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  1. 1) Overall skill testing
  2. Driving:
  3. Drive from the white house to verdant meadows (Within 5 minutes & with less then 5% Damage )
  5. Arresting:
  6. One of our agents will be criminal and will hide itself (outside) somewhere in LS. The participant has to find him and arrest him.
  8. Team Deathmatch:
  9. We will have a game of Team deathmatch (not sure yet, we need DE's approval)
  11. Flying:
  12. Fly with an shamal from LS to verdant meadows and back. You'll get a stuntplane in LS and you've to go from LS to SF to verdant meadows (underneed bridges and such)
  14. 2) Protection Test:
  15. For the second part of the test we are gonna do a mission where there are two teams 1 person is the main person that you need to guard. Each teams sends out a group of a couple men to go kill the target (the one that is being protected) there should a few people on offence (going to kill the other teams target) and a few on defence (defending their teams target).
  16. The target for each team should be a governmental official (Senator/mayor (only when available))
  18. And the first team to kill the other wins ( this is what you tell them) but we look for tactics and planning
  20. 3) Verbal exam:
  21. Garth and I will interview the  participants to test their english skills. And to test if they are familiar with the rules.
  23. 4) Roleplay test:
  24. Garth and I will set up a roleplay situation to test the participants RP skills.
  26. Situation:
  27. Garth (spawned as Chief of staff) will be in TR with the participants. And there'll be an incoming report about an attack on garth. The participants have to secure garth. And they've to bring him to the white house. When they arrive they've to bring some weapons to an undercover agent. So he can take down his enemies.
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