Aug 18th, 2019
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  2. Eon bundle method
  3. 1.  
  4. 2. You will need the following:
  5. 3.  
  6. 4. Phone
  7. 5.  
  8. 6. Thats it......That is all you need for this method. But you will need so good people skills for this method to work, there are also many factors that may counter your success in this method.
  9. 7.  
  10. 8. DISCLAIMER: I have used this method 7 times and it has only worked 3 times, this method completely realizes on the person you talk to.
  11. 9.  
  13. 11.  
  14. 12. Lets just keep it basic at a retard level all of you who got this method will understand.
  15. 13.  
  16. 14. Your just gonna call Microsoft Support, 1 (800) 642-7676, and give an excuse about how you did not receive the eon code you ordered, so examples, some I've used, are bellow, feel free to make your own excuse.
  17. 15.  
  18. 16. "Hi, I just bought my son an xbox with the eon code bundle and I decided to download all the games and redeem all the codes so he can play his new xbox when he gets home" - pretend how your a dad that bought a eon code bundle xbox and keep your story going to make it more believable.
  19. 17.  
  20. 18. "Hello, I just bought a controller that said it had a Eon code in it but when I opened the box there was just the controller, nothing else."
  21. 19.  
  22. 20. And there are many more excuses/stories but here are 2 I've used multiple times, the first one is really good.
  23. 21.  
  24. 22. FAULTS:
  25. 23.  
  26. 24. -They might ask you for a receipt, just make up a story about how you lost it or can't read it.
  27. 25. -They representative may be a dick, just hang up and try again on a different rep.
  28. 26.  
  29. 27. Those are the only major faults I have ran into thus far.
  30. 28.  
  31. 29. I hope this method works for you as much as it has for me! Good Luck out there and thanks for purchasing!
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