Writefagging 09: Fate/Jumpchain

Aug 28th, 2017
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  2. Jump 09: Fate/Jumpchain
  4. Ashton:
  5. War: Fate/Prototype
  6. +200CP Helping Heart
  7. -300CP Companion Immigration
  8. Enforcer (Free)
  9. Servant (Free)
  10. Command Seals (Free)
  11. Status Page (Free)
  12. Magic Circuits (Free)
  13. -800CP Reality Marble (Weight of The World)
  14. Combat Magus (Free)
  15. -100CP “Useless” Magic (Discount)
  16. Dapper Dressing (Free)
  18. Kindred:
  19. +100CP Techno-Incompetent
  20. Scholar (Free)
  21. Status Page (Free)
  22. Magic Circuits (Free)
  23. Academia (Free)
  24. -300CP Family Crest (Discount)
  25. -100CP Resource Acquisition
  27. Hyledd:
  28. +0CP Servant
  29. Drop In (Free)
  30. Status Page (Free)
  31. Magic Circuits (Free)
  32. Self Control (Free)
  33. -100CP Relationship Flag (Discount)
  34. -200CP Mystic Eyes of Charm (Discount)
  38. Servant Supplement: Jeanne Alter
  39. +50CP What Spiritual Form
  40. +200CP Personality Clash
  41. +100CP Mana Muncher
  42. +75CP Independent Action C
  43. +25CP Migraine E
  44. +25CP Powerless Shell E
  45. +100CP Does Not Feel Like Using This Skill (Ephemeral Dream E)
  46. -200CP Avenger
  47. -150CP Alter
  48. -600CP Dragon Witch EX
  49. -200CP Noble Phantasm: La Grondement Du Haine A+ (From free C Noble Phantasm)
  50. -25CP Avenger B (Discount)
  51. -100CP Oblivion Correction A (Discount)
  52. -50CP Strength C
  53. -50CP Agility B
  54. -50CP Ephemeral Dream E
  55. -100CP Self Replenishment (Mana) B (Discount)
  56. Base Stats:
  58. Strength: C
  59. Endurance: B
  60. Agility: B
  61. Mana: A
  62. Luck: E
  65. Class Skills:
  66. Avenger B
  67. Oblivion Correction A
  68. Self Replenishment (Mana) B
  70. Personal Skills:
  71. Dragon Witch EX
  72. Ephemeral Dream E
  74. Noble Phantasm: La Grondement Du Haine A+
  76. Servant Supplement: Hyledd (Kiyohime)
  77. +50CP What Spiritual Form?
  78. +100CP Mana Muncher
  79. +100CP Does Not Feel Like Using This Skill
  80. -300CP Berserker
  81. -450CP Samadhi Through Transforming Flames EX (From C Rank Noble Phantasm)
  82. -150CP Shapeshift C
  83. -100CP Flame Colored Kiss A (Discount Class Skill)
  84. -200CP Stalking B
  85. -100CP Madness Enhancement A+ (Discount)
  86. Base Stats:
  88. Strength: A
  89. Endurance: A
  90. Agility: C
  91. Mana: E
  92. Luck: E
  94. Class Skills:
  95. Madness Enhancement A
  96. Flame Colored Kiss A
  98. Personal Skills:
  99. Stalking B
  100. Shapeshift C
  102. Noble Phantasm: Samadhi Through Transforming Flames EX
  104. ~
  106. My name is Ashton. Seems that we’ve gone and done it this time.
  108. It’s hard to tell which, but it appears that I’m in one of the multiple Fate universes. As much as I had found the series interesting, if I’m quite honest I hadn’t the motivation to continue reading and/or watching the whole series so my knowledge is rather patchwork. That, and having not read it in all universes where it was available meant that I’m seeing that information through the veil least a hundred years. How old am I? It’s vaguely unsettling.
  110. Ignoring that, I have a new life once again. An enforcer, really? Hmm, alright. I mean, I guess I’m already used to it although technically I have only a few years of experience including my memories from here. I’m basically a glorified bounty hunter with magic powers, right? Seems simple enough. As for the Kindred…
  112. Lamb and Wolf are the first (as far as I know) pair of people to be able to share a Family Crest with each other and receive the full benefits. Granted, they are the same entity, but I doubt that anyone else in the association knows that. Aside from that, as far as my understanding goes they were in their last couple of years at the Atlas Academy, leaving them rather busy. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised that they’re doing normal human things instead of gallivanting off to collect the spirits of the dead. Should I be, though? They’ve changed, simple as that. Everyone does, eventually.
