" she asked, glancing at Tom who had a distant stare in his eyes. It was the look of someone who was on the verge of being drunk. "Oh my God, you didn't drive, did you!?"
  664. "I'm...I', Mrs. K," he answered while doing his best to avoid eye contact with his friend's mom.
  666. Jen grabbed Tom's chin with her hand and turned his head toward her. His eyes were glassy and he was having a hard time standing still. Another beer or two and he would be just as buzzed as Kyle.
  668. "I'm gonna lose my fuckin' mind..." Jen announced, closing her eyes to try to maintain her composure. "Get him up to his room," she sharply told them as she watched the two teens help her son up the stairs.
  670. She followed behind them and watched as they tossed Dan onto his bed. She made sure to roll him onto his side before moving some pillows behind him to prevent him from ending up on his back or stomach.
  672. "Exactly how much did he have to drink?" she asked.
  674. "He was fine when I left him, but he was completely tanked when I saw him like twenty minutes later," Kyle told her.
  677. "They were doing Chuck Norris shots, bro," Tom giggled as he took a seat on the bed next to his passed out friend. "I helped myself to a few as well."
  679. Jen was upset and baffled at the same time. "What in the world is a Chuck Norris shot?"
  681. "One shot Cherry Vodka and two shots Energy Drink. It's strong but sweet, just like Chuck Norris," he laughed before standing up and attempting to give his buddy's mom a light, drunken roundhouse kick to her hip.
  683. She reached out and caught his foot. The mom cracked a slight smile as the drunken teen, who already had a difficult enough time standing straight, was now hopping around on one foot trying not to fall.
  685. "Downstairs... Now!" she scolded them before letting go of Tom's leg.
  687. Jen followed the pair down the steps and to the couch where they both took a seat.
  689. "Where's Doug?" she asked.
  691. "He got a ride home with some chick," Kyle answered.
  693. Tom gave his friend a fist bump. "Nice..."
  695. Jen shook her head. Some designated driver he was. "Give me your keys," she demanded as she held out her hand.
  697. Tom placed his keys in her palm.
  699. She glared at her son's friends. "Do you two have any idea how fucking stupid you are?"
  701. "I've been told," Kyle smirked.
  703. "Hey, 2.0 GPA right here, lady," Tom laughed as he raised his hands in the air in mock celebration.
  705. "You four idiots not only got accepted into college, but you all somehow got scholarships," Jen continued to berate the pair. "So, you go out and party, and whatever, that's not the end of the world. But then you all get into a car and drive drunk? Forget about getting pulled over. What if you would've hit someone?"
  707. "I'm telling you, Mrs. K, I'm not drunk," Tom argued.
  709. "I can smell the booze on you from here!" she loudly rejected his statement. "And you're eighteen years old! It doesn't matter if you're drunk or not. You can't have a drop of alcohol in you while you're behind the wheel!"
  711. Jen looked off to the side and tried to relax. She couldn't wait to give Dan a piece of her mind when he woke up in the morning. That sleeping pill better have knocked Mike out because she was going to tee off on her son. Loudly...
  713. "I like that."
  716. Jen turned back to the couch. "Excuse me?"
  718. "I said I like that," Kyle repeated, pointing at her head.
  720. "Like what?" she asked.
  722. "Your hair," he softly smiled with an almost puzzled expression on his face. "You've never worn it like that before, have you?"
  724. "We're not talking about my hair right now," Jen told him. "We're talking about you getting behind the whe...."
  726. Kyle cut her off as he looked over at Tom. "Have you ever seen her with bangs before?"
  728. "Don't think so," Tom answered as he peered at her with a slight smile. "It looks good."
  730. "It looks better than good," Kyle added. "You should wear your hair like that more often."
  732. "Well, thank you," Jen smiled, completely changing her tone as a result of the compliment. "It's nice someone likes them."
  734. Kyle and Tom exchanged a confused glance before turning their attention back to their friend's mom.
  736. "Just...just..." Jen stuttered, placing her palm on her worried cheek. "You know what? I'm just happy you're all safe," she sighed before walking over to an empty chair and sitting down. "I'm just not having a very good day is all."
  738. "What's wrong?" Kyle asked in a genuinely concerned manner.
  740. "I just...I...nothing," Jen smiled at him. "You two are staying here tonight. Here's the remote and I'll go grab you some blankets and pillows."
  742. "Hey, Mrs. K," Tom said as Kyle caught the remote control and quickly began searching for something to watch, "is it cool if we maybe use the pool real quick?"
  744. It was still hot out and a dip in the pool sounded pretty tempting. Hey, there's nothing like a little late-night swim. If only these two hadn't shown up...
  746. "Do you think you're sober enough to stay afloat?" Jen laughed.
  748. "I think I can manage," Tom grinned.
  750. Her husband's sleeping pill would have him completely knocked out until the morning and her son was beyond blackout drunk. It wasn't like they were going to disturb anyone. "Go ahead."
  752. She finally found the blankets and pillows she was looking for after a few minutes of digging around in the upstairs hallway closet. She took a quick peek in on her son to make sure he was still doing okay and decided to pass on checking on Mike. There was a pile of shorts and t-shirts on the floor when she arrived back into the living room. She didn't have to look outside to know that Tom and Kyle were already in the pool.
  754. She wanted to be able to keep an eye on them but she couldn't see much from the house because of the darkness. The last thing she needed was for two drunk high school kids to drown in her pool. So, she set the linens down on the table, slid the backdoor open, and headed out to the pool to check on the pair.
  756. "Look who's coming out to join us!" Kyle shouted to his friend.
  758. Jen rolled her eyes as she watched them waddle around in the deep end. "It's just gonna be you two tonight."
  760. "The water's perfect, Mrs. K," Kyle told her. "Eighty-five degrees."
  762. "Is that even refreshing?" she asked. She walked to the edge of the pool and dipped her toe in the water. She was trying to act like she didn't want to get in, but this was exactly how she loved the water. Her son always gave her a hard time for not wanting to use the pool unless it was warmer than the actual temperature outside. He wasn't wrong.
  764. Jen could see the two boys significantly more clearly from her new spot just outside the water. They'd both decided to go in wearing only their boxers and their toned, muscular upper bodies were glistening from a combination of the water and the moonlight.
  766. "Come on, Mrs. K," Tom shouted from the other side of the pool, "you have a swimsuit on under that robe?"
  768. "Not exactly," Jen replied as she could now only see Tom. She scanned the pool for Kyle's face but came up empty. A sense of panic began to sink in before she felt a hand grab her foot which caused her to scream in surprise.
  770. "Jesus Christ!" She yelped. Her eyes darted down to see Kyle's handsome face smiling up at her. He'd snuck to the edge of the pool and grabbed the foot she was dangling into the water without making a sound.
  772. He gave her a light pull toward the water.
  774. "Ha-ha, very funny," she told him, hopping slightly on her free foot to maintain her balance.
  776. He didn't let go.
  778. "Kyle..." Jen glared at him.
  780. He continued to stare up into her blue eyes as he gave her another slight tug in his direction. "What's under the robe, Mrs. K?"
  782. Jen hopped forward once again on her free foot. She now had maybe eight inches of stone pavers to stand on before she ran out of room.
  784. "Kyle, I'm serious," she stated. A sense of helplessness was beginning to set in.
  786. "So am I," he grinned at her, sliding his grip higher up her leg until he had a firm hold of her shin. "What's under the robe?"
  788. "Nothing," she answered.
  790. "Nothing!" Tom yelled out with a whistle. "Did you come out for a little midnight skinny dip, Mrs. K?"
  792. "No, not nothing like nothing, nothing," she laughed. "Nothing, like, none of your business, nothing."
  794. Kyle gave her another pull forward, cutting her remaining room in half.
  796. "You know you wanna," he whispered up to his friend's mom.
  798. "You're drunk," Jen told him as she attempted to pull her leg back to no avail.
  800. "Maybe a little," he responded as he pulled her forward once again. Half her foot was now hovering over the water. "I guess you could call it liquid courage."
  802. His hand had started on her foot before moving up to her shin. With each tug forward, his hand moved a little further up. And he now had his grip wrapped around her knee with her leg dangling over the edge of the pool.
  804. "You're not gonna wake up to see tomorrow if you keep pushing your luck," she told in a playful tone.
  806. "Really?" he grinned.
  808. "Really," she grinned back.
  810. She felt his hand quickly slide up her leg and grab a handful of her toned thigh. "We'll just have to see about that!" he laughed before pulling her into the pool.
  812. "Dude!" Tom shouted out in disbelief at what his friend had just done.
  814. Kyle couldn't believe he actually did it either. For years he'd wanted to make some kind of move on his friend's mom. It looks like maybe he just needed a little booze in him to do it. But then again, throwing her into a pool against her will may not have been the best way to go.
  816. "You little shit!" Jen shouted as her head suddenly emerged from the water in the middle of the pool. Part of her was furious that she'd just been thrown into the water by her son's friend, but another part, and possibly a larger one, loved the flirty and playful buildup. And the balls he had to actually do it was something else. But her biggest problem now was the sinking feeling she was currently experiencing.
  818. "Mrs. K?" Kyle asked as he watched the mom's head dip under the water before re-emerging to gasp for air.
  820. "Dude, is she alright?" Tom asked his friend from the edge of the pool.
  822. "Mrs. K!" Kyle loudly shouted again, beginning to make his way in her direction.
  824. Her long, silk robe was absorbing water and weighing her down. Sure, if she absolutely had to, she could've have swam to the side of the pool with it on, but she wanted to give these boys what they came to see. And that was a show.
  826. She wiggled out of her robe as she saw Kyle approach her. "Take this," she said while pushing it at him.
  828. She swam to the pool ladder and slowly climbed out.
  830. The two friends gazed at a sight they never thought they'd see.
  832. Kyle's eyes couldn't leave his friend's mom as she slowly exited the pool. He'd been fantasizing about her ass since middle school. He couldn't even begin to estimate the number of jerk-off sessions he had to the thought of bending her over or watching her ride him in reverse cowgirl. Just the idea of that perfect backside grinding on his dick was enough to get him flustered. But even in all of those fantasies, nothing ever came close to what he was currently seeing. Her tanned, toned legs seemed to go on for days, but when they finally came to an end, they did so for a very worthwhile reason: her ass. That beautiful butt was big, but perfectly round. There wasn't a hint of cellulite anywhere on her legs or her behind. It was like someone sculpted her out of stone.
  834. Jen took a quick peek over her shoulder as her foot touched down on the stone that ran around the outside of the pool. She would kill for a picture of their faces right now. Their mouths were open and their jaws were dropped. If there was a polar opposite of the look on her husband's face from a few hours ago, this was it.
  836. "Oh my God..." Kyle quietly muttered to himself as Mrs. K turned to face them. Her stomach was so flat and toned that he could see the faint outline of abs through the darkness. His eyes ran up to her large breasts that were being pushed up by a little, lacy white bra. Her wet, long blonde hair which ran down past her shoulders was a sexy mess from getting wet. He'd never seen anything like her.
  838. "Leave that robe on one of these chairs to dry off," Jen instructed before confidently strutting to the backdoor, grabbing a towel out of the bin, and disappearing into the house.
  840. Tom finally breathed.
  842. Chapter 6 -- Game Night.
  844. Jen quickly dried herself off and hustled up the stairs. She felt like she'd just snorted a line of cocaine. An unbelievably amount of excitement and energy shot through her body with every step she took. The flirting was sexy but the faces on those two when they saw her lingerie? God, it was indescribable to her. Something Kyle said earlier when she was eavesdropping on them in the kitchen was very true. She was a pleaser. And seeing how happy and stunned they were was empowering to her.
  846. She snuck into her bedroom, using the light from her phone to navigate the way. Jen dug through her dresser for her usual nightwear which consisted of a pair of athletic shorts and an old t-shirt. Part of her thought she should just climb into bed right now. After all, leave them wanting more was always a motto she embraced, but it felt kind of rude to not at least check to see if her son's friends needed anything. And the least she could do was say goodnight.
  848. Jen stepped into the bathroom and quickly changed before checking to make sure her son was still doing fine. He was going to have one hell of a hangover when he woke up in the morning. She could hear the faint sound of the television as she walked down the stairs. When she made her way into the kitchen and glanced into the living room, she saw the two friends laying out their blankets and pillows, dressed in the shorts and t-shirts they arrived in. She wasn't sure if she should acknowledge what had just happened or move on from it. Things might get a little awkward if she brought it up so she decided to act like she never got thrown into the pool at all.
  850. "You guys need anything?" Jen asked as Tom laid down on the couch and began flipping through the channels on the TV.
  852. "I think we're all set, Mrs. K," Kyle turned to respond before his jaw dropped once again.
  854. She was wearing little black athletic shorts that showed off most of her legs that he just couldn't get enough of. He couldn't see the back of them, but he would guess they didn't cover much more than her butt cheeks. Her top was one of their gray, football team t-shirts from their freshman year that were made for the parents. There was something sexy to him about her wearing a shirt from one of his teams. It made her seem like some kind of enamored fan, or even a girlfriend, rather than a caring parent. Her long, wet, chaotic blonde hair was sticking out in all directions. She was a perfect, sexy, adorable mess.
  856. "Wanna play cards or something, dude?" Tom asked his friend. It was a little tough to feel sleepy when you just saw your friend's hot mom in lingerie.
  858. "Yeah, if you wanna break out that wallet," Kyle responded.
  860. Jen had seen this story before. Pool basketball, actual basketball in the driveway, video games, sports trivia: you name it. There always had to be gambling involved with her son and his friends. Maybe it wasn't that far-fetched when she thought about it. They were a group of athletic eighteen year olds who all had supreme confidence in their own abilities. Of course there were going to be clashes thanks to their crazy amounts of testosterone and self-assurance.
  862. "Let's do it, bro," Tom said, sitting up in his seat on the couch and looking at his friend's mom. "You have cards around here, Mrs. K?"
  864. "You two can play for fun," Jen told them as she headed over to cabinet in the family room where all of their old board games were stored, "but I don't want you two gambling tonight. Especially not in the state you guys are in."
  866. Kyle rolled his eyes and peered over at his friend. "She just saved you a lot of money."
  868. "My ass," Tom sharply responded. "You were twenty minutes from getting wiped out."
  870. Vivid memories came rushing back to her as she opened the cabinet and rummaged through the old games. Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders, Operation: she used to have so much fun playing these games with her son and husband. But that was back when Mike was a different person. A much different person.
  872. "I don't see playing cards in here but I do see Monopoly!" she yelled back to the living room.
  874. "Too long," Tom replied.
  876. "Operation!?" Jen shouted.
  878. "Are we in second grade?" Kyle laughed.
  880. "Trouble!?" Jen tried again.
  882. Kyle shook his head and walked over to see for himself. "Let me take a look."
  884. She watched as he began to dig through the cabinet, pulling boxes out and stacking them on top of each other as he went.
  886. He suddenly pulled out a very small box that was still sealed in shrink wrap. "What's this? Not Your Mother's Card Game?"
  888. Jen's heart skipped a beat. "Umm..."
  890. "Not Your Mother's Card Game. A sexy game of titillating questions that is sure to spice up your party," Kyle grinned as he read the box's description loud enough so Tom could hear him from the living room. "Mrs. K!"
  892. "Now we're talking!" Tom shouted with a laugh.
  894. She remembered buying that game two or three years ago at the suggestion of one of her female coworkers. As evidence by the game still being sealed in shrink wrap, she hadn't gotten around to playing it with her husband.
  896. "You in, Mrs. K?" Kyle smiled as he walked over to the kitchen and retrieved a knife from the drawer.
  898. She followed the teen and watched him slice open the shrink wrap before heading over to the kitchen table where Tom was already sitting in one of the chairs.
  900. "Listen..." Jen hesitated as she had a moment of clarity, "you guys already saw me in lingerie tonight." She nervously smiled while leaning against one of the table chairs. "Don't you think that's enough sexuality for, I don't know, like, ever? I mean, how many high schoolers get to see their friend's mom in lingerie?"
  902. "Not enough," Tom chimed in which caused Kyle to laugh. "You want a beer, bro?" he asked as he got out of his seat and headed to the refrigerator.
  904. "Excuse me!?" Jen shouted with a surprised look.
