Apr 6th, 2017
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  1. What happened to my files ?
  2. All of your personal files were encrypted using AES-256 and RSA-2048
  3. Your personal ID
  7. What does this mean ?
  8. This means that the content of your files have been changed, you will not be able to use them, it is basically the same as losing them forever. However, you can still get them back with our help.
  9. How can I get my files back ?
  10. As said before, your files have been encrypted, in order to decrypt them, you'll need the private key of the key pair that was generated when your files were encrypted. Decrypting your files is only possible with the private key and the decrypter.
  11. To get the decryptеr you should:
  12. pay for decrypt:
  13. to send 1 bitcoin today (tomorrow 2 bitcoins) to bitcoin the address 1Nez7W9ashFL4BA7vHuA5aoaad9XtqHKCF
  14. Here are our recommendations:
  16. If you have no Bitcoin address register https://blockchain.info/wallet
  17. fill up your wallet some of the ways:
  18. Btcdirect.eu - Good service for Europe
  19. Bittylicious.com - Bitcoins through Visa / MC or through SEPA (ЕС) transfer
  20. Localbitcoins.com - Here you can find people who want to sell Bitcoins directly (WU, in cash, SEPA, Paypal u.s.).
  21. Cex.io - buy bitcoins with Visa / Mastercard or Wire Transfer.
  22. Coincafe.com - Designed for quick and easy service. Payment methods: Western Union, Bank of America, cash by FedEx, Moneygram, as money transfer
  23. Bitstamp.net - well known and established Bitcoins seller
  24. Coinmama.com - Visa / Mastercard
  25. Btc-e.com - Bitcoins vendor (Visa / Mastercard, etc.)
  26. If you have not found any bitcoins in your region, try to find them here:
  27. Buybitcoinworldwide.com - International Bicoins Exchange Directory
  28. Bitcoin-net.com - Another directory of Bitcoins sellers
  29. Howtobuybitcoins.info - International Bicoins Exchange Directory
  30. Bittybot.co/eu - Directory for countries of the European Union
  31. write to Google how to buy Bitcoin in your country?
  33. mail support stn_satan@aol.com or Satan-Stn@bitmessage.ch:
  34. After the payment:
  36. Send screenshot of payment to mail support stn_satan@aol.com or Satan-Stn@bitmessage.ch. In the letter include your personal ID (look at the beginning of this document).
  37. After you will receive a decryptor and instructions
  38. Attention!
  40. No Payment = No decryption
  41. You really get the decryptor after payment
  42. Do not attempt to remove the program or run the anti-virus tools
  43. Attempts to self-decrypting files will result in the loss of your data
  44. Decoders other users are not compatible with your data, because each user's unique encryption key
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