  114. Did I mention that I have a servant? Yeah, it just so happens that I do. It complicates things. The Berserker Class Heroic Spirit, Kiyohime. Or as I know her…
  116. “Hyledd, what's up with your horns?” Yeah, you guessed it. Apparently, my Dragon companion had been summoned as my Servant despite the Holy Grail War’s scheduling, not for at least five years time. At least, that's what the higher ups have been whispering about. Regardless, it seems that now her horns were curving inwards now and that she had acquired a new outfit in the spitting image of the servant she was supposed to be. I’d assume that it also came with a huge power spike in her offensive capabilities, but I’d prefer to not test that out just yet. If this newfound status page ability was worth its salt than it certainly would not be good to activate an EX level Noble Phantasm. That would be a swift way to bring my colleagues down on my head.
  118. Speaking of which, I haven't seen Bazett around. Or any of the well-known characters, actually. Does that mean that I’m in a completely alternate universe? Or perhaps a more obscure one? Who knows. I certainly won’t until then. What can you do, I suppose. At least that gives me a couple years worth to do as I please. Oh, would you look at that, another job. Seems I’ll get to practice my reinforcement.
  120. While it was rather unfortunate that I had to hide most of my abilities while on the job lest I attract a Seal Designation unto myself, I ended up being able to finish a pet project that the me from this universe had been working on since they joined the Enforcers. A Reality Marble. The words should explain themselves, in terms of weight. I had certainly been neglecting other areas of my expertise to promote time spent on it. As for what it does, I’ll get to that later.
  122. The Holy Grail War wasn’t something I was looking forward to. It reeked of plot and high chances of death, a thing that most people try to avoid. But something in me just couldn’t sit by. These wars tended to be bloody and violent just by fiat, the participating subjects were simply too high of a level. At least by being on the scene, I’d be able to hopefully mitigate the damage. That, and I apparently already had a Servant in play. Eventually, they would sniff me out and I’d be forced to fight. It was about this time that I remembered where I was, in the middle of a complex magic circle for storing mana, currently halfway finished due to my daydreaming. Along with that, I realized that in my pacing I had essentially stepped on what amounted to as the big red button of the construct.
  124. After opening the windows and making liberal use of a fire extinguisher I finally took notice of a figure in the middle of the construct. Pale skin like paper was adorned by black metal and fabric in such a way that it almost looked provocative. She seemed to look me up and down a bit. In her hand, she held a long flag with a spear point on the end, although it was rolled up so that I could not see the design.
  126. “Servant, Avenger. I answered your summoning.…… Why do you make this face? Here, the written contract.” Excuse me? What contract? She pulled a piece of paper out of pocket. Oh. This has got to be breaking all sorts of rules. Then again, the Holy Grail is well known for being plagued with errors. Never heard of a double summon though.
  128. Avenger, known better as Jeanne D’ Arc, didn't like me. Or anyone, for that matter. I suppose it could be due to her unique class, or perhaps because of her being an Alter summoning. Regardless, I found that she wasn’t one to stick around before promptly leaving with a scowl. Well, this would be an issue. At this rate, she would just end up using me like a mana station until the end of my days. Already getting enough to keep Hyledd materialized was a bit of a struggle, I’d probably have died from the strain of two servants draining me if not for my Dragon’s Soul keeping me going. I suppose there was a use for that aside from attracting random dragons after all.
  130. I can’t say that the Holy Grail War was easy. I can’t say it was hard either. After a bit of planning with the Kindred, we decided that they would stay with Avenger whenever she decided was her time to take off while I stayed with Hyledd, as at the moment she was more agreeable to fighting. The stats might say otherwise, but I believe in her. Strangely enough, she seems to have a skill grayed out with a line through it. She doesn't seem keen on me asking about it...matter of fact so does Jeanne. I need to start getting more observant about these things.
  132. It took a couple of days to finally understand which universe I was in. Prototype. The unfinished concept. Now, what to do? So many choices? I could just show up as the eighth master. But that would immediately draw unwanted attention to me. But there had to be another master to Berserker, right? If my memory serves me right, he was a bit of a psychopath. The pre-concept to Kirei I believe. I mean...duty calls, I guess.
  134. I can't call myself a saint or savior for doing it. After all, they tend to not kill as much as I do. Regardless, I don’t think that Sancraid was prepared for a hooded figure to drop from the ceiling of his church and split his Berserker in two with a reinforced knife. Love that spell, I really do. Seems the old version of Heracles isn’t as strong as he turned out to- and he’s reviving. Noble Phantasms will always be what they are, I see.
