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  1. @everyone  hi beans im only going to ping this once here so if u miss it sorry.
  3. It has come to my attention lately that many beans are scared of the investment to do T5 Darks  notably they think it takes $$$ to get a good enough hawk.  This is not the case. My guide does not include a "Go to" t5 hawk fit because I want to encourage beans to learn to fit a ship and by flying the kestrel and hookbill you should understand the process of doing dark abyssals.
  5. However it's time the beans Graduated and get into the deep end of the Isk faucet especially with Blackout and the impending cyno changes. As such starting 1 week from Today August 18th 00:00 Eve time (my birthday btw)  i will be Leasing fully fit Hawks to beans who join Caretaker Abyssal fleets and help teach new beans the ropes or even just lend a +1 so folks have someone to run with.
  7. The rules are this. You will have to PM an NBI (yellow name on discord) to ask for a Handout Hawk. You also will need to PM me and get permission to fly said handout. If you get that permission you will be allotted one Handout Hawk. This hawk is not expensive and you will pay for it via the loot you gain or direct isk which ever is easier.
  9. Once paid for the Hawk is yours forever. If you Lose a paid for Handout Hawk you have to PM me your loss mail and explain to me how you died and what you learned so you do not die again (losses of unpaid for hawks or theft of hawks will see you barred from the program till the hawk is replaced). Only once you do that will you be given a new Handout Hawk.
  11. Any questions plz @Morathia#1337  with your question here (dont pm me as other beans might have the same question)
  13. This Hawk fitting will also be added to my guide tonight.
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