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  1. @create Memo Board=10
  2. @Desc Memo Board=A simple memo board. It listens for people to arrive, then records the time they visited. If you have a suggestion for what this place should be for us, type 'memo (whatever, blah blah)'
  3. @VB Memo Board=<_>
  4. @VC Memo Board=@switch strlen(v(va))=3,{},{"People have visited.};@switch strlen(v(vb))=3,{},{"You have messages.}
  5. @VD Memo Board=NOTES: the commands to use this machine are 'show guests', 'play messages', 'clear guests', 'memo <message>', and 'clear messages'. These commands do exactly what you would expect them to. The AHEAR on the machine makes it so when the owner of the machine arrives, his/her name is not recorded(to save space). The AHEAR will trigger VC when the owner arrives. VC checks to see if anyone has visited, or if there are any messages, and will notify the owner of such facts. If there are no visitors, nor any messages, the answering machine will do nothing when the owner arrives.
  6. @VE Memo Board=CREDITS: This exhibit appears courtesy of Stranger.
  7. @VU Memo Board=$memo *:@edit me/vb={<_>},{"[v(0)]" - [name(owner(v(n)))]...<_>};"I'll give [name(owner(me))] the message.
  8. @VV Memo Board=$show messages:"Here are the messages:;"[v(vb)]
  9. @VW Memo Board=$clear messages:@switch name(owner(v(n)))=[name(owner(me))],{"Messages cleared.;@vb me=<_>},{"Only [name(owner(me))] can clear the messages.}
  10. @VY Memo Board=$show guests:"Here's who has visted:;"[v(va)]
  11. @VZ Memo Board=@switch name(owner(v(n)))=[name(owner(me))],{"Guest register cleared.;@va me=<+>},{"Only [name(owner(me))] can clear the guest register.}
  12. @Listen Memo Board=* has arrived.
  13. @Ahear Memo Board=@switch name(owner(v(n)))=[name(owner(me))],{@trigger me/vc},{@edit me/va={<+>},{%N stopped by [time()]...<+>}
  14. @rxlevel Memo Board= Real
  15. @txlevel Memo Board= Real
  19. I'd name it something else, of course. Maybe make a poster for a lost dog or something.
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