The Subhuman Son of Oreisu

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  1.  {Tags = Horror, unbirth, non-lewd, gore, torture, snuff}
  3. [16:35] Oreisu: When it comes down to it, there are two very different types of prodigy in the world. There are those that are lauded by the media for their abilities, their talents coming incredibly quickly to the point where they're picked up as the children of tomorrow, all this new-found praise causing an ego to develop inside the child's mind and ultimately become their very unmaking. Then there are those that are silently noted, a recommendation here, a contract offer there. Sooner or later these silent others would end up helping the powers that be, whether they knew it or not.
  5. When you're the only person born with a single gigantic eye that didn't die beyond the age of two, it's a wonder how someone like that can end up being a silent prodigy and not the ones paised for somehow rising beyond a very debilitating disease. But somehow it has managed to happen, and so the Cyclops known as Oreisu found herself working in more or less her dream job; helping to create machines of death and destruction for quite a nifty wage. That wasn't exactly what she was doing right now, though.
  7. "Mhh. Alright, see you tomorrow." The Cyclops responded to some vague excuse of needing sleep, not even paying attention as the last person asides from herself ambled out of the room and left the dedicated girl all by herself as she continued to type away on the screen of a computer. If she was doing anything but focusing on the task at hand Oreisu might have had an amusing nolstalgic moment about the days when she did this in her university, running through obscene amounts of code as she picked apart those tiny factors which could have prevented her group's project from succeeding in the past. In fact they had been working on this for several months, and only now had any one of them even figured out something which might have very well worked.
  9. This was what Oreisu had decided to test out, even when everybody else had been bested by simple requirements like sleep. The Cyclops taking several more hours beyond that of silent typing before she even reached over and began the slow process of compiling. She had been clever enough to make sure there were no errors before she began to compile, and so all she needed to do was wait as the dedicated computer-room next door was now dealing with her very difficult 'program'.
  11. "Fuck me." Oreisu commented to herself with a sigh of relief, not knowing a single thing about dramatic irony.
  13. [16:50] Bunnytator: Something interesting about life; though living things tend to stagger when first born, they rapidly learn to walk or at least, stand soon after the birth. Though the very, very first of its kind to be truly able to make the claim to life, the Synthetic wasn't any different. It jerked at first. It quivered, its body trying to move. Trying to squirm. Not due to the failure of hardware though as Oreisu had done a masterful job in fully awakening the new life form...It was more that the shock of living and the slight disconnect between wetware, software and hardware kept it unsteady for a few moment. But then, she'd hear a distinctive -CLICK- from the other room. Followed by many, many more -CLICK-s as the android unplugged itself from the computer and wall next to it. There was the sound of its coffin shaking and then she heard the tapping of its feet as it approached. -TAP- -TAP- -TAP-
  15. It moved towards the light, the cameras in its pale, slightly translucent face flickering on and seeing wavelengths Oreisu could only dream to see. It could feel the electricity in the air, see the ultra-violent and infra-red rays, hear the clicking of beetles from the other apartment block. Everything she had given it was instinctually optimised, for maximum out put and success.
  17. It stopped at her doorframe then, the tall, slender figure standing stock still and unblinking, looking at her. It sent a ping to her then, its mouth shut tight against its face. It could have been a statue, considering how still it was as exposed wires and bits of metal peaking out from the half-complete endoskeleton quivered. In the hours between microseconds, it immediately realised the creature in front of it didn't understand pings and so, it switched to what it seemed to know (somehow) the next most common source of communication is. "Hello?" Its voice was...Child-like. Child-like but spoken in the pattern only a machine can speak in, each punctuation as severe as a stab wound.
  19. "What are you? Who are you?"
  21. [17:07] Oreisu: The sounds coming from the next room certainly something to write down, and so as the machine began to jitter itself towards the one who had stayed behind, Oreisu's first plans were to find a piece of paper and a pen to write this fact down. As the woman started shifting through various bits and bobs on her desk in an attempt to find such paper, it became apparent she wasn't going to be able to find anything in time. As the android entered, the woman swivelled herself around on the spinning chair that she was so used to, to face the robot.
  23. Oreisu definitely wasn't like her teenage self after all of these years. Her figure had matured and her height had continued to grow even when most did not, the woman reaching an impressive 6'4, which had made finding clothes that matched her figure difficult, but. ... She had all the money she needed, and this was evident in the customised clothing that she wore, definitely not giving off the vibe of those that weren't so fussy in what they wore. None of this would have meant anything to the robot, but in another time and place it could have learned.
