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  1. [Show off your mastery and make your flair beautiful!](
  3. ##Rules
  6. >1. Posting, or seeking, any identifying personal information will result in a ban without a prior warning.
  7. >2. Soliciting money, goods, or services is not allowed.
  8. >3. Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. You will receive a warning upon removal of said content.
  9. >4. Content must be related to Talon and League, meta posts are allowed but may be taken down without notice.
  10. >5. No Shitposting. Other forms of low effort posts will be deleted. This includes but is not limited to posting match history, mastery points, and pictures of promotions without video or some other substantial supporting content. Macro images, memes, and photoshops with effort are allowed. Basically, if it is well crafted, we allow, but only if.
  11. >6. No spam or advertising
  12. >7. Excessive hateful speech or targeting of other users will be not allowed.
  13. >8. Ban appeals and personal requests must be messaged to the mods, threads will be removed
  14. >9. Text posts must have a substantial amount of content or importance to the post. Important questions such as build paths, laning against specific opponents, or sharing upcoming changes to League of Legends are allowed, but not if they are phrased in ways such as "Against fizz wat do"
  15. >10. Please ensure we are maintaining the proper use of downvotes. Downvotes are not used to show you disagree with an opinion. Downvotes are used to hide comments that are unimportant or irrelevant. If something doesn't belong on the sub entirely, such as hate speech or advertising, please report it to the moderators.
  16. >11. No more meme posts except on Monday. Please be responsible with your meme spam. If Meme Monday begins to take over the sub, we will have to discontinue it.
  17. >12. Yes, posting your match history where you went 27/4/10 is unappreciated, and is a low effort post. It directly violates rule 5, and will be removed, along with a special reminder that no, you are not good at Talon because you popped off one game.
  18. >69. [Most important rule](
  20. ##Clubs (CLICK on the server)
  22. [Clubs Thread](
  24. >* [BR]( Tag: Talon
  25. >* [EUW]( Tag: Talon
  26. >* [EUW]( Tag: Talon
  29. ##Useful Links
  30. >* [Talonmains Discord](
  31. >* [Championmains Discord](
  32. >* [](
  33. >* [](
  34. >* [League Wiki](
  35. >* [Lol Skill](
  36. >* [Mobafire](
  37. >* [Dmg Calculator](
  39. ##Talon Guides
  40. >* [Yamikaze](
  43. ##Talon Streamers
  44. >> [Yamikaze](
  45. >> [KitKatxz](
  46. >> [eoba](
  47. >> [Staxl](
  48. >> [RawStanky](
  49. >> [Scrumm (killercruiser)](
  50. >> [Mortally Divine](
  51. >>[FlamingHowl](
  52. >> [DarkPalidinBoy](
  53. >>[AnthonyHello](
  56. >#####**If you are a streamer (or know a good stream) and wish for it to be listed, please PM a mod with a link to the stream**
  59. ##Talon AMAS
  60. >* [VaporaDark's AMA](
  61. >* [Scrumm's(killercruiser) AMA](
  63. ##Champion-Specific Subreddits