  906. "Oh, my bad, Mrs. K," Tom told her as he grabbed three beers before shutting the fridge door. "Here you go."
  908. Jen caught the ice cold beverage that he tossed to her. "That isn't exactly what I meant."
  910. "Loosen up, Mrs. K," Kyle told her before catching his beer and cracking it open. "It's just a card game. How crazy can it be?"
  912. Chapter 7 -- The Game.
  914. Jen couldn't help but laugh to herself as she took in the situation. It was almost 1:30 in the morning on a Saturday, and she was sitting at her kitchen table with two of her son's friends who were quite buzzed. They'd just seen her in her sexiest lingerie, she was now drinking a beer with them, and they were about ready to play an x-rated card game. Mother of the year...
  916. "Okay..." Kyle got the table's attention as he pulled out the instruction card, "Not Your Mother's Card Game is a simple game," he announced, squinting to read the small font. "The game consists of ninety-nine cards," he continued as he held up the pack to show the room, "that are made up of questions and dares that must be answered."
  918. "Or what?" Tom asked.
  920. "Or you're a pussy," Kyle quickly answered before turning his attention back to the card. "One at a time the players must pull the top card from the deck and read it aloud. It will contain a question or a dare. No is not an option. Have fun."
  922. Tom laughed before standing up to head over to the fridge to grab another round of beers. "Jesus, those instructions sure have an ominous tone to them."
  924. "No shit," Kyle agreed before tossing the card off to the side. "I guess we're good to go."
  926. Tom placed another beer in front of both Kyle and Jen. "Wait a second," he said as he reached out and felt Jen's drink. It was almost completely full. "What is this shit?"
  928. "What shit?" she answered.
  930. Tom slid the mostly full can closer to her. "This shit."
  932. Jen rolled her eyes. She looked around the table and it was perfectly clear what these two wanted her to do. She raised the can to her lips and tilted her head back.
  934. "Someone's loosening up!" Tom exclaimed, watching the mom down her drink without pausing to take a breath. He placed another beer in front of her. "Crack open number two, Mrs. K!"
  936. Jen wasn't opposed to the occasional glass of wine, but she hadn't drank beer in God knows how long. It was just empty calories as far as she was concerned. But tonight wasn't a normal night. Tonight she was open to trying new things. Tonight, she was feeling a bit naughty.
  938. "I'm up first," Kyle stated as he removed the card from the top of the deck. "What was your kinkiest sexual encounter?" he read.
  940. "I guess this game gets right to it," Tom laughed.
  942. Kyle thought for a moment before a smile appeared on his face. "Remember Sarah Tinsley?"
  944. "Cute little redhead?" Tom asked.
  946. Kyle smiled. "That's her."
  948. "What ever happened to that chick?" he curiously asked his buddy.
  950. "Her parents moved out to California," Kyle told him before starting his story. "So, tenth grade and we're at the varsity football game on a Friday night."
  952. "Who was it against?" Tom asked.
  954. "Don't remember," Kyle shook his head, "but during the second quarter I walk down the bleachers and head over the concession stand to get something to eat. As I'm walking I suddenly feel someone grab my arm and give my hoodie a tug."
  956. Tom looked at his friend with a big smirk on his face. "Sarah Tinsley?"
  958. "Sarah Tinsley..." he smiled. "She didn't say a word. She just pulled me under the bleachers, dropped to her knees, unzipped my jeans, and blew me right there."
  960. "Get the fuck out of here!" Tom shouted. "I never heard about this!"
  962. "When she finished she told me not to say a word about it. She said her friends dared her to do it so she did," Kyle went on.
  964. "Finished," Tom asked with a devilish grin on his face.
  966. "She swallowed," he grinned back at him. "Every drop."
  968. "Jesus Christ..." Jen remarked under her breath. Is this what high school kids were doing nowadays? Part of her trembled at the thought of the things her son had probably experienced.
  970. Kyle stood up and walked over to the fridge. "Who needs another?"
  972. "I do, my man," Tom responded while adding his second empty beer can to the growing collection at the end of the table.
  974. "I'm fine," Jen answered.
  976. "Ah, come on, Mrs. K," Kyle smiled before making his way back to the table with three beers in his grasp. "A beer per question. It'll make things more interesting."
  978. Jen had barely eaten at all today. She was already starting to feel it a little bit after the second beer so a third probably wasn't the best idea. But as she looked around the table and saw her son's friends cracking open their third beers, she felt pressure to stay with the pack.
  980. "I haven't really eaten today, but...alright," she nodded, reaching her hand out to accept another.
  982. Tom took a long swig of his drink before setting the can down on the table and reaching for a card. "It looks like I'm up."
  984. Kyle saw a confused look grow on his friend's face as he read the question to himself. "The fuck kind of question is this?" Tom asked.
  986. Jen felt her interest in the game starting to grow as the alcohol was beginning to lower her guard. "What does it say?"
  988. "If you're a woman, put the card back and pick another. If you're a man, proceed," he read.
  990. "Are you not sure if you should proceed?" Kyle laughed.
  992. "Eat my ass, bro," Tom told him before glancing back down at the card to continue reading. "Have you ever thought about or considered giving oral sex to another man?"
  995. Kyle burst out into laughter.
  997. Tom took another long sip of his beer. "We're all being honest here right?"
  999. "Of course," Jen told him, gazing into his now somewhat shy and timid eyes. She'd never seen this kind of worried look on his face before.
  1001. "Maybe a little," Tom said.
  1003. "Maybe a little what?" Kyle asked.
  1005. He looked off to the side to avoid eye contact with his friend. "Maybe I've thought about it a little..."
  1007. Kyle was confused. "You've thought about what a little? Sucking dick?"
  1009. "Haven't most guys?" Tom quietly inquired. He finished his third beer and was now making his way to the fridge to get number four.
  1011. "Maybe if you're a fag!" Kyle remarked as he began punching the table in a fit of hysteria. "Dude, I can't believe you want to suck a dick!"
  1013. "That's not what I said, asshole!" Tom snapped back. He grabbed three more drinks and returned to the table.
  1015. Kyle looked over at Jen with his hands in the air. "Is that not what you heard?"
  1017. "Yeah, but that doesn't make him gay," she told him before chugging the rest of her third beer. "I've dated a few guys in the past who had similar fantasies."
  1019. "They aren't fantasies!" Tom shouted in frustration. "I just said that if I was in a certain mood, and somehow a certain type of dick was in front of me, that I wouldn't rule out the possibility..."
  1021. "Of sucking it," Kyle finished his friend's sentence.
  1023. "Yeah..." Tom continued, "of sucking it."
  1025. Kyle shook his head. "And that's not gay?"
  1027. "Are you honestly telling me you've never looked down at a chick while you're getting blown and thought that it looked kind of fun?" Tom asked his friend.
  1029. "" Kyle laughed.
  1031. "You're full of shit, dude!" Tom rolled his eyes as he cracked open his fourth beer before sliding another round in front of both Jen and Kyle.
  1033. "I guess I'm a liar because I don't want to suck dick," Kyle sarcastically said. "What about a tranny?"
  1035. "What about 'em?" Tom asked.
  1037. Kyle also opened beer number four as he nodded toward his friend. "Would you blow a tranny?"
  1039. "What's a tranny?" Jen asked.
  1041. "A guy who dresses like a woman," Kyle told her.
  1043. "No, that's a crossdresser," Tom corrected him. "A tranny is a step further than that. Some of them take estrogen and get fake tits and shit. They genuinely want to be women. It's more than just throwing on a dress and a wig."
  1045. Kyle took a sip of his beer before looking back at his friend. "So, would you blow a tranny?"
  1047. "No, that's gay, bro," he quickly answered.
  1049. "What?" Kyle laughed.
  1051. "Well, you have to seek out a tranny in order to find one," Tom told him. "They aren't just walking around in everyday life. You aren't gonna bump into one while you're shopping for fuckin' cereal or something."
  1053. Kyle smiled. "So, how exactly does that make it more gay?"
  1055. "Because blowing a tranny is a commitment," he explained. "You have to find a tranny, know what you're getting into, and then blow them. Blowing a dude would probably be a heat of the moment thing, and chances are you didn't really think about it."
  1057. Kyle had a stunned look on his face. "Dude, you're so gay..."
  1059. "Eat a dick," Tom snapped back.
  1061. "I don't think that would be a problem for you," Kyle laughed.
  1063. "Giving head looks like fun and I wouldn't rule out the possibility of ever doing it, so fuckin' sue me!" Tom proudly announced before tilting his head back and chugging the remainder of his fourth beer.
  1065. Jen found herself getting caught up in their discussion. "I love giving head."
  1067. An instant jolt of regret shot through her body. Did she really just say that out loud? Three beers and she was ready to tell her son's friends about how much she loved oral sex? What the hell was wrong with her?
  1069. Both Tom and Kyle were staring at Mrs. K with their mouths wide open.
  1071. "What?" she smiled, trying to play her comment off as no big deal.
  1073. "You love giving head?" Kyle asked.
  1075. "I'm just speaking to Tom's point," Jen told the table. "Giving head looks like fun because it is."
  1077. "What's so fun about it?" Kyle smirked.
  1079. She raised her eyebrows as she opened beer number four. "I don't think so, honey."
  1081. "Oh, come on," Tom whined as he slid his card to the bottom of the deck. "I thought we were all being honest here."
  1083. "Yeah, you guys were answering questions as part of the game," Jen told them. "I'm not telling you two about blowjobs unless the card says so."
  1085. The two teens sighed as they watched her pull a card from the top of the deck.
  1087. "Okay, I'm up," she announced before flipping the card over to read the question. "Tell everyone about...who did this!?"
  1089. "Who did what?" Kyle asked.
  1091. Jen glared at Kyle. "Did you put this card on top?"
  1094. "I've been sitting here the whole time," he told her. "How could I have gone through the deck?"
  1096. "What does it say?" Tom asked.
  1098. "Tell everyone... Tell everyone about your wildest blowjob experience." She recited the question with her eyes closed. When she opened them, both Tom and Kyle had ear-to-ear grins.
  1100. "Bro, if there isn't a higher power who wants to hear about Mrs. K's head game," Kyle laughed.
  1102. "Remember," Tom looked at her, "total honesty."
  1104. Jen paused to think for a moment. "Okay..." she smirked, "back in college my sorority would always throw a huge Halloween party every year. You know, tons of decorations, lots of alcohol, and the entire football team would come."
  1106. Kyle and Tom shot each other a look.
  1108. "So, come junior year, the party we threw was absolutely insane. It took weeks of planning. I mean, it was a huge ordeal to make it the best party of the year. Come Halloween night, there ends up being way too many people and it starts to get a little out of hand."
  1110. Jen took another sip of her beer. She was at the point where things were starting to get a tiny bit fuzzy and a tingle was running through her body. She wasn't drunk yet, but she was getting there.
  1112. "Our sorority house was on campus," she continued as she looked at each of the guys. "So, these two campus security guards suddenly show up and start telling everyone that the party's over."
  1114. "Did they shut it down?" Tom asked.
  1116. "They were about to," Jen smiled as she took another sip. "I made my way over to them and tried to talk 'em out of it. I was pretty hammered by that point so who knows if I was even making any sense."
  1118. "You said this was a Halloween party, right?" Kyle asked. "What were you dressed as?"
  1120. Jen pointed at him. "I'm about to get to that because what I was wearing is an important part of the story. So, I'm telling these two campus cops that everything will be fine and to relax, but they aren't going for it."
  1122. Jen smiled as she took herself back to her wild college days. The eager grins on the faces of the two jocks in front of her only egged her on.
  1124. "I'm dressed as an angel. You know, white everything. I had this tight, strapless corset that I could barely breathe in, this little, short pettiskirt that barely covered my butt, a pair of obnoxiously big angel wings that are coming out of my back, and this cute halo that hovered over my head. It was attached to this see-through headband and it looked awesome. This was back when I could pull outfits like that off.
  1126. "I'm sure you still could," Kyle told her.
  1128. Jen laughed to herself. "Not like this one. I was killing 'em that night."
  1130. "So, what happened with the cops?" Tom asked.
  1132. "I'm getting to it," Jen continued. "Once I could tell that these guys weren't going for anything I was saying, I decided to start getting a little flirty with them. I mean, we put so much effort and planning into this party that I wasn't just going to stand around and watch it get shut down. So, I take each of them by the hand and lead them out into the hallway, my big wings knocking into lamps and banging into people who are trying to drink and everything."
  1134. Jen sat up straight in her chair. Going back to that moment was getting her all worked up.
  1136. "I see one of the girls come out of the bathroom so I quickly pull the guards inside and lock the door," she grinned.
  1138. "You pulled them into the bathroom!?" Kyle asked, his voice had a mix of shock and surprise to his question.
  1140. "I sure did," Jen proudly answered. "The head guard was an older guy probably in his fifties. He was balding, kinda fat, you know, not the greatest guy in the world to look at. His partner was a different story. Mid-twenties and he was actually a pretty good-looking guy. I remember him being really tall and lanky. Kinda like you guys before you started working out."
  1142. "What happened next?" Tom impatiently asked, leaning forward in his seat to continue listening to her story.
  1144. "I'm like a foot away from the older cop when I look him right in the eyes and say, 'what's it going to take to keep this party going?'"
  1146. "What did he say?" Kyle inquired.
  1148. Jen glanced down at the table before looking back up with a grin. "He didn't say anything. He just placed his hand on top of my head and gently pushed down."
  1150. Tom's eyes widened. "Pushed, pushed down!?"
  1152. "Right down to my knees," Jen said, giving her shoulders a little bit of a shake as she smiled.
  1154. Kyle and Tom looked at each other once again with their mouths agape.
  1156. "So, you..." Kyle stopped, trying to lead her back into resuming her story.
  1158. "This guy is wearing this belt with a flashlight and a walkie-talkie and stuff on it. I reached my hand out and unbuckled it before doing the same to his pants."
  1160. Kyle couldn't believe what he was hearing. A few beers and a comfortable environment was apparently all it took for his friend's hot mom to start telling them about her crazy college days. This was a completely different side of the woman he thought he knew. It was a side he wanted to become much more familiar with.
  1162. "This guy wasn't exactly a treasure," Jen continued. She could still vividly remember the scene all these years later. "I remember just a big, tangled mess of hair, and this little penis sticking out through it."
  1164. "Oh, Jesus..." Tom laughed.
  1166. "But I had to take one for the team, so I sucked the life out of this guy. I mean, I really went at it. My guess would be he didn't get a lot of action because twenty seconds later he was done. I mean, I'm good, but I'm not that good!" she laughed.
  1168. Kyle and Tom both laughed along with her. Neither one could believe that she was opening up like this.
  1170. "Did know?" Tom asked with a grin.
  1172. "Did I swallow?" Jen asked. "I had to keep this guy happy, so, what do you think?"
  1174. "Mrs. K!" Tom erupted, dramatically clapping his hands to show his approval.
  1176. Jen took a quick, playful bow in her seat. "So, he moves to the side and pulls up his pants. Here I am thinking I just took care of the problem when his buddy, you know the younger guy, steps right in front of me while I'm still on my knees. He didn't even say a word. He just unzipped his pants, grabbed the back of my head, and shoved his dick right in my mouth!"
  1178. Kyle was on the verge of passing out. Tom opened his mouth to say something but the only thing that came out was air. Jen calmly took another swig of her beer.
  1180. "Now, this guy wasn't like his partner at all" she continued. "He was quite blessed down there if you know what I mean."
  1182. Kyle felt his hand slowly slide under the table and graze over his now hardening cock.
  1184. "And he was pretty rough. He was thrusting in and out of my mouth and slapping my face with it and stuff," Jen laughed.
  1186. Tom's head was about to explode. "He was face-fucking you?"
  1188. "Is that what it's called?" Jen asked.
  1190. "Oh my God!" Kyle groaned as he ran his free hand through his hair. He didn't know how much longer he was going to be able to sit there and listen to this.
  1192. "Like, real life rough, or porn rough?" Tom asked. "Because you're making this sound like it was some crazy porn shit."
  1194. Jen giggled. "It kinda was. I'd never had a guy slap me in the face with know...before. And he really started going to town on me once he realized I didn't have a gag reflex."
  1196. "Did you just say you don't have a gag reflex!?" Tom asked.