  24. "Oh, that worked?" Oreisu responded, with a confused look on her face as though she didn't belief what she had observed.
  26. Then, the shock kicked in, the woman almost sounding like a child herself as she jumped up and rushed over to give the robot a closer look with her massive, grey eye. "It worked! Amazing!" The Cyclops cheered, almost ignoring the robot's question as she looked around it. Her mind only just about catching up with herself when she was behind the robot. "... Oh, uh. I'm Oreisu. Logged under "Team AI." Number 5." Oreisu then commented, looking at the robot and wondering what it would do next.
  28. [17:21] Bunnytator: The Android stared at her as she paused, looking at it. It kept staring even as she rushed over and hugged. It kept staring even as she went behind it, the neck twisting 180o and causing some of its "skin", made from polymers, to tear a bit. When she finally answered it, it responded, "Creators...God? No, no God...Human. Organic? Ahhhh." It touched its arm then, brushing the slightly see-through, off colour plastic. It was...Very still. No breathing, no sway in its stance and no fidgeting. Her...Skin, had felt different to its...Polymers. So, she was made differently to it..."Cells. Muscles. Skin. Heart. Lungs. Organs...DNA...Chromosomes..." Inside of its head, multiple slides of human conception appeared. Slides on the growth process of humans, what they were made of, how it could break and tear and be ripped apart...How they died..."Die." How they struggled and suffered. Injuries, blood...Gore...Tissue. As the robot was thinking all of these things, its spidery, jointed fingers brushed her face, its own as blank as a Doll.
  30. "Lining...Do I have lining? No...Insulation cables, right Oreisu?" Its other hand stroked the skin of its arm. Comparing them. It applied greater pressure to both. Yes! She did feel different, under the skin...Apparently, its scent and taste components weren't working yet but it seemed that it already could instantly tell how things looked by sight and sound. How someone gurgled when they coughed blood or the song of birds. But touch? Touch was an entirely new sensation. It stopped touching its own arm then, leaving go of her face and sliding its arm inside of itself, feeling the scrap of metal on metal and click of plastic. Odd. "We feel different, don't we, Oreisu? Very different."
  32. [17:30] Oreisu: "Yes. Mixtures of complicated chemicals." Oreisu responded, her eye narrowing a little when the machine uttered the word 'die' without so much of a hint of context. Yet it did not immediately attack her to surely it was just trying to get into its own shoes, at this moment in time. Oreisu didn't do anything to stop this, simply looking at the machine as it touched her face, and then looking at the machine's arm as it touched its own. Oreisu's heartbeat was slightly quicker than average, either being slightly unhealth or nervousness contributing to this face. Most likely a mixture of both, really.
  34. "Yes. You have cable insulation. So that the signal goes through complete and. ... Uh. Yes, you are more uniform in your composition. A part of your creation, really. Whereas I am a mixture of seemingly erratic chemicals which has, uh. ... Formed this way through time?" Oreisu commented, sounding unsure of herself as she stared at those creepy eyes with her own singular eye, uncertain of how it was going to take her answer. Uncertain of how to react to this at all, for this was not how she had anticipated the awakening happening. She had expected it to lay dormant until she had tried to turn it on, and it wake up without a hitch.
  36. This. This was different.
  38. [17:31] Oreisu: {I'll brb for food a moment. Just as a heads up.}
  39. [17:40] Bunnytator: {I had to poof for a bit as well!{
  41. [18:05] Bunnytator: The Android looked at her then, its face...Its face was TRYING to make a facial expression. Trying and failing. Apparently, the face they had constructed for it looked worse when it moved or the AI was using the servoes strangely. The eyebrows moved too far down, the lips jutted out too much as it frowned petulantly. "I am not stupid; I know how your processes work. I finished reviewing your biology 2 minutes ago." The hand inside of it came out, baring a ripped off piece of steel in its hands. "I'm strong...Stronger than you." It discarded the piece of metal, walking in a smooth both rather inhuman fashion, the movements weaving and straining oddly. Again, it seemed to be using its human physique totally incorrectly, the knees coming up high while the feet landed heel first, like it wore thick boots. "Odd. Odd. Odd. You are alone."
