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  2. iAgonyiiToday at 19:54
  3. Jade
  4. could u tell me or in #brainstorm-ideas exactly why you think it wouldn't work if we make a link with the normal Storm server and the Storm Elite server
  5. So for example top performers can join
  6. And the bottom x% of storm elite gets kicked.
  8. jade is at schoolToday at 20:02
  9. no its fine i actually am  not that bothered if u all think its a good idea do it
  11. iAgonyiiToday at 20:02
  12. Ye but I just wanna know why u thought it wasn't
  13. Maybe u see something we don't
  14. Idc that u dont care
  16. jade is at schoolToday at 20:04
  17. But most ppl think differently to me. Hence why I don't like working with many ppl from innovations
  18. I look at things from a players side
  19. not from these staff's
  20. pretty little
  21. imaginary minds
  22. that think everything is that simple and that noone would care
  23. lol
  25. iAgonyiiToday at 20:06
  26. Ok so do u think it would be better for the player if new people only come in through applications?
  27. And bottom x% gets kicked?
  29. jade is at schoolToday at 20:06
  30. I think it'd be better if you stuck to the requirements
  31. :slight_smile:
  33. iAgonyiiToday at 20:06
  34. yeah
  35. so
  36. Only through apps?
  38. jade is at schoolToday at 20:06
  39. Thats what pros get annoyed by
  40. yes only through apps
  41. ppl get annoyed when its so ez to bend a requirement to get someone invited that is likely dogshit
  42. we increased ss req
  43. because the server was getting overcrowded
  44. with players
  45. that pros were basically shitting on :/
  47. iAgonyiiToday at 20:07
  48. ok
  49. But if new people only come through applications would purging even be good?
  50. More people would get kicked then come in.
  51. But maybe that could be good because 3k pr+ is alot more people than 6k+
  53. jade is at schoolToday at 20:10
  54. 3k pr+ is like top 700
  56. iAgonyiiToday at 20:10
  57. 732
  58. players
  59. 500 active maybe?
  61. jade is at schoolToday at 20:10
  62. ok 732 then
  63. ye 500 active
  65. iAgonyiiToday at 20:10
  66. 350 that will join the server
  67. or atleast know about it
  68. actually
  69. more like 250-300
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