  136. He looked notably older than I’d seen him in the artwork, his hair was gray. Was he summoned as an older version of himself? Not sure why. Meanwhile, his master was panicking as he just seemed to have realized that someone had infiltrated his Bounded Field. Sorry buddy, but I’ve had to infiltrate a couple of those while on the job before, you’re not special. Combine that with a master’s comprehension in ninjutsu and the only people on the planet who were probably better than me at breaking in are Sealing Designation level entities or Servants. Bit of a scary thought, come to think.
  138. A sword comes crashing for my head and my arms come up in a defensive guard by instinct, the protective plates sending up angry sparks as they grated on the weapon. Again and again, he swung, leaving me unable to pull out my weapon or get hit. All I could manage was to keep my guard up and steadily keep reinforcing for each blow. They may have been made to hold off a master’s attacks, but wow does he hit. So does Hyledd.
  140. “Don’t you touch him!” That was her stepping in front of me before taking the next hit barehanded. Statistically, as a Servant, she should be losing right now. The A+ strength he was showing off would chip away at her little by little until she disappeared into nothing. But…
  142. Oh, that's a big drain on my mana. The world spun briefly and I felt the taste of bile in my mouth. Hyledd was speaking. An activation sequence? “-I'll eliminate the liar. Samadhi Through Transforming Flames!” Immediately she started to grow and circle the duo as the church started to rumble. Smart cookies they were, both attempted escape through the remaining open space. Come on magic, just a little more…
  144. With the last of my mana, I remember forcing the metal within the churches floor to spring up, creating a makeshift dome before everything went too blurry to figure anything out. There was the vague outline of scales on a dragon encased with blue fire and the scarlet red of two figures screams. Then, silence. It was quiet. I’m cold.
  146. A figure picked me up and set my head on their lap. I closed my eyes slowly and drifted to sleep. It was warm.
  148. I woke up two days later in a hotel room with Hyledd at my side. We had been there since the last battle according to her, which meant I had lost a bit of time. Getting up was a chore, to say the least. I felt groggy and tired, unprepared for the aftermath of such a strain. She looked regretful, almost. Did she think that what had happened was her fault?
  150. I’m not sure why, but before I knew what I was doing I was crossing the floor and hugging Hyledd. Tight. For a few stunned seconds, she seemed stunned, before tentatively returning the embrace. Really, now she’s bashful? “Thank you.” I whispered in her ear. Watching her go red from her head to her feet was amusing in itself, especially after I popped a grape in her mouth. With a skip in my step, I left the room.
  152. After meeting with Kindred and Avenger, who apparently had stuck around long enough after hearing about my condition, it was decided that we would stay together for the duration of the war. Based on the situation against Heracles, it was simply too dangerous. Relying on a Noble Phantasm each time would not only be too showy, ultimately it would end up risking the lives of about three-fourths of the group.
  154. Truth to be told, I’m not all that interested in getting the Holy Grail. Sure, maybe I have some wishes, but I don’t want it from a cup filled with mud that is inherently malicious. The question is, how to convince the others? I know for certain that there’s going to be a couple who either don’t care about it or just want to fight. But how can I get to the ones who do?
  156. That’s rather difficult, considering I don’t have their addresses. The next week was one of suspense, chasing the tail end of skirmishes only to gain nothing each time. Even with my senses, which were feeling a bit fuzzy after the recent mass mana expenditure. Kindred had ended up discovering her old castle (somehow) so we took up residence there after riddling the place with protective wards. Granted, we ended up sleeping in the Warehouse since it’s warmer there, but that’s beside the point.
  158. At the tail end of that week, I finally happened upon my clue. Clue being, Excalibur Proto being fired up into the sky like the world’s largest beacon. Well. Seems I had arrived later on the scene than I had thought. That, and my earlier plan was completely botched, everyone was already dead by this point most likely. So much for being a hero. It was a quick mobilization before we were heading there by shadow chariot. I’m afraid it wasn’t a very comfortable ride, five people riding in a car tend to do that to you.
  160. I have a feeling that it would have been funnier to see the five of us all tumble out sprawling at the feet of King Arthur and Ayaka if it hadn’t been the current moment. The exact moment being the zombified sister of Saber’s master appearing with her Servants and the slowly reviving Beast of 666. Sure wish I had remembered that one before. Hindsight is always 20/20, as they say. While I’d like to say that we were able to get through introductions and work out a truce, all I managed to get out was a “Hi, please don’t hit us” before moving in.