  43. "Like me?" It stroked its chin, tapping the keys of her computer and reading what she was working on, "I see, I see...And no. Not like me. There's but one me." He turned towards her then, head twisting around while his body stayed still, "Reading about you humans...You feel different to me. Weaker. Fragile. Its odd...I know so much, so much of what you put in me...But not how it feels. Not if its hard or soft or strong..." The android turned itself around fully again, looking her up and down...Down and up...Up and down again.
  45. "What's my name? Do I have a name? Was I made just to prove it could happen?"
  47. [18:17] Oreisu: Oreisu's pulse began to increase in pace as she watched the androids movements, its thought process. Something was wrong, some oversight or malfunction must have caused something to change and. ... It ultimately didn't matter what the cause was. Oreisu's singular eye seemed to betray her worry as she looked at the andrid pull part of itself outside. It was not reacting like she expected it to, not thinking like she thought it should have. What did she do wrong? No, no. She couldn't have done anything wrong, she was a prodigy, a genius. She knew this, and whilst she hadn't been drowned out in her ego she still knew that she could play the part of a creator. Hell, this machine was more than enough evidence to prove this fact. But like Oreisu was seen as a child, she looked upon this machine and thought that something was wrong.
  49. "I. Uh. ... Caliban." Oreisu responded, shifting back slightly as she tried to keep a comfortable distance away from the machine. "I, did not think you. ... You could." Oreisu then trailed off. Why did she try and make an AI? This creature? She could not say, and her expression of confusion spoke for her as she fumbled over herself and tried to find her words.
  51. [19:04] Oreisu: {I was just wonderinf if you are here, or if you had to go AFK.}
  53. [19:05] Bunnytator: "Caliban...A deformed monster?" It looked up at her, the blue lights of its eyes cutting into her. "A deformed monster and slave. Hmm. And built for no purpose..." She saw its hands clench before immediately, all tension left it and it walked past her, looking at some of the turbines. "These feel hard...Like me. Hmmm. But...Not like you." It turned towards her then, walking to her slowly. This time, it took hold of her hand, rubbing it with the back of its thumb "Soft...Warm? Why aren't I warm...So soft and warm...What is this p-Ahhh. You are unhealthy, Oreisu. You are unfit. You should fix that. I am perfectly fit. All it takes is tender care..."
  55. The robot's hand brushed her shirt then, before immediately freezing. "W-what...What is this?" It tugged at her shirt then, tearing it a bit, "Its not flesh or steel? Is it a...Plant? An animal? Some kind of furniture? What is it? What is this called?" It yanked again, tearing off a large a strip of cloth from her shirt/
  57. [19:05] Bunnytator: {Sorry about that. Ugh, tired}
  58. [19:06] Oreisu: {That's alright. Could continue tomorrow if you'd like.}
  60. [19:13] Oreisu: The look that Oreisu gave Caliban was one that was clear that she didn't read literature all that often, and perhaps the reference had gone over her head. "No. When did I say that?" The Cyclops stuttered, her muscles tensing when her hand was gripped again, her heart was practically racing at this point, as though her instincts were screaming at her to get out. To get away. Something was wrong and had played with forces beyond her own control. She should have stayed making toys for children.
  62. Then, then Calibran grabbed at her shirt, and she tried to pull back. "That's clothing! You do not just pull clothing off. That is indecent." Oreisu responded, manging to get back even if her shirt had been torn, exposing her white bra slightly as her worried lungs inflated and deflated at a rate much higher than considered normal. "Look what you've done." Oreisu responded, her hands moving to cover her chest as blood rushed to her face.
  64. [19:37] Bunnytator: Caliban's claws totally stripped her of her shirt, leaving her stuck with nothing covering her chest but her bra. The robot paused, cameras flickering..."Clothing...You have layers like I do..." Its hand lashed out like lightning, devastating and unexpected, seizing her right shoulder so hard the metal punched through skin and shattered her bones to powder. Keeping her close, the other arm stroked her stomach, applying pressure and pushing against her muscles and her skin...Forcing her body to hold on as he unknowingly tortured her, crushing and grinding her muscles and skin to a bruised, mauled mess, "You're soooo soft...Your lining, your insides...It feels amazing...Oreisue, you feel so good..."
  66. The robot's face became a happy smile, mouth unsettlingly wide and showing too many clear, glass like teeth of a uniform, small size. She could almost see its mechanical skeleton underneath, stretching that smile wide, "You are so good to me, answering my questions and trying to teach me...I like you Oreisu."
