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Jun 21st, 2015
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  1. Yes, it has it's own irc channel now...
  3. No diapers: Enough said
  5. No shitposting: Basically no shitty memes or unrelated shit
  7. No autism: Mostly just translates to "Shred Hexstring will be banned on sight"
  9. No militant atheism: Yes, the guy who runs this is a Catholic and will say stuff like "god", if you won't accept it, you're banned
  11. Don't get too awkward with roleplay: Basically don't go full cringe worthy
  13. No Gender Dysphoria drama: Yeah, you could mention that you're trans and stuff, but don't go all emo about it, this is a fetish chat and not a transsexual support group. Why? Mostly because I don't really have that much experience with the subject of Gender Dysphoria and I don't know what I can do about your troubles, plus, the last thing I want is for this to become a tumblr circlejerk. I don't have anything wrong with your choices, but this isn't really the place to discuss that
  15. No Bullying: Basically don't be an asshole to other people, you can have disagreements and small argument, but don't have an outright flamewar
  17. No sjw shit: I hate sjws probably more than anyone else, they ruin everything and when I feel like shit, I don't even want to remotely think about them, maybe when I'm in the mood we can laugh at tumblr bullshit together. Oh yeah, don't be an sjw in here, because this isn't a politically correct tumblr circlejerk.
  19. No Political bullshit: I guess I could just simply put it this way, politics suck and aren't really fit for being discussed in a channel about male horses dressing up as little girls.
  21. No long rants about dumbshit: Yeah, I'm guilty of doing this at times (mostly about videogames), but basically don't go ranting about shit unrelated to crossdressing colts. I guess if you have to rant about some shit, make it as short and sweet as possible, no need to make the chat go into a full out flamewar.
  23. Don't post that cringeworthy human shit...: Because seriously, I hate that shitty art collection and the artist who made that shit. Actually, most western human 2D trap is shit, don't post it unless it looks good.
  25. Don't advertise the channel in the thread: We're going to get more shitposters that way, don't do it
  27. Channel owner can pretty much do what he wants: enough said. If you didn't say shit in months, you have no right to shittalk, and thus will get a ban. If you want to be unbanned, maybe you should PM me and tell me why you should be unbanned, and promise you will use the channel next time. If you're not going to fucking use the channel, why should you bother being here?
  29. So now for obligatory Q&A:
  31. Q: What if not enough people join
  33. A: I either wait longer, or shut down the channel, who the fuck know what happens after that, either post sissy in ccg irc (which won't happen unless the shit blows over, which it won't because god hates me) or I just go full /jp/ neet
  35. Q: I got banned for leaving, what did I do?
  37. A: I'm fucking tired of people not using the god damn channel, so why should I let people who leave come back? They obviously don't want to be here. If they want to be here, how about they actually use the channel, maybe PM an apology and a promise to fucking use the channel for once?
  39. Q: HAHA! You believe in god!
  41. A: I hope you get mountain dew in your eyes
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