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Jan 22nd, 2020
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  1. Scenario: My character Nate walks into a 24/7 as a black car pulls up, the rear window rolls down and a gun is pointed out at me, I throw my hands in the air and say "Woah woah, what do you want from me?". "Get in the car" a random voice from the car yells. I would run to the car and get in the backseat, the car pulls off. Sitting there in silence and fear, they then ask me "What's your name?", "Nathaniel" I'd quickly reply, "Well Nathaniel, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time" one of them says. "Shit, I guess so.. Who did I piss off this time?" I then say. "No one, you're our hostage now. This isn't personal, if we wanted you dead you'd be laying in your own blood at that 24/7." the driver says as he pulls up to the Dorset Drive jewelry store, where all three of the criminals jump out of the car with their guns drawn at me, they lead me inside with my hands above my head as one of them yells "Do anything stupid and I'll blast that LS Pounders cap right off your head". "Okay, okay! I hear you!" I would reply in a shaky voice. One of them keeps his gun drawn at my head as the others go around smashing in the cases loaded with jewelry and within seconds blue and red lights flash in the front door as the words "LSPD, anybody inside make yourself known" are heard from the outside. "We have a hostage in here, don't come in or things could get pretty ugly" the gunman behind me says. "I understand, we just want to get that hostage out here safely sir. how many people do you have in there" the officer asks. "There's about 4 of us in here" the gunman replies, as his associates finish emptying out every last jewelry case in the store before gathering with the gunman by the front door. "How can we get that hostage out safely?" the officer asks. One of the men replies: "You're going to let me and my boys step on out to that black Sultan and drive off, and I don't want any spike strips or any stupid shit!", the officer says "I hear you, bring the hostage out to your left and we'll grant you your wish, don't aim the gun at or near me or my fellow officers, do you understand?". "We understand" they all reply before walking out of the store with their guns pointed at me as they walk to the vehicle and drive off, with two police cruisers in pursuit. The officer then clears the store and questions me about the events that occurred, as I reply to the best of my ability before he lets me go on with my day.
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