  162. Ever fought a Servant? It’s hard. Berserker alone was a tough cookie, though mostly due to his immortality. Six at once? It’s ridiculous. I have to admit, if it wasn’t for pre-planned teamwork we almost certainly would have lost. Caster, I had to make short work of, by that meaning I stepped directly into his shadow, filled his chest with knives and then immediately retreated, disarming him of his sword for good measure. It would disappear once he died, but I’d be a fool to leave him anything looking remotely like a Noble Phantasm as he proclaimed his death throes. He might or might not have been a good person before, but that didn’t matter now. Ultimately they were now mindless slaves. Archer, well...if you realign his name it spells Trash. Wait, no it doesn’t. Regardless, the Kindred seemed to be the better of the two, able to get into his guard with a combination of biting and ethereal arrows. They immediately moved on to Berserker, too. I guess they didn’t like another wolf on the scene. Now that I think of it, why didn’t most masters take this approach to the War? Granted, most don’t have many assassination abilities. Or access to many friends. Do NOT get me started on the power of friendship.
  164. Meanwhile Rider and Assassin were busy getting torched by a combination of fire and acid breath from our resident dragon, but apparently, I had forgotten to inform Avenger of what to do. Of course, she immediately took on Lancer, what a surprise. Moving to help got me sent a scathing glare.
  166. “Don’t you come any closer!” She yelled, locking spear with flag. “I don’t need any help from you!” Alright then, jerk. Fine by me. A sudden impact sent my body flying into a tree, a dull thunk signifying my impact. Ow, that one hurt. But what was it? If my cleared vision was correct, that last one was the beast. Its crowns floating above it, currently, it appeared to be around six. Not good. Manaka seemed to be about to use her Command Spells too. In that case-
  168. Flash, pop goes Manaka. Not really, more of a ‘slashed by your own shadow’ type of situation, but being dragged into an endless pit of darkness tends to end things for you. Think smarter before challenging me at nighttime. Let’s forget the fact that she wasn’t supposed to know. Immediately the Beast began to scream and yell obscenities, seven crowns forming as it began to grow limbs and draconic heads. I dodged another swing. Draconic. Wait.
  170. “Jeanne!” I yelled from across the battlefield, unable to get close due to Lancer’s flames. “This thing’s a Dragon!” Her eyes widened, then narrowed. With sudden precision she thrust forward, taking a jab in her shoulder as recompense. Continuing forward with a determined yell, Lancer stepped back-
  172. Only to get chomped by Wolf in the neck. Hope she tasted good. Eight crowns. The Beast began to cackle, its power rapidly rising. Out of the corner of my eye, King Arthur began to charge forward, ready to intercept it. Great to have some backup finally, but he needed to get out of there soon for it to work. “Listen up you guys. We need to need to pull out all the stops here.” A pause. “Almost all. If you guys do it all you’ll kill me from the strain. But first, spill. I know you’re both not using a skill. Spill.” A look of anger and one of decided unsureness. The former shook her head. “That doesn’t matter right here. I’m strong enough without it.” She planted her flag into the ground and began to chant.
  174. “Are you the same Hyledd?” I questioned.
  176. “N-no!” She stammered back, suddenly flustered. Really? In all that was happening right here?
  178. “Well then, what’s up?”
  180. She seemed to shift back and forth for a second, before whispering.
  182. “ have to kiss me for it to work. That's why I didn't want to mention it.” Oh. Of course, it had to be something like that. She was summoned as Kiyohime, after all. That was sort of the motif.
  184. “You know, you don’t have to if you don’t want to-”
  186. “No!” She cut me off. “I mean, it’s fine! Really! If you want to…” She looked to the side. I’d never seen her this bashful. To be quite honest, it was a bit of a contrast compared to the way she’d thrust herself at me in the past. Of course, that was for food. But it seemed that this was something a bit more personal to her.
  188. No, we did not lock lips for the greater part of an hour. While that might be considered romantic to some, you also have to keep in mind that the city is on fire around us and a rampaging demon is about to reincarnate itself completely and destroy the world. So, it was chaste. A quick peck on the lips, nothing more. It was as scarlet as the fire around us.
  190. I have NEVER seen Hyledd more enthusiastic than in that moment. She stomped her feet, breaking the earth below her into a decently sized crater and let out a roar before turning towards the Beast with a triumphant yell. “SUPER HYLEDD ON DUTY! ORAAAAAA!!~” suddenly a white scaled dragon was bringing all their tooth and claw could on the Beast, who shrieked and yelled in anger and fear. It was the time I needed. Unsheathing my sword, I brought it up to the sky and stood next to Saber.