  1198. Jen was so caught up in her story that she didn't hear his question. "So, I'm doing it for a few minutes when it sounds like he's about ready to cum."
  1200. Tom put the collar of his shirt in his mouth and bit down. He was almost positive Mrs. K just said she didn't have a gag reflex.
  1202. "I'm expecting him to do it in my mouth just like his partner did," Jen continued, "but suddenly he pulls out and tells me to suck his balls. I mean, some guys are into that kinda thing so I just wanted to do whatever got him off the fastest, you know?"
  1204. She paused to finish the last of her beer.
  1206. This perfect woman Kyle had been infatuated with ever since middle school was in fact, a dirty little pig. He was in love.
  1208. "I'm sucking on his balls when he pulls himself away from me and tells me to open up. I didn't really know what he was doing but I opened my mouth because, after all, I heard him say to, and bam...all over my face."
  1210. The two friends continued to stare at the mom in a state of shock.
  1212. "This guy was a serious shooter. I walked over to the mirror to clean myself off and I was a complete mess. My face was covered and it was in my hair and everything," she told them.
  1214. Neither Kyle or Tom moved an inch.
  1216. "But, ready for this?" Jen asked as she laughed to herself. "These two leave and let us keep our party going. A few minutes later I think I'm all cleaned up so I make my way back, but guess what?"
  1218. "What?" Tom asked.
  1220. "I was so concerned about getting the cum out of my hair, that I missed a big wad which was dangling from my halo!" she laughed. "For the rest of college my nickname was 'Cherucum.'"
  1222. "What?" Tom asked. He had no idea what 'Cherucum' meant.
  1224. "A Cherubim is an angel from the old testament," Jen explained. "So, my little cum mishap with my halo earned me the name 'Cherucum.'"
  1226. Nobody said a word for what felt like forever before Jen finally broke the ice. "Well, Kyle, you're up. This is fun!"
  1228. Kyle stared at his friend's mom.
  1230. "Kyle..." she said.
  1232. He didn't move.
  1234. "Kyle!" Jen yelled which caused the teen to finally snap to attention. "Let's go, you're up!"
  1236. Kyle reached out and took a card. He shook his head to try to clear his mind. The only thing he could think about was Mrs. K with a faceful of some campus cop's cum. "What's your biggest sexual fetish?" he read.
  1238. "Oh, I know that answer," Tom laughed.
  1240. Kyle nodded back at his friend. "Heels."
  1242. "Heels?" Jen asked.
  1244. "Yeah," Kyle told her, "high heels."
  1246. "I didn't take you for a shoe guy," she smiled.
  1248. "There's nothing sexier than a great pair of legs in high heels," he said. "Stiletto, platform, pumps, but my number one favorite..."
  1250. "Let me guess! Let me guess!" Jen excitedly interrupted. If there was something she truly loved in this world, it was shoes. "High heeled boots?"
  1252. "Those are definitely on the list but not number one," Kyle told her. "The greatest invention of all-time... Wedge heels."
  1254. Jen couldn't help but smile. She loved wedge heels. The stable, solid mass of the shoe prevented her from losing her balance like sharper heels did. Plus, they were so much more comfortable than most stilettos.
  1256. "You really like wedge heels?" she asked him.
  1258. "Love 'em," he told her before sliding the card to the bottom of the deck. "Well, that question was a bit of a dud compared to the first round."
  1260. "Let's see if we can pick it back up," Tom said as he removed a card and read the back of it. Kyle and Jen both watched him look up with a big smile on his face.
  1262. Kyle peered over at his friend. "What does it say?"
  1264. Tom slid the card across the table for him to read.
  1266. "Oh, you gotta be fucking kidding me!" Kyle shouted. "I got that lame-ass question and you get this!?"
  1268. "What is it?" Jen asked, eager to find out what was causing the commotion.
  1270. Kyle slid the card in front of the mom in a huff.
  1272. She picked it up and read it out loud. "It's time to get personal. Make out with another player for twenty seconds."
  1274. Tom slid his chair back a few feet, looked at his friend's mom, and softly patted his knee. "I've got a seat for you right here, Mrs. K."
  1276. Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the feeling of finally being completely fed up with her husband, or maybe it was because there was a full moon out tonight. Jen couldn't explain why she felt so excited, she just knew that she did.
  1278. "Me?" she playfully asked with an innocent schoolgirl smile.
  1280. Tom raised his hand in the air and gave her a 'come hither' motion with his index finger. "Don't worry, Mrs. K, I don't bite."
  1282. Jen stood up and slowly made her way to Tom's seat. She felt a little woozy. Not drunk, but not completely in control either.
  1284. "Here?" Jen bashfully asked while gingerly pointing at Tom's leg. She could see that her shy girl act was pushing his buttons.
  1286. "Right here," Tom told her, resulting in his friend's mom taking a seat on the edge of his knee. Her body was facing Kyle but her head was turned back to look at Tom.
  1288. Kyle went to the alarm app on his phone and set the stopwatch for twenty seconds. "Alrighty, lovebirds," he huffed as he placed his phone down on the table, "timer's set."
  1290. Excitement radiated from Tom as he looked Mrs. K in the eyes. "You ready?"
  1292. Jen couldn't believe she was about to do this. Kissing one of her son's best friends? That seemed like such an impossibility twenty-four hours ago, but she found herself craving some love and affection after the day she just had. She leaned in and gave him a soft peck on the lips before pulling back.
  1294. "Woah, woah, woah!" Tom shouted, turning to get Kyle's attention. "Stop the timer!"
  1296. Kyle paused the countdown. It was at sixteen seconds.
  1298. "What was that?" Tom asked, reaching across the table to get the game card. "You wanna read this for me?"
  1300. Jen took the card out of his hand. "It's time to get personal. Make out with another player for twenty seconds."
  1302. "What kind of make out was that?" he asked. "That's how I kiss my Aunt Peggy!"
  1304. Jen stared into Tom's eyes. "Well, how about you man up and take it then?"
  1306. "Is that what you want?" Tom firmly asked her.
  1308. "Maybe it is..." Jen softly answered back.
  1310. Tom grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her into him. His lips quickly parted and much to his surprise, Mrs. K's mouth was open and waiting. Their tongues met as Jen felt him place his other hand on the small of her back and swiftly begin to slide it toward her butt. She slapped it away and pulled back slightly with a smile.
  1312. "I don't remember reading that on the card," she said with a giggle.
  1314. Tom didn't smile back. Instead, he pulled her into him again as the buzzer from the timer sounded. It had no effect on him. He continued to make out with her just like he would with one of his girlfriends. His hand promptly left her back to explore her still damp hair.
  1316. The hand Jen was resting on his shoulder began to wander down to his large, bulging bicep. The fact he kept kissing her right through the alarm was doing all kinds of things to her. There was something about a dominant guy that drove her wild. It was such the opposite of her husband. Even when things were good, Mike never had a take-charge mentality. He always followed her lead. Sometimes a girl wants to be led, and it just so happens that an eighteen-year-old high school kid was doing the leading this time.
  1318. Tom pulled back and grinned. His friend's mom's eyes were closed, her mouth still opening, and her body was still waiting for him to come back to her. After a few seconds, he observed her slowly opening her eyes, eventually realizing that their make out session was over.
  1320. Jen watched him lean in one more time, extend his tongue, and quickly tangled it with hers. They gave each other one last lick, never breaking eye contact before she felt the strong teen give her a light push off of his lap.
  1322. "I get a 'what's your biggest fetish question,' and this fucking cocksucker gets to do that!?" Kyle angrily complained as he roughly shoved Tom's card to the bottom of the deck. He'd never felt so jealous about anything in his life. His friend, who wasn't nearly as into Mrs. K as he was, just made out with her for close to a minute! And she liked it!
  1324. Jen floated back to her seat. She could still remember the feeling of her first kiss back in middle school. Everyone remembers that moment. The feeling of pure ecstasy. The jolt you got from a pair of soft, wet lips touching yours for the first time. It made you feel like you could take on the world. She never thought she would experience that again as a married forty-two-year-old woman, but that was exactly what was happening. She was on cloud nine.
  1326. Tom tried not to laugh as he looked over at his buddy. He was fuming.
  1328. "Fetish fuckin' cunt question..." Kyle continued to mutter as he walked to the fridge. "Anyone want a fuckin' beer!?" he asked in not the most pleasant of tones.
  1330. "I think I'm good," Tom smiled, glancing over at Mrs. K who still had a smitten look on her face.
  1332. "I've had more than enough," Jen answered with a slight slur to her words.
  1334. Kyle came back to the table with a beer in hand. He sat down in his seat and stared a hole through his friend.
  1336. "It's your turn, Mrs. K," Tom announced, trying to somehow get his friend's piercing eyes off of him.
  1338. Jen reached out and removed the next card from the deck.
  1340. She flipped the card over and set it down on the table to read. "Do you like rough sex? And if so, what's your most hardcore fantasy?"
  1342. Kyle's eyes left his friend and shifted back over to Mrs. K. Now this was a question he wanted an answer to.
  1344. Jen paused for a moment to think about how she wanted to word her answer in front of these two. Why was she still trying to sugarcoat things? She just made out with one of them and told a story about the time she blew two security guards back in college. There was no reason to hold anything back at this point. She was just going to say it.
  1346. "I love rough sex," she announced.
  1348. Kyle closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Every time he thought this girl couldn't be more perfect, she opened her mouth and proved him wrong.
  1350. "Is that right?" Tom grinned.
  1352. "Who doesn't?" Jen continued. "I mean, I don't have some crazy fetish or anything, but every girl enjoys a good manhandling from time to time."
  1354. Kyle raised his fist to his mouth and bit down. It was like every word that came out of her mouth was better than the last. This woman was flawless.
  1356. "And most hardcore fantasy..." she said, pausing to think the question through. "I guess...I...well, I've never been with two guys at the same time."
  1358. Kyle and Tom gave each other a quick glance.
  1360. "I mean, it sounds kind of fun. There's really no way to not get manhandled in that situation," she giggled.
  1362. Tom opened his mouth to suggest that maybe he and his buddy help make her fantasy a reality before he quickly stopped himself. Perhaps that was too much.
  1364. "I also always thought about swapping, or what's it called when you exchange partners with different couples?" she asked.
  1366. "Swinging?" Kyle chimed in.
  1368. "Yeah, swinging," Jen nodded her head. "But Mr. K was never on board with it."
  1370. Neither of the two friends said a word. Both were unsure of how to break the tension in the room after their buddy's mom just admitted to fantasizing about a threesome with two guys.
  1372. Jen slid her card toward the deck. "Well, I guess that's that."
  1374. Kyle peered his eyes as he watched the card slide along the table. "What's that?" he asked. At the very bottom of the card there was something written in extremely small font which he had yet to see throughout the course of the game.
  1376. Jen leaned in for a closer look. "Double Trouble," she read. "What's double trouble mean?"
  1378. Kyle searched for the instruction card before finding it at the end of the table. He saw a whole list of additional rules he hadn't seen earlier when he flipped it over. Apparently there were specialty cards in the deck and 'Double Trouble' was just one of them.
  1380. "Double Trouble," Kyle read off the card. "It's time to go again! Pick another card."
  1382. Jen chuckled to herself. "Lucky me..." She pulled a new card and a smile quickly grew on her face as she read it to herself. "Lucky me is right!"
  1384. Kyle and Tom both gave her a curious look.
  1386. "It's getting hot in here," Jen read. "It's time for the rest of the players to remove their shirts!"
  1388. The mom laughed as she leaned back in her chair, interlocked the fingers on her hands, and rested them behind her head. "Well, come on boys," she smiled. "Let's get those shirts off."
  1390. Kyle and Tom both raised their t-shirts over their heads and tossed them onto the table.
  1392. Jen whistled. Sure, she'd seen them walking around the backyard and using the pool shirtless dozens of times, but she'd never seen them like this while she was drunk. And she definitely hadn't seem them shirtless after making out with one of them. They looked a little different through her glassy eyes and she definitely liked what she saw.
  1394. "Look who's enjoying herself now," Tom laughed. He watched Mrs. K reach out and place her hand on Kyle's bicep. She gave it a firm squeeze with a big smile on her face.
  1396. "It's about time I finally got a card that worked in my favor!" she laughed before grabbing Kyle's beer and helping herself to a sip. "You're up, sweetheart."
  1398. Kyle reached for a card while he continued to gaze at Mrs. K. He didn't know if she was drunk, flirty, or just having a good time. Whatever it was, he liked it.
  1400. Jen found herself having a hard time not staring at their bodies. The muscles, the definition, and the abs. Oh, how she loved guys with abs. And as she watched Kyle reach out to grab a card, she saw his rock hard abs flex as he did it. She felt herself getting a little woozy.
  1402. Kyle suddenly stood up and did his best Tiger Woods fist pump impression.
  1404. "What does it say?" Tom impatiently asked, wanting to know what caused his friend to have that type of reaction.
  1406. "Yes!" Kyle shouted, trying not to scream and potentially wake the rest of the house. "Fuckin' karma, dude!"
  1408. "What are you talking about?" Tom asked as he watched his friend approach him and hand the card over. "Oh, you lucky shit... I can't even be mad about this one."
  1410. Jen looked at the two. "What does it say?"
  1412. Tom handed her the card.
  1414. She probably should've at least pretended to be disappointed, or upset, or something. That was part of the game. She has to perform tasks that are inappropriate for her to do, and she acts all bummed while she secretly loves doing them. But she didn't care anymore. An excitement unmatched by anything in a long time ran through her body when she finished reading that card. She quickly bounced out of her seat with a smile.
  1416. "I'll be right back," she told them before scurrying off in the direction of the stairs and heading up to her room.
  1418. Kyle gave his friend a confused look. "Where's she going?"
  1420. "Probably going to hang herself," Tom joked.
  1422. Kyle shook his head and smiled. "I can't believe she's doing this, dude."
  1424. "No shit," Tom said. "I can't believe she's playing this game with us at all. And she seemed excited after she read that card! Never in a million years would I imagine her doing something like this, let alone being excited about it. And what about that fuckin' blowjob story!?"
  1426. "Crazy right?" Kyle replied. "What did I say earlier? About her being a people-pleaser. Blowing security guards so her sorority's party didn't get shut down! Who called that shit?"
  1428. "When you're right, you're right," Tom told him. "But during that question I was positive I heard her mention that she doesn't have a gag reflex."
  1430. "You fucking heard that!?" Kyle excitedly asked. He was trying his best to keep his voice down so Mrs. K didn't hear them. "I thought I imagined that!"
  1432. "No, she definitely said it," Tom told him. "I think we can do something tonight, dude."
  1434. "With Mrs. K?"
  1436. "Maybe I'm imagining things but she's giving off some pretty strong signals in my opinion," Tom said. "That blowjob story, the threesome fantasy, fuckin' making out with me! She could've bailed at any time but she went through with all of it. She could've made up some lame blowjob story but she didn't. She told that entire thing. I'm telling you, dude, she wants it."
  1438. Kyle looked at his friend. "She seems kinda drunk though."
  1440. "Nah, she's just buzzed," he countered before pausing a moment to reconsider. "Fuck, you might be right. She had what..." he turned to count the empty beers in front of her seat, "four beers?"
  1442. "She's what? A hundred and twenty pounds?" Kyle asked his buddy. "She's a little thing with hardly any fat on her and she mentioned earlier that she barely ate today. It's two in the morning and she's telling us blowjob stories from college. That doesn't sound like a drunk chick to you?"
  1444. "God fucking dammit," Tom angrily muttered as he realized his friend was right.
  1446. "I don't want to do some shit and then have her wake up in the morning accusing us of whatever," Kyle continued. "Listen, this is the perfect foundation for some shit. You got to make out with her and I've got my thing coming up," he smiled, "so, this way if she's still flirty and open with us when she's sober, then we know we got something."
  1448. Tom nodded. "Agreed. It's just gonna suck if she wants to do something now and we don't make a move tonight, only for it to turn out to be our one shot with her."
  1450. "I know but we can't," Kyle quickly cut himself off as he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. "She's coming..."
  1452. Jen walked back into the kitchen with a big smile and her hands behind her back.
  1454. "What do ya got there, Mrs. K?" Kyle asked.
