Helllloooo Nurse! (Penny Smut)

Mar 28th, 2015
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  1. “Are you ready for your check up Anon,” Penny giggles.
  3. She was wearing the Nurse outfit that your team mates picked out for her when you were sick a few weeks ago. As much as you hate their nosy-ness, their taste is beaten only by team CFVY's leader.
  5. The outfit was all pink, it had thigh highs with little white bows on them, a long nurses jacket that reached just low enough that you could get a really good look at those thighs, a nurses cap, and a little name tag that said 'Penny' on it. Oh and a garter belt, can't forget that. And while Penny might not have much of a chest to speak of, she still managed to rock the button down look.
  7. “Just lay back and relax,” She says, pushing you onto the bed before climbing on top of you, wrapping her arms around your neck and 'trapping' you between her legs, “this won't be over soon.”
  9. “I've got nothing but time for you nurse,” You smile at her.
  11. Penny smiles and leans in, pressing her lips against yours. Her she runs her hands through your hair, and you open your mouth to invite her in. She takes you up on the offer immediately and your tongues start twirling together moving between one mouth and the other. You grab her waist with one hand, and you grab her butt with the other, surprising her and making her gasp in your mouth before breaking the kiss.
  13. “Well that was cute,” you tell her, lightly placing kisses up and down her neck on both sides.
  15. She moves one of her hands down your body, tracing her way down with her finger, before resting on your crotch. She proceeds to give it a firm grasp, causing you to gasp too.
  17. “So was that,” She smiles.
  19. You both laugh before she leans back in, giving you another tongue filled kiss. As you kiss, your hands move to explore each other every where you could. Penny moves her hands under your shirt grabbing your sides before she starts to grind against you. You answer in turn by reaching inside her shirt and start massaging one of her breasts, pinching her nipple through her bra, which causes her to moan in your mouth and tighten her grip on you as she speeds up her grinding.
  21. You break the kiss just long enough for Penny to get your shirt off of you before getting right back too it. You use your free hand to finish unbuttoning her outfit and slide it off her, leaving her in nothing but her underwear and thigh highs. You reach around and unhook her bra, leaving her small breasts exposed for you to feel and, of course, admire. They weren't bigger than A-cups, or small B-cups at most, but you didn't care, a true lover of breasts loves all breasts of every shape and size. And of course the one's they love the most belong to the person they love.
  23. As you fool with her breasts, Penny lets out another moan in your mouth. You break the kiss and Penny gets off of your lap, getting down on her knees, and unzips your pants. She pulls down the waist line of your boxers, and your erect member springs up, slightly startling her.
  25. “Oh my Anon,” she smiles, gently taking it in her hand, “it sure is lively today, isn't it?”
  27. “Maybe it's just excited to meet you,” you chuckle, placing your hand on the back of her head, “How about a hello kiss?”
  29. “Alright,” She giggles, gently moving her hand up and down your shaft.
  31. She leans in, taking the head in her mouth. She swirls her tongue around the head, as her hand continues to stroke up and down. You twitch and she giggles with you still inside her. Slowly, you start using your hand to push her head further down. Inch by inch as she bobs on it. She even makes a slurping noise as she takes it out of her mouth. That was hotter than you expected.
  33. “Am I doing a good job Anon,” Penny asks, still jerking you off, her spit making it nice and wet.
  35. “Oh god yes Penny,” you moan, “that feels terrific.”
  37. Penny smiles widely at your praise, and hastily goes back to sucking you. She takes you even deeper this time, her lack of a gag reflex helping her blow like a champ. She bobs her head up and down, and you can't resist thrusting it in. She just smiles and continues taking your full member in her mouth, but it isn't long before you can feel yourself getting close.
  39. “P-Penny, i'm going to...”
  41. Penny puts her hands on your hips and makes you keep thrusting into her mouth as she sucks it, her tongue licking every inch of you that it can while you're inside. As you feel yourself on the brink, you grab her head and shove yourself all the way inside her mouth. She winces and closes her eyes as you blow your load down her throat. You hear the sound of her struggling to swallow your baby batter while you continue to keep her head shoved down on your cock and think about easing up, but she is actually keeping you there herself, continuing to pull you in by your hips.
  43. She finally manages to swallow it all, and she sucks and licks you for another minute or so, making sure you're all cleaned up.
  45. “Did I do a good job Anon,” She looks up at you, smiling.
  47. “That was freaking amazing Penny,” You say, falling backwards onto the bed as you try to catch your breath.
  49. You close your eyes for a second, but before long you can feel Penny get on top of you. You open your eyes and are met with her bright greens looking back at you.
  51. “Time for the next examination Anon,” She giggles.
  53. She moves her hand back to your crotch and starts coaxing it back to life. You notice she's ditched her panties when you weren't looking, leaving her on top of you in nothing more than her garter and stockings.
  55. “Penny please,” you plead, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised.”
