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  2. LorsToday at 2:42 PM
  3. Can I ask you a question about... well, Sasha as a character?
  4. Aristeaus1980Today at 2:42 PM
  5. Of course
  6. LorsToday at 2:44 PM
  7. Some RP has happened, and... Sasha was basically told that everyone in a particular social circle feels they have to walk on eggshells around her, that she's not particularly well-liked, etc.
  8. Is that the impression that I generate with her?
  9. Aristeaus1980Today at 2:45 PM
  10. She is from what i can see pretty much regarded under the same brush as the nobility.. And the nobility are generally not liked by the commons. for what ever reason.
  11. She is commanding? if thats the right way to put it
  12. LorsToday at 2:48 PM
  13. I'm going to speak to you about this in your role as a Player Relation person. I'm not at all upset OOC or anything like that... more... confused, I guess...? I'm trying to see what I can do to adjust my PC so that I can still have fun with people on a low-population server.
  15. The main issue seems to be that Sasha got upset with Kaine over something that happened a while ago but that she just discovered, and now everyone who views Kaine as a paragon of virtue thinks... "how dare she be mad at Kaine he's perfect."
  16. Aristeaus1980Today at 2:50 PM
  17. Give me a moment and we can chat without interruption, im in some RP at the moment, and i would rather talk to you properly rather than alt tabbing.
  18. LorsToday at 2:50 PM
  19. Oh no worries... do your RP! :smiley:
  20. Aristeaus1980Today at 3:01 PM
  21. Oh Kaines far from perfect, but he has a group of people which seem to conceive him so. Ah, the best way i would say is to.. be more forgiving i expect. Approach them and tell them you do want to see this fixed with your character. Let them know like in your last instance, that you are sorry for accusing him, yet you are hurt by what happened and just wish to lay it to past and move on with the future. That you are lonely in your tower, and just want to reach out and have friends like everyone else.
  22. LorsToday at 3:03 PM
  23. The thing is... that the's convo they were having when the fire erupted and JP came to the house.
  24. The convo was paused, to be continued later, so there's been no resolution.
  25. Battle lines were drawn in the interim.
  26. Aristeaus1980Today at 3:04 PM
  27. I can try to help you mend the lines with JP if you like,
  28. Im not opposed to a little meta to accomplish a good goal
  29. LorsToday at 3:05 PM
  30. My thing is... I know what was said. I have logs, I have videos.
  32. But none of that means anything if the players don't want to be near me or my PC.
  33. TBH I feel a bit like... I'm the outsider (from another game) who has dared to impose herself on a group of people who have been playing DA together for years and years.
  34. I'm not sure that there's anything Sasha can do that still holds true to her as a PC.
  35. And again, I'm not mad or upset by the RP! Moreso confused at it, because I as a player don't know how my PC has turned into the server villain.
  36. Aristeaus1980Today at 3:07 PM
  37. People from all different groups are playing here at the moment, and being honest with you. They all feel the same way you do. Each group feels that the other group does not want to play with them, and it's a hard barrier to be broken with all parties feeling the same way. Yet it's really not true.
  38. I think matters can be fixed, yet it will likely involve a little change on everyones part. I am happy to have Sashana and JP speaking to the other groups as friends, to smooth matters over. It's really not a personal thing with anyone involved it's more miscomunication and assumption. If that makes sense at all?
  39. LorsToday at 3:10 PM
  40. Not really...
  41. Is there a deeper hatred for Sasha than I've realized?
  42. Aristeaus1980Today at 3:11 PM
  43. No, i actually thought everyone was getting along swimmingly until the latest i heard from you and saw in the last couple of days. It seems recent event's have people running to their comfort holes.
  44. I want to see it fixed for everyone involved.
  45. I feel bad that Sasha as a character seem's to be weeping the worst of it, for what ever reason. Im not sure what sparked it all off, something about Oliver?
  46. LorsToday at 3:12 PM
  47. The long and short of it is...
  48. Back at the end of February, Sasha asked Kaine to discreetly (this is the key word) see if Oliver might like her, because she kinda liked him.
  49. Kaine said he'd do so. Sasha asked him twice if he'd be discreet. "Of course."
  50. He comes back a few days later with a... I tried to find out but things were kinda crazy and... sorry, Sasha.
  51. 'Oh, if things were crazy, then I imagine you couldn't be discreet...?' (paraphrased)
  52. "I was discreet." (direct line)
  53. Sasha chalks up the L and moves on... a few RL weeks later, she and Marcellus start their thing.
  54. LorsToday at 3:17 PM
  55. Fast forward to now... Oliver and Giraud are having a talk. Giraud asks Oliver why he's so cold to Sasha.
  56. Lots of stuff gets said... about how Sasha glared at Oliver, stormed off, etc. (I still don't know what's referenced here. I've checked my logs numerous times.)
  57. Then Oliver tells Giraud about how Kaine confided in him that Sasha had an interest.
  58. But then "quickly" moved on to Marcellus.
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