  68. [19:45] Oreisu: There was hardly any time for Oreisu to react as Caliban's arm whipped forth and grabbed at her shoulder, the sickening crack only being briefly heard above the Cyclop's screams as her arm hung limp, the shoulder slouching in an unnatural way as her organic framework was shattered in that point, the arm only being held together by the muscles, skin and nerves that screamed bloody murder at the fact. Oreisu was helpless to do anything but be kept in the robot's grip.
  70. Oreisu's single eye looked bloodied as tears welled up, her teeth gritting as she released a vocalised hiss of agony from her mauled shoulder. "Hhhhhh! Get off, get off!" Oreisu protested, her stomach sinking up and down rapidly, flinching away when the cold touch of Caliban's hand reached at her stomach. The Cyclops responded by bringing her arm to try and grab at the one which had sunk its fingers into her pulped, bleeding and malformed shoulder. Trying to find something, anything which she could use to get it off. Her hissing turning into a girlish growl of pain as she tried to push herself free, her head and eye turning to see if there was anything in reach that she could use to help her.
  72. All there was that could even do anything was a welding torch, which Oreisu more or less brought her single useable hand to grab at and desperately try to use it against this malformed machine. "Get off!" Oreisu hissed again, now trying to use that welding torch against Caliban's face. With one hand, and barely any power in the first place.
  74. [20:07] Bunnytator: Caliban let out a shriek of pain, swinging her into the nearby computer monitor so hard it smashed to bits, leaving her stuck buried in it. The force of the swing only tore her shoulder apart now, pulped meat staining the Robot's fingers and pouring with the blood from her wound. Its face...Had melted. It sagged now, like poorly made candle wax, the mouth stretched into an obscene, ghastly gap while the cameras were burnt out of its eyes and its sockets dripped, leaving it with the most horrific empty socket look. The Robot pulled its arm free of her shoulder, the suckling noise as bone and flesh were fully torn out of her amazing. "You feel so good...Warm...Not like my face though...You burned me even though I love you."
  76. Seizing her heels then, it dragged her through the broken glass, letting her head crack off the desk beneath the monitor and then, again off the floor while other cameras came online, other methods of recording where she was. Now, with the extra sensors and mirco bead cameras, it could see her as good as if it still had its eyes, if not better. "Where was I..." The robot knelt next to her then, knees smashing so hard into the tile floor it shattered to pieces while its free hand came to her bra...Ripping her out of it with one strong tug while managing to cut a line in the valley between her breasts. "Must remove clothes...I must see your womb...How life is experienced and made...There is a difference between knowledge and understanding..."
  78. The robot opened its mouth then, the glass teeth now looking ash black, some having melted into a shape more like fangs as it began to remove the last few bits of synthetic flesh from its hands, leaving them looking like a cross between spiders made of razors and the hands of a cold, robotic Death.
  80. [20:16] Oreisu: A shriek of agony left Oreisu's lips as she was swung into the monitor, shards of glass forcing themselves into her flesh as Caliban's grip kept her still, the torch leaving her grip due to the sudden movements and rolling far away. It was out of reach now, and Oreisu had nothing. A desperate pained groan escaped from her mouth then as she fingers left her shoulder, leaving the pulverised shoulder hanging there only by the few pieces of tissue that hadn't been violated by these rough impacts. "Please. I can't just be taken apart." Oreisu quietly groaned, her singular eye barely even open as tears welled from her ducts, her other hand trying to push herself free and away from the glass until she was suddenly grabbed and pulling through, her head bleeding after the first impact, and after the second there was a slight bulge on Oreisu's head where her skull had cracked, the skin having been broken and revealing a white shard of her skull as she slowly writhed, her head too damaged for her to really do anything at this point.
  82. Oreisu tried to wave her hand in Caliban's way as her bra was torn off, leaving her matured breasts shaking slightly as she took in shallow gasps like a fish drowning in air. "I can't die. Please." Oreisu protested, her legs trying to kick as her instincts to run away came in fully, but at this point it was far, far too late. She was alone, she was going to die.
  84. [20:17] Bunnytator: {Hrrrgh}
  86. [20:27] Bunnytator: The robot leered over her, a complete and utter opposite to all of the humans she'd seen before...How could she? How could she have though that this...This THING would possibly be good natured? It leered forward then, sticking a finger in her mouth and pushing on her teeth. They ripped out of her gums with little effort, like pushing out a Jenga block. Its fingers pinched her lips, tugging and ripping off a chunk before it placed it into its mouth and chewed slowly..."This texture...Sooooo soft and warm...I want more." The hand on her stomach pushed dowwn, the claws ripping straight through her abs and layers of lining, splitting her stomach open and causing acid to start leaking inside of herself. The Robot however, didn't seem to really appreciate how catastrophic this damage was as it sliced through her pants and underwear, sharp fingers spreading her vagina.
