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  1. Shinjo Kurosawa
  2. ((Apologies, for this is now a nondescript patch of grass that isn't a garden))
  3. Shinjo Kurosawa
  4. Thump, thump, thump. What could that noise be? Something weird, it didn't sound like particular intimidating thumping, not hoofbeats. If one investigated the sound however, it would be very easy to find. A decked out Unicorn in fancy attire, was kicking it... new school, entertaining a bunch of children. With a leather ball he began to kick into the air, maintaining it's high without using his arms, which were held across his back. Let's say he brought it with him. "You see, class," he attempted to sound as deadly serious as his sensei had, "kemari is more than a game, it is life itself. If you drop the ball, then it's over." He emphasised the over. "But, you can always start again."
  5. Kitsuki Shion
  6. An interesting noise in an area where it shouldn't be. Or, perhaps it was where it should be? Shion didn't know the answer to that question, not yet anyway. She had an idea of what it was, but that was just a mere observance. She needed to lay her eyes on it and make sure. So, the Dragon walked out from behind the building and took in the sight with a neutral expression. Interesting was certainly one way to put it. Still, etiquette had to be seen to, so the scarred woman bowed to the Unicorn.
  7. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  8. Yashiro was on a wall nearby, overlooking this scene as it unfolded.
  9. Shinjo Kurosawa
  10. "Kemari is a game that has no restrictions on players, only that there be one to start." He was still imitating his sensei's voice. "It can be played with anyone, at anytime, with any amount of willing participants. The only rule is to not use your hands, until it's dropped." Shame there wasn't an instruction skill or something. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a sight of robes: surely that was the NPC he'd asked earlier to help him with his demonstration. Without skipping a beat, he whipped around and kicked the ball in an upwards arc--- towards the bowing Courtier. The ball whizzed as it homed on in towards it's graceful and elegant looking target.
  11. Asahina Kairi
  12. Kairi watched in amusement.  This was a welcome break from her lesson on the fortunes for the children.  Sure they had been paying attention, more or less, but they seemed antsy.  Kicking around the ball would help them focus later.  Or at least she hoped.  "And remember children, no one can try until I see their calligraphy done."
  13. Kitsuki Shion
  14. There were many things Shion expected from this day. Annoying Wasps, annoying Crabs, annoying life situations, annoying conversations, and annoying deviations from her standard schedule. One thing she was not expecting was to get hit with a ball. Not only just a ball, but a disgusting leather ball.
  16. She had seen it coming, as to be expected of a Kitsuki, but it didn't seem to register in her mind that it was coming right for her face, because she didn't think anyone would dare kick a ball a her. So, with dark green eyes, she watched it fly towards her face in perfect clarity.
  18. Then it hit.
  20. The leather touched her face.
  22. She immediately felt utterly disgusting as the forced caused her head to jerk back and for once in her entire time here at Kyuden Sneeze, she made some semblance of a not monotone noise as she grunted with what could be described as surprise.
  24. Then it was over. The ball was back on the ground, Shion was standing straight and still had a neutral look on her face though it was obvious she was struggling to keep it that way, and she would need to submerge herself in lava later to get the feeling of the leather off of her.
  25. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  26. An arrow wizzed passed at about .7 seconds before impact, just missing the ball. Yashiro shrugged and settled back to a seated position, ready to watch the fireworks.
  27. Shinjo Kurosawa
  28. Oh. My. Kami. That was definitely not NPC-san. The Unicorn covered his mouth, partially in horror but also to stifle the laugh that threatened to erupt out of him. Did anyone else see that? The ball hit her, in the face. In the face! Absolutely terrible, nothing funny or hysterical at all about it. An 'oooooooooh' came from the crowd of children, with some stifled giggles. Bad kids. The white haired samurai bowed, bowed so low he probably could've stuck his tongue out and tasted dirt. "This, children, is how one begs for forgiveness when having done a terrible deed to another samurai." His mind was racing a mile a minute while trying to save the situation. "Forgive me, samurai-sama, I never would have hit the ball at you. I had imagined you were the Ide who had volunteered to assist me earlier. From the depths of my heart, I am sorry." His steely colored gaze peered up from his lowered position, trying to eye exactly whom he'd just balled. Although he did jump and startle at the sight of an arrow whizzing and making paydirt. Maybe games were not welcome around these parts. Truly the darkest timeline.
  29. Asahina Kairi
  30. Kairi's jaw dropped.  That was not something she expected to see happen, even with a ball being kicked around.  Well, now she was going to be hearing about this from the children at their lessons for weeks.
  31. GM Hello (Tsuruchi Kazue)
  32. From behind Yashiro. "We don't have enough arrows to shoot them at our allies."
  33. Kitsuki Shion
  34. The woman didn't know how to react to the situation. It was something her sensei never thought she would encounter, so she never taught the burned Kitsuki how to deal with it. Should she make some sort of face? Should she make a fuss? Should she just not accept the apology? Thoughts raced through her mind, almost overwhelming Shion as she tried to comprehend what just happened and what to do about it.
  36. In the end, she swiftly turned around, placing her backs towards the other samurai as she expressed a wide range of emotion on her face, though most, if not all, of those emotions she had no idea how to process either. Unwanted wetness welled up in the corners of her eyes, something she hadn't experienced in some time, but she quickly removed it with a quick wipe of her gloved hand. Then came the calming breaths. So much deep breathing.