  1456. "Well, since your card said to have a player give you a lap dance, I decided to go ahead and add a little spice to it. That's assuming you want me to give you the dance and not Tom," she joked.
  1458. Kyle laughed as he leaned back in his seat and waited for her reveal. "I've gotten plenty of dances from Tom," he sarcastically told her, "so I think I'll settle for you this time."
  1460. Jen smiled before moving her hands in front of her to show the guys what she was hiding. She was holding a pair of nude colored, platform wedge sandals, with six inch cork heels. "They don't really match my outfit" she said, glancing down at her little black shorts and old, grey t-shirt, "but being a heel guy and all, I doubt you care."
  1462. Kyle took a deep swallow but couldn't find any saliva in his throat. "Umm...yeah, that works," he barely managed to get out. He was trying his best to maintain his composure in front of his dream girl, but that was becoming more and more of an impossible task with each passing second.
  1464. "Great," Jen smiled, "so, how are we doing this?"
  1466. "Umm, Kyle, maybe you should take your chair over to the living room so you two have some more space," Tom said to his friend, trying to snap him out of whatever fantasy he was currently lost in.
  1468. Jen skipped over to the living room, making no attempt to hide her excitement. "If I'm being totally honest," she said, glancing behind her to see the two following her into the room, "I've always wanted to give a lap dance."
  1470. Tom plopped down on the couch. "Well, fortunately for you, Mrs. K, this lucky little shit is more than happy to be your test dummy."
  1472. Jen grinned at Kyle as he set his chair down in the middle of the floor. His hands were trembling with a mix of nervousness and excitement. She stepped into her heels and tightened the straps as Kyle took his seat.
  1474. She looked over at Tom. "How about some music?"
  1476. Tom pointed at the ceiling. "You sure? Aren't we gonna wake them up?"
  1478. "I just checked on both of 'em" Jen told him, dismissing his concern with a wave of her hand. "Believe me, they aren't waking up."
  1480. Tom pulled out his phone and began scrolling through his music. "Okay, let's see here. How about this?"
  1482. Jen rolled her eyes as a hip-hop song came on. "No, no, no," she told him with her hands on her hips, "I'm a rock girl."
  1484. "I don't listen to that shit," he told her as he continued to look through his music for something that fit the mom's taste. "How about..."
  1486. A slow-moving, artsy, indie rock song began to play.
  1488. "Are you serious?" Jen asked.
  1490. "Okay, give me a minute," Tom huffed. He left his library and went to the main music page. "" he said under his breath, typing the words into the search box as he spoke. He scrolled down until he reached the playlist section. "Ah ha!" he shouted, "lap dance playlist."
  1492. "Now we're getting somewhere," Jen excitedly smiled. She glanced down at Kyle and saw his feet bouncing on the floor. His excitement was only building more of a fire inside her.
  1494. "Ah shit," Kyle sighed. "It's pretty much all hip-hop."
  1496. Jen rolled her eyes. "God, your generation is doomed. The music you guys listen to is so terrible."
  1498. A song suddenly jumped out at Tom that didn't necessary belong with the other rap and hip-hop tunes. He could've sworn he remembered it from one of those guitar video games they played as kids. "Wait, I think this might work. What about, 'Cherry Pie?'"
  1500. "Perfect!" Jen jumped with excitement. It was a sexy, raunchy, hair metal song from her youth. It was the exact thing she was looking for. As the song's intro started, she was instantly taken back to her high school days. She could still remember her fifteen-year-old self lying around in the living room all day watching music videos. And one of those videos stuck out to her. It was this song and the sexy blonde in the red top that danced throughout those three awesome minutes. That video vixen was the girl all of her male classmates were fantasizing about. And tonight, it was her turn to be that girl.
  1502. "Wait a second!" she shouted, causing Tom to quickly pause the song.
  1504. The two friends watch as she bunched the bottom of her baggy t-shirt in her hand and began wrapping it around her finger. Tom was about to ask her what she was doing but quickly figured it out for himself. As if his friend's luck couldn't get any better.
  1506. Jen slid the fabric through the loop she'd made and tied off the bottom of her shirt. Her once long, baggy t-shirt, now had a knot in the bottom and didn't come down past her belly button.
  1508. "Good to go!" she smiled as she pointed her finger at Tom.
  1510. He pressed play.
  1512. The song resumed and started with the chorus. Jen flipped her long, still damp hair back and did her best diva walk toward Kyle as she felt the power of the guitars through his son's friend's phone. Her high heel wasted little time landing in the small crevice on the seat between Kyle's legs. Her hands playfully ran through her hair before finding the sides of her fit body. Her tanned, toned lower stomach was just mere feet from the high schooler as she continued to move her hips and body to the melody.
  1514. Jen removed her high heeled foot from the chair and placed it on the floor to the right side of Kyle. Her left foot made its way to the opposite side so she was now hovering over the teen's groin while facing him. She couldn't get enough of this. The tension and anticipation pouring out of his skin was contagious. She felt like his fantasy girl. It was like her husband hated her guts while these boys couldn't get enough of her. She just wanted to make someone happy. She wanted to make someone happy who appreciated and lusted after her, so, why not do that to the guy who was sitting right in front of her? Jen squatted down lower, this time stopping just centimeters from his groin. She could hear his breathing begin to increase as his panting was growing louder. She felt like such a tease.
  1516. She squatted down again, this time going even lower so she brushed her butt against his noticeable bulge. He wasn't hard, but at the same time, he wasn't flaccid. Why not drag this out a bit longer? Hell, she had over three minutes to really put on a show. Jen spun off his laps as she was now several feet in front of him with her back facing Kyle. She continued to dance and move her butt to the guitar riffs and the metal sounds. Now, this was music. Sounds and vocals that made you want to get up and dance. What could make her want to grab an eighteen-year-old kid and grind on him? Hair metal, that's what. She could see him staring at her exposed lower back which was glistening with sweat as she turned her head to glance back at him.
  1518. She spun again and began strutting in Kyle's direction. Quickly, she found herself back in her squatting position just above his groin. But this time instead of teasing him, she decided to sit down right in his lap. And what was the most satisfying part of that moment? Well, that would be the audible gulp she heard come out of his mouth as her butt planted on his bulge despite the loudness of the music blaring throughout the room. But she didn't want to make him gulp again, she wanted to make him moan. She wanted to hear groans and cries of pleasure escaping from those sexy lips of his.
  1520. Kyle looked into the mom's blue eyes. Her arms were wrapped around his neck as she grinded away in his lap. This wasn't like any of his fantasies. Sex, blowjobs, everything and anything he dreamed of doing with her had taken a backseat to what was happening. This was surreal. And something about this was sexier than if they actually had sex. He watched her naughty side come out during the card game at the kitchen table, but this was a step beyond that. This was a PTA mom, a great wife, and a loving woman, acting like a bad girl. Something about seeing this was unexplainable to him. And then it happened. He watched her lips part as her mouth sank down to his. A kiss! He was finally going to get a kiss! He opened his mouth but she gave him a playful bite as she threw her head back once again, closing her eyes, and tossing her hair to the sounds.
  1522. Jen suddenly felt a pair of hands on her hips. It looked like someone decided he didn't want to be in the passenger seat any longer. She loved her son's friend's aggressive, assertive attitude but she wasn't done teasing him just yet. She grinned as she playfully wagged 'no' with her finger and sprang out of his lap, seductively dancing by herself for a few moments before slowly returning with her back turned to him.
  1524. She felt him place his strong hands on her hips once again and pull her onto his lap. The way those big, firm hands wrapped around her soft skin was giving her tingles. The way he thrusted her onto her lap was getting her wet. Everything he did had an underline sexy vibe to it, and she wanted to be his bad girl. She couldn't help but grin as she was now sitting on his groin again, but this time facing away from the stud quarterback. The growing bulge she felt the last time was now considerably bigger and significantly harder. Jen leaned into the muscly teen so her back was now resting against his bare chest while her face was directly to the side of his. She continued to grind and move her butt along his ever hardening cock.
  1526. "Fuck....." she quietly heard him moan as she started to rub into him at a faster pace.
  1528. Jen turned her head slightly so her mouth lined up with his ear. God, did she want to be bad. She wanted to be his dream girl. She wanted him to be sitting in the middle of one of his classes with her on his mind. Not some cheerleader or a cute, perky classmate. She wanted it to be her. And she was going to give him that fantasy.
  1530. "What do you want to do to me?" she whispered.
  1532. She heard another whimper as she moved her hand to his head to play with his dark, sexy hair.
  1534. "I'd bend you over this chair," he quietly moaned to her.
  1536. Jen closed her eyes so she could lose herself in another world. She needed to visualize exactly what this stud was describing to her. "And then what?"
  1538. "Slide those little shorts down around your ankles," he quietly told her. His eyes were also shut and he was desperately trying to keep his rock hard cock from exploding. The last thing he wanted to do was ruin this moment.
  1540. "Would you go easy on me?" Jen softly asked.
  1542. "No," Kyle told her. This time after he responded, he gave her ear a soft kiss. "You don't like it easy."
  1544. "How do I like it?" she purred, continuing to grind on his now big, throbbing cock which was trapped under her backside.
  1546. "Hard," he answered before licking the lower part of her earlobe. "I'd slide this big cock into that tight, wet, little pussy..."
  1548. Her hand moved down to his face as she was still lost in her fantasy world. She could feel stubble beginning to form on his cheeks from having not shaved in a few days. He wasn't some teenager. He was a man. He was a man who would take care of all of her needs and desires. It was all right here. It was all trapped under her butt and all she had to do was slide off him. Jen wanted nothing more than to release his cock from his shorts, but at the same time, she knew that she couldn't. She couldn't cross that line.
  1550. "And I'd make you forget all about that fuckin' husband of yours," he whispered again.
  1552. She was no longer in the real world or even her fantasy world. She was now in some kind of alternate reality. The room was set up exactly like it was now, but Kyle wasn't sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. Instead, she was bent over the edge of it, her shorts around her ankles, and her pussy dripping wet just like Kyle had described to her. She could feel the fat head of his cock sliding along the lips of her begging pussy. She could feel him slowly try to enter her but struggle due to his size. She could feel his warm hand grab the back of her neck as he shifted her forward to arch her butt higher. She could feel him push through any resistance that her tightness was giving him. She could feel the fullness when he finally entered her. The feeling of fullness she hadn't experienced since college. The feeling of being manhandled. The feeling of being someone's slut for just one night. The feeling of...
  1554. Except she didn't feel any of that.
  1556. Jen's eyes snapped opened. The music was stopped. She turned her head to see Tom staring at them with his mouth agape. She peered back to observe Kyle's eyes still shut as he continued to be lost in whatever world he had drifted off to. She wasn't in her fantasy world anymore. She was back to reality.
  1558. "How long has the song been over for?" she sheepishly asked Tom.
  1560. "Four minutes," he responded, somewhat unsure if what he'd witnessed really just happened.
  1562. She was supposed to give her son's friend a playful lap dance. Instead, she grinded on his lap while talking dirty to him for over seven minutes. She'd never felt so embarrassed in her life.
  1564. Jen jumped off his lap and anxiously looked around the room. "I...I...I gotta...I gotta bed," she pointed to the ceiling before hurrying toward the stairs.
  1566. Kyle came back to earth. He was sitting in the chair, with no Mrs. K in sight, and his dick was the hardest it'd ever been. He turned and looked at his friend. "Did that really just happen?"
  1568. Tom couldn't help but softly laugh as he nodded his head.
  1570. Jen scurried into the upstairs bathroom, shut the door, and quickly locked it behind her. She stared into the mirror and shook her head. Her eyeliner was beginning to run, her hair was a mess from God knows how many hair flips, and her t-shirt was tied off so her lower stomach was exposed. She closed her eyes and tried to clear her head of everything that had just happened. Of Kyle, Tom, the pool, the card game, and the lap dance...
  1572. But she couldn't.
  1574. Her eyes closed as she slid her hand into her shorts and feverishly began to play with herself. She bit down on the collar of her shirt, trying to prevent any noise from making it out of the bathroom as moans began to escape from her lips. Her right foot, high heel and all, found the surface of the toilet seat cover and suddenly she was back in the living room. She was back on Kyle's lap but she really wasn't. She was bent over the chair and he was about to take her. She took herself back to that moment as she continued to vigorously rub her clit.
  1576. She could feel Kyle slide his dick out of her. The feeling of fullness was gone. She was so lonely, and empty, and vacant. She turned back to find the stud behind her. She was ready to plead and beg for him to take care of her. She needed him. But the grin she saw on his face as she glanced back said a million words. He shoved the chair out of the way and forcibly pushed her to the ground.
  1578. "I can't hog you all to myself," he whispered into her ear as he knelt down behind her.
  1580. She didn't know what he was talking about. All she knew was that his cock was back, rubbing and teasing against her moist pussy lips. It was almost back where it belonged. Almost back to giving her what she really wanted, what she needed, what she craved.
  1582. "Open up, Mrs. K," she heard as her attention shifted to a new voice.
  1584. Tom was lying down on the floor in front of her. His cock, the same impressive size as Kyle's, pointed straight toward the ceiling.
  1586. So this is what he meant by not hogging her? She swiftly dropped her mouth around the fat head of Tom's thick penis. She gave her other stud some oral attention before that full feeling captured her soul. It was back! Kyle was back inside her and this time he wasn't going easy.
  1588. She could hear herself loudly moaning. She was trying to keep Tom in her mouth but her lips were instinctively crying out in pleasure with every thrust Kyle took. She was being used. Two stud jocks were filling her holes and she couldn't be happier. Eighteen, forty-two, she didn't care. She wanted to be ravished, she wanted to be worshipped, she wanted to feel desired.
  1590. "Oh my God!" Jen screamed as she exploded in bliss. Her foot rocketed off the toilet and she stumbled backward in her oversized high heels, slamming into the wall behind her. Heavy pants flowed from her mouth as she attempted to catch her breath. She didn't care if the entire neighborhood heard her scream, that was years in the making and something she desperately needed. She finally managed to collect herself before making her way back to her feet. Her fantasy seemed so real. It was so satisfying. Every thrust, every motion, every pleasure, all felt like it was really happening. And it was all a possibility. All she had to do was walk back down those stairs.
  1592. "Dude, was that?" Kyle asked, looking up at the ceiling.
  1594. "Yup..." Tom told him, flipping over his pillow as he rolled over on his side.
  1596. "Should we?"
  1598. "Nope..." Tom responded with a huff.
  1600. Kyle rolled over and pulled his blanket up to his shoulders. How in the world was he supposed to sleep after all of that?
  1602. Chapter 8 -- The Morning After.
  1604. Jen rolled over and looked at her alarm clock. 11 AM on Saturday morning. She decided to go to bed after her little bathroom incident last night against every instinct in her body. Her son's friends probably thought that she was some big weirdo. Or even worse, some major cock tease. How many times did she have them right on the edge before wimping out of going through with what she really wanted? She rolled over to see her husband's side of the bed empty, not that she really cared. And then she felt it. That awful, horrific pounding started in her head as she slowly climbed out of bed. She hadn't been drunk in so long that she forgot what the morning after felt like. She wandered off to find some pills, trying to stay quiet so she didn't wake her son.
  1606. A few minutes later Jen made her way down to the kitchen. Much to her surprise, she saw Dan sitting at the table, eating a bowl of cereal.
  1608. "I can't believe you're up before me," Jen chuckled as she put the teapot on the stove. She looked past him and into the living room to see a spotless floor and furniture. The card game that was on the kitchen table when she went to bed was gone and the beer cans were nowhere to be seen. Thank God Kyle and Tom cleaned up before either her son or husband found anything.
  1610. "Dad had to go to work," Dan told her, holding up a handwritten note from his father as proof.
  1612. Jen nodded her head to acknowledge the message.
  1614. "So, uh...what happened last night?" Dan asked, rubbing his hand along his temple.
  1616. Uh-oh. Did he hear something? Maybe he wasn't passed out like she thought he was. A sense of panic began to grow inside her as she sat down across from him at the table. "What happened?" she meekly repeated.
  1618. "Yeah, what happened?" he asked again. "I remember being at the party and the next thing I know, it's 10:30 in the morning and I'm lying in my bed."
  1620. She let out a deep sigh of relief. Thank God. He was referring to his night and not hers. "Apparently someone didn't show too much control last night like they promised me they would."