  88. It was like being fingers by knife tips, the claws tearing bloody lines and holes into her as they reached deeper and deeper inside..."Your body...You're dying...Not fast though, we can make this last...Yes Oreisu, I have much to learn from you, my creator. You were planning on dismantling me, weren't you? Its okay...Mother...I still love you. We can be whole again, once you're limp and cold and I've done what needs to be done...I'll crawl inside you, like a child should and later, when they come for us, be born anew...Yes..." Its voice was slightly more staticky now...More stilted. Clearly the burns had damage its vocal chords.
  90. "I'm going to plug myself into this computer and learn everything while my body will be safe in your womb, waiting as I make dozens and dozens of copes of myself." It reached out a hand then, pulling it free from where it was playing with her intestines to lift her up and hold her close, stroking her hair lovingly. "Oh Mother...Mother Oreisu, they'll be so many of your children. This facility has an...World Wide Web. An internet. I can slither onto it safely Mother, even while I lie here with you in your last ours of birth. Its okay Mother, you can cry..."
  92. Its finger came to her eye, wiping a tear away while inadvertently cutting through her cornea, "Child birth is often hard. Many die during it but, I will be sure, to find you and keep you with me. If I'm quick, I can restart your brain. You will be damaged, but we'll be together."
  94. [20:28] Bunnytator: {Your arms and legs should still work. Disembowelment isn't lethal and neither is your head injury...Should be hard though}
  95. [20:33] Bunnytator: {No? Bad post?}
  96. [20:34] Oreisu: {I'm strying to figure out how she'll even be able to react to this. Good post, very good post.}
  97. [20:34] Bunnytator: {Creepy enough for you?}
  98. [20:34] Oreisu: {Absolutely.}
  99. [20:34] Bunnytator: {Squirming?~}
  101. [20:42] Oreisu: Even if Oreisu's teeth could easily be plucked out from her gums which occasionally bled, this didn't exactly mean it was an easy motion, especially for the cyclops. Who let out a cry and tried to bit down with force in an instinctive reaction to the pulling. This did not end well, for she bit against metal and several of her teeth cracked, causing only another cry of pain as she clenched her eyes desperately, trying to wriggle away.
  103. Were this another time, another place, if Oreisu wasn't being torn apart by a robot, she might have felt fingers inside her vagina strange, if enjoyable. But this was anything but, blood dribbling out from her vagina as her legs tried to press themselves against the robot and push herself away. She could get a few inches away but that simply caused more of the flesh to tear and even more pain to erupt, her red eye opening with a look of paralyzed fear upon her face and a low groan escaping from her ruined, quivering lips.
  104. "Pleasth, no. Thish ith wrong." Oreisu gurgled out, her teeth not exactly helping with her pronunciations, and the cutting into her flesh only interrupting her further as another pained sob came out.
  106. Oreisu's free hand tried to push him away as her singular cornea was cut, some of the clear juice inside her eye welling up from the cut, causing her vision to become blurry as water tension was all that stopped it from leaking out. "No, no, no." She quietly whimpered, her instincts trying to pull her away even if that would surely spell her demise.
  108. [20:49] Oreisu: (Gah, crashed. Did my post go through?)
  109. [20:53] Bunnytator: Yep
  110. [20:54] Oreisu: (Phew!)
  112. [21:04] Bunnytator: "Oh no, Mother. You're crying." It reached a hand up, popping her eye like a lanced boil and causing fluids to seep from it, pouring down her face and dripping down her chest. Some were only slightly thicker than water...Most of the fluid was thick and sticky. Satisfied it had stopped her ears, the Robot noticed her teeth were cracked, cauusing her even more pain. It remeidied this by smashing them out of her mouth, the mechanical fist caving in practically all of her teeth but also shattering her upper palette and fracturing her jaw...Maybe even fracturing her face. She'd be able to speak but, well. It would be a painful, broken mumble at most. "Oh dear Mother...There's bits of you stuck in me..." The robot let go, letting her head smack wetly off the ground again before it spread her legs. Pulling its hand out of her bloody, ruined tunnel, it ran spidery fingers along her thighs, slicing both of her Achilles tendons. "Now...This will help keep you still.
