Amazing New World - 19

Sep 27th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Amazing New World ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Hoseung (Mc) Chief Single
Kim Mijung (Fmc) Team Leader Single Parent
Sook Young (Sook) Employee Fiancee
Nasori (Bh) Employee Single
Jun Sook (Glasses) Fmc's Secretary Fiancee
Juwan (Sugar) Assistant Manager Single
[N/A] (Bun) Employee Married

Chapter - 19

(TLN: I did those gist in hurry until the chap 23, maybe there will be some incoherence with the previous and next chapters. The quality will improve later from chapter 24 or so.)

So blonde wants to find a way to steal the video from MC without being caught by him.. FMC asks at her meeting if someone wants to be with MC for giving lecture about Sexual harassment prevention.. She says that it would be better if it it a woman who accompanies him.. Blonde lifts her hand telling that she wants to do it..
Glasses and other female coworker talks about MC being with Blonde for the prevention, Coworker finds it funny and Glasses says it's like a fantasy with the offender and the victim falling for each other.. They talk about what does Blonde for being so rich, because her shoes, bags etc.. are too expensive for their humble pay.. Glasses says that when she beginning in this company, Blonde was a much modest who woman and don't know what happened to her..

FMC leaves a "phone repair", she thinks about what the guy just told her.. something like he can't unlock her cellphone because She has no way to prove that it belongs to her..
Fmc gives a call to her daughter's teacher and tells him to come to her home tomorrow, he doesn't understand why because there is no lecture planned for her daughter this day.. She tells him that she needs to asks him something personally..

Sook walks in the office searching for something.. She thinks about what happened yesterday at the hospital.. One of the nurse asks her to pay for her "Guardian" treatment and if she can't pay very soon they will discharge him without treating him anymore..
She asks where is the office of the welfare department.. He tells him the way..

She greets Blonde, Blonde asks her what does she want and if this time she doesn't have a coffee in her hands.. Neighbor tells her that she wants to apply to some medical expanses aid from the company. Blonde tells that there isn't such aid for temporary worker.. Some meh talk, Blonde tells her that she'll fill out an application for her but to no expect too much from this.. Sook thanks her..

MC caught up with his Neighbor (Sook) and apologizes to her for not answering her phone call recently.. She tells him that's okay she knows that he's a busy man, he asks her what she was doing just before.

She explains everything to MC, he tries to cheer her up saying that she'll receive the aid from the company and at worst he can still help her too. She's happy and thanks him..

MC walks in the welfare department heading toward Blonde office.. he checks her trash can and notice Neighbor appliance for the medical aid.. (What a bitch...)

Teacher is in front of FMC door, he rings the bell asking if she's here.. He enter in the apartment and notices FMC asleep on her couch. He moves closer to her calling her name (Well he calls her "Mother") he pulls her underwear checking if she's really asleep..

To be continued..
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