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Forging Bracelet

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  1. Arthur Rowan asks, "Are you ready to go yet, Dylerun?"
  3. Dylerun Grauhimmel asks, "Go where?"
  4. Arthur Rowan says, "To complete the bracelet."
  5. Dylerun Grauhimmel says, "I suppose now is as good a time as any."
  6. Dylerun Grauhimmel says, "To the volcano, then."
  7. Arthur Rowan says, "Hm... okay."
  8. Arthur Rowan says, "--Actually, another route might be better."
  11. Dylerun Grauhimmel says, "Yes, if you know of such a route..."
  13. Dylerun Grauhimmel says, "So far you've done nothing but take longer."
  15. Arthur Rowan says, "If you know the route better, feel free to. I've been around caves mostly, but didn't go to volcano itself."
  17. Arthur Rowan asks, "Do you want to lead then?"
  19. Dylerun Grauhimmel says, "We could already be there if I had. Yes, bring us back to the beginning."
  21. Dylerun Grauhimmel says, "Move."
  23. Cho Grauhimmel says, "You fools should know better than to come here alone, especially with the Jianghese patrolling."
  25. Arthur Rowan says, "We'll be fine."
  26. Ludovic sighs..
  27. (Ludovic Grauhimmel)
  30. Cho Grauhimmel says, "So did Jessica, Sors, and the others before they came back with missing limbs."
  31. Heat was stifling as the duo would reach the apex of the volcano. Like a stiff punch, even to the man whos bodily functions looked past such things as heat or cold, would make him feel affected. Sweat immediatly began to pool as they entered what could be called the 'center' of it. A short spiral of stairs that lead to a small shrine-like outcropping. A mass metal of slag, what had once been a rune-carved anvil made by Dylerun himself, remained.
  33. "Well, boy. Lets see how this will go, then."
  35. A hand would gesture towards him as his hat was removed, placed alongside his thick cape. A rattle of a toolbelt as he began to ready himself, before brushing ash off of the 'anvil'. It was hardly that, barely noticeable, and hot to the touch. Not horribly hot to him, of course. "And-" The sudden 'presence' offamily would bring about a frown.
  37. "I don't care. We've work to be done."
  38. (Dylerun Grauhimmel)
  41. Ludovic Grauhimmel says, "She really snatched me up..."
  43. Dylerun Grauhimmel says, "Unless you're to help, go away."
  45. Cho Grauhimmel says, "We're here to make sure you're safe while working."
  47. Dylerun Grauhimmel says, "We'll be fine."
  49. Cho Grauhimmel says, "Mhn..."
  51. Cho Grauhimmel says, "Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you."
  52. Such work couldn't wait for too long.
  54. Certainly, while Arthur still had years to spare, it felt as if... delaying it even further could result in the most unpredictable events happening. Not only he would fall behind against the looming threat of Huangzhou, but he could always perish on the battlefield far before the project itself would be done. And what then?
  56. Thoughts like these is what compelled him to follow Dylerun even to the top of the volcano, disregarding the heat- but while his mind may be set on the task ahead, his body, on the other hand, wasn't so keen on remaining here. The drops of sweat began gathering at the sides of his heat, dripping one after another while it tries to cool off the Rowan, and yet...
  58. "The materials are here."
  60. Reaching inside the satchel, he revealed the necessary chunks of Arcanium and Soulsteel alike. The finest of finest materials one could possibly get, barring anything like this but with divine enhancement... but that would be just overkill, wouldn't it?
  62. "If something is needed specifically from me, do tell."
  64. Trusting Dylerun in leading this part of his ascension was the best he could do. If not for him, who else?
  65. (Arthur Rowan)
  67. "Yes, you'll be the one hammering."
  69. Materials would be collected, looked over at hand closely as Dyleruns eyes drifted towards Arthur for a moment. "Do as I instruct and it'll all come rather naturally. Its a lot simpler than people give it credit for, trust me." Arcanium examined would be gripped in tongs, before held aloft over the molten volcano. Soulsteel would join it a moment later, not unlike a spit over a fire as his belt would be tightened around his waist.
  71. "The core of the bracelet will be made with you drawing everything you can and placing it into it. In this place, it should be easy. Its old, and the world turns in different ways than it does." Or perhaps, it was his age-old mania, the simple way that he saw things and the world, that made it seem as such. Eyes would look towards metal momentarily, before he continued.
  73. "Quick, precise. And put your back into it when I tell you. Because if you're not going to truly bother with this, then I'll walk back down the mountain and go along my merry day."
