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Mowgli The Senile Scientist

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  1. Key: Kiye30
  2. Name: Mowgli The Senile Scientist
  3. Character Description: Mowgli is an extremely short, elderly man. He has black eyes and is growing bald with only the outer rims of his head containing white hair. He also has a thick white beard and is sometimes mistaken as Santa Claus. Also, senile at times.
  4. Rank: Head Scientist
  6. Example RP: “Eureka! With my superior intellect and brilliant intuition! I have finally created a cure for my senility!” he screamed enjoy. The dwarf sized elderly man pennywise danced in happiness with the serum in his clammy wrinkling hands! Unfortunately, the scientist wasn’t as young as he used to be and dislocated his hip collapsing to the ground with a halfhearted and painful grin on his face and dropped the only vile of the “Anti-Senile Serum”.  He laid there on the ground weeping in pain until his robotic assistant “Carroll” entered through the door of his garage and saw the Professor laying on the ground and a vile of breaking glass near him. The professor desperately tried to scavenge together the broken vile pieces and the serum itself on the ground! “Quickly Carroll! Help me!” he screamed at the female robotic assistant. “Professor!” Carroll yelled, obviously concerned for her creator, she quickly rushed to his side, quickly picking the dwarf size man and carrying him out of the laboratory in haste. While she walked down the hall she gently began rocking him. “You damn blasted woman! Don’t save me! Sav- “suddenly the professor drifted off to sleep groaning in pain. “I’ll be back momentarily Professor to relocate your hip.” Carroll said before giving the elderly dwarf a kiss on the forehead.
  8. After putting the Professor to bed, she returned to the laboratory to clean up his mess. While she was cleaning up she accidently threw any work related to the serum away and all progress he made was forever lost. The professor would eventually wake up to Carroll sitting at his bed side and him having little to no recognition of what happened the previous day because of his senility. “C-Carroll?” he said rather weakly. The robotic assistant quickly responded and grabbed her creator wrapping her arms around his tiny little frame. “Professor you’re alive!” she screamed enjoy!
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