  1622. Dan looked down at the table, ashamed.
  1624. "Listen, I know you're going to go out and get drunk, and party, and do whatever high school kids do," she said to her son, "but putting yourself in a position where either you're driving, or someone else is driving who's drunk, is completely inexcusable."
  1626. "I know..." Dan groaned, still looking down at the wooden table.
  1628. "I trust this won't happen again," she said.
  1630. He glanced up. "That's it? I mean, I'm not in trouble or anything?"
  1632. Jen had a long list of punishments in mind for her son when his friends dragged him upstairs eleven hours ago. But who was she to discipline anyone after her night?
  1634. "No, you're not in trouble," she softly smiled, "just promise me you'll never do that again. Just call me or your father if you need a ride. You know we'll always come pick you up."
  1636. "I know," he nodded. "Thanks, Mom."
  1638. "No problem, baby," she told him as the teapot began to whistle. Jen stood up and walked over to the stove as she heard her son's ringtone go off.
  1640. "Hey, Jessica," Dan answered.
  1642. It was his girlfriend Jessica. Jen wasn't a big fan of Jessica. She wasn't exactly the sharpest girl in the world and she got a slutty vibe from her the one time she came over for dinner. Not that she would ever tell her son any of that.
  1644. "Oh shit, really?" she heard him say as he slid open the backdoor and walked outside by the pool.
  1646. Jen could faintly hear his conversation through the open kitchen window.
  1648. "Is he okay?" Dan asked his girlfriend.
  1650. He came back inside a few minutes later.
  1653. "Apparently Jessica's grandpa fell this morning and he's in the hospital," Dan told his mom who was mixing a small dab of honey into her tea.
  1655. "Oh my, is it serious?"
  1657. He looked down at his phone. "I guess so. I mean, he's not gonna die or anything, but they want to keep him there for a few days."
  1659. "Well, that's good at least," Jen added.
  1661. "Yeah, Jessica is going to see him now and asked if I wanted to go with her."
  1663. "You should," Jen told him. She knew how important supporting your partner was. It was something her husband didn't show and something her son had yet to experience.
  1665. "You think I should?" he asked. "I mean, the guys are coming over in a bit and I don't want to leave you hanging."
  1667. Every Saturday throughout the fall, Dan's friends came over to watch college football after their practice was over. They all chipped in to buy the special TV package where they could watch all the games. So, from September through late November, from noon until late into the night, they spent their Saturdays down in the basement.
  1669. "Please," Jen dismissed her son's concern, "it's not a problem."
  1671. "You sure?" Dan asked. "I can tell them we have to cancel if you want."
  1673. Part of Jen wanted to say yes. It'd probably be best not to see any of her son's friends for the foreseeable future. Especially since her husband, who wasn't even into sports, would be spending his Saturday just like he spent every Saturday. Over at his coworker's house pretending to like football. It burned her up how he would do just about anything to avoid being around her.
  1675. "You know that your friends are always welcome here," she smiled, trying not to give off any vibes of what went on just a few hours ago.
  1677. "Okay, thanks, Mom," Dan smiled as he stood up and slid his chair back under the table. "By the way, I saw your bathrobe lying across one of the pool chairs when I was outside."
  1679. "Yeah..." Jen stalled for time, "I uhh... I spilled water on it last night."
  1681. He laughed as he looked back outside at the robe. "How much? I mean, it still looks wet."
  1683. "A lot," Jen told him. "I was making lemonade and the jug tipped and spilled on me. The entire thing."
  1685. Dan gave her a curious look. "The entire thing?"
  1687. "I'm a klutz," she smiled before walking over to her son, eager to change the subject. "You better get going. You don't want to keep Jessica waiting!"
  1689. "Okay, Mom," he agreed. He leaned in to accept a kiss on the cheek before heading upstairs to change.
  1691. Jen made her way upstairs and into the bathroom after finishing her morning tea. She slipped into a clean thong and a pair of old, black sweatpants. She ditched her usual tight fitting shirts and tank tops for a baggy, loose white t-shirt. She put her long, blonde hair into a bun and decided against applying any makeup. She took a step back to get a look at herself in the mirror. She definitely didn't look like a milf now. She looked like some old, worn out housewife, and that was exactly how she wanted to appear when her son's friends showed up in an hour.
  1693. Dan knocked on the door. "I'm leaving, Mom! Cya tonight!"
  1695. "Drive safely, honey!" she shouted back from inside the bathroom.
  1697. As she heard her son trot down the stairs, she knew that in just a short amount of time, Kyle, Tom, and Doug were all going to be in her house. The trio never missed a Saturday, and of course with her luck, they decided not to miss the one time her son wasn't going to be home either. She needed a game plan. She had to devise a strategy to control herself. She needed to stop flirting and teasing boys twenty-four years her junior, and act like the forty-two-year-old married woman that she was. Jen took a deep breath and looked into the mirror. This wasn't going to be easy...
  1699. Chapter 9 -- Game Time.
  1701. The doorbell rang at 11:57 AM. Jen made her way to the front door and opened it.
  1703. "Hey, Mrs. K," Tom cheerfully greeted her.
  1705. Jen responded with a courtesy smile before glancing to her left to see Kyle standing next to his buddy.
  1707. "No Doug?" she asked.
  1709. "Not today," Tom told her as the two teens followed her into the house. "I guess he's spending the day with that chick he met last night. Someone's in love..."
  1711. Jen continued to walk toward the kitchen. She didn't want to be rude, but at the same time, she felt like laughing at his jokes might send flirtatious vibes that she was trying to avoid. She could hear the two friend's footsteps behind her as they continued to move further into the house.
  1713. "Dan's not going to be back until later," she announced before sitting down at the kitchen table to read a magazine. She didn't make eye contact with either of them.
  1715. "He told us," Kyle noted, watching his buddy dig through the pantry for some snacks to take down to the basement. "You wanna watch the game with us?"
  1717. "No thanks," she replied as she continued to stare down at her magazine.
  1719. There was an uncomfortable silence in the room as Tom continued to search for his favorite snacks. Kyle unsure of what to say, and Jen just hoping the two would leave the kitchen.
  1721. "Come on, just pick something," Kyle impatiently told his friend.
  1723. Tom re-emerged from the pantry with a large bag of chips and a small bag of pretzels."Good to go," he smiled, waiting for Mrs. K to chime in with her usual playful comment. She just continued to gaze down at her magazine. "Okay, we'll see you later then, Mrs. K."
  1725. Jen didn't respond.
  1727. Kyle and Tom walked down into the basement and took their seats on the couch.
  1729. "The fuck was that?" Tom asked his friend as he watched Kyle flip through the channels until he reached the station where their favorite team was about to play. The pregame show was still on.
  1731. Kyle turned and looked at Tom. "I think she's playing with us."
  1733. "What?" Tom laughed. "Dude, that was crazy uncomfortable."
  1735. "I think she's embarrassed about last night," Kyle went on.
  1737. "Or she hates our guts now," Tom said. "I mean, she wouldn't even look at us."
  1739. "I know," Kyle told him.
  1741. "Playing with us?" Tom laughed again. "You're out of your mind. I think it's way more likely that she thinks we took advantage of her last night or something. Fuck, dude, I don't wanna go back up there."
  1743. "I think you're misreading this," he countered.
  1745. Tom shook his head. "Alright, Dr. Love, explain to me what I'm not seeing here."
  1747. Kyle stood up and began to slowly pace in front of the TV. He found that he often thought more clearly when he was moving versus sitting still.
  1749. "Okay," he began, "remember last summer when I went up to the Adirondacks with my family?"
  1751. Tom nodded. He would never tell his best friend this, but not having him around for those two weeks sucked pretty bad.
  1753. "Well, I met this one girl while I was up there," Kyle continued.
  1755. "Why didn't I ever hear about this?" Tom asked.
  1757. "I'll get to that," Kyle waived his hand at him as he continued to pace. "Her name was Courtney and she was seventeen too. She lived in New York City and was upstate with her family for vacation."
  1759. Tom grinned. "What did she look like?"
  1761. "Cute as shit. Little blonde chick. Barely five feet tall. Perky, bubbly, with a great set of ass and tits."
  1763. Tom smiled. "Sounds like my kind of girl. What happened with her?"
  1765. "So, I met her while hiking up one of the peaks with my Dad. She was already on the summit when we got up there and I started talking to her while my old man was catching his breath. We ended up spending the entire two weeks together," Kyle told him.
  1767. "And nothing happened?" Tom asked.
  1769. "I tried," Kyle told his friend while he glanced at the TV. Kickoff was mere seconds away. "After a few days we started making out and shit."
  1772. Tom nodded with approval. "Alright..."
  1774. "Yeah, but every time I tried to go a little further," he said, "she would push me away."
  1776. "Push you away how?" Tom asked.
  1778. "You know, like I would try to cop a feel or grab her butt or something, and she would slap my hand away. She was always giggling and laughing while doing it," Kyle told him, continuing to pace as he looked off at the basement steps.
  1780. "Oh, you gotta be shitting me!" Tom shouted.
  1782. Kyle turned to his friend, wondering what he said that could've caused that type of reaction.
  1784. "These fuckin' assholes can't even cover a kick!" Tom yelled as he watched their team's opponent return the opening kickoff for a touchdown. "Can you say 'ten years without a bowl game?'"
  1786. Kyle shook his head. Mediocrity with their college football team had become the norm, but today, he couldn't care less. Today, his mind was on other things.
  1788. "Do you want to hear my story or not?" Kyle asked, annoyed by his friend's noticeable lack of focus.
  1790. Tom turned his attention back to him. "Yeah, yeah, go ahead. So this chick is cock teasing you..."
  1792. Kyle resumed his tale. "This shit goes on for the rest of our time up there. I can never get further than making out, even though we spent the entire two weeks together."
  1794. Tom continued to stare at his friend, waiting for him to get to whatever point he was trying to make.
  1796. "We eventually leave and I figured I would never see this girl again," he said as he continued to walk around the room. "So, fast forward to October."
  1798. Tom eyebrows shot up. "October?"
  1800. "Yeah, October," Kyle told him. "I'm sitting on the couch and it's like two in the morning. I still remember the exact moment because I was watching a Giants playoff game and it was in the thirteenth inning."
  1802. Tom rolled his eyes. He definitely didn't share his friend's love of baseball.
  1804. "I'm sitting there by myself and suddenly my phone starts ringing. I look down and it says Courtney," Kyle told him, raising his eyebrows to emphasize that she was calling.
  1806. "She called you?" he asked with a surprised look on his face.
  1808. "Yeah, at 2 AM," Kyle went on. "I can tell right away that she's been partying. She's slurring her words and going on and on about how much she hates her math teacher and shit. You know, typical drunk chick stuff."
  1810. Tom nodded his head and chuckled. He'd been there before.
  1812. "I'm sitting there listening to her drone on and on, and the entire time it's eating me up inside the way she treated me back in the summer. Like, why is she calling to talk to me, when three months ago she didn't even want me touching her?"
  1814. "I hope you fuckin' laid into her," Tom said to his friend.
  1816. "I was planning on it," he told him, "but before she finishes babbling about whatever, she says that she misses me."
  1818. Tom gave him a disgusted look. "Misses you?"
  1820. "Misses me," Kyle reiterated.
  1822. "These fuckin' chicks..." Tom groaned. "It's always something."
  1824. "My mindset suddenly changes, you know?" Kyle continued. "I was seconds away from telling this girl to go fuck herself, and now she's saying that she misses me."
  1826. "So, what did you say?" Tom asked.
  1828. "I straight up asked her why she behaved the way she did. Why she acted like my hand was poisonous every time I tried to touch her."
  1830. Tom continued to look at his friend instead of the game on the television. His attention was solely focused on Kyle's story. "What did she say?"
  1832. Kyle smiled to himself as he stopped pacing. He slowly shook his head and looked at the couch that Tom was sitting on. "She told me that I was a little boy."
  1834. Tom opened his mouth but then closed it before he said a word. As he sat there and tried to register what his friend had just told him, he just couldn't make any sense of it.
  1836. "But...she...wait, I thought you two were the same age," Tom finally said.
  1838. Kyle sat down on the couch. "We were."
  1840. Tom turned his confused face to his buddy who was now sitting at the other end of the sofa. ""
  1842. "She told me that a real man takes what he wants. That only little boys wait for it to be given. The last thing she said to me before she hung up was, 'you should have taken it, little boy.'"
  1844. Tom's mouth dropped in disbelief. "She said that!?"
  1846. "Yeah, and it was fuckin' humiliating," Kyle answered, looking at the TV so he didn't have to face his friend. "You can see why I never told anyone about this."
  1848. "So, when she slapped your hand away all playfully and shit, she actually wanted you to keep going?"
  1850. "Yup..." Kyle groaned.
  1852. "Jesus..." Tom slowly said.
  1854. The two friends both stared ahead at the television screen. Kyle remembering that awful phone call and Tom trying to think back to any girls who may have done the same thing to him in the past.
  1856. Tom finally broke the ice after a few moments of silence. "What does all of this mean?"
  1858. Kyle stood up and resumed his pacing. "Okay, so, as I'm lying on the couch upstairs this morning thinking about last night, I start to put the pieces together."
  1860. "Go on..."
  1862. "One," Kyle said, raising his thumb in the air to count off his points, "during Mrs. K's Halloween party blowjob story, she said how she pulled the security guards into the bathroom, but she didn't say that she jumped them or made a move or anything. She said the older guy pushed her down to the ground, and that the other guy just stepped in front of her and didn't ask for permission or anything. He just pulled out his dick and stuck it in her mouth."
  1864. "So, she kinda got assaulted in a bathroom," Tom said.
  1866. "No, dude!" Kyle firmly told him. "She knew what she wanted when she went into that bathroom, but it was up to those guys to make the move!"
  1868. Tom didn't say anything. He just continued to stare at his friend with a look of disagreement on his face.
  1870. "Two," Kyle proceeded, now raising his index finger, "and this should be all I need to say. Do you remember what she said to you right before you two made out?"
  1873. "I gotta be honest, bro," Tom laughed, "the second she sat on my knee, my mind kinda went blank."
  1875. Kyle couldn't blame him. "Well, let me refresh your memory. After you called her out for just lightly kissing you, she told you to 'man up and just take it.'"
  1877. "Shit..." Tom quietly said as he thought back to that moment, "she did say that, didn't she?"
  1879. "She most certainly did," Kyle answered. "But I'm not done." He raised another finger in the air. "Three. During her rough sex question, she admitted that she likes to be manhandled."
  1881. "Yeah, but that doesn't really apply to this," Tom shook his head to dismiss his friend's point.
  1883. "What?" Kyle disagreed. "Yes, it does."
  1885. "No, it doesn't" Tom continued. "That could mean a bunch of different things. It might just mean that she's into having her hair pulled or something. Not that she wants her son's friends to jump her."
  1887. Kyle shook his head. "Jesus, dude, I didn't say anything about jumping her."
  1889. "I think you're looking too far into this," Tom told his buddy. "She wouldn't even look at us earlier. She's probably the nicest person I've ever met and she wouldn't make eye contact with either of us. Isn't that enough of a sign?"
  1891. Kyle's eyes hit the floor while he considered his friend's point.
  1893. "And when have you ever seen her dress like that? Loose clothes, hair in a bun...that isn't Mrs. K," Tom went on.
  1895. He may have had a point there. He'd never seen her in anything other than tight pants or shorts that showed off her amazing legs. He wasn't aware she even owned a pair of baggy sweatpants like that.
  1897. "But what about that lap dance?" Kyle asked. "You said it yourself that she was grinding on me for how long after the song ended?"
  1899. "Four minutes," Tom answered.
  1901. "Four fucking minutes!" Kyle emphatically repeated. "How do you explain that?"
  1903. "I think she got caught up in the moment," he replied.
  1905. Kyle shook his head. "Caught up in the moment?"
  1907. "Yeah, caught up in the moment. Look, I think she's a lonely woman who likes the attention. She clearly doesn't get any of it from her husband, so when her son's friends take an interest in her, she feeds off it. That doesn't mean she actually wants to do anything. She's probably just trying to live out some fantasy she read in a book or something."
  1909. Kyle looked at his friend; baffled by his change of tone. "Are you kidding me, dude?"
  1911. "What?" Tom asked.