  74. (Dylerun Grauhimmel)
  76. He will be the one hammering?
  78. It's not exactly what Arthur expected, but considering that it's going to be exactly the same thing that Dylerun tells him to do, he assumes that such would be relatively easy to do - or at least, he hopes that he could handle it without any difficulties presenting itself along the way. It should go fine, right?
  80. "Alright... I could do it."
  82. Considering that Dylerun was the one who brought the tools, he simply reached out to take the hammer, his eyes darting towards Arcanium that is gripped in tongs and held over the molten volcano. It's easy to imagine that it would reach the temperature fitting to change its shape quick enough.
  84. "Place it, then. I'll try and make the proper core."
  86. At least, he hoped that's what Dylerun implied when he said that Arthur will be hammering things. Almost clueless about how one would forge a bracelet, especiallyfor something like this, there's no mistake that the old blacksmith would have to guide him along the way, perhaps even go as far as to tell him where exactly to strike.
  88. To avoid wrong shape, of course.
  90. "And... noted. You can do it, I'm ready."
  91. (Arthur Rowan)
  93. Metal would slowly begin to glow as Dylerun would turn back towards the tongs. Slowly would he turn it, allowing the metal to go through evenly. Eventually it would be picked up, a dull green metal turned molten as it glowed. It would be examined closely, eyes flickering down to the melting soulsteel as well before placed upong the anvil. Gently turned, finger gesturing towards several positions before speaking towards the ex-adjudicator.
  95. "There, there, and there. Strike it as I turn, and it'll slowly begin to form. It'll start wrapping around, and the rest of the steel can be added after making the shape. I'll finish the finer part of things, but you'll make the right shape. Arthur." Eyes, now glowing, shifting in the dim light would look towards him. Voice growing ever a touch colder.
  97. "I have made these things. Several times,and with several people. It isn't just hitting metal to metal. You put yourself into this. You understand? There isn't a try in this. You will or will not, and if you fail, then that is your folly to live with. Now, begin." Molten metal would be set onto the slag anvil, and a short nod would be given as the mans arms tensed, prepared for the impact of the hammer.
  98. (Dylerun Grauhimmel)
  100. Such responsibility.
  102. It's odd. He's a man who's almost in his fifties, and yet, there's a hint of anxiety that rests within his heart... it's the feeling of being afraid to fail, of slightest fear that is trying to grow out of proportion and force the mistake upon the hand of Rowan. As he stares at the metal, the thoughts of possible failure trace his head, but...
  104. 'We've come so far.'
  105. 'You're not allowed to fail.'
  106. 'We will help.'
  108. A tighter grip on hammer, a flicker in the eyes. It would almost seem that Arthur was contemplating something for a moment, but swiftly, he responded with a nod towards Dylerun. As such, the hammer was lifted, far enough to put adequate force behind it but not far enough to force the accuracy to suffer. A sudden boost of confidence, maybe?
  110. "Understood. You can begin turning it."
  112. The first strike. Behind it, there's a force of confidence that strikes true in order to reshape the metal; an echo of the metal lingers in the air after each strike done, quick and precise, and more follow whenever the necessary angle is exposed by Dylerun. If anything, it would seem that despite the initial anxiety, things are going fairly well... it acquires a shape, and out of mere chunk, a shape of circle begins to form.
  114. "I think I'm getting a hang of this."
  116. Another, and another, and another. Neither Empires nor work of your life are made with a single strike, or a single stroke, and Arthur realizes that very well. It would almost seem that he slightly leaned over, the intense gaze of his eyes refusing to be taken off to look at anything else, entirely devoted to the process. There was nothing but his work, both on his mind and in his hands.
  118. "It seems to begin look proper."
  119. (Arthur Rowan)
  121. And with each blow, the air around them changes.
  123. It was as though static had begun to charge in the remnant hammer blows, causing a sort of 'tension' to hang in the air. As Arthur swung the hammer, excess ash that had been kicked up and floated in the air would remain rather than settling back down. Each blow causing more and more to quietly drift, hanging magically in the air. What he had spoken of before, how the area had a 'power' to it, hung true. Sparks danced between the ashcloud, causing the top of the volcano to look temporarily angry.
  125. "If you call that 'looking proper' then its a good thing you aren't a blacksmith." It was serviceable, yes. It was formed, and possible to be worn. Yet Dylerun found it severely wanting. The soulsteel would be lifted after, turned in his hand. A bare hand would grasp it as he placed it onto the center of the bracelet. "Here, and strike it along the sides. It will form a secondary around the arcanium, and allow it all to 'flow' together nicely. As well as house whatever runes you'll have it hold."
