Goldicocks and her M&M's (Futa YangXThe Twins)

Jan 30th, 2015
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  1. Loud music? Check.
  2. Bunch of thugs ready for a fight? Check.
  3. Exasperated bar owner? Check.
  5. Just another fun night out for Yang as she walked into the night club.
  7. “Blondie...Sir,” The bar tender walked up to her, “What is it this time? If it's about Roman again I already told you everything I know.”
  9. “Easy Junior,” Yang waved her hand dismissively, “I'm here as a patron tonight, and I know exactly what I want already.”
  11. “Um...And what is it you want exactly,” Junior asked her cautiously.
  13. “The twins,” Yang said, pointing to them, “For the next 2 hours.”
  15. “What?” Junior questioned her.
  17. “You can't be serious,” The twins said in unison.
  19. “Oh I'm serious,” Yang said as she walked up and threw her arms around the two of them, “tonight this duo is gonna be a trio.”
  21. With that Yang walked towards a back room of the club as Junior looked on, fearing for his manhood if he tried to stop the blond menace, and instead decide to have a moment of silence for the twins.
  23. “Like, just what do you think you're doing,” Melanie asked as she tried to get out of Yang's hold.
  25. “Yeah, like why do you think we'd want anything to do with you,” Militia said.
  27. “Easy girls,” Yang said as she ran her fingers across the twins faces, “Don't go getting your panties in a bunch. Yet.”
  29. The twins both tensed up at the tacked on 'yet' as yang pushed them both on to the couch in the room.
  31. Melanie and Militia watched as Yang began to take off her top, exposing her large breasts to the two of them. The twins blushed and covered their own chests, shamed by the comparison.
  33. “Now now,” Yang said as she strutted over to them, “No need to be so shy, you'll catch up eventually.”
  35. Yang sat between the two and put her hands on the back of their heads, and brought them down to her breasts.
  37. “Start sucking girls,” Yang ordered.
  39. “W-what?” Melanie asked in shocked.
  41. “You can either suck that, or” Yang grabbed Melanie's hand and put it on her crotch, “You can just skip straight to this.”
  43. Yang grinned deviously, as she watched Melanie's expression change when she discovered what she was feeling.
  45. “F-fine then.”
  47. “What's the matter Melanie?,” Militia asked her sister.
  49. “Just do as she says Militia.”
  51. The twins each took one of Yang's breasts into their mouths, sucking on them and flicking her nipples with their tongues.
  53. “Mmph, that's right girls,” Yang said as she ran her fingers down the twins backs, “just like tha-HEY!”
  55. Militia had bitten Yang's boob, and Yang pulled her away.
  57. “What was that for missy?” Yang snarled.
  59. “I'm not your slut Blondie,” Militia said and spat in Yang's face.
  61. “Militia don't,” Melanie tried to stop her, but it was too late.
  63. “Alright then hot shot,” Yang said, wiping the spit off and standing up off the couch, “You're a little too mouthy for your own good. Time to put it too some good use.”
  65. Yang slid her shorts down, and to Militia's surprise she was met with an 8 inch throbbing cock.
  67. “W-why do you have that...that thing?” Militia questioned, as she pointed to the pulsating member, “You're a girl!”
  69. “Let's just say it's a happy accident from some dust misuse that I've been dying to test out,” Yang answered, slowly stroking herself off as she spoke, “I was going to hold off on springing it out on the two of you till you were good and ready, but you just couldn't behave yourself could ya'?”
  71. Yang walked over and grabbed Militia's hair, forcing her towards her cock. Militia pushed against Yang's thighs in protest of the action, when Melanie grabbed Yang's hand.
  73. “I-I'll do it,” Melanie offered and got on her knees in front of Yang.
  75. “Melanie don't,” Militia protested, but it was too late.
  77. Yang smirked and started slapping Melanie in the face with her cock, then rubbed it against her lips.
  79. “Aw, what a sweet sister,” Yang purred, “Reminds me of my sister actually. Hey, now there's a fun thought.”