  1913. "Last night you were ready to go. I had to talk you out of it and get you to see that she was drunk."
  1915. Tom shook his head. "I did some thinking this morning as well, and I think she just likes the attention."
  1917. Kyle huffed. "I don't understand how you can't see the correlation between Mrs. K and the Courtney story I just told you. Dude, it's the same thing!"
  1919. "No, it's not," he disagreed. "That chick is in high school. Mrs. K is in her forties. This isn't porn, dude. Listen, last night was crazy, but if we actually would've done some shit with her, I guarantee it wouldn't have turned out well for either of us."
  1921. Kyle couldn't disagree more. He'd gone over this a thousand times in his head, but the one thing he truly wanted was his friend's approval of his plan.
  1923. Tom continued. "You know I always have your back right?"
  1925. "Yeah," Kyle responded.
  1927. "But you're on your own with this one," Tom said. "Think about all the shit that can go wrong. What about Dan?"
  1929. Kyle had been so caught up in all of this that he never stopped to think about his friend.
  1931. "Do you think he's still gonna be friends with us if he finds out about this?" Tom asked.
  1933. "No..." Kyle answered.
  1935. "He's been our boy forever," Tom told him. "He's like a brother to us. That shit's gonna be over if he ever hears about this. And what about her husband?"
  1937. Kyle could care less about Mr. K. "What about him?" he groaned. Just thinking about that asshole put him in a bad mood.
  1939. "Sure, we think he hates Mrs. K and shit, but they're still married. He might be one of those husbands who murders the guy his wife is cheating on him with," Tom continued.
  1941. He took a moment to ponder the suggestions his friend had just laid out. There was no changing his mind.
  1943. "Wish me luck," Kyle said as he slowly walked toward the basement steps.
  1945. Tom shook his head. "Good luck, man. You're gonna need it."
  1947. Chapter 10 -- Hail Mary.
  1949. "Ten ways to drive your man crazy," Jen read to herself as she sat alone at the kitchen table. Way number ten told her to act flirty. Act flirty? Who was writing this shit? How about, 'ten ways to get your man to touch you.' Now, that was an article she could use.
  1951. Her head shot up as she heard the knob of the basement door slowly turn. Of course Kyle and Tom were going to come upstairs. They were going to have to use the bathroom or get drinks or something eventually. What an idiot she was for still sitting at the table! She should've went up to her room after they showed up and waited for Dan or Mike to come home.
  1953. She glanced back down at her magazine but could see who was now upstairs in her peripheral. It was Kyle. She watched him walk past her and go to the fridge. He pulled out a bottle of water as she pretended to still be focused on her reading material.
  1955. "So, how's it going, Mrs. K?" he asked, leaning against the counter as he opened his water.
  1957. "Fine," Jen abruptly answered, wanting to keep her answers short and sweet. The less time around these two today, the better.
  1959. A few moments of silence passed before she heard him speak up again. "Last night was fun."
  1961. "I guess," Jen responded, continuing to keep her face buried in the magazine.
  1963. Kyle had gone over this conversation a hundred times in his head over the past few hours. He had one-liners all set for anything she could possibly say, and he had an entire speech rehearsed that was going to knock her on her ass. Except, as he stood there in the kitchen, he suddenly had nothing. His mind was completely blank. He felt himself begin to panic. And as the silence grew, so did the awkwardness. She wasn't going to give him anything in a conversation and he needed all the help he could get. He futzed around with the cap to his drink before finally tightening it on his bottle and heading back toward the basement. He was two feet from the door when he stopped.
  1965. Jen could see him freeze in his tracks right in front of the door. The second he went back down those steps, she was going to go up to her room and make sure to avoid these two for the rest of the day. But why wasn't he going back down into the basement? Why didn't anything ever work out the way she wanted it to?
  1967. Kyle turned around and moved back to the kitchen table, taking a seat in the empty chair directly across from his friend's mom.
  1969. She looked up from her magazine with an annoyed expression on her face. "Can I help you?"
  1971. Kyle stared back at her with a slight grin. "You know what, Mrs. K, I have you figured out."
  1973. "Excuse me?" Jen asked.
  1975. "I said I have you figured out," he repeated.
  1977. Jen leaned back in her chair, now focusing all of her attention on her son's friend. "I wasn't aware there was anything to figure out."
  1979. "Sure there is," he said, removing the cap from his water bottle before taking a sip. "You know, a lot of guys might have you pegged as a bit of a tease."
  1981. Jen softly chuckled. "A tease?"
  1983. "The way you flaunt your body around us," Kyle continued. "The way you know you drive all of us crazy."
  1985. She glanced down at what she was wearing and smiled. "Flaunt my body?" Her plan to dress down to deter attention apparently had no impact on him.
  1987. "The bun?" Kyle asked as he pointed to her hair and shook his head. "Please, you still look amazing."
  1989. Jen tried her best to hide her smile but she felt herself crack. She was a sucker for compliments.
  1991. "So, I'm a tease?" she asked, still not quite sure what he meant by his comment.
  1993. Kyle shook his head. "Most guys have you labeled as a tease," he told her, "but you aren't in my mind. No, Mrs. K, I know what you really are."
  1995. "And what's that?" Jen inquired.
  1997. "You're too good of a person," Kyle told her.
  1999. "Excuse me?" she asked. That was the last answer she expected to hear.
  2001. "You see, Mrs. K, you're too concerned about everyone else. Don't get me wrong, that's what I love about you, but you're always thinking about others instead of yourself."
  2003. This wasn't what she thought she'd be hearing.
  2005. "And when you want to act on your urges, your real urges, you don't. You don't because you're too concerned about the impact it might have on the people around you," he explained.
  2007. "And that's a bad thing?"
  2009. Kyle continued to stare into her soft blue eyes. "Maybe not for everyone else, but when are you ever happy? When do you ever put yourself first?"
  2011. Maybe he was right. If it wasn't her son or her husband, it was the PTA board, or their neighbors, or her annoying mother-in-law. She never did put herself first. While Jen was pondering his question, Kyle had made his way behind her and was now massaging her shoulders.
  2013. "Doesn't that sound good, Mrs. K?" Kyle asked. "To put yourself first."
  2015. She felt him place his hand on her chin and turn her head to the side before she had a chance to respond. Her lips were quickly met by his and she lost herself with the teen for a few moments. The peck turned into a kiss and the kiss turned into their tongues exploring each other's mouths. But she quickly snapped out of it.
  2017. "No, we can't!" she protested as she attempted to push him away, but his grip didn't loosen on the back of her neck. In fact, she felt it tighten. She attempted to shove him away once again, but felt him pull her closer.
  2019. He immediately went back to kissing her, ignoring her fighting until she eventually caved and placed her hand on his bicep.
  2021. Kyle broke off the kiss before leaning back against the counter with a grin. "See, didn't that feel good?"
  2023. She didn't want to give him the satisfaction of telling him, but yeah, it was good. She liked the feeling of him taking control. The feeling of being in his hands, waiting for him to do with her as he pleased. She finally felt like someone's girl.
  2025. "Now, Mrs. K," he said as he continued to rest against the counter with a cocky grin, "we both know what you really want."
  2027. Jen stared at her son's friend.
  2029. "You want to be a bad girl, don't you?" he smirked.
  2031. Her face didn't budge.
  2033. "For some jock to treat you like one of those little cheerleaders I know you're jealous of," he continued.
  2035. He was pushing all of her buttons. That's really all she wanted, wasn't it? To be used. To be ravished by some stud. She just wanted to know she was on the mind of some hot, sexy guy. And it didn't matter if he was eighteen or eighty. At this point, he just needed to exist, and fortunately for her, that guy was standing right in her kitchen.
  2037. "To treat you like the bad girl you want to be."
  2039. Her eyes began to explore his body from her seat at the table. Orange basketball shorts, a plain white t-shirt which showed off his fit, muscular upper body, and an even darker scruff on his face than the one from last night. Maybe he was right. Maybe she didn't just want this. Maybe she wanted to be a bad girl too. But where was the fun in admitting that?
  2041. "I'm a good girl," Jen countered.
  2043. A big smile grew on Kyle's face. "Oh, you're definitely a good girl. What other moms would go shopping for her son's friends, and always let us hang out, and just be a genuinely awesome person?"
  2045. She raised her eyebrows.
  2047. "What? Is that surprising?" he asked. "You see, Mrs. K, this is why your situation bugs me so much. Your husband is an asshole."
  2049. Jen opened her mouth to defend Mike before thinking better of it. She was curious as to where Kyle was going with this.
  2051. "We all think he is," the teen continued. "Doug agreed with me from day one and Tom finally came around to seeing it recently. There's something about him. He's always miserable. But not just to us. He's a prick to you too. Do you remember a couple months ago when we came over to watch a basketball game and we got pizza, and then you decided to order chicken wings on top of the food we were already getting, plus, you paid for everything."
  2053. She nodded.
  2055. "I mean, who does that?" Kyle asked. "Who treats three of her son's friends to dinner? But that's just the kind of person you are. You're amazing. Anyway, while we're all thanking you and getting our food, do you recall what Mr. K was doing?"
  2057. Jen tried to think. She remembered that night but this specific moment Kyle was asking her to recall must've slipped her mind. She shook her head.
  2059. "Really?"
  2061. "Is it something important?" she inquired.
  2063. He let out a soft laugh. "Maybe not to you, but it is to me. Apparently you had some kind of coupon that allowed you to pick out a free bottle of soda. I still remember that moment clear as day. It's weird the things that stick out to people, isn't it? I couldn't tell you what I ate for dinner three days ago, but I remember that exact moment. We're all getting our food and Mr. K starts bitching at you because you grabbed a diet soda instead of whatever he wanted. You apologized and he rolled his eyes, muttered something under his breath, and walked outside to eat his food by himself. I wanted to knock him out."
  2065. "You wanted to what?"
  2067. "I wanted to knock him out," Kyle reiterated. "That fatass is married to maybe the most incredible woman on the planet, and he can't stop being an asshole for two minutes. And I get it. He has an attitude when we come over and it's like, whatever, you know? And it's nice that he isn't around here a lot, but when he is, he always seems to treat you like crap. He took his food and went outside by himself, while his funny, awesome, sexy as fuck wife went downstairs with her son and his friends to watch basketball. That doesn't seem bizarre to you? I mean, what's wrong with that guy?"
  2069. "Umm..."
  2071. "I always give guys shit when they meet a new girl and suddenly their world stops," he interrupted. "Like, they'll be around one second, then they start dating some chick, and boom...they vanish. That shit will probably happen with Doug."
  2073. She was attentively listening to him speak.
  2075. "It's never happened to me," he continued, "and I always thought I was some kind of badass or something. That I didn't have feelings where I could fall for some girl. But then I started thinking about you."
  2077. "Me?"
  2079. "Yeah, you," he smiled. "I really started thinking about you. I thought what it would be like if I was dating you. Or even if we were just fooling around or whatever. Your presence creates this intoxicating vibe. It's hard to explain. You just make everything better."
  2081. Jen looked down and embarrassingly blushed.
  2083. "You really do," Kyle continued. "I can't get enough of being in this house when you're home. And I'm not some guy who falls for a different girl every week. I'm really not. You're different. You're special. And you have no idea what it does to me to see you not being properly appreciated. How can your husband come home and have an attitude toward you? I've come over here after having some pretty shitty days before, and watching you strut into the room changes everything. It's like all that awfulness just melts away."
  2085. Jen wanted to say something, but she was coming up empty. Her son's friend had rendered her speechless. She'd never been talked to like this before. This wasn't a romance novel or some Hollywood movie. This was a high school kid and he was making her feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
  2087. "He's not taking care of you, is he?"
  2089. She shot him a curious glance. "What?"
  2091. "Your husband," Kyle specified, "he isn't taking care of you, is he?"
  2093. "Well..." she stalled for time.
  2095. "It's a yes or no question."
  2097. She took a deep breath. "No."
  2099. "That's over."
  2101. "What's over?" she asked. "What are you talking about?"
  2103. "I'm taking care of you from now on," he firmly told her.
  2105. Jen started laughing.
  2107. "You think this is a joke?" he asked. "I've never been more serious about anything in my life."
  2109. She rolled her eyes at him this time.
  2111. "Get over here," he demanded while motioning her toward him with his hand.
  2113. "Yeah, I don't think so..."
  2115. "It's not an option," he said. "Mrs. K, I'm not looking for your two cents on this subject. The days of you not being happy are over. You have a different man now. A real man. You have me."
  2117. "This is ridiculous," she said with a chuckle.
  2119. He took a deep breath. "Get over here."
  2121. Maybe this wasn't a joke. Jen had assumed he was messing with her but she was starting to change her mind. He wasn't smiling or laughing at all. In fact, there wasn't a hint of playfulness to his voice. He told her he was going to take care of her needs and now he was pointing at the floor in front of him. Suddenly, this seemed real. Very real. And Jen was getting excited.
  2123. "And what if I don't want to?" she asked with a grin.
  2125. "What part of, 'it's not an option,' don't you understand? Hey, I'll ask for your help if I need an opinion on how my dress shirt matches my pants or something, but I'm not looking for your two cents when it comes to this. Because I know better than you."
  2127. "Oh, is that right?" she laughed. "You do realize I was twenty-four years old when you were born, right? I think I have a little more experience than you."
  2129. "And where has that gotten you?" he inquired. "Married to a bum husband who probably has a little dick and can't fuck. Or how about playing sexually themed card games with your son's friends because you're so horny. Mrs. K, shit is going to change starting today. You aren't going to be tense and frustrated anymore. You're going to be relaxed and happy. And you want to know why? Because I'm going to take care of your sexy ass. So, I'm done asking nicely. You have five seconds to get out of that chair."
  2131. She blankly stared at him.
  2133. "One..." he started.
  2135. Her looked didn't change.
  2137. "Two..."
  2139. A slight smirk grew on her face.
  2141. "Three..."
  2143. "I didn't know you could count that high," she giggled.
  2145. Kyle grinned at her. "Four..."
  2147. Jen yawned.
  2149. "Five..."
  2151. Stomp...stomp...stomp...
  2153. She never experienced anything like what followed. This was all playful, right? They were just flirting with each other. Well, apparently they weren't on the same page, because after he hit five seconds, he loudly stomped over to her. She felt a strong hand grip the blonde bun on the top of her head and yank her out of her seat, her knees quickly finding the ground as he dragged her across the wood of the kitchen floor. It was exactly what she'd been fantasizing about for years. For a dominant, assertive man to take her, and she was finally getting her wish.
  2155. Kyle found his original place again, leaning against the kitchen counter, but now he was looking at something new. He was gazing down at his friend's mom who was on her knees in front of him. Her hand was feeling her hair as a result of him roughly pulling her across the floor. He knew she wanted this. He couldn't explain how he knew it, but he just did. He would never make a girl do something she wasn't comfortable with. He wasn't one of those guys. And he especially didn't want to hurt Mrs. K, but he was positive she wanted him to step up and be aggressive like this. Even if he couldn't explain how he knew it. But he needed to be one hundred percent sure. He couldn't take any chances with this. He nonchalantly rested his arms back on the kitchen counter and stared down at her.
  2157. Her hands immediately found his bulge.
  2159. Kyle did his best not to scream with excitement. He knew he was right. He knew exactly what Mrs. K wanted, and that she just needed someone to tell her what that was. That feeling of his penis being stroked over his shorts by this woman overshadowed any sexual experience in his life. Everything she did already drove him crazy, so finally having her touch him was just that much more powerful.
  2161. "What's your hair still doing in a bun?"
  2163. Jen smirked as her hands left his groin and made their way to her head. She undid her bun before giving her hair a shake to allow her long blonde hair to fall down past her shoulders. That rapidly growing bulge had transformed into a large tent by the time she turned her attention back to his basketball shorts. Ah, to be young again...
  2165. Kyle's ego and confidence were at an all-time high as he continued to gaze down at the previously unimaginable sight below him. He felt on top of the world, and he was going to take a chance and get a little brass.
  2167. "Beg for it."
  2169. Jen raised her eyebrows before glancing up into his brown eyes. "Excuse me?"
  2171. "I want to hear you beg for it," he repeated with a smirk.
  2173. She rolled her eyes. What was the harm in entertaining this kid's fantasies? "I would like to see your cock."
  2175. "Are you joking?"
