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  1. ; april fools ;
  3. name ; ryu hyosung [류혀성]
  4. birthday ; 14/08/2000
  5. age ; 20 [kor] / 18 [int]
  6. nationality ; kor
  7. birthplace ; jeonju, s.k.
  8. ethnicity ; kor
  10. ; valkyrie ;
  12. blood type ; o
  13. personality traits ;
  14. -narcissist: hyosung puts himself to be the winner of the world’s gold trophies and has a high self-esteem.
  15. -selfish: hyosung’s narcissism can lead to him thinking in a self beneficial mindset.
  16. -warm hearted: hyosung does have a warm heart despite the front but has never met anyone he truly cared for to show it.
  17. -charismatic: hyosung is a confident king and can draw attention naturally.
  18. -sophisticated: hyosung loves luxury and tidiness despite the everlasting “boys are messy” notion.
  19. face claim ; lee jeno
  20. occupation ; actor
  21. instagram ; @hyololife
  23. ; la vie en rose ;
  25. background ;
  26. hyosung grew up wealthy and with a lavish lifestyle, and with that life came his selfish behaviour. of course he had weaknesses of the heart but never showed it for the sake of his millionaire acting parents. his parents had fought for him to escape the acting passion but ultimately let hyosung act in some commercials and later drama roles. hyosung was adding to the family wealth greatly which gave him a boosted ego and less friends but who needs friends when you have money ? now, hyosung is a rather liked actor with a secret wish for a warm hearted front.
  27. love interest slot ; delicate
  28. height ; 177 cm
  29. weight ; 58 kg
  30. level of popularity ; 7/10
  32. ; butterfly ;
  34. trivia ;
  35. •he wanted to change his name to hwang seokmin
  36. •he had his first kiss on screen
  37. •his family net worth accumulates to $1bil
  38. •he wants to try a villainous role
  39. •he has a lot of kiss scenes for his experience so people call him “kiss king”
  40. •his ideal type is someone who can move his heart
  42. •thriller shows
  43. •variety shows
  44. •eating celebratory desserts
  45. •making money
  46. •himself
  47. dislikes ;
  48. •losing money
  49. •dieting
  50. •being involved in so many rom-coms
  51. •the nickname from his kiss scenes: “kiss king”
  52. •vain girls
  53. anything i missed ; n/a
  54. message towards me ; yoyoyo
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