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  1. SaagAlooToday at 3:13 PM
  2. to get things started, i'm trying to decide on what formation i want of 1. don 2. incin 3. mence. 4. smeargle/shroom 5. luna/dawn wings 6. fini/sylv/zong/stak
  4. MunkeyToday at 3:13 PM
  5. hmmm
  6. SaagAlooToday at 3:14 PM
  7. the obv downside to dw is no shadow shield. prism armor means it takes less after it's been chipped, but it doesn't stipulate that it must be chipped first like luna
  8. MunkeyToday at 3:14 PM
  9. not sold on the sylv
  10. fini with nm or even moonblast seems like you get more mileage
  11. especially since misty terrain doesn't take a moveslot and a turn
  12. SaagAlooToday at 3:14 PM
  13. a few perks to dw. namely gravity. earth power would 2hko incin, but it's less necessary than gravy.
  14. MunkeyToday at 3:15 PM
  15. hmmm
  16. only thing i;m worries about with dw is less bulk
  17. lunala is FAT
  18. SaagAlooToday at 3:15 PM
  19. sylv could be hh>sg
  20. that dw takes about the same as my luna
  21. shadow shield is the real difference
  22. MunkeyToday at 3:15 PM
  23. seriously?
  24. wild
  25. yeah for sure
  26. SaagAlooToday at 3:15 PM
  27. it requires slightly more evs but ye
  28. MunkeyToday at 3:15 PM
  29. it's a broken ability
  30. SaagAlooToday at 3:16 PM
  31. multiscale that can't be broken by fo and ignores gyara's mold breaker crunch. sick
  32. anyway, sylv is still good imo
  33. MunkeyToday at 3:16 PM
  34. yeah absolutely
  35. SaagAlooToday at 3:16 PM
  36. it kos ray and mence with hv + qa
  37. MunkeyToday at 3:16 PM
  38. i think offensive sylv could be interesting but as a support i don't see the denefits of not using fini
  39. besides that
  40. ironically they can justr espeed before you finish them off
  41. SaagAlooToday at 3:17 PM
  42. hv puts incin in range of pblades most of the time. if hh i could just do that
  43. MunkeyToday at 3:17 PM
  44. v true
  45. SaagAlooToday at 3:17 PM
  46. da procs wiki, so i can take da + espeed
  47. sylv is way more offensive
  48. MunkeyToday at 3:17 PM
  49. hh blades is a phenomenal combo
  50. SaagAlooToday at 3:17 PM
  51. esp in gravy
  52. MunkeyToday at 3:17 PM
  53. v true yes
  54. SaagAlooToday at 3:18 PM
  55. in the games ive brought it to, ive only used hv and detect. qa like twice? the last move never, yet
  56. MunkeyToday at 3:18 PM
  57. my argument is that you can give fini gravity and free up a slot on your restricted
  58. then you're clicking a move
  59. SaagAlooToday at 3:18 PM
  60. what do you mean by that last part
  61. oh i see, on dw
  62. MunkeyToday at 3:18 PM
  63. yeah
  64. SaagAlooToday at 3:19 PM
  65. i like gravity on dw bc i bring it every game, and it's usually early in the game. so every game i bring gravity pblades
  66. fini takes a little more maneuvering to get up gravity.
  67. smeargle dw puts on a lot of pressure. fini smeargle/incin sets up too, but doesn't really have much pressure
  68. MunkeyToday at 3:20 PM
  69. this is true
  70. SaagAlooToday at 3:20 PM
  71. but i think dw is a worse mon outside of gravity
  72. so, i am nonetheless considering gravity on fini, stak, or zong. gravity setters are like this: dw>zong>stak>fini
  73. the difference between stak and zong being almost negilible. zong gets hyp, stak gets wg/protect
  74. MunkeyToday at 3:21 PM
  75. zong just seems so bad bc you miss out on not being killed by lunala and incin
  76. so if you have zong and a ghost restricted that seems sketch
  77. SaagAlooToday at 3:22 PM
  78. yeah it banks hard on smeargle
  79. stak is worse against primals, but wg + resist berry (shuca or passho?) keeps them at bay at least
  80. MunkeyToday at 3:23 PM
  81. yes for sure
  82. ep is a thing and i'm p sure that pops stak anyways
  83. SaagAlooToday at 3:23 PM
  84. double tr is sick though, bc you can tr + tr on the last turn of tr
  85. ye, shuca lets you live it. from timid unec and modest don
  86. oh wait, any unec iirc
  87. bc theres no way modest unec does more than stab modest don
  88. this is the lunadon team i've been using for a while. the sixth slot is frustrating bc there are too many good choices but none seem perfect (which is fine for a sixth slot, the first five cover almost everything else)
  90. MunkeyToday at 3:26 PM
  91. i'm not sold on lunadon as an archetype yet
  92. SaagAlooToday at 3:27 PM
  93. it doesn't have the mu comfort of xl, but it has great field control
  94. MunkeyToday at 3:27 PM
  95. for sure yes
  96. SaagAlooToday at 3:27 PM
  97. I think it's A-tier, maybe B-tier at worst
  98. MunkeyToday at 3:27 PM
  99. that seems fair
  100. SaagAlooToday at 3:28 PM
  101. don is just such a good backbone to a team. lunadon requires a little less stamina than xl
  102. MunkeyToday at 3:28 PM
  103. i can definitely see that yes
  104. SaagAlooToday at 3:29 PM
  105. like, it has a higher skill floor than xl, and a similar skill ceiling
  106. but hitting that skill ceiling feels more accessible with xl
  107. accessible/easier/whatever...
  108. MunkeyToday at 3:30 PM
  109. yeah that makes sense
  110. honestly i'm not a huge fan of xern in ultra
  111. SaagAlooToday at 3:31 PM
  112. waaaa
  113. MunkeyToday at 3:31 PM
  114. there's no good spread for it
  115. SaagAlooToday at 3:31 PM
  116. idk, it goes between s and a tier for me
  117. were you using timid? idr
  118. MunkeyToday at 3:31 PM
  119. no
  120. i've tested both
  121. SaagAlooToday at 3:32 PM
  122. the worst thing about bulky is being slower than other xern, but if the rest of your team can handle xern (like steel tr + a resist or two (DON)), it's not a big deal imo
  123. but the problem with xl is that the only thing that matches up positively against faster xern is your shroom... yikes
  124. so you have to somehow get yours set up better or snub theirs with csmog
  125. mind if i add preston in here?
  126. MunkeyToday at 3:34 PM
  127. for sure yeah go for it
  128. the approach of haze fini the other xern before you geo worked well on xy in moon
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