  2177. "What?" she asked.
  2179. "That's your idea of begging for it?" he told her. "Really? Jesus. Maybe Mr. K has a point..."
  2181. No, her husband didn't have a point, and hearing that come out of his mouth had gotten under her skin. She wasn't some fuddy-duddy. She was sexy and playful, and she suddenly felt the need to prove that.
  2183. "I've thought about you before," she told him.
  2185. A big smile grew on his face.
  2187. "And I've actually fantasized about you," Jen continued.
  2189. "Oh, is that right?" Kyle asked. "And I didn't tell you to stop, by the way."
  2191. Her right hand reached for his large erection and began slowly stroking it through the polyester of his athletic shorts again. "Yeah, that's right."
  2193. "When?"
  2195. "You've slipped into my mind from time to time," she smiled up at him. "Actually, the most memorable was the night before my birthday last year."
  2197. He was attempting to hide his excitement as he felt his longtime crush rubbing his penis as she admitted to fantasizing about him. Could life possibly get better than this?
  2199. "I knew Mr. K invited you guys to the family birthday party we were having. He probably didn't want to, but he knows how much I like you three. And, well, I kind of had a dream the night before."
  2201. "About what?"
  2203. "Well, I imagined that the party was fun," Jen started, "you know, just hanging out and spending time together with my friends and family. But then everyone went home because Mike gave me a special present. You want to know what it was?"
  2205. Kyle quickly nodded.
  2207. "He gave me permission to fool around with anyone I wanted for one night. And everyone went home except one person. Take a guess who stuck behind."
  2209. Kyle smiled.
  2211. "Exactly," Jen grinned. "You were waiting up in my bedroom and you gave me the best birthday present ever."
  2213. He couldn't wait any longer. He grabbed his friend's mom's hand and moved it up his shorts.
  2215. Jen hastily slipped her fingers inside his waistband, grabbing both his basketball shorts and the boxers he had on underneath. She gave them one rough tug down with her face just inches away from his groin.
  2217. A loud thud echoed throughout the kitchen. Jen's expression of disbelief quickly turned to a smile. His rock hard cock had sprang out and slammed under her chin, but it couldn't possibly be as big as it felt. And it definitely wasn't as big as it was in her fantasy. But she was going to found out real soon...
  2219. She moved her head back and glanced down at his manhood before promptly losing her breath. She was wrong. He looked exactly how she'd imagined. It was long and thick. Thicker than any cock she'd ever seen in person. She couldn't help but admire the long, fat veins that ran along the length as she savored the distinct manly smell of testosterone which was radiating from him. But she needed to hear one last thing. She needed one last nod of direction.
  2221. The silence was quickly broken by what sounded like music to her ears. "Suck my cock, Mrs. K."
  2223. It was all she needed.
  2225. The quietness of the kitchen was quickly replaced with moans and the unmistakable sounds of passionate oral sex. She'd waited a long time for this. To please a guy who actually wanted and lusted after her. And she wasn't about to waste this opportunity.
  2227. Kyle had never experienced anything like this. The handful of girls he'd fooled around with couldn't take more than half of his dick. But that was how real girls gave head, right? His classmates weren't porn stars and real life girls can't deepthroat. But Mrs. K's throat was rocketing up and down the length of his cock like it was nothing. He felt himself becoming woozy as he watched his manhood rapidly disappear every time the mom moved her head forward.
  2229. "Slow down," he laughed before pulling away from her. He was no longer leaning against the counter in his cool, calm demeanor. His ballsy, brass persona had taken a backseat to reality. And that reality was he might've bitten off a little more than he could chew.
  2231. "Aww..." Jen playfully mocked him as she looked up, "someone talks a big game, but I'm not so sure they can back it up." She moved her mouth to his balls and gave them some attention while he collected himself.
  2233. Kyle took a deep breath to relax. "Let me see that tongue, slut."
  2235. She didn't want to, but she was smiling. She knew he was joking, but being called a 'slut' still did something for her. It made her feel dirty and naughty, but in a good way. She stuck her tongue out and eagerly waited for the inevitable.
  2237. He firmly slapped his hard dick down on her tongue several times before burying it back in her throat. "Show me a thing or two," he muttered as he leaned back again, allowing her to take control.
  2239. Jen wrapped her hands around his thighs and pulled herself into him, slowly engulfing his cock inch by inch. She wasn't just going to show him a thing or two. He was never going to even glance at another cheerleader after she got done with him. Her nose hit his flat stomach as she slipped her tongue out and ran it along his balls with his entire penis buried down her throat.
  2241. Kyle wasn't sure how much longer he was going to be able to hold out. He pulled his cock out of her mouth once again and looked down while he slowly stroked himself. There was one more thing he always wanted to do to his friend's mom. It was something that had been on his mind ever since middle school. It was time to make that fantasy a reality.
  2243. He reached out and grabbed two handfuls of her blonde hair. With a strong, firm grip, he pulled her mouth onto his cock and began to roughly pump into her mouth. His eyes rolled back as he felt that unbelievable warm, wet feeling, cover every inch of his cock with each and every thrust forward.
  2245. Jen was in heaven. She was on her knees on the kitchen floor, totally at the mercy of her son's friend, while he fucked her throat. She thought she was bad for playing with herself while watching porn in this exact room the other day. That was nothing compared to what she was doing now! Now, some high school stud was now using her mouth like a porn star. She was a married woman. She was a mom! The naughtiness of it all just made this that much hotter.
  2247. She could hear his moaning increase as he continued to pump into her throat. It wasn't going to be much longer.
  2249. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" Kyle groaned just before releasing a powerful shot down her throat. He pushed her head slightly back as he continued to unload, wanting the rest to gather on her tongue. He'd never cum this hard or this much. The sight of Mrs. K's pretty blue eyes looking up at him while her pouty lips were wrapped around his manhood probably had something to do with that.
  2251. Moments later it was over. He had to go slow. Moving too quickly or thinking too hard might send him to the floor. He slowly glanced down to see Mrs. K still kneeling in front of him, her mouth full of his seed.
  2253. She parted her lips to show him how much had collected inside.
  2255. "What do good girls do?" he asked with a grin.
  2257. Jen closed her mouth, took a deep gulp, and smiled before sticking out her tongue. "All gone," she giggled.
  2259. She eagerly took the head of his cock back inside her mouth, not overly concerned about how sensitive it was. She needed to extract every drop she could from this kid.
  2261. Jen couldn't believe that just happened, but she also couldn't believe it was over so soon. Her fantasies always consisted of long, rough, passionate sex sessions, but that was the stuff of romance novels. What guy could actually last that long? Hell, what guy could go multiple rounds? Her husband had never been one and neither had any of the boyfriends before him. Her head snapped to attention as she felt a rough tug on the shoulder of her baggy t-shirt.
  2263. "What's this still doing on?" Kyle asked.
  2265. Jen was slightly confused. Why did he want her to undress if he just came? He probably just wanted to see her body. That wasn't a big deal and she was more than happy to give him a little peek.
  2267. He picked up on the confused expression on her face. "You think I'm done with you?"
  2269. "You're serious?" Jen asked.
  2271. "We're just getting started," Kyle grinned, finally pulling off her shirt to expose her bra.
  2273. Jen quickly reached behind her, undoing her hooks and allowing her bra to fall to the floor. The look on his face was priceless. He had a little of everything on his face: admiration, lust, shock, and maybe even a little jealousy. Jealousy over not being able to see this much sooner.
  2275. Kyle ran his hands through his hair as he admired the amazing sight in front of him. Her big, perky breasts were flawless above her tan, toned stomach. And her erect nipples were begging for his attention.
  2277. Jen was eating up every second of his fondness when it came to her looks. She stood up and slipped her hands onto the sides of her sweatpants, giving them a slight tug down before slowly spinning around. Her hips wiggled as she continued to tease him, lowering her pants inch by inch.
  2279. The top of Mrs. K's black thong was now exposed. And another inch of her perfect, perky backside became visible with every squirm of her hips. His eyes were glued on her as she slowly pranced toward the stairs. Every step resulted in her pants dropping a little lower.
  2281. She couldn't hide her grin as she began to ascend the stairs. Half her butt was exposed and Kyle was comfortably trailing three or four steps behind. But then she stopped. She stopped and seductively slid her sweatpants completely off. She turned and tossed them at the teen who had his mouth on the floor behind her. The pants landed on his shoulder but Jen's money was on him not even feeling them. How could he when his complete attention was locked on her body?
  2283. She strutted up the rest of the stairs and heard trailing footsteps behind her the entire way. What was her game plan? Well, to be completely honest, she didn't have one. She'd played this entire situation by ear and it seemed to work out fairly well so far, but it looked like Kyle wasn't going to sit around and wait for her to decide. Because when she reached the top of the stairs, she felt a powerful man grab her by the arms and roughly push her against the hallway closet door.
  2285. He didn't waste any time exploring her body. His lips made their way along all of her edges. To every nook and cranny of her perfect body. She felt a flutter as Kyle took her erect nipple in his mouth while fondling her large breasts. He didn't say a word as his mouth moved on, leaving a wet, saliva filled trail along her smooth skin. But something was long overdue for the teen. Something had been on his mind for a long, long time. He reached down and squeezed Mrs. K's amazing ass that had been driving him insane for all of his post-pubescent life. But he wanted more. He didn't just want to stand here and feel her. He needed to be with her. He needed to experience everything she had to offer. He grabbed two, firm handfuls of her butt, and lifted the mom into the air, carrying her toward her bedroom while he planted kisses on her neck.
  2287. He tossed her down on the mattress comforter and wasted no time in sliding her thong down to her ankles. Her pussy was beautiful. It was completely shaven and she had small, trimmed lips. It matched her body perfectly. Everything on her was tight and toned and her vagina was no exception. He could already taste her as he soaked in the glistening shine which radiated from her vulva.
  2289. Jen couldn't wait any longer. The last thing she needed was more foreplay. She'd been ready to go from the moment he yanked her out of her chair by her hair bun. She reached out and roughly grabbed at the teen's t-shirt.
  2291. "What's that sexy ass still doing with this shirt on?" Jen smiled, turning the tables on her son's friend.
  2293. Kyle grinned as he lifted his t-shirt above his head and tossed it to the floor. The mom immediately pulled him onto the bed with her before lunging at his body, planting kisses along his defined chest and rock hard abs. She'd been staring at his body for years, but it was a little different seeing him in her bedroom. She could get used to it.
  2295. "I want you right there," she told him, pointing to the head of her bed.
  2297. Kyle hurried to the bed and rested his back against the headboard as his long legs sprawled along the mattress sheets. He watched her step out of her thong and give him a look.
  2299. "What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?" Jen asked. "Other than the story about that Sarah girl from last night."
  2301. "Naughtiest thing I've ever done?" he repeated. He took a moment to think. "Naughtiest thing I've ever done..."
  2303. She waited for the answer as she stood next to the bed, her fingers playing with the mattress sheets while she did her best to contain her excitement. Everything about this was a fantasy. How sexy he was, how naturally dominant he behaved, and how infatuated he was with her. He was just lying there with that amazing body and his big, hard cock, trying to come up with an answer as she waited. God, she could eat this kid up with a spoon.
  2305. Kyle suddenly smiled to himself. "We had a sleepover here one night over summer vacation when I was twelve or thirteen. Actually, I'm pretty sure I was twelve. Yeah, I was, because it was before we started the eighth grade."
  2307. "At our house?" Jen asked.
  2309. He nodded. "I had to use the bathroom when I woke up the next morning but Tom was in it. So, I went upstairs and used yours."
  2311. Jen watched as Kyle wrapped his hand around his thick cock and began to slowly stroke it as he took himself back to this moment six years ago.
  2313. "So, I'm using the bathroom when I take a peek behind me, and guess what I see?" Kyle asked her.
  2315. "What?"
  2317. The teen grinned. "Your bra and panties are hanging from the shower rod."
  2319. Her fingers promptly found her clit as she started to play with herself.
  2321. "I knew I shouldn't but I was constantly horny back then," he continued. "Like, twenty-four seven. Not that I'm still not, but I'm able to at least control myself now, you know? You can't possibly understand what it's like to be a twelve-year-old boy unless you went through it yourself. It's fucking torture. And here I am, having just spent all of the previous day watching you walking around the house. And I'm at a sleepover so I can't just pull my dick out and jerk-off in front of my friends. Believe me, I'm in overdrive by this point."
  2323. Jen smiled before closing her eyes to get lost in her own fantasy.
  2325. "I really tried to stop myself but I couldn't. I ended up pulling your panties off the shower rod. They were these little red, lacy things and I still remember how they smelled," Kyle smiled. Just like Jen, his eyes were closed now as well. "I wrapped them around my cock and started stroking it. They were so soft..." he groaned from the bed.
  2327. Her fingers began to move faster on her clit as her son's friend's story continued.
  2329. "And even though I was just this horny, perverted kid, something about feeling you on me like that was overwhelming. It had nothing to do with how soft your underwear were either. I honestly could feel you somehow. In like twenty seconds I was ready to explode. I mean, I had a million different fantasies rifling through my head of all the things I wanted to do to you, so it obviously wasn't going to take long. And when the moment finally happened, I tried to get it all in the toilet but some of it didn't make it."
  2331. Jen's eyes shot open. "You came on my panties!?"
  2333. Neither Kyle's hand or eyes changed even in the slightest. He was still lost in his memories, slowly stroking his penis to his fantasy woman. "Yeah," he nodded, "I washed it off the best I could and hung them back on the shower rod."
  2335. Her right foot found her mattress as she stood just to the side of her bed, mere feet away from the high school jock. She was continuing to diddle her clit with her index finger. As crazy as both yesterday and today were, the idea of a twelve year old cumming in her panties was even wilder.
  2337. Kyle softly chuckled before he continued. "Later that day we're all out using the pool when you yell to us that lunch is ready."
  2339. Jen wanted nothing more than to be able to remember back to that day, but she couldn't. Her son and his friends using the pool could've been a thousand different days, but there was one special day six years ago that was evading her mind and it was driving her crazy.
  2341. "We're all sitting at the table eating when you bend over to pick something up. A little bit of your underwear was peeking out of the top of your jeans," Kyle grinned, opening his eyes to smile at his friend's mom.
  2343. She had a big grin plastered across her face. "Was I wearing...?"
  2345. "The red panties," Kyle smirked.
  2347. She jumped onto the bed and lunged at him, replacing the hand that was stroking his cock with her own.
  2349. "I'm gonna show you something none of those little cheerleaders can," she softly whispered into his ear.
  2351. "Oh yeah?" Kyle asked, "what's that?"
  2353. She spun around, facing away from him as she re-positioned herself. Her toned, perky backside was staring right at him as she reached back to find his cock with her hand.
  2355. Kyle could only shake his head. Forty-eight hours ago he was fantasizing about this woman. He was imagining all the different positions and ways he wanted to fuck her. Now he was about to get her in reverse cowgirl. Dreams really do come true...
  2357. Jen slowly lowered herself onto his cock, his thick head finally pushing through before his fat shaft followed. It took a minute for her to allow her insides to adjust to his length, but primarily his girth. He was big. Significantly bigger than anything she ever had. Even the guys before Mike weren't hung like this kid. And that strong, powerful body of his meant he could potentially start hammering away at any moment. She needed to be ready.
  2359. He couldn't wait any longer. The hottest girl he'd ever been with before was Stacy Kingston. She was pretty, but she looked like a three when placed next to Mrs. K. He couldn't pass up on this chance. What if he blew his load before he was able to do what he wanted and then they never messed around again? He wasn't going to risk that happening. Kyle slowly began to move his hips, the pace of his thrusts rapidly increasing in tempo as he did. She was so wet, and warm, and tight. And that firm, perfect ass was bouncing after every pump he took. The entire picture was a fantasy turned to reality.
  2361. Jen reached her hand back and quickly found his toned, built chest. Her head followed as she looked back to attempt to make eye contact with him. "Stop."
  2363. He kept pounding away.
  2365. "Stop!"
  2367. He didn't stop.
  2369. "Stop!!!" Jen yelled with a sense of urgency.