  64. >[Aatrox](/r/AatroxMains) [Ahri](/r/AhriMains) [Akali](/r/AkaliMains) [Alistar](/r/Alistar) [Amumu](/r/AmumuMains) [Anivia](/r/AniviaMains) [Annie](/r/AnnieMains) [Ashe](/r/AsheMains) [Aurelion Sol](/r/Aurelion_Sol_Mains) [Azir](/r/AzirMains) [Bard](/r/BardMains) [Blitzcrank](/r/BlitzcrankMains) [Brand](/r/BrandMains) [Braum](/r/BraumMains) [Caitlyn](/r/CaitlynMains) [Camille](/r/CamilleMains) [Cassiopeia](/r/CassiopeiaMains) [Cho'gath](/r/ChoGathMains) [Corki](/r/CorkiMains) [Darius](/r/DariusMains) [Diana](/r/DianaMains) [Dr. Mundo](/r/DrMundoMains) [Draven](/r/Draven) [Ekko](/r/EkkoMains) [Elise](/r/EliseMains) [Evelynn](/r/EvelynnMains) [Ezreal](/r/EzrealMains) [Fiddlesticks](/r/FiddlesticksMains) [Fiora](/r/FioraMains) [Fizz](/r/FizzMains) [Galio](/r/GalioMains) [Gangplank](/r/GangplankMains) [Garen](/r/GarenMains) [Gnar](/r/GnarMains) [Gragas](/r/GragasMains) [Graves](/r/GravesMains) [Hecarim](/r/HecarimMains) [Heimerdinger](/r/HeimerdingerMains) [Illaoi](/r/Illaoi) [Irelia](/r/IreliaMains) [Ivern](/r/IvernMains) [Janna](/r/Janna) [Jarvan IV](/r/JarvanIVMains) [Jax](/r/JaxMains) [Jayce](/r/JayceMains) [Jhin](/r/JhinMains) [Jinx](/r/LeagueofJinx) [Kai'Sa](/r/KaisaMains) [Kalista](/r/KalistaMains) [Karma](/r/KarmaMains) [Karthus](/r/KarthusMains) [Kassadin](/r/KassadinMains) [Katarina](/r/KatarinaMains) [Kayle](/r/KayleMains) [Kayn](/r/KaynMains) [Kennen](/r/KennenMains) [Kha'zix](/r/KhaZixMains) [Kindred](/r/Kindred) [Kled](/r/KledMains) [Kog'maw](/r/Kog_Mains) [Leblanc](/r/LeblancMains) [Lee Sin](/r/LeeSinMains) [Leona](/r/LeonaMains) [Lissandra](/r/LissandraMains) [Lucian](/r/LucianMains) [Lulu](/r/LuluMains) [Lux](/r/Lux) [Malphite](/r/MalphiteMains) [Malzahar](/r/MalzaharMains) [Maokai](/r/MaokaiMains) [Master Yi](/r/MasterYiMains) [Miss Fortune](/r/MissFortuneMains) [Mordekaiser](/r/MordekaiserMains) [Morgana](/r/MorganaMains) [Nami](/r/NamiMains) [Nasus](/r/NasusMains) [Nautilus](/r/NautilusMains) [Nidalee](/r/NidaleeMains) [Nocturne](/r/NocturneMains) [Nunu](/r/NunuMains) [Olaf](/r/OlafMains) [Orianna](/r/OriannaMains) [Ornn](/r/ornnmains) [Pantheon](/r/PantheonMains) [Poppy](/r/PoppyMains) [Pyke](/r/Pykemains) [Quinn](/r/QuinnMains) [Rakan](/r/RakanMains) [Rammus](/r/RammusMains) [Rek'sai](/r/RekSaiMains) [Renekton](/r/RenektonMains) [Rengar](/r/RengarMains) [Riven](/r/RivenMains) [Rumble](/r/RumbleMains) [Ryze](/r/RyzeMains) [Sejuani](/r/SejuaniMains) [Shaco](/r/ShacoMains) [Shen](/r/Shen) [Shyvana](/r/ShyvanaMains) [Singed](/r/SingedMains) [Sion](/r/DirtySionMains) [Sivir](/r/Sivir) [Skarner](/r/SkarnerMains) [Sona](/r/SonaMains) [Soraka](/r/SorakaMains) [Swain](/r/SwainMains) [Syndra](/r/SyndraMains) [Tahm Kench](/r/TahmKenchMains) [Taliyah](/r/TaliyahMains) [Talon](/r/TalonMains) [Taric](/r/TaricMains) [Teemo](/r/TeemoTalk) [Thresh](/r/ThreshMains) [Tristana](/r/TristanaMains) [Trundle](/r/TrundleMains) [Tryndamere](/r/TryndamereMains) [Twisted Fate](/r/TwistedFateMains) [Twitch](/r/TwitchMains) [Udyr](/r/UdyrMains) [Urgot](/r/UrgotMains) [Varus](/r/VarusMains) [Vayne](/r/VayneMains) [Veigar](/r/VeigarMains) [Vel'koz](/r/VelKoz) [Vi](/r/ViMains) [Viktor](/r/ViktorMains) [Vladimir](/r/VladimirMains) [Volibear](/r/VolibearMains) [Warwick](/r/WarwickMains) [Wukong](/r/WukongMains) [Xayah](/r/XayahMains) [Xerath](/r/XerathMains) [Xin Zhao](/r/XinZhaoMains) [Yasuo](/r/YasuoMains) [Yorick](/r/YorickMains) [Zac](/r/TheSecretWeapon) [Zed](/r/ZedMains) [Ziggs](/r/ZiggsMains) [Zilean](/r/ZileanMains) [Zoe](/r/ZoeMains) [Zyra](/r/ZyraMains)
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