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  1. To: Raven Strand
  2. From: Jacob Roberts
  3. Subject: Case Against Brad Shaw
  5. Hi, this is all the information I have for the case against Brad Shaw.
  7. Reason: Pushed in front of moving vehicle during foot chase.
  9. Details: During a car chase after a bank robbery in which while I had a weapon concealed, I was fully unarmed the entire time, I ended up crashing through a gas station and disabling my vehicle on the eastern coastline near the conveinence store and weapons store. I proceeded to exit the vehicle and flee on foot in which multiple officers pursued me on foot. After running to the edge of the parking, I came to a railing that led down to a road below, in which I jumped over and ended up stumbling upon landing. I was safely on the side of the road, on the other side of the driving guidelines for cars. I was getting up from stumbling and falling over, when I felt a push on my back from a officer, in which I fell forward, into the lane of traffic, and ended up being hit by a moving semi truck with a trailer on it.
  11. After all of this, I was taken to Pillbox in which I was put into a x-ray room by a nurse by the name of Blake, also goes by Pinky according to another doctor. During my treatment, the nurse had asked what happened, in which I replied "Yeah, what did happen officer?" in which the officer willingly confessed to the nurse that I was pushed into a moving vehicle by him. After the treatment, I was transported to Mission Row PD by Officer Carrington, and processed to prison for my crimes.
  13. Badge Number 125 was on scene of incident.
  14. Nurse & Acting as Doctor was Blake/Pinky. The officer confessed to this person.
  15. Badge Number 425 (Brad Shaw) was alledgedly the officer that pushed me according to Badge 125.
  16. Processed to jail by Officer Carrington. (Badge Number Unknown)
  17. January 14th, 2020 was date of incident. Exact time unknown.
  18. Just wanted to send so i didnt forget and turn off my pc while its in a notepad, I have to give u the detials part in person, correct?
  20. Thanks,
  21. Jacob Roberts
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