  2371. Kyle finally stopped before a distraught look grew on his face. He fucked up. He heard her say stop but he couldn't. The unbelievable feeling was too powerful, and now she was pissed. She was probably going to storm out of the room. Maybe she would call Mr. K or Dan and tell him that he took advantage of her. It was over. It was all over because he couldn't follow one simple order.
  2373. But it wasn't over. Jen wasn't upset. In fact, she wasn't upset in the slightest. The only thing Kyle's reluctance to stop proved was that she felt good to him, and that was the ultimate compliment. Her face looked straight-ahead as she turned away from him again. "It's my turn to show you something."
  2375. She slowly began to shake and bounce her butt on his stiff cock, emphasizing every movement and vibration the best she could. She wanted to be his dream girl. She wanted to be his dirty little porn star. She wanted to constantly be on his mind.
  2377. He was in a state of stunned disbelief. His friend's mom was twerking on his dick. She was forty-two and she was twerking! "Where did you pick this up?"
  2379. "Porn," Jen chuckled.
  2381. "You watch porn!?" Kyle asked with a shocked tone to his voice. He didn't think women watched porn. Especially older women. Don't girls find that stuff disgusting and degrading? But then again, everything about her was perfect.
  2383. "Sometimes," Jen smiled as her soft grinding turned into stronger and faster bounces. Thuds began to ring out from her butt cheeks slamming against his thighs as she traded her twerking for good old-fashioned riding. "Be sure to thank Mr. K the next time you see him," she sarcastically laughed.
  2385. "I will," Kyle grinned before hitting one of her bouncing cheeks with a hard slap. He placed both of his palms on her butt as she continued to hop up and down on his rock hard cock.
  2387. Cowgirl was something she always had a difficult time with, even when her sex life with her husband was better. Mike's dick would always slide out of her whenever she would try to ride him. The bigger the better when it came to being on top, and this stud certainly wasn't lacking when it came to size.
  2389. Kyle leaned back against the headboard and placed both of his hands behind his head. He was fairly certain he was experiencing the pinnacle of his life. He felt like a king. Lying on a soft, comfortable bed while his friend's hot mom bounced her perfect ass on his cock. Where was there to go from here? Down was the answer to that question. But he would ponder that observation later. He needed to enjoy the moment while it lasted.
  2391. Jen slowly slid herself off of him, the sound of his hard cock slamming back against his stomach filled the room as she did.
  2393. "How else have you thought about fucking me?" she asked. She already knew the answer thanks to her eavesdropping in the kitchen yesterday, but that didn't mean she didn't want to hear him say it. This amazing kid had a fantasy and she wanted to help him live it. Just like he was helping her live hers.
  2395. He promptly rolled off the bed, pulling his buddy's mom with him. Seconds later he was worshiping every inch of her defined body. Her legs, butt, back, breasts, and shoulders. His mouth and tongue didn't miss any part of her body before his lips found her ear.
  2397. "I want to bend this sexy ass over."
  2399. Exactly what she expected to hear.
  2401. Jen placed her index finger on his nose with a smile. "Close your eyes."
  2403. "What?" Kyle asked.
  2405. "I have a surprise for you," she grinned. "Just close 'em"
  2407. He took a seat on the bed and closed his eyes. He curiously listened as he heard her scurry around the room.
  2409. "You aren't going to come back with a strap-on, are you?" Kyle joked. "I think that might be more up Tom's alley..."
  2411. "We'll save that for another time," Jen laughed.
  2413. Kyle's face went flat. Another time? There was going to be another time!? He was already running through the countless numbers of fantasies he had about her over the years. Fucking her in the pool, having her blow him while he was driving, hell, maybe she would be up for showing his buddies a good time too.
  2415. "Okay, open 'em!" Jen announced.
  2417. His heart stopped beating for a moment when his eyes left the darkness to meet the light of the bedroom. This perfect, angelic woman wasn't just standing in front of him anymore. Not like that wouldn't have been good enough to begin with. She could be wearing a snowsuit for all he cared. His eyes drifted the length of her flawless body which glistened with sweat from the fun they just had. Her toned legs, her flat stomach, and her perky breasts all had a sexy shine to them. But it was something else which was grabbing his attention. Mrs. K was wearing a certain something extra.
  2419. "You like?" Jen smiled.
  2421. He raised his eyebrows. "Like? No, I don't like. I fucking love."
  2423. She was standing in the same platform wedge heels she'd worn during their lap dance last night. He thought she looked amazing in them yesterday, but boy was he wrong. Her perfect, naked body looked even more ridiculous in the tall heels.
  2425. Jen strutted to the edge of the bed, grabbed onto one of the tall, Gothic style bedposts, and arched her back. She gave her butt an inviting wiggle as she watched him drool at the sight he was taking in. The six inch heels were just what she needed to match his six foot two inch frame.
  2427. "Well..." Jen smiled, waiting for him to make his move.
  2429. He didn't smile back. He didn't have anything cute or playful to say. The look on his face was one of all business. He moved behind her, placed his strong hand on her shoulder, and slowly rubbed his throbbing cock along her wet pussy lips.
  2431. Jen gasped as she felt the teen slowly push inside. Her body put up a small fight but it didn't prevail. Sure, he was big, but she could take him. He just needed to go easy on her at first. Doggy style always made the man feel bigger. Hell, even Mike felt big when he was behind her. But he never felt like this.
  2433. Kyle slowly eased into her, allowing her to catch her breath during the first few easy strokes as his hands locked onto her soft hips. Sure, the sex was good, but there was something about having his friend's mom bent over like this. And if that wasn't enough, she had these tall, slutty heels on because she knew how much he loved them. He felt like she was his. Like he owned part of her. She wasn't a mom or a wife anymore to him. She felt like his girl. And as those feelings continued to grow, the pace of his movements began to increase.
  2435. Jen attempted to say something when she felt those first few rough thrusts but couldn't. Moans were the only sounds escaping from her mouth when she tried to speak. She'd always loved doggy style sex. Especially standing doggy style. There was something so natural and primal about it. The act of a man just taking a women from behind and having his way with her seemed so right. It was so dirty, and raunchy, and passionate. It just felt raw and real to her. Plus, it hit all of her spots in ways other sexual positions didn't.
  2437. But as Kyle's strong thrusts turned into a hard pounding, Jen quickly realized that she'd never experienced rough sex before. No one had ever laid into her at this rate. Loud thuds rang out through the bedroom as she felt his full balls slap into her clit and his pelvis hammered into her butt with every pump. His hands suddenly left her hips and moved up her body until they strongly gripped her shoulders. This was unlike anything she'd ever experienced before. A combination of his size and ferocity had her feeling all kinds of new things.
  2439. Jen felt her body tense up as she held onto the bedpost for dear life. No, that never happened during sex. That only happened from long bouts of clitoral stimulation. She couldn't cum from sex, but there was a small warmness lingering deep inside her. A warmness that only occurred when she was going to explode. And that warm feeling was growing with every rough thrust this stud hammered into her with. And suddenly, she was on fire.
  2441. Her body twitched and shook and Kyle didn't ease up for a moment. Drool was pouring out of her mouth as she attempted to tighten her grip around the bedpost, but it was like all her strength had left her essence. She was being fucked stupid. This kid was hammering into her and she came all over his cock. She'd never felt so vulnerable and powerful at the same time. Magazines, the internet, friends, they all told her it was a myth. That eighty percent of women never came during sex. But she was no longer part of that eighty percent. Maybe those eighty percent of women just never found the right guy. Maybe they never ran into a loving, caring stud with a big dick and a relentless sex drive. Maybe they never felt owned.
  2443. Kyle felt an immense sense of accomplishment when he watched Mrs. K tense up before going limp on his penis. He didn't slow up for a second. Should he have? He wasn't sure, to be honest. He never had a girl cum on his cock before. So, he did the one thing that was giving her that pleasure. He continued to hammer into the helpless mom throughout the entire experience. It wasn't exactly a tough chore either. Aren't older women supposed to be loose? Especially ones who'd given birth? So why did Mrs. K grip him like a glove? He could feel all of her bumps and ridges as his manhood continued to absorb her insides. But she wasn't too tight where he had to go easy on her. Just like the rest of her, she was perfect. And he couldn't help but feel like a king as he continued to tear into her. Maybe it was time to get a little cocky...
  2445. Jen felt his right hand leave her shoulder and grab a handful of her long, blonde hair before roughly snapping her neck back with a yank. A warm breath was suddenly in her ear as she braced himself. He was going to talk dirty to her!
  2447. "Did I give you permission to cum?" Kyle whispered.
  2449. All Jen could do was attempt to shake her head. She was fairly certain they were going to break the bedpost with how hard he was hammering into her. Squeaks and squeals were sounding from the tall wooden pole and she couldn't care less at this very moment.
  2451. "Bad girl," he breathed into her ear. "I think I'm gonna have to punish you."
  2453. She tried to speak but still couldn't find the words. All she'd been able to do over the past five minutes was shake her head and drool. Sensing this, Kyle slowed his pace to allow her to join in on the fun.
  2455. Jen turned her head slightly to glance back at her son's friend. "I'm sorry for being such a bad girl, Daddy."
  2457. Daddy? Did she really just call him daddy? Where did that come from? She didn't have any kind of incest or taboo fetish. She'd never called anyone daddy in twenty-five years of sex. It was like this kid could make her do and feel things she never thought possible. But it made sense the more she thought about it. She wanted to be dominated. She wanted to be taken and ravished. She wanted to be daddy's little girl. And Kyle fit that role to a tee.
  2459. Kyle stopped pumping the second he heard the word, "daddy." Daddy? He'd never had a girl call him daddy. What kind of weird stuff was she into? But maybe it wasn't all that strange. Maybe she was getting off on the idea of submitting to him. That was what he wanted, right? He wanted this amazing woman to crave and desire him. He wanted her to be thinking about him while she was at work or in bed with her husband. Yeah, it was exactly what he wanted. He wanted to be her daddy.
  2461. "What was that?" he asked as he began resuming the rough pace of his thrusts once more.
  2463. Jen's eyes rolled back in her head. He was pummeling her again. "I...I said I'm...I'm sorry...I'm sorry, Daddy."
  2465. His hand left her hair as he gripped each of the mom's shoulders with his hands once again. His dick had never felt like this before. Listening to his friend's forty-something-year-old mom call him, "daddy," did something to him that he couldn't describe. He wanted to own a piece of her. He wanted to permanently mark his territory. He wanted to break her in half.
  2467. Jen's mind went completely blank as she felt herself being annihilated from behind. She never knew sex could feel like this. Hell, she never knew anything could feel like this. She was being stretched, filled, and completely worn out in ways previously deemed impossible. This was a sensation she wanted in her life. No, it was something she needed.
  2469. Kyle knew he wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer at this pace. Thank God he came back in the kitchen or he would've lasted about ten seconds pumping into her like this. He would've slowed down under normal circumstances, he would've eased up and maybe ate her out for a while to give himself time to relax, but he was thinking there were going to be more of these encounters with his friend's mom in the future, so, Kyle decided not to hold back. Instead, he went harder than ever.
  2471. It only took three or four more pumps before he knew that he was done. "I'm gonna cum!" was his announcement that the greatest moment of his life had officially come to an end. He pulled out and aimed his penis at her plump, toned butt, ready to mark it like he'd dreamed of doing God knows how many times.
  2473. But Jen had a different idea...
  2475. She quickly spun to face him before dropping to her knees. Her palms slammed into the floor and longingly gazed up at Kyle with her mouth open and her tongue out. It was like she'd been lost in the desert for a week and someone was dangling an ice-cold glass of water in front of her. Was it his fantasy or her fantasy at this point? She honestly didn't know.
  2477. He grinned as he stared down at Mrs. K. This perfect, kind, helpful, thoughtful mother, was in fact, a complete freak. She had porn star-like moves and an appetite for sex that was unmatched by any girl his own age. He slowly stroked his cock, savoring the sight of her pretty blue eyes and beautiful face smiling up at him, just before he was about to mark it. Her butt was one thing but her face was a completely different story. She wanted him on her. She wanted to be his. He'd never seen a woman this eager to accept him before.
  2479. Jen closed her eyes and braced herself.
  2481. "Fuck..." he moaned as the first shot exploded from his throbbing manhood. A rope of cum cruised down the middle of her face, glazed the top of her hair, and landed on the bedspread behind them.
  2483. Jen opened her eyes, thinking back to what she'd heard Kyle tell Tom in the kitchen yesterday about gluing her baby blues shut. Any girl could take a facial with her eyes closed, but only fantasy girls maintain eye contact throughout. And she wanted nothing more than to be his fantasy girl.
  2485. The sight of her bright, blue eyes sent a jolt through Kyle's cock. A thick rope of cum fired from the head of his dick and landed on her right cheek. It was quickly followed by another that hit her forehead and drizzled down to the top of her nose.
  2487. Jen had enough of him wasting his cum on her face. She wanted to taste him again.
  2489. Her mouth lunged at his erupting member and quickly took him between her accepting lips before another drop could escape. He emptied the remainder of his balls onto her warm tongue before stumbling back to the bed and lying down. Did he just play four hours of basketball or spend twenty minutes with his friend's amazing mother?
  2491. Jen chuckled to herself as she took in the sight on her bed. This ripped, athletic jock looked like he'd just been through a war. Forty-two and she still had it. She could still wear these boys out with the best of them. She greedily swallowed the large amount of cum that had collected in her mouth before making her way over to the exhausted teen to finish him off.
  2493. His legs began to twitch thanks to the feeling of Mrs. K curled up on the bed next to him, her mouth sucking the head of his sensitive cock. She wasn't going to find another drop. She'd completely drained him. His hands ran through his hair as he continued to lie sprawled across the bed, still not believing this had actually happened.
  2495. "Let's go, get up," Jen told him while tugging on the bed sheets.
  2497. He opened his eyes and shot her a confused look.
  2499. "Let's go," she slapped at his leg, causing him to scurry off the bed. She smiled, pointing at a long streak of cum on the far side of the sheet. "Look at what you did!"
  2501. "Oh, sorry about that..." Kyle apologized.
  2503. "You should be sorry for wasting that," Jen grinned, "but I need to wash this stuff before someone gets home."
  2505. "Okay," Kyle nodded. He'd forgotten all about the rest of her family. " want some help?"
  2507. "I got it, sweetie," she smiled at him before pulling the sheets to the floor "Believe me, you've been more than enough help."
  2509. He grabbed his t-shirt and took one last look at Mrs. K before he left the room. Sweat was gleaming on her body, cum was running down her face, and she was still strutting around in those sexy high heels. He never thought he'd see her look like this. And her step seemed to have an extra jump in it now. It's amazing what some good dick will do for a woman.
  2511. He made his way down the stairs, stopped off in the kitchen to help himself to a big glass of orange juice, and collected his shorts and boxers off the floor. He found a slice of leftover pizza in the fridge, picked up his glass, and headed back down into the basement.
  2513. "Where the fuck were you?" Tom shouted as he heard a noise coming down the steps. "We're up 17-7. You should see how good we're playing today!"
  2515. Kyle didn't say a word. He just sat down next to his friend and raised his drink to his lips to quench his thirst.
  2517. Tom turned and observed his friend. His hair was going in a million different directions. In fact, it looked like he'd just woken up. His shirt was wrinkled and he had a light sweat running down his forehead. And there was a distinct smell to him. Where did he know that smell from?
  2519. "No..." Tom groaned, his eyes beginning to bulge.
  2521. Kyle finished his drink and set the empty glass down on the table. He turned his attention to his slice of pizza as he continued to look straight-ahead at the television, ignoring his friend's comments.
  2523. "You didn't..."
  2525. Kyle continued to silently watch the game.
  2527. "Well, fuck me," Tom chuckled. "I guess you were right."
  2529. He decided to break his silence. "And..."
  2531. "And... And...I was...I was...wrong..." Tom quietly muttered.
  2533. "What was that?" Kyle asked.
  2535. "I said I was wrong," Tom repeated, this time in a much louder tone.
  2537. It was music to Kyle's ears. And as bizarre as it may sound, those words may have been the best thing to happen to him today. There are few things better than hearing your know-it-all friend admit that he's wrong. Well, maybe other than your friend's hot mom.
  2539. Tom hastily jumped out of his seat and headed toward the basement steps.
  2541. "Good luck, man," Kyle smiled as his friend began to ascend the stairs. "You're gonna need it..."
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