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Price to Pay

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  1. A Price to Pay
  2. Written by That_Invisible_Man
  4. Hello, my name is Johnny, its been  eight years since the incident. I was only eleven at the time and he was fifteen. I don't really wish to go into it, but I was finally able to get the police report about it so my family and I can finally understand what happened. Please upon reading this realize how hard this is for my family and me, we didn't even know how such a thing could happen to us. You read things like this happening on the internet all the time, but for it to happen to you it's just unreal. With the police report, they gave me a copy of my late brother's journal. I have looked into some of the stories that he wrote about but they all seemed fictional and nowhere near reality, but he would always claim that these stories were real. Here are a few entries from his journal.
  6. May 21, 2009
  7.     So journal entry number one. My name is Benny and for the past few weeks I've been struggling with depression, so my family bought this notebook so I could write a journal. They told me if I write in it I will be closer to myself thus helping out my depression, I don't really believe that but I'll humor them. I'll hopefully remember to record my days in this, but knowing me I will just forget.
  9. May 22, 2009
  10.     After school, I got home like everyone else and finished my homework quickly, but instead of relaxing my parents told me to start packing up my stuff and that we are moving to a new home and state. After everything was packed up I was forced to help my family put everything in U-Haul, though my brother younger brother Johnny seemed so happy to be helping hopefully he will grow up to be better than I.
  11. May 25, 2009
  12.     It's been three days since the last time I wrote in this thing, but what else would you expect when moving? Anyway, my family and I finally have everything set up, I even have my own room so no more sharing one with my brother. We moved to a small town out in the country of New York, though I don't really know much about this town I do know there is an arcade so that is where I plan to hang around over the summer.
  14. May 26, 2009
  15.     I am starting to think that this journal thing really does help with depression, I even met a new group of people down at the arcade I have a good feeling that this summer will be a good one. When I got home my family was waiting for takeout, a cheap meal but I have to admit I love it. After finishing I went to my room and got on the netbook I got for my birthday last year, I don't know how long I spent on youtube but I am sure it was way more then two hours.
  17. May 28, 2009
  18.     I forgot to write in my journal last night, but it wasn't all that eventful. Today though I hung around the arcade with my friends and we started talking about the internet and how wonderful it is one of my friends asked me if I had ever heard of a thing called a creepypasta, I told him no but that I would look it up once I got home. When I got home I ate supper then I went to my room and looked up creepypasta, I fell in love with these stories once I started reading so I am sure I will be up late reading all of these stories.
  20. May 29, 2009
  21.     I spent all day reading creepypastas, I am even thinking of writing one of my own. The main ones I have come to love are: Slender man, Jeff the Killer, Candle Cove, and Ben Drowned. I actually started on a fanfiction about me being someone like Jeff, what can I say I see Jeff as a cool character.
  23. May 31, 2009
  24.     Two days have passed and my fanfic is coming along nicely, I told a few friends about it but they seemed to not like the idea saying that it was kind of stupid to put yourself in the role and being a copycat but what do they know? Around two P.M. my friends asked me if I wanted to join them and after checking my progress I thought it would be fine to give the writing a break. A few hours passed and I returned home. Upon getting home the power was out after shrugging it off and eating dinner I realized I forgot to save my progress on my fanfic. I lost a whole day's work so that night I snuck a kitchen knife into my room and began stabbing my pillow to get my anger out.
  26. June 1, 2009
  27.     After last night, I spent the whole day remaking what I had lost it was a sad moment but I dealt with it and kept going. I started to rush a bit, but I got the fanfic done and I uploaded it to the internet for all to see I just really hope people like it.
  29. June 2, 2009
  30.     So I checked the comments on my post and it pissed me off, people say that it was bad and unoriginal, I think that is a load of bullshit I spent hours upon hours on it! I think I'll stab my pillow some more to calm down, it is starting to feel really good and calming for some reason. I'd keep writing but my brother needs my help with something so I guess I might as well help him.
  32. June 3, 2009
  33.     I am starting to hear things outside my window at night, all those stories must be messing with my mind but I love all of them to much to stop. Johnny keeps asking to borrow my Xbox 360, since I have creepypasta I think I'll let him have it for now. I started on a new fanfic about Jeff and the Slender Man, I wanted them to fight each other but I thought that would make for a bad story so I canned it.
  35. June 4, 2009
  36.     Johnny is going to my Uncles house for a day or two, they live a few hours away so I will be home alone all night maybe I will throw a party or better yet I will read creepypastas all night long. I keep hearing noises, laughing, and footsteps inside the house I don't know what is going on but I am scared, to be honest, I mean what if it's the Slender Man or Jeff himself?
  38. June 6, 2009
  39.     My parents went out for the night and I am alone again, wait for someone in knocking on the door who could it be at this time? Shit someone just broke into the house I'm scared, if I didn't live on the second floor I would climb out the window but I have to hide I hear whoever just broke in coming up the stairs. I don't know if I should just hide or check and see if what I am hearing is actually a real person. I just peeked outside my door, and who I saw was someone who looked like Jeff but how could that be Jeff is fiction. I have to hide.
  41.     That was the last thing Benny wrote, when our parents got home they saw the door busted open so they called the police. They were told they could not go back inside until the house was swept and their eldest sons body removed. For the first year Mom was broken up, Dad seemed to hold it together but you could tell that inside he was hurt just as much as Mom. To this day after reading what Benny wrote, I can't tell if these online campfire stories are true of if Benny just had a breakdown and before he was killed the though the murderer was a character from his horror stories. We will miss you Benny and we will always love you.
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