  192. I know that he isn’t my King. Couldn’t be. Even so, it felt comforting to stand next to him as the mana in the air began to condense and stretch up to the sky. No words were exchanged, only feels. I knew he was a king, he knew I was a knight. With a sudden expulsion, unholy flame discharged from Jeanne’s flag as Hyledd quickly backed away, enveloping the Beast. As one, we swung down our swords. The sky lit up with twin beams.
  194. I won the Holy Grail War. I can’t say I enjoyed it. Saber and I were able to exchange some quick words, but it was too late for him. While he might have survived if it were just against Archer, fighting against the Beast had drained him completely of mana. Still, he left me with some cryptic words. “We’ve met before, across countless timelines. You’ll meet me again, one day.” I left him to converse with his master before he disappeared. I really would help, but there was simply no way to sustain him. With a flash of light, the remnants of the Beast and Holy Grail disappeared.
  196. ~
  198. “Afraid I can’t let you have that.” Gauntlet chastised me in the abyss. Suddenly I was floating there again, in the nothingness. “I’ll be holding it until you’re ready.”
  200. “All of this time, and that’s what you have to say to me? Really?” I yelled. He cocked his eyebrow.
  202. “Well, yeah. Call it callous, but you and I don’t perceive time the same way. Years to you are days to me. Just because I see and appreciate what you do doesn’t mean I can sympathize with you every single time.” He let out a sigh. “Sheesh, humans. I don’t get you. Whatever, your companions are calling you. Nice score with the dragon girl, I dig.” The world began to fade into white.
  203. “Looks like you’re waking up. Just remember!” He was yelling louder. “More than one waifu will ruin your laifu! Unless you take the harem perks!” What was that? “Oh wait, he doesn’t even know what CP is…” Is he mumbling something?
  205. ~
  207. Awake. Avenger is still here, would you look at that.
  209. I’m back at the Clock Tower now, apparently, we managed to get here...somehow. Something tells me we didn’t do it legally. Ah well. A quick scrub down and I report to my job one of the worst explanations I’ve ever had to give as to why I disappeared for a good three weeks while a suspicious magical event occurred in Japan. About fifteen minutes in, they waved me away and set me up with a new bounty. Score.
  211. About a year later, two things happened. One, I was going out with Hyledd. It was slow going, but we were both okay with that for now. Also, I got my relationship with Jeanne smoothed out. After the Grail War, she seemed almost flighty. Distant, as though she didn’t want to talk to anyone. I finally cornered her on it when I took her alone on a mission to hunt a rogue mage experimenting on babies.
  213. “Fine, you want to know it?” She turned out, her feet crunching slightly on fresh snow. “It's Ephemeral Dream. That’s what I don’t use.” She turned her head around. “It’s proof that I’m not real, just an idea. Only a conglomerate of evil thoughts and ideas to do the bidding of others. It's also a curse that I’ll disappear once I’m no longer needed. I won’t use the power of something that will destroy me. I’ll get my revenge without it.” Silence. Then,
  215. “So many lives. So much pain, so much suffering.” I intoned. “Endless nights and days, born of death and life. A sunset dripping blood and hope. I shall be the judge.” A pause, as I looked her in the eyes. “Weight of the World.”
  217. “This is my Reality Marble. The world in which the weight of one’s sins is palpable as an actual force upon them, making them weaker for their efforts. Witness it, Jeanne.” Upon the ground lay an endless lake, calm ripples emanating from each of our bodies. Jeanne shut her eyes tight in fear, yet nothing occurred. The realm remained placid, as though nothing disturbed it in the first place.
  219. “What? This is a joke! It can’t be!” She yelled out angrily. “You’re trying to trick me!”
  221. “No,” I responded. “I’m teaching you something. Watch.” I released the immunity to my own world. Being the creator gave you that sort of perks. Immediately jet black chains emerged from the depths of the water and pulled tight, bringing me to my knees. “These are my regrets, my sins, my failures. Every time I’ve taken the easy option and didn’t try harder to be the bigger person, that is what these chains are made of. Yet have none. Except for that.” I pointed to her neck, where a choker with a single unconnected chain link clicked softly. “The original sin. You aren’t evil, Jeanne. Maybe you were born to do it, maybe you will commit it. But it doesn’t have to be if you don’t want it to. You are your own person.” The chains faded away and I rubbed my wrists, the skin red from the tightness.” A release of the Marble and we were left where we were, me admittedly more tired. “Let’s go catch a creep.”
  223. I think I got myself a friend that day, despite our previous differences. The next two years were nice and peaceful, I’m glad to say. I hope Ayaka is doing alright.
  225. But when will I get to see my King?
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