  81. Yang started pushing against Melanie's lips till Melanie finally, albeit reluctantly, opened her mouth, and immediately Yang thrusts herself inside.
  83. Melanie closed her eyes and did her best to breath through her nose and think of something more pleasant as Yang was thrusting, shoving her cock as far down her throat as she could. Melanie's tongue struggled to find room in her own mouth, but only managed to pleasure Yang more and more as she searched.
  85. “Unf, that's a good girl,” Yang said, massaging her breast while her hips continued thrusting, “Now come here Militia.”
  87. Militia, who was unable to look away from her sister having her mouth raped, broke her focus when Yang called her name. She was apprehensive, but Yang grabbed the collar of her shirt and brought her face to face, before forcing their lips together, surprising Militia.
  89. Yang forced her tongue into the unsuspecting girls mouth, who in turn let out a moan into Yang's despite her resistance. A moment later, Yang shoved her back on the couch, and took herself out of Melanie's mouth. Yang strutted over to the couch, cock in hand.
  91. “Time to turn things up a notch,” Yang said as she leaned on top of Militia.
  93. Yang rubbed herself against Militia's hole till she could feel her getting nice and wet, before proceeding to take her panties off.
  95. “I doubt either of you are first timers,” Yang said, her cock prodding against Militia's entrance, “so don't think I'll go easy on you tonight.”
  97. “Hold on,” Melanie shouted in protest, “You can't intend to-”
  99. “Oh I intend to alright,” Yang said, the head of her cock slowly going inside of Militia, “consider it payback for the fight my first time here.”
  101. With that, Yang shoved herself inside Militia without restraint. Her hips thrusting back and forth, in and out. Soon, Militia gritted her teeth and started to grind herself against Yang as well. The faster Yang finished, the faster this would all be over with, she thought to herself.
  103. Melanie just looked on as Yang dominated her sister, feeling powerless to stop her. Finally she had come to the same conclusion as her sister about just hurrying Yang along, and walked over to Yang and started to fondle her breasts.
  105. “Finally getting into it are we?” Yang asked, noting the sudden enthusiasm of the twins.
  107. Melanie just kissed Yang's neck in answer, moving one hand down Yang's well toned form, while her other continued to massage her breast. Meanwhile Militia wrapped her legs around Yang's waist, while Yang continued with her thrusts, enjoying every second of pleasure she was receiving.
  109. Soon though, Yang finally pulled out of Militia, and reached around to grab Melanie, throwing her on to the couch next to her sister.
  111. “Now it's your turn for a good fucking,” Yang smiled ear to ear as she pulled Melanie's panties to the side and lined up her cock.
  113. Melanie said nothing and simply turned her head away, but once Yang began to thrust the full length of herself inside, Melanie gasped and moaned, her body in immense pleasure from the fucking, despite her minds protest at the action. To her surprise, She looked over to see her sister masturbating to her getting fucked.
  115. “M-Militia,” Melanie called out to her sister despite her panting, “What do you think you're doing?”
  117. Militia was playing with her clit and massaging her breast, trying desperately to get off, even if her sister was the one getting ravaged. Despite her distaste for Yang, she was on the verge of climax when Yang stopped and moved on to her sister, and before she knew it, her body was moving on it's own, seeking the pleasure it was so abruptly denied.
  119. “I'm sorry Melanie,” Militia told her sister, biting her lip as her breathing becoming rapid and shallow, “B-but I'm so close.”
  121. Melanie couldn't believe what she was hearing, or what she was seeing. Her sister, her own flesh and blood was sitting next to her and pleasuring herself to her, as she was being fucked by the blond bimbo who took them both out the first time she came here.
  123. Despite her sisters shock at her actions, Militia continued to pleasure herself, her hips desperately grinding against her finger, trying so hard to reach climax. Soon she feels a hand on her face, and it abruptly turns it and she feels Yangs soft lips against her own. It felt so wrong to be so turned on right now, but Militia couldn't help it, and opened her mouth, using her tongue to invite Yangs in.