  57. You grab her by her waist and switch places, laying her on the bed. You kiss her neck, as your hand makes it's way down her slender body. Just like her you do it slowly, tracing your way down with one finger, until you reach her crotch. It was already wet, and you heard a quiver in her breathing. You didn't know if it was Ironwood or her father that designed her to be like any other sexually active young girl. in every regard, but by god you praise whoever it was that made that call.
  59. “How about I return the favor first, beautiful,” you smirk.
  61. You make your way down her body, planting kisses along the way, making sure to give each of her nipples a little flick of the tongue as you go. You get to her belly button and start tracing circles around it with you tongue, and her stomach flinches from the feel. Finally you reach your destination, but Penny's hands keep it out of sight and she blushes.
  63. “It's embarrassing for you to look there Anon.”
  65. You smile and roll down her stocking on one of her legs and start to kiss her thigh. You can hear her breathing becoming increasingly unsteady.
  67. “Trust me, it's going to feel good,” You tell her.
  69. With a little hesitation she moves her hands out of the way, showing you her cute little slit. She can feel your warm breath on it as you lean closer, and a small shudder passes through her body. You stick the tip of you tongue out and swirl it around her clit, and you feel her legs squirm next to your head.
  71. You take two fingers and ease them inside, made easier thanks to her already being wet. She moans, you can feel both her hands on the back of your head, and you feel her thighs squeeze against your head. You smile to yourself as you feel her press against you, knowing that she was enjoying your actions.
  73. You pump your fingers in and out while you continue to tease her clit with your tongue.
  75. “A-Anon that f-feels so..umph...good,” She moans.
  77. She keeps moaning, and you can feel her tugging at your hair, as her thighs press against you tighter and tighter. One very, VERY, hard tug of your hair hints that she's close to climaxing.
  79. “A-Anon I think I'm...I'm going to-”
  81. She pulls your hair hard in her hands, and it felt like her legs were about to pop your head. A lesser man would tap out in these conditions, but you power through. Penny moans your name loudly and her whole body quivers for a minute, before she finally releases all of her grips on you.
  83. You raise yourself back up, face to face with Penny, and she strokes your face with her hand, and you share a tender kiss before you feel her other hand back at your crotch.
  85. “It appears that the warm up bought you plenty of time,” Penny giggles, rubbing your erect cock against her slit, “Now where were we?”
  87. You feel her other hand wrap around your waist, and she positions you just right, ready to take you inside her. With her pulling and your thrust, you feel yourself go inside and Penny gasps. You hesitate when she does but she smiles at you and pulls you, taking you in inch by inch. She finally fits you all the way to the base, letting another gasp out when she feels you twitch inside her.
  89. Holy fuck does this feel amazing. Good by Pattillo-3000, you've served your purpose well, but your services will no longer be require-HOLY FUCK IS HER VAGINA VIBRATING!?
  91. Best. Girlfriend. Ever. Of all time.
  93. Penny wraps her other arm around your waist now, and she smiles as she sees the pleasure on your face from her nifty little trick, helping you develop a rhythm with your thrusts. Her walls continue to vibrate with you inside, and you shudder from the pleasure. Penny leans up and kisses you, forcing her tongue deep inside your mouth, and you moan into her mouth as she starts to thrust her hips in unison with hers.
  95. The room is filled with the sounds of you and Penny moaning together. Soon Penny breaks the kiss, your tongues hanging out with a string of saliva keeping them connected, and you feel her arms tighten around your waist. She keeps you pressed closely against her and she moans into your ear.
  97. “P-Penny, this great. I think...I'm going to-”
  99. Before you can finish telling her, she flips you over (unf, dat robot strength) and starts riding you, propping herself up on your chest. She starts bouncing her ass up and down, shifting her vibrations all over your dick, pushing you even closer to the edge. Speaking of which...can you get an Android pregnant? You feel Penny's vag clench, and damn does she clench, meaning you were gonna find out soon enough.
  101. She raises her hips up once more and slams down, forcing your full length in.
  103. “A-Anon!”
  105. “Penny!”
  107. You raise up, and you wrap your arms tightly around each other, moaning each others name as you cum. A few more spasms and twitches later your orgasms finally die down, and you fall back onto the bed with Penny laying on top of you. You feel her chest against yours, rising and falling with her breath. She turns her head to looks at you with those beautiful green eyes.
  109. “Was that...pleasant for you as well Anon,” she asks you.
  111. “That was the best visit to the nurses office that i've ever had,” you smile at her.
  113. She smiles back and moves herself up and you share a brief kiss. You both get under the covers, and Penny snuggles close to you while you twirl her hair on your finger.
  115. “Hey Anon,” Penny looks up at you.
  117. “Yeah Penny?”
  119. “Next time will you be the doctor,” she moves your hand to her breast and makes you play with it, “I believe that I'm in need of some maintenance as well (hiccup.)”
  121. You laugh at her tell, and move your arm to her waist, holding her close. Of course I will Penny.
  123. She smiles back and closes her eyes, resting her head against your chest while you nuzzle your face in her hair. And it takes every thing in your power not to make a proctology joke as you fall asleep.
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