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  1. command /mobspawn [<integer>]:
  2.     trigger:
  3.         if player is op:
  4.             if arg 1 is set:
  5.                 set {spawn.mob::%arg%} to location of player
  6.                 send "Spawn %arg%"
  7.                 stop
  9. every 15 seconds:
  10.     set {_size} to size of {spawn.mob::*}
  11.     loop {_size} times:
  12.         if health of {mob::%loop-number%} > 0:
  13.             stop
  14.         if {spawn.mob::%loop-number%} is set:
  15.             spawn 1 zombie at {spawn.mob::%loop-number%}
  16.             set the spawned zombie's display name to "&2Ork &cLVL.1"
  17.             set the last spawned entity's max health to 6
  18.             heal the last spawned entity
  19.             set tool of last spawned entity to stick
  20.             set {mob::%loop-number%} to last spawned entity
  22. on combust:
  23.     event-entity is zombie:
  24.         cancel event
  25.     event-entity is drowned:
  26.         cancel event
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