  38. With her emotions back under control, at least more than they were before, she finally turned around and stoically looked at the Shinjo.
  40. "You should take care to watch what you are doing next time, Shinjo-san." She finally said, her voice monotone. "There are others here who would not take kindly to that happening to them and would challenge you." For the moment, she decided not to comment on the arrow that flew just inches away from her, shot by one she thought was an ally. That would certainly take much longer to process.
  41. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  42. Had Yashiro not had years of training he would have jumped. Instead he turned and bowed instinctively. "I had hoped to save Shinjo-san some face and Kitsuki-san's face. But in missing I did neither. I will find the arrow."
  43. GM Hello
  44. " quick and don't be obvious about it." The Tsuruichi was frowning and then passed the hallway having more important things to do.
  45. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  46. Yashiro disappeared from the walls. And not long after the arrow disappeared from where it had landed.
  47. Shinjo Kurosawa
  48. A prickling heat crept up the Unicorn's face, reddening his light features. Was he forever doomed to make a fool of himself around here? A fate worse than death, surely. Wait no, death was still worse. When she turned away, it was a bit curious. Did he just make her cry? This dishonorable day could not be going worse for the both of them. Now that he had time to observe her, he tried to figure out what she was. A dragon? A rare sight, although he hardly knew anything of them. He did not raise himself up from his lowered position yet. "Our lesson in 'Kemari and Courtesies' is over for now, children. Kairi," was he gonna be formal? Hell yes he was in front of all the kids and the upset dragon, "-san, please take them back to their lessons." Please. He was not being a good example. Or maybe a great example? A great example of what not to do. But now he could focus on his unwitting target. He cleared his throat. "They would be well within their rights, to challenge me for such a mark against their honor." Wow with how even her tone was, she must've been taking this pretty well pretty fast. An experienced crier like himself. "And well within your rights, if you wish." He decided to leave out that he did do well at his challenge earlier. "I will take your wisdom to heart, Kitsuki-sama, and never again will I err in this way." It was just a game but still. How else could he make amends? He could kill the ball- no that was unthinkable, not his ball. "If there is anything I may do, I will take it upon myself to show that I am sincere." He was a better do-er than a talker, okay.
  49. Asahina Kairi
  50. Kairi composed herself and finally spoke.  "This turned out to be a good lesson after all children.  Shinjo-san is sorry for his actions, and it's quite sincere.  Kitsuki-san is being gracious and accepting his apology.  Remember this."
  51. Kitsuki Shion
  52. "No. I am no duelist, nor do I care enough about this to see that matters are taken further. It is simply a child's game and the wind did not seem to favor me." She replied, her voice never wavering in pitch. "There is nothing further that needs to be done. My apologies for interrupting this game. Children need the growth, I am told."
  53. Shinjo Kurosawa
  54. Another encounter where the Unicorn came out unscathed physically. Although this was super stressful in it's own unique way, just not in a 'oh Kami I may actually die' way. His sigh of relief was great, maybe too great, as he brought himself back up to his proper height. God this was outrageous with how formal his attire was. "..Would you like to learn how to play? It is a lot more entertaining when one is actively participating, rather than unsuspectingly." And, technically, his partner no-showed. But this lesson had turned into a trainwreck anyways. "I could teach you," but I'd have to charge, "and you would be able to avoid such... incidents, in the future." He tried to sound very sincere, because he was..! No use making more enemies around here, the younger Shark was already a big enough bite. "And I would also like to entreat you to some of the finest tea in the city. It is the least I could do in apology." Thanks old lady-san from yesterday.
  55. Kitsuki Shion
  56. "I have no care to learn this game. It is not a skill I need to learn in times like this. It is just a distraction." There was a slight twitch of her eye, "I could have also avoided it in the first place, as I saw it coming. I just did not think it would hit me. Also, perhaps it is not the victims who need to learn how to avoid the incidents, but those who caused them need to learn how to control their actions." As always, even with such words, she remained speaking in that plain voice. "There is no need for tea at this current moment."
  57. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  58. (yashiro chanting from his hidden position seppuku, seppuku seppuku )
  59. Kitsuki Shion
  60. (>~> meanie wasp)
  61. Shinjo Kurosawa
  62. The ponyboy bowed his head once more. He could victim blame and say she willingly entered the kemari zone but he had not saved enough face yet, it seems. Not for lack of trying. Tea and teaching did not seem to work. "Then consider at least, if you ever require the services of a duelist, you may call upon me, and I will pledge my katana in your name." He did recall her words, although he suspected she was not one who got into duels of honor often. That was pretty much all he could do though. Unless she wanted payment in Unicorn throat singing. The young man bowed once more. "May fortune find us in better circumstances next time, Kitsuki-sama." With that said, he'd swing easily onto his horse, who had been boredly standing by and unamused at the whole situation, before rearing up and galloping away.
  63. Kitsuki Shion
  64. She gave him an odd look at his declaration of being a duelist at her service, but returned the bow. "May the wind be to your back, Shinjo-san." She said as he rode away, realizing now that she hadn't even gotten his name and apparently he was now a duelist she could call on.
  65. Asahina Kairi
  66. She made a face at the departing Unicorn, no doubt he would hear about this when she was able to get him alone. It wouldn't be proper to take him over the coals on front of the children. Won't somebody think of the children?
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