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  1. hello ashley, baby girl. do not be alarmed. its just me, your loosidd dreaming buddy. i am here to help you. right now you need to just focus on staying asleep, but try to start becoming aware of the simple fact that you are asleep, while dreaming right now. i am here to help you become aware that you're dreaming. once you do that, and have become fully loosidd, i will introduce you to someone special. he is a real man who is just as wild and kinky as you are. and ashley girl, you know what im talking about, you can be a straight freak in the bed room. guess what? i showed him that kinky video of you, where you are wearing those lace booty shorts, that are riding right up your ass, and you are backing up your pllump fat little sweet booty against that delicious looking dildo . he even admits to have wacked off to it, for several days straight, and claims he still does just about every single day. you can't blame him, the it's a pretty hot video. he admits you are the hottest girl he has ever laid eyes on. and he has been dying to meet you! now that you seem more aware of this dream, you should go to go him right now. he has been waiting for you at the hunning si moon hotel, room number 7, its a master queen sweet room, with a jacuzzi, and a shower in the living room! so you guys should have a lot of fun! he will do whatever you want, whatever you say, no need to ask. ashley, girl, if i were you, i would go there to him, right now. and when you see him, introduce yourself, and then start to kinda rub up against him, really close and sexy, and once you are about to kiss, go straight down and unbuckle his belt, and unbutton his pants, and pull out his nice pump cock and put it in your mouth, and start to suck it, and deep throat it, over and over again, until he is about to come , and then stop. then push him down so that he is sitting on the couch, and jump up onto his lap, then take his fat wet cock that's still dripping with your spitt, and throat lube, and gently slide it into your sweet tight little ass. and then start to ride his fat dick, and once you get him to be really hard, and deep, in your ass, start to really work it, with your riding skills, if you haven't been already, and he will literally explode, right in, your ass! and fill it with his hot n warm come . my god, that's so incredible fucking hot! it's making me want to come with you to meet up with him. or you can make him bend you over the edge of the bed, or the table, or kitchen counter, whichever is closest to you two. and pound you very hard, good, and slow. after he shuvs his fat cock  so fuckkking deep, and good, in your hot little ass, he will come deep inside your tight hot little plump ass. wow girl, you are just going to love that, it's going to feel so fuckking good and amazing! or you can have him lay you on your sexy belly, like a belly down anal video, while he pumpz and fuckkks your tight little ass from behind top of you, like a rabbitt, and i have heard by his last girlfriend that he is super good at doing it that way. and since him and I had been talking, i wanted to ask her why she never let him come in her, and she said with a surprised look on her face that its because of how much he comes!, when he does, its not come like an average person comes, like hello, he litterally pumps come , come, and more come into your butt until your ass feels like its going to explode... im not joking, he literally pumps gallons of his come into my ass while i just sit there letting him fill my ass up to the point it cant hold anymore of his hot thick come... i must admit it feels pretty god damn amazing.... filling my asshole up, to the point i feel like im going to explode , but then he just starts to pound me more and pumps even more come deeper into my body.... he fucks me harder while pumping even more come into my poor little ass... at this point i dont know how much i can take anymore and then he tells me to jump on top... so i do so and then he grabs my arms and pulls them behind me so i cant move, and have literally ability to move at all, except but to just sit there on his fat cock while he pumps and fucks me with more come and his big hard thick fat dick is right up inside my ass, and i cant move and i tell him to stop and he just keeps going while ripping my arms behind my back and fucking me right up my fat plump ass.... i have no choice but to take his huge hard cock right up my ass , deeper and deeper every minute that passes, ... and thats why i wont let him fuck me ever again... he doesnt know when to stop.... anyway, whatever you want to do ashley, its up to you babe. its your dreams, and you are in full control. ashley, i have to admit, you are looking so fucking sexy right now. so go to him right now, and don't keep his cock waiting. its probably dripping and drooling for your warm mouth, right now, to suck it, and your wet slippery throat. oh ashley, that reminds me, since this is a dream, you can do whatever, and make whatever you want happen, or take place, anything, such as having no gag reflex. that means being able to shuv his long and fat delicious cock right down your throat, in and out, in and out, over and over again, without gagging at all, not one bit. so go to him ashley, because I know your sweet tight little ass is going to fit perfectly around his fat gorgeous cock. and his fat gorgeous cock will feel soo good being deep inside of your sweet tight little, plummp ass. And your plump ass is going to just love, getting fuckkkkd, drilled, penetrated, screwed, pounded and pumpd like a little rag doll, all. night. long. until your little sweet ass just can't take. any. more. or take being filled up with his hot n warm delicious come . or until your sexy belly can't take swallowing another drop of his hot n warm, extremely delicious, tasty come that you thought could flow down your throat endlessly as you drink it. because you will soon find out how insanely delicious his cock is, and how even more delicious and tasty his come once it hits your tung. so go now my sweet ashley. go get pounded by a real man, one who knows how to treat a girl, one who is already crazy for you, and obsessed about you. one who will bend over backwards for you, and do anything you say, even if its asking him to eat your ass after he pumpz come deep into it, after having fuckkkd it as hard and as deep as you want. by the way, you look and feel amazing. and its your dreams. so go have some fun. you deserve it. talk later, sweetie. bye ashley.
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