  125. All the while, Melanie looked on as Yang and Militia kissed, while still getting pounded in the couch by Yang. Melanie did her best to keep her self from showing any kind of pleasure on her face, unlike her sister, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to hide her bodies desires.
  127. Yang pulled away from Militia, a string of drool keeping them connected until Yang wiped it away and Smiled.
  129. “Now then you two,” Yang said, pulling out of Melanie and flipping her over on the couch, making her face her sister, “Kiss.”
  131. “W-what?” The twins questioned Yangs demand.
  132. “Don't act like you don't want to,” Yang said, prodding her cock against Melanie again, “I saw the way you were looking at your sister here Militia.”
  134. Melanie and Militia both blushed at the thought, but when Melanie was about to protest the demand, she suddenly felt her sisters hand on the back of her head, and she was pulled into a kiss by her own sister. Melanie was shocked at first, and tried to back away, but Militia kept her held in place, and soon she started to feel her sister tongue trying to make it's way in to her mouth.
  136. Melanie could not believe what was happening to her. The blond bimbo who wrecked the club, and them, was forcing her and her sister to have sex with her, and now her own sister was frenching her on the blonde’s order. And what's more, despite her minds protest, her body couldn't lie. She was getting more and more turned on as it went. And at last, Melanie stopped resisting.
  138. Melanie ran her hand down her sisters stomach, coming to a stop at her hot, wet slit, and began to running her finger up and down it, before plunging two fingers inside.
  140. “Now that's more like it,” Yang moaned as she thrust herself back inside Melanie, “Make your precious sister cum for me.”
  142. Melanie did as she was ordered, and she kept playing her her sisters slit, rubbing her clit with her thumb. Militia couldn't hold herself back as she kept wresting her sisters tongue with her own, she felt her body right on the verge of climax and prayed that nothing happened to stop her from reaching it this time.
  144. “Oh god yes,” Yang exclaimed, her thrusts getting faster and less rhythmic, “Oh god I'm going to cum! Having a dick is amazing!”
  146. Yang kept thrusting and thrusting, her breathing getting heavy and rapid. The twins were just the same, their bodies hot, their tongues hanging out of their mouths as they let out moan after moan. And finally, their bodies couldn't resist any longer.
  148. Yang gave one final thrust and screamed out, as her seed filled Melanie, while Militia writhed in ecstasy, having finally reached the promised land.
  150. The three girls collapsed on the couch, their worn and sweaty bodies laying side by side as their breathing slowly calmed down.
  152. “Not bad you two,” Yang told the girls, “We should get together more often.”
  154. “Whatever,” The twins said in unison, but their smiles gave their unspoken approval for the idea.
  156. Yang raised up from the couch, and tucked her self back inside her pants. She took a last glance at the sisters, tired but satisfied from the nights events. Yang strutted her stuff for the twins to see as she made her leave, giving them a sly wink as she left the room.
  158. Junior walked in after, to the sight of an exhausted Melanie and Militia still on the couch where Yang left them.
  160. “Um, Are you two alright,” he asked the two of them, “She didn't cause too much trouble did she?”
  162. Not that he would, or could, do much about it if she did.
  164. “Cocky little punk,” Melanie sighed as she laid her head on her sisters shoulder.
  166. “Oh she's cocky alright,” Militia giggled, “but she's anything but little.”
  168. “Shut up Militia,” Melanie told her sister before they fell asleep against one another.
  170. Junior just sighed as the slept, and fetched a blanket from another room and covered the girls up before going back to fixing up the club.
  172. Meanwhile, as Yang was riding down the street on her bike, her earlier thought of Ruby that she had with the twins came to mind, and a devious smile grew across her face as she increased her speed.
  174. “I wonder Ruby will still be up by the time I get back,” she pondered, with a hopeful 'twitch' for her response.
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