  127. A finger would point to several spots once more. "Pour your very self into this, boy. Come on, now."
  128. (Dylerun Grauhimmel)
  130. Confidence and willpower could only carry you so far.
  132. There's no doubt that there were flaws in the bracelet, as such was simply inevitable. Comparing to someone like Dylerun? Arthur was unable to produce a perfected bracelet of absolutely proper shape, and while it was wearable and somewhat adequate, it could use a touch of someone who actually mastered this art. Despite the mild taunt offered by Dylerun, Arthur remained focused on his job, offering only a single sentence in return.
  134. "I'm not the master. You are."
  136. Hopefully, the part where Dylerun would work upon finer parts of the bracelet would allow for such flaws and imperfections to be worked out... until then, the most that Arthur can do is only do his best - even if that 'best' comes with limited knowledge on the matter and limited skill.
  138. The next was soulsteel. At each side that was shown by Dylerun, a blow was madeby the hammer in order to shape the metal- the absolute focus one could even imagine was invested in the process, the intense gaze of Arthur never ceasing to look upon the creation in the making. If anything, it became obvious that he's trying hard, but... on top of that? There's something else.
  140. It's almost as if he's trying to put a piece of himself. While adequate for a shape, there are certain things he adds that could be only taken two ways - either artistic, or downright insane. It's a piece that he desired to add on his own, a piece that held a different value to it other than just being a bracelet. Was he trying to make something attractive, rather than simply practical?
  142. "What next?"
  144. Although he gave a mutter, it would seem that the final touches were being made. A second - and it's done.
  145. (Arthur Rowan)
  147. Static seemed to continue, the miniature storm above them roiling. Heat and effort caused the world to mist over around them. Obscuring a majority of the world, locking the two into a single instance that betrayed the likeness of the peak of the volcano. To them, it was themselves and the anvil. The efforts of Arthur as the hammer met metal, causing sparks to clash and spit in the air. All the while fire broiled around them.
  149. A piece of himself was exactly what would be required. It might simply be the body of the phylactery, but it was the body that held everything together. A weak foundation lead to a weak piece of work, and to have such a thing that was meant to house the soul be weakened or unsure of was a consequence. Though what Arthurs work could be called was far from practical, or attractive, by even the unlearned eye.
  151. Or at least, by his own standards, it was well enough.
  153. "What do you mean, what next?" Dylerun allowed the remnant bracelet to rest on the slag, the ashes around them coalescing before the world would begin to turn to norm. It would all begin to fall and drift away, small pops of electricity vanishing into the midnight air as the dust literally began to settle. "Now you set your pretty little shard, and you have your soul tossed into it when you've the time. Then, blah de blah."
  154. (Dylerun Grauhimmel)
  156. Did their work end already?
  158. Perhaps Arthur didn't realize that everything was already finished, or so Dylerun made it seem, but as far as he remembered, the master smith claimed slightly different things at the beginning. Or was it all a lie, to bait him out on the fact that Dylerun could be there 'to save the day', to see how Arthur performs on his own?
  160. Or something else?
  162. "Is it finished then?" A look was thrown to what he created- even though it was far from perfection, and it was far from something that could be treated as well made bracelet, this should do as something that would be worn by Arthur at all times.
  164. "Weren't you going to work on the finer parts of the bracelet, or did that plan change?"
  165. (Arthur Rowan)
  167. "Not here, at the top of the volcano, I'm not." The blacksmith would scoff as he slowly began to collect things, before looking towards the anvil. It was decrepit, old, hardly a thing worth wanting. Like himself. A part of him was tempted to kick it deeper into the volcano, and perhaps make another. The remnant, nostalgic part of him would instead stare at it as he spoke, half-turning towards the younger man with him.
  169. "I underwent heart surgery some few days ago, be grateful I even managed to climb this mountain. In anycase, I can smoothen things out at a later date. The runes, you can work in yourself and the rest..." An almost annoyed flick of the fingers would be given. "Necromatic dealings and details that you can ask Cho about." A handgently brushing against his chest, a grumble deep in his throat.
  171. "Better to figure it all out as it goes along."
  172. (Dylerun Grauhimmel)
  174. "I suppose."
  176. Working on the ready bracelet, especially after runework would be over and even perhaps the ritual itself, it felt... odd. Then again, for as long as the runework would not be disrupted- and it likely would not be- then what does it matter?
  178. "I know that. I'm thankful that you came here, I needed this out of the way as soon as possible. This should be enough to proceed with runework and the ritual itself. As of now..."
  180. A simple glance around, and a wipe along his forehead. It's been incredibly hot in here, and no doubt why - working in the middle of volcano was a test of physical resilience to any, and with a pause, he exclaimed.
  182. "Let's get going."
  183. (Arthur Rowan)
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