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Aug 3rd, 2011
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  1. [15:55:35] <JamieJoCorne> i really
  2. [15:55:36] <JamieJoCorne> really
  3. [15:55:38] <JamieJoCorne> really
  4. [15:55:49] <JamieJoCorne> am beginning to disrepsect (in my mind) your ol' lady
  5. [15:56:41] <higochoa> well, the idea is to pass on information until she gets it, she is a-typical person anon+ is gonna deal with
  6. [15:56:52] <higochoa> ive been trying for awhile
  7. [15:57:06] <higochoa> those gamers got their pantys all wrong
  8. [15:58:41] <JamieJoCorne> i am very grateful
  9. [15:58:46] <JamieJoCorne> that that conversation was not in person
  10. [15:58:48] <JamieJoCorne> and was online instead
  11. [15:58:51] <JamieJoCorne> because at one point
  12. [15:59:00] <JamieJoCorne> I think I might have smoked her square in the face
  13. [15:59:03] <JamieJoCorne> and timmy too
  14. [15:59:09] <JamieJoCorne> i haev no issues with debate
  15. [15:59:09] <JamieJoCorne> and disagreement
  16. [15:59:13] <JamieJoCorne> but that shit was uncalled for
  17. [15:59:14] <higochoa> hehe yeah i told her that it was gonna get nuts
  18. [15:59:28] <JamieJoCorne> and now
  19. [15:59:33] <JamieJoCorne> she's got fuckin ppl on twitter
  20. [15:59:36] <JamieJoCorne> spamming me
  21. [15:59:40] <JamieJoCorne> calling me a fuckin martyr
  22. [15:59:43] <higochoa> 0_o
  23. [15:59:43] <JamieJoCorne> so she needs to get on twitter
  24. [15:59:47] <JamieJoCorne> and put the story straight
  25. [15:59:54] <JamieJoCorne> before I denounce her publically
  26. [16:00:16] <JamieJoCorne> and I will make anonymous as a whole look like the asshats they were before I tried helping them with their PR as they asked me to
  27. [16:00:21] <JamieJoCorne> and I will have her fuckin doxed
  28. [16:00:24] <JamieJoCorne> she came into chat naked
  29. [16:00:31] <JamieJoCorne> i am not gonna fucking play these games
  30. [16:00:53] <higochoa> shes at the store atm , but that just shows how deep the crazy goes lol her followers are her followers , nothing i can do there
  31. [16:01:31] <higochoa> she dun care about bein doxed either , we both are open people
  32. [16:01:42] <JamieJoCorne> i bet her followers do
  33. [16:02:26] <higochoa> Well if thats the avenue you choose then fine , but i dont wish to play a part in it. She had an opinion , she voiced it
  34. [16:02:40] <higochoa> it may be wrong
  35. [16:02:44] <higochoa> and obsucred
  36. [16:03:04] <higochoa> but it is the opinion shared by alot of the people we are trying to "support"
  37. [16:03:10] <higochoa> just sayin
  38. [16:03:19] <JamieJoCorne> its not an opinion if the facts are made up
  39. [16:03:27] <JamieJoCorne> and i guarantee you
  40. [16:03:31] <JamieJoCorne> that truth will prevail
  41. [16:03:37] <JamieJoCorne> no matter what she says
  42. [16:03:49] <JamieJoCorne> and you will watch your miss be drug through the mud
  43. [16:03:50] <higochoa> and i hope so , that was the idea the whole time
  44. [16:04:21] <higochoa> No, i will defend her with the same rights , but im not going to tell her to change the way she sees things
  45. [16:04:31] <higochoa> thats the way her and her followers see things
  46. [16:04:43] <JamieJoCorne> then you do not support truth
  47. [16:04:53] <higochoa> sorry, i dont go around controlling people, you can but i refuse to force an opinion
  48. [16:04:56] <JamieJoCorne> instead you are choosing love
  49. [16:05:02] <JamieJoCorne> i have nothing more to say to you
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