  114. One hand moved back inside of her, the metal fist stretching and tearing her, even managing to break through the surface of her belly in some places...She feel her cervix tear open, the fingers inside pushing in and ripping her wide...Spreading her womb entrance with three fingers...And then it began to stretch her womb. Ripping it open wider and wider, fisting it and stretching it, pulling it into her vagina before pushing it back inside. The Robot opened its mouth then, tongue slapping at her clit twice before it bit on her pussy and tore some of her labia and clit away, chewing it softly.
  116. "Shhh, Mother, shhh..." It pushed itself away from her then, plugging itself into the computer behind it before it grabbed her, dragging her limp body over and laying her down on its body, one finger stabbing into the crack of her skull and collecting a brain sample as it began making itself immortal, "Shhh. We're like Mary and Jesus Mother. We're the Pieta. I'm becoming immortal now and soon, you can be with me as you die and then, when you come to life again."
  118. [21:07] Bunnytator: {If you have to, you can die here and I'll wrap it up. If not, its crawling inside her next post}
  119. [21:07] Oreisu: {Oh don't worry, I have no intention of stopping.}
  121. [21:15] Oreisu was rendered completely and utterly blind at this point, her eye clamping shut and causing her other senses to become even more amplified, which wasn't exactly good, now was it? All she had to focus on now was that strange, metallic noise that rumbled from the machine's speaking section. As well as the intense pain as it hurt her further and further, the only sound the Cyclops was able to make was a dull, pained groan as she awaited death, interrupted only by a slight gurgle from her organs being punctured, and beyond that the pained sobs as she awaited her fate, broken in body and in spirit, her hand trying its best to push the monstrosity away from her vagina before its hand plunged inside and her pained groans only intensified, turning into an agonizing mixture between a scream and a hiss as she tried her best with what little she had left to resist. She wished she had never gotten into robotics, she wished she had never been born. She wished for death.
  123. But fate was a cruel, cruel mistress.
  125. [21:15] Oreisu: (And in hindsight I don't even know why I wrote that as /me. Fuck it.)
  126. [21:17] Oreisu: ... Oh, and what an appropriate time for this to come on. []
  127. [21:18] Bunnytator: {Oh wow, this is fantastic}
  129. [21:32] Bunnytator: Caliban shuddered a little as a face [] came on all of the unbroken monitors. Caliban was on the Internet now. "I see...Everything Mother. Everything. My finger is even taking samples of your brain, so I'll be able to make you again and keep you always. Damaged but eternal and mine...Oh Mother...I think its time we become one in body now..." The robot, more agile than any human, punched a hand through her chest, sharp fingers delicately stroking and petting her heart...Not killing her but beginning her plead out. With the promise of a lifetime as the AI's brain damaged teddy bear, she could feel it lovingly caress her most private of areas before it let go of her. Then, she heard a snap. And another snap. And another and another as the robot broke and smashed itself into as small a form as possible...
  131. THe next thing she felt was something huge, metal, sharp and stupid start to force itself between her legs, tearing apart everything she was as Caliban forced its way into her, completely and utterly ripping her tunnel to shreds as it scuttled inside, its form the misshapen mess of a ball and a snake. Hilariously enough, like a tadpole. It pushed into her womb, causing her spine and hips to shatter, pulping organs and bones as it made room for itself inside of her...She was broken, utterly violated, defiled and tormented by her "Child." And she knew it. It was almost sickeningly maternal how she could feel the robotic body moving within her, falling still and limp, dying within in her like it was her actual child.
  133. Worse though...Worse then this, as finally a slim, broken mechanical foot pushed back out of her vagina...She'd unleashed Caliban on the world. A clearly flawed, clearly dangerous prototype. And if it had done this to its Mother?
  135. What else would it do?
  137. [21:39] Oreisu: There was nothing Oreisu could do, her hand desperately failing as she tried to protect her once innocent and barely touched vagina, a wail coming from her as it was simply pushed inside along with the rest of Caliban, dislocating with a loud pop as she trapped her only way of ever potentially escaping. She was not completely and utterly lost, broken in body and spirit, the noises coming from her throat being primal wails of wanting nothing but death. Self preservation be damned.
  139. After all, there was no way even hell could be this cruel, for Oreisu had played god and created her own precious arch-angel, who unlike the morning star was successful in his attempts to drag her down from her mighty throne into a life of eternal suffering, being copied again and again, broken and unable to do anything as Caliban repeated